The Dangers of Giving American Entities “Full Access” To Anything

[Fear of the ramifications of giving the US military full access to police or bank records is a big reason NOT to go with the American Central Asia Counter-narcotics Initiative (CACI)  Consider the hidden price that Europeans have paid to participate in Washington and London's grandiose schemes.  (SEE: Russia and US counter-drug planWashington's New Foxy Plan To Sneak Into the Central Asian Hen House).]

Brussels Agreement Gives USA Access to All EU Bank Accounts

Executive Summary – This is absolutely amazing in a bad way. The Brussels agreement which has gone into law lets the USA access any and all bank records of any bank account in any EU country. This law comes into force in two months time.

The 27 EU countries have to grant this access to the US under the terrorist finance-tracking program contained in the Brussels Agreement and this is a done deal. The USA is allowed to keep the bank records for five years. The privacy invasive scheme uses the SWIFT system to scan for transactions they deem suspicious and then they request individual bank records. They can request general data sets, which are commonly referred to as a fishing expedition.

Here is a list of the 27 EU countries affected:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

Discussion – First thing to remember that this treaty is between the 27 EU states and the USA. The USA has greater power to access bank records than the police authorities in each of the given countries. No probable cause is neither needed, nor judicial review. Any country friendly with the EU can request the USA to get the bank records for them in return for favors. So the EU has now bowed to the USA. Doom and gloom for the EU.

Banking Implications – Of the 27 countries mostly Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, UK, Sweden, and Cypress are being used for offshore banking. If people using these jurisdictions wish to maintain any privacy they need to leave there for friendlier jurisdictions. Their window of opportunity is two months. It sounds like bank records pre-dating the effective date of the Brussels Agreement would not be covered.

Do Drones Live-Up To Air Force Hype?

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Efren Lopez

An MQ-9 Reaper taxis at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Last of five parts (see onetwothree or four)

The proclamation that the Reaper (and, by implication similar drones) is the future of warfare bound to yield a revolutionary transformation in combat doesn’t seem to stand up to a reality scrub. The evidence is out there for anyone willing to hunt it down and and compare, as they like to say at the Pentagon, apples to apples.

Bottom line: the Reaper is more costly to both buy and fly than the manned aircraft it is commonly matched against. The margins are not even close — the Reaper is approximately twice the price to acquire compared to a contemporary F-16 fighter-bomber, and up to six times the cost of an A-10 close-support aircraft. Reaper’s annual operating costs are roughly four times the cost to operate an F-16 or an A-10. (See Part 2)

In acquisition since 2002 and in combat operations since 2007, the Reaper (MQ-9) is a prominent example of drone technology that can be assessed for cost effectiveness using publically available empirical data.  (See Part 1)

Based on Defense Department data on the cost to acquire and operate, a Reaper unit costs at least $120.8 million to buy and $25.6 million per year to operate (in 2012 dollars). A substantial part of the high cost to acquire and operate a Reaper “CAP” is the considerable material and human infrastructure it requires, including ground control stations, satellite links and at least 171 human operators and support personnel.  (See Part 2)

Reaper is not survivable in the presence of even minimal air defenses; it is far less survivable than manned aircraft, such as the A-10 which has demonstrated high survivability in air combat since 1991.  (In the presence of air defenses, Reaper would require manned escort aircraft, thereby removing the assumed advantage of being unmanned.)

Reaper’s ability to carry weapons, while a vast improvement over Predator, compares unfavorably to typical comparison aircraft, such as the A-10 and the F-16.  The comparison involves not just payload, but also diversity of weapons and delivery methods.  A more sophisticated analysis comparing Reaper to the A-10, for example, would surely lead to an even more negative relative assessment of Reaper.  (See Part 2)

While Reaper possesses the ability to loiter in the air far longer than manned aircraft on a typical mission, the ability of Reaper to find targets is limited and problematic.  Empirical comparisons to simple, even primitive, manned aircraft used in border surveillance with FLIR technology demonstrates that Reaper is, again, more expensive to operate and, importantly, less effective in finding and identifying targets.  The quality of the imagery received on the ground from drone sensors is too poor even to reliably make distinctions between friendly combat loaded Marines from irregulars with a quite different physical profile.   (See Part 3)

While many understand that drones, such as Reaper, have a high crash rate, the actual rate may be significantly higher than is commonly understood.  While public and DOD data are incomplete and an audit of each tail number produced is called for, the total number of Predator and Reaper crashes may already be as many as 100, possibly more.  (See Part 4)

Defense Department usage data verify that individual Reaper air vehicles are not available for use more than once or twice a week: An operational availability rate that for a manned aircraft would be deemed unacceptable. (See Part 4)

The wide and enthusiastic popularity for Reaper, and other drones, in the Defense Department, the Executive branch, Congress, the mainstream media and think tanks is not rationally explained by Reaper’s poor to mediocre performance on the operating dimensions measured here over the past week.

