19 dead in shootout in Chechnya

[The President's bodyguards repelled a rebel assault.  They were going for the head man.   It is easy to see that that there is a war going on within Russia and the former USSR. This attempted hit on an ally of Putin, on the heels of the murder of Yuri Ivanov, one of Putin's legitimate critics, is proof of that.  It may be as simple as Putin and Medvedev positioning themselves for the upcoming election, or it may also be connected to the murder of MI-6 operative Gareth Williams , in London.  The fact that the house the British agent was found in was owned by a Russian company, could confirm this theory.  The same site claimed that the actual hitman came from Slovenia.  These reports reflect the conflict playing-out underneath the rhetoric, but they are also evidence of bad spymanship.  It is very sloppy of the spooks on both sides to leave all these bodies lying around to alert the public of the alternative reality being shaped for us.  You have to wonder why.

Students of the conspiratorial view of history like myself, believe that history doesn't just "unfold," it is shaped by the most powerful, so that the outcome of events proves favorable to them in the end.

The fact that Russia is now cooperating with the US in Afghanistan and in the establishment of the Northern Distribution Network, even though both former enemies are in stiff competition for the same energy resources, creates a seeming contradiction.  The conflict is between Putin's side, the powerful oligarchs (most of whom are Jewish), and the international banking cabal (the majority of the financiers are Zionists).  The Israeli-backed Russian oligarchs are going up against their backers, the Jewish international elite, who are in union with their American corporate counterparts.

Both sides want global government, but both sides plan to occupy the driver's seat.  Maybe they will kill each other off and rid the planet of their unique brand of human pestilence.]

19 dead in shootout in Chechnya

TSENTOROI, Russia – The Associated Press
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (L) speaks with Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. AFP photo.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (L) speaks with Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. AFP photo.

A shootout between the Chechen president’s personal protection detail and suspected separatist insurgents left 19 people dead early Sunday, including five civilians, officials and media reports said.

At least 12 suspected insurgents and two security officers were killed when the rebels entered Tsentoroi, Ramzan Kadyrov’s home village, his spokesman Alvi Karimov said. TV reports said five civilians were killed in the crossfire.

Kadyrov, who is thought to regularly supervise security operations in the field, was in the village at the time and directed the counter-offensive, Karimov said. “We let them into the village so they couldn’t escape,” Kadyrov told Channel One television, which showed him examining the bodies of the suspected militants strewn across a road. “We forced them into a place where they could be eliminated,” he said.

An AP reporter at the scene saw fire-ravaged and bullet-ridden homes, with body parts lying among the rubble. Resident Vargan Edelgeriyeva, 48, said the gunbattle started at about 3 a.m. at a construction site about 150 meters away from Kadyrov’s residence.

Militants entered local homes but were quickly surrounded, Edelgeriyeva said. In one house an insurgent detonated explosives, perhaps a grenade, killing himself and a 30-year-old resident, she said.

Police in 2009 averted a possible assassination attempt on Kadyrov, shooting dead the driver of a car suspected of containing explosives before he could reach a construction site where Kadyrov was due to make an appearance.

In a separate incident Sunday, security forces in nearby Dagestan province shot dead four suspected militants traveling in two cars when they refused to stop at a police checkpoint, according to police spokesman Magomed Tagirov. He said weapons were later found in the cars.

Russia’s volatile North Caucasus suffers daily attacks by insurgents seeking independence from Moscow, but this weekend’s bloodshed has been especially fierce. On Saturday, nine suspected militants were killed in two separate shootouts with police in the Kabardino-Balkariya republic, while five suspected militants and two police officers were killed in another shootout in Dagestan.

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