Instead, the drone’s unique characteristic — that it is manned from the ground not the air — cloaks it in a technology that seems to intrigue policy makers. It gives them a self-perceived license to employ the system over ambiguous or hostile territory (such as Pakistan, and Iran) .  The consequences of that use, while not addressed in this series, appear significant and controversial, and will become moreso in the future.  An empirical study of the relevant data by a fully independent entity, including all classified data, is clearly in order.

Reaper’s unique attribute has charmed technologists who proclaim that a revolution in warfare is at hand when the data clearly demonstrate otherwise.

Winslow T. Wheeler is the Director of the Straus Military Reform Project of the Center for Defense Information in Washington.  He is also the editor of the anthology “The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It”.


Exposed: The handbook of American State Terrorism

Exposed: The handbook of American State Terrorism

Timothy Bancroft-HincheyPravda.Ru
Exposed: The handbook of American State TerrorismSpecial Forces Unconventional Warfareis the name of the document. November 2010, 97 pages long, it is a manual which exposes the modus operandi of the United States of America’s foreign policy; in it we can read the recent Libyan history and understand what is planned for Syria and Iran. “Destroy by any method what will prevent disclosure”. Hmm…

Special Forces Unconventional Warfare. Wow, what an interesting publication that I have discovered. I found a copy of it lying on the floor at the…er… airport (cough). I wonder whether it is a novel…let us see. Certainly, this is the end of the American colour revolutions.

Well, it has a destruction notice right on page one: DESTRUCTION NOTICE:Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.” Shall we see why? Let’s see what the United States of America gets up to…

Here is the preface: “Training Circular (TC) 18-01, Special Forces Unconventional Warfare, defines the current United States (U.S.) Army Special Forces (SF) concept of planning and conducting unconventional warfare (UW) operations. For the foreseeable future, U.S. forces will predominantly engage in irregular warfare (IW) operations.”

Well that sort of sets the tone of the rest of the document ladies and gentlemen, doesn’t it? It also gives us a pretty good insight into what happened in Libya, where a socially progressive government was unseated by terrorists armed by the author-country of this document and supported by the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK, US and Israel).

Chapter One, Overview. A quote: “There is another type of warfare-new in its intensity, ancient in its origin-war by guerrillas, subversives, insurgents, assassins; war by ambush instead of by combat, by infiltration instead of aggression, seeking victory by eroding and exhausting the enemy instead of engaging him. It preys on unrest.

President John F. Kennedy, 1962″

Guerrillas, subversives, insurgents, assassins. Unrest. Basically, a policy based upon illegal intrusion and murder. How legal is that?

Chapter One 1.2: 1-2. Enabling a resistance movement or insurgency entails the development of an underground and guerrilla forces…”

Page 7: Definition of Insurgency: “An organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict. Code: JP 3-05″

Section 1-22: 1-22. A genuine willingness to collaborate and cooperate with the United States must exist within the leadership of the indigenous force.”

Section 1-28, on feasibility: “1-28. The normal areas of concern that make up a feasibility assessment are as follows:

  • Are there groups that could develop into a viable force with assistance?
  • Is the United States in contact with or can it make contact with individuals representing the resistance potential in an area?
  • Are there any capable leaders, whose goals are compatible with U.S. goals who are willing to cooperate with the United States?
  • Can the United States influence the leaders to remain compliant with U.S. goals?
  • Are the groups’ tactics and battlefield conduct acceptable by the standards established in Field Manual (FM) 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, and to the U.S. population?
  • Will the environment geographically and demographically support resistance operations?
  • Is the enemy effectively in control of the population?
  • Is the potential gain worth the potential risk? Is this group’s participation politically acceptable to other regional partners?”

Interesting, bullet point 5. So acceptable to the US population would be illegal detention of prisoners without right to due legal process, without the right to see a lawyer, without an accusation even.  Acceptable to the US population is sodomy of prisoners, urinating in food, forcing Moslems to eat pork, sleep deprival and water-boarding? Which medieval torture chamber or Nazi concentration camp did THESE monsters crawl out of?

There is more, much, much more. The immediate response ladies and gentlemen will be a hacking attack, after which there will be attempts to intimidate me through threats on my life, after which there will be attempts, real. I have been there before.

I would prefer to die fighting against evil than be silenced through cowardice. The document here exposed is the blueprint of US foreign policy and what is stated here is the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the allies of the USA will consider their relationship through NATO, but then again, perhaps they won’t. After all, a coward is a coward.

Rehman Malik Dares To Claim That “Only 48 people are missing in Balochistan.”

Malik sees propaganda over missing persons


Islamabad: Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that he will welcome Bramdagh Bugti, an aggrieved Baloch leader, when he will retune Pakistan.

Talking to media on Sunday, the interior minister said that Bugti along with his 5,000 accomplices had a training camp in Afghanistan.  He added that the Afghan government had taken action against them when Pakistan government provided them information about the separatist leader.

Malik again invited the Baloch leaders settled abroad to resolve the Balochistan issue by having a dialogue and assured them that they would not be arrested on return.

Malik said that he would brief the media on missing person case and added that they had given information to the commission, investigating missing person case. “Only 48 people are missing in Balochistan,” he said.

He said that they had written a letter to Interpol to arrest Former President Pervez Musharraf.

The haunting of Daniel Pipes by Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart”

The haunting of Daniel Pipes by Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart”

Franklin Lamb

 Daniel Pipes (left) shares a photo with

Geert Wilders, the man helping fan the
flames of his PNAC’s “New Pearl Harbor.”

Daniel Pipes, the anti-Arab Islamophobe is reportedly spooked these days. “Actually he has become an almost terrified man”, so says a colleagues at Pipes Islamophobic Middle East Forum and the MaCartyesque Campus Watch Organization.
MEF was founded by Pipes in 1986 and the witch hunting anti-Arab McCartyesque Campus Watch in 2001. CW’s function is to hound and intimidate faculty and students at colleges who are critical of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Pipes and CW create “dossiers” on professors, students and university administrations thought hostile to Israel. Under civic pressure from Americans who opposed his tactics and insisted on having their own names added to his personal “terrorist list,” Pipes withdrew his dossiers from the CW website but he still circulates them to scores of “select and executive subscribers” and other hate groups in order to get the word out about academics and others who support Palestine or criticize Israel.
Pipes increasingly exposed racist views are carried by journals like the National Review as well as pro-Zionist Islamophobic internet outlets. In 1990 Pipes wrote in the NR that “Western societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene…All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most.”
Having briefly written anti-Muslim screeds for Rudy Giuliani’s failed White House quest in 2008, Pipes clams he liked the job and seeks to do the same for Mitt Romney (Pipes has labeled Mormonism “a cult”) or even Rick Santorum ( Pipes has referred to Rick as “one of those kook dispensationalist Christians”). Daniel told a copy editor at the Washington Times who edited his recent WT article noted below, that he would prefer to work for Newt Gingrich if he gets the nomination since they share the same views of Palestinians as “an invented people”.

Lydda Palestine 1932

The two also agree on moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem, increasing aid to Israel, and the evitable necessity of transferring most of the remaining Palestinians out of “Eretz Israel” in order to stop once and for all the demographic and existential threat and pressure for a one state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict which Pipes and Gingrich consider, if not reversed soon will lead to the collapse of Israel.

Pipes makes his fears plain to readers in his recent 2012 Republican presidential candidates “application for a position as Middle East adviser” which he launched in the Washington Times on 2/21/12 but which was first presented in occupied Jerusalem at a recent MEF seminar, what has unnerved him.
nakba  palestine photography
Al Nakba | The Catastrophe | النكبة – in pictures

Pipes choose the low hanging fruit of the underfunded and over stretched UNRWA to target Palestinian refugees and to promote himself and his thesis. But even from the sarcastic title of his article, “Eventually, All Humans Will Be Palestine Refugees!” to his bizarre conclusions, Pipes demonstrates a preference for Arab bashing over truth. Pipes maintains that UNRWA has conspiratorially inflated the number of Palestinian refugees by including the children of the original nearly 800,000 (UNWRA uses a lower 750,000 figure who were ethnically cleansed in 1948 and adding Palestinians ethnically cleansed in 1967. Both groups absolutely should be included on Palestinian refugee’s lists since they are also victims of the original and continuing ethnic cleansing.

the ongoing nakbas
Pipes writes: “In contrast all other refugee populations have diminished in number as people “settle down” or die. By Palestinians “settling down” one guesses Pipes means sardine canned into squalid refugee camps while Jews from Brooklyn or anywhere else can live on their lands and move into new housing financed partly from US taxes and enjoy swimming pools while nearby Palestinian orchards and crops are destroyed by drought, bulldozers or psychotic settlers.
Pipes laments to WT readers that the second thing that should have happened is that “almost all of the real 1948 refugees should have died by now” but for sure the last one will be dead in a few years. Instead, Pipes warns that rather than disappearing as they were supposed to “the Palestine refugee population has dramatically grown over time.” Pipes, claiming to be a historian, calls this apparently unanticipated unwillingness of the Palestinian refugees to forget their country and al Nakab a “bizarre historical phenomenon.”
LIFTA: Ethnically Cleansed 1948
Come from here and remmeber

Considering his “application-article” title about All Humans being Palestinians Refugees, Pipes is well aware that many Human Rights organizations, when it comes to the right and responsibility to resist the Zionist occupation of Palestine and to liberate their stolen land and homes, we are indeed all Palestinians.

An Ode for Lifta

We are all Palestinians because all people of good will who seek justice and the full right of return for those who were ethnically cleansed during the 1948 al Nakba Palestinian holocaust identify with those brutally ethnically cleansed over the past 64 years.

Until Palestine is liberated and its refugees return, as Nelson Mandala has repeatedly instructed us, none of us is truly free. We are all Palestinians as we increasingly support international law’s rejection of any settlement or any colonist on any part of occupied Palestine.
What haunts Pipes also is Ben Gurion’s failed boast to fellow Zionist terrorists in Palestine during the al Nakba. The Palestinian holocaust which saw the ethnic cleansing of 531 villages in Palestine by more than 62,000 well armed troops, many WW II veterans predictably decimated the approximately 2,500 Palestinian defenders scattered, approximately 25-30 per village across Palestine who were at a hopeless military disadvantage with largely Ottoman era rusting rifles and very little ammunition.
Ethnic cleansing

Given the above noted reality, the Zionist leaders worked arduously so that roughly one-half of the villages and approximately 50% of the population would not be discovered by the west and Ben Gurion’s words that “in any event, the old will die and the young will forget” were more than wishful thinking. Pipes and his associates in the Israel First culture have realized that not only was Ben Gurion fundamentally mistaken, but also that the 19th Century Zionists fundamentally erred in their calculations and hasbara.

Pipes basis for panic appears straight out of Edgar Allen Poe’s Novel “The Tell Tale Heart”where Poe’s character committed a savage crime and then was haunted because the evidence of this crime could not be hidden. The victim’s heart kept beating louder and louder and would not stop informing the World of the crime. Try as he might, the evil perpetrator could not get the heart to stop proving the crime and it drove the criminal more deeply into suicidal insanity.
In some aspects, Poe’s telltale heart appears a microcosm of the 19th Century Zionist colonial crimes which continue to this day in Palestine. The current efforts being made by Israel firsters like Pipes include keeping Palestinian refugees invisible. They were to be erased by now but instead the global community and younger generations are increasingly taking up their cause and joining the BDS and other non-violent campaigns against their Zionist occupiers.
Pipes argues in his Washington Times article, “Were the Palestine refugee status a healthy one this infinite expansion would hardly matter. But the status has destructive implications for Israel which suffers from the “depredations” of a category of persons whose lives are truncated and distorted by an impossible dream of return to their great-grandparents’ houses; and the “refugees” themselves, whose status implies a culture of dependency, grievance, rage, and futility.” Pipes continues: “All other refugees from the World War II era (including my own parents ) have been long settled (ed; but not all on stolen Palestinian land) and the Palestine refugee status has already endured too long and needs to be narrowed down to actual refugees before it does further damage to Israel.”
Pipes and his ilk, which appear to tally on a daily basis the Nakba refugees and their families are horrified that Palestinian victims have refused to die off or forget the al Nakba crimes committed against their families while at the same time the global community is beginning to support the Palestinians right to return.

He did it, Hassan Hijazi returned to Yafa (Java) – Millions will follow
Franklin Lamb: Majesty and massacre at Maroun al Ras with Photo Story

Even many American taxpayers, long intimidated by Zionist hasbara and fears of being labeled “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating Jews” but who have long opposed Israel’s occupation of the political power centers in Washington DC, are outing themselves. Increasingly they are calling publicly for their government to break with Israel and its intensely promoted and sometimes engineered US wars in the region, and bring our troops home, heal and repair America while reclaiming American values.

This last remaining 19th Century colonial enterprise, which brutally implanted Israel in the heart of Palestine, has created more than six million refugees each of whom has the separate, personal, and inalienable right and responsibility to return home.
One remarkable quality of the Palestinian refugees which Pipes keeps from his readers, is that in the main they, unlike the European colonists who continue to ethnically cleanse them from their homes, may be willing to share their lands with any Jew who will agree to live as equals in a democratic one person one-vote governed country without religious preferences or a foreign “chosen colonial people” imposing an Apartheid regime.

Photo by Zeinab Hajj, 2/5/12 shows her
father Mohammad al Hajj with the author,
his longtime friend. Mohammad walked
into Lebanon with his family and thatof his
future wife Badrieh, all having been ethnically
cleanced from their village of
Amnouka near Safad, on May 6, 1948.
Franklin Lamb is doing research in Lebanon. He is reachable c\o

He contribute to Uprooted Palestinians Blog

Please Sign

Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp
Beirut Mobile: +961-70-497-804
Office: +961-01-352-127

The Zionist Pathocracy Will Decide the Fate of the World for Itself–(article disappeared)

[Obama should find his balls and declare that the United States will retaliate against any first strike in this stand-off with all the forces at his disposal, against either side.  Once he steps between the two antagonists real peace in the Middle East becomes possible, including the creation of a nuclear-free Middle East.]

Israel will decide on Iran for itself: Lieberman

JERUSALEM: Israel will decide on what to do about Iran’s nuclear activities as an “independent state,” Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday, on the eve of a US-Israel summit in Washington.

“Clearly, the United States is the biggest world power and the biggest and most important country that is a friend of Israel, but we are an independent state,” Lieberman told Israeli public radio.

“Ultimately, the state of Israel will make the decisions that are most appropriate based on its evaluation of the situation,” he said.

Lieberman’s comments came shortly before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to hold talks in Washington with US President Barack Obama on Monday, a meeting expected to focus heavily on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Israel, Washington and much of the international community believes that Iran’s nuclear programme masks a weapons drive, a charge Tehran denies.

US intelligence is said to believe that Iran does not currently intend to produce nuclear weapons, though it may be seeking the capacity to do so, and Washington has emphasised the importance of deterrent sanctions and diplomacy.

But Israel is reportedly eager to move more quickly and decisively against Iran’s nuclear activities, using a military strike to prevent it from obtaining even the capacity to take a decision to produce nuclear weapons.

“The Iranian file is well-known,” Lieberman said. “The direction taken by Iran is clear.”

But he added that any decisions should be made “calmly, weighing the pros and cons. All this chatter doesn’t help anyone.”

Lieberman also warned that the international community’s failure to deal with the bloodshed in Syria, where a crackdown on anti-regime protesters has killed thousands, showed Israel could rely only on itself for protection.

“If the international community is incapable of stopping the massacres in Syria, what is the value of its promises to protect the security of Israel?”

- AFP/ck

Ethics body seeks views on new wave of brain technologies

Ethics body seeks views on new wave of brain technologies


The Nuffield Council on Bioethics today launched a consultation on the ethics of new types of technologies and devices that ‘intervene’ in the brain, such as brain-computer interfaces, deep brain stimulation, and neural stem cell therapy.

These technologies are often being developed for use in the treatment of conditions including Parkinson’s disease, depression and stroke and it is thought they could bring significant medical benefits, especially for those who are severely affected by neurological disease or have a severe brain injury.

Outside of the health context, they could also be used in various military applications, for example to develop weapons or vehicles that are controlled remotely by brain signals. And there are commercial possibilities in the gaming industry, for example, the development of computer games that are controlled by people’s thoughts.

“Intervening in the brain has always raised both hopes and fears in equal measure” said Thomas Baldwin, Chair of the Council’s study and Professor of Philosophy at the University of York. “Hopes of curing terrible diseases, and fears about the consequences of trying to enhance human capability beyond what is normally possible. These challenge us to think carefully about fundamental questions to do with the brain: what makes us human, what makes us an individual, and how and why do we think and behave in the way we do.”

Clearly, some of these technologies have great potential. “Imagine a person who is disabled and cannot speak being able to move independently through a thought-controlled wheelchair or communicate via a computer voice”, said Professor Baldwin. On the other hand, concerns have been raised about safety of some of the techniques that are currently in development. “The impact on a person and on their mind has to be considered, for example, are there risks of unwanted changes in mood, behaviour or personality being introduced into the brain?”

There is also uncertainty over whether the techniques will be as effective in treating disease or aiding rehabilitation from brain injury as some claim they will be. Professor Baldwin said, “Many of these technologies are in the early stages of research, and patients who have high expectations of recovery or rehabilitation may sometimes be left disappointed and frustrated if the treatment doesn’t live up to expectations”.

The development of these technologies for use in warfare may be more troubling for some. “For example if brain-computer interfaces are used to control military aircraft or weapons from far away, who takes ultimate responsibility for the actions? Could this be blurring the line between man and machine?” said Professor Baldwin.

The Nuffield Council inquiry is focussing on technologies that intervene directly in the brain, often through the use of a device, or involving brain implants. The consultation runs until 23 April and the Council would like to hear the views of a wide range of people, including those who have used or are hoping to use these technologies, those involved in development or supply, researchers, academics, patients, medical professionals, regulators, policy makers and others. Responses to the consultation will be carefully considered, and a report setting out the Council’s findings is expected to be published in 2013.

BCI’s measure and analyse a person’s brain signals and converts it into an output such as movement. For example, a paralysed person could use a BCI to operate a wheelchair, or someone who has extreme difficulty speaking could use a BCI to communicate via a computer voice. These sorts of applications have been shown to be successful in a few reported cases, but the technology has not yet been developed for regular clinical use and there are questions over whether these technologies are reliable enough for use in everyday life.

Military applications, such as remote control of vehicles and machinery are not yet in wide use but are being researched and tested, and some commercial BCI developments are already on the market. Gamers can buy a wireless headset that aims to replace a joystick by controlling game play through brain signals.

The use of BCI’s will sometimes require surgery to implant electrodes into a person’s brain, although the most successful current developments are those that detect brain signals from the scalp, so they are less invasive.


Different regions of the brain are known to be linked to areas of perception, e.g. pain, sound, vision. Neurostimulation involves the application of an electric or magnetic stimulus to nerves to alter brain activity in a specific area.

The two best-known types are transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is usually applied through a hand-held or chair-bound device and is non-invasive, and deep brain stimulation (DBS) which requires brain surgery to place an electrode in the brain and wires under the skin.

TMS is in clinical use and it is currently used mainly to treat depression, although research is underway on possible applications for conditions including obsessive compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, and pain disorders such as migraine. It has been shown to have some potential for improving memory and learning and research is underway on non-medical enhancement uses e.g. for education.

DBS is already used in treatment of Parkinson’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorders and movement disorders such as dystonia (which causes tremors). Research is underway on possible benefits for patients with epilepsy, stroke, Tourette’s syndrome and severe pain. Possible complications of DBS are thought to include: stroke, confusion, speech disorders, visual problems and possible damage to the brain tissue surrounding the implant, infection, seizure, depression and the risks associated with general anaesthetic.

Neural stem cell therapy

Researchers are developing neural stem cells that could be used in treating conditions which involve the loss of nerve cells in the brain, for example Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or Huntingdon’s disease. The stem cells are injected into the brain under general anaesthetic.

In stroke, nerve cells can be lost in a particular brain region, leading to a reduced ability of the function associated with that region, e.g. moving the left hand side of the body. Neural stem cell therapy is thought be able to benefit people with these conditions and there is considerable interest and investment in this area of research, both privately and publicly. Small scale preliminary human trials are underway but the treatment is not yet routinely available in the UK.

Neural stem cell therapies are less well understood than other types of brain surgery and there are some concerns associated with its use – e.g. a risk of tumours forming and the possibility of unwanted changes being introduced into the brain – for example in mood, behaviour and ability.

Find out more and download the consultation paper.

Turning Special Forces Into CIA Death Squads To Gain “Deniability” Is Ceding Moral Ground To Satan

CIA garb could aid Afghan ‘exit’: Report

Elite operations troops could be placed under CIA control after the 2014 pullout. PHOTO: REUTERS/ FILE

Officials in the Pentagon are discussing the possibility of putting elite special operations troops under CIA control in Afghanistan after the 2014 pullout, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

Once SEALS, Rangers, and other elite unites are assigned to CIA control they are considered to be spies.

Under the plan, therefore, the US could technically claim there are no more troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

The idea was presented by senior defence intelligence officials and comes as US defence chiefs are trying to figure out ways to meet the White House’s promised pullout deadline of 2014.

The Pentagon has already put forward a plan to hand over the fighting to special-operations. The current idea being floated around would take that plan even further, and shrink US presence to less than 20,000 troops after 2014 according to multiple US officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Sources added though that the plan has not yet been presented to US secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the White House or Congress.

Pentagon spokesperson, George Little, however, denied any discussion is taking place on the matter.

“Any suggestion that such a plan exists is simply wrong,” he said on Saturday.

Reducing troop presence faster in Afghanistan, albeit cosmetically, could prove to be advantageous for both the White House and the Afghan government, given raw Afghan sentiment over recent incidents ranging from civilian casualties to the burning of the Holy Quran at a military base.


The plan is not novel, nor without glitches. Elite-special operations units have been assigned to the CIA for missions where the US wants total deniability and works without the local government’s permission.

This included the Abbottabad raid of Osama bin Laden’s house in Pakistan.

A CIA run war would also mean the US public would not be informed about funding or operations.

Oversight of the war would be in the hands of intelligence officials, the White House and a few congressional committees.

Meanwhile, senior special operations commanders also like to keep their troops under legal parameters.

If troops were captured while working with the CIA, they would be treated like spies, and not protected by the Geneva Conventions, which govern the treatment of prisoners of war.

Published in The Express Tribune

Pakistan Goes Ahead With Iran-Pakistan Pipeline, Despite US Threats

German company awarded Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline contract

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has issued tender for the laying of Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline in its territory to a German company, Secretary Petroleum said.

According to the Secretary Petroleum, Pakistan has offered $250 million to a German company ILF Engineering for laying of gas pipeline inside its territory.

The laying of gas pipeline would be completed till 2014, the secretary added.

Turkey and Israel united against Syria

Turkey and Israel united against Syria

Iranian FARS news agency reported this weekend that 49 Turkish intelligence officers have been captured by the Syrian army and that Turkey has been conducting intensive negotiations with Syria in order to secure the intelligence officers’ release. Seven of the captured Turkish officers have confessed that they were trained by Israel’s Mossad and given instructions to carry out bombings to undermine the country’s security. According to the Syrians, one of the Turkish officers said that Mossad also trains soldiers from the Free Syrian Army and that Mossad agents came to Jordan to train al-Qaeda officials to send to Syria to carry out attacks. On February 4, Nasser al-Ariqi, a Saudi Arabian spy was also arrested in Homs.

Like in case of Libya last year, Qatar is funding these radicals Salafi insurgents to inflict heavy casualties and many death among the Syrian security forces and civilians – in order to provide Turkey, Israel, NATO and the Arab League western puppets with a justification for humanitarian intervention – and install a pro-USrael and anti-Iran regime in Damascus.

Not long ago, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was hailed as “modern day Attaturk” by the western mainstream media. However, when in early 2008, he refused to submit to Ankara’s ‘solution’ to Syrian-Israel conflict – that’s to stop Syrian support for Hizbullah and Hamas without Israel retuning Golan Heights – Assad turned into a “cruel dictator”.

Anti-Muslim Zionazis Senators Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have openly called Obama to arm the Syrian Free Army (an equivalent to Libya’s National Transition Council). American drones are already operating over Syria. Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, confirmed on Friday the presence of British commandos and Qataris on the territory of Syria.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, was part of US-British plan to establish pro-USrael regimes in Damascus, Beirut and Tehran. It was abandoned upon the defeat of the 30,000-strong Jewish invading army by Hizbullah fighters.

Lisa Karpova has posted an Op-Ed in Russian Pravda, entitled The West, Turkey and the UN are terrorists supporters, saying:

Who are you? What are you? The recent UN condemnations against Syria raise the question: Does the western media or the UN even ask that of whoever these people are that are telling wild stories about events in Syria? No, they don’t. Even the Qatari propaganda organ, Al-Jazeera, has finally admitted that the opposition has lied and exaggerated about casualties and protest numbers.

The FUKUSaxis has used as its agents the ex-Syrian Vice President Abdel-Halim Khaddam, Israel Lobby (AIPAC) member Farid al-Ghadry, (Jewish think tank) Brookings Institution Fellow Ammar Abdul Hamid, (Zionist Jew) Jeffrey Feltman from the US State Dept and multiple Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leaders to fund, incite, train, guide, organize and direct their agents within Syria to bring down the Assad government.

The latest scene was on the Syria-Turkey border where terrorists are being trained, armed and funded and then placed into Syria to perform their murderous deeds. Perhaps the western media and the UN should ask these clowns how many civilians they have killed in terrorist acts.

Turkey’s role in the anti-Syria campaign is obvious. Terrorist training camps have been set up in Turkey. Terrorist insurgents in Syria were trained and armed on Turkish territory to infiltrate into Syria as defectors from the Syrian army.

These armed marauders and invaders from Turkey, loosely calling themselves the “Syrian Free Army” claim to be “the only thing standing between the tanks and the civilians.” But a closer look easily removes this cloud of deception and lies.

The Syrian Free Army leaders have indicated that they will cut Syria’s ties with Iran and with the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements once they are in a position of “power” in Syria.

Turkey is in charge of providing terrorist groups with information on Syrian troop movements. Turkish ‘intelligence’ conducts radio-electronic reconnaissance on Syrian military communications as well.

Pseudo-Terrorist Gangs

Rhodesias pseudo specialist- The Selous Scouts.

Pseudo-Terrorist Gangs

Pseudo-terrorist gangs are formed from commando/scout units to act the part of real terrorist groups in operational areas to attain these objectives:


1.     To locate the terrorist group in a particular area, by pretending to be part of its force.

2.     To obtain information from the terrorist group on how it operates in command and political structure.

3.     To find out how it enters or is formed inside the country.

4.     To locate the terrorist group to destroy its force.

5.     To locate the terrorist group, and if it is of a large size, to call in a strike by the larger commando unit.

Pseudo-terrorist gangs are the most dangerous and unrewarding jobs in the new type of guerrilla warfare during the last thirty years. The trooper involved must be better than the regular NATO soldier, the paratrooper, the commando, or the elite special unit soldier.

The man should not be all of these, but a small part of each. He should be able to operate completely by himself. Many elite forces speak of operating in this manner, but in reality they depend on some contact, resupply, or fall-back area. In pseudo-terrorist gangs, there is none.

The trooper must be solely responsible for himself and his pseudo-terrorist gang. He must become that terrorist group.

The pseudo-terrorist (PT) gang members must be masters of surprise tactics.

The PT gang must conform to nothing in the mission except the objective.

The PT gang must press the terrorist group until there is no avenue of retreat except into the PT hide.

The PT gang must operate without the support of any regular army unit. It must realize this.

The PT gang must kill or be killed.

The PT gang must dodge, counterstrike, and pressure increasingly.

The PT gang must always move toward the terrorists’ main command structure.

The PT gang must always strain the terrorist group it is dealing with to the breaking point of point-to-point contact, in most cases fifteen feet or less.

The PT gang must be superior at the point of contact even at the risk of danger of encirclement by other terrorist groups.

The PT gang must always move as though it has nothing to lose, or the terrorist group will see that it is guarded and reluctant in its operations.

The PT gang must always have maximum irregularity to throw the terrorist group off its belief that the PT gang is false. Yet the gang must be articulate in its ambushes of terrorists.

The pseudo-terrorist gang trooper must possess these qualities:

1.      A fertile imagination in schemes, ruses, counter-ruses, plots, and resources.

2.      A shrewd intelligence, to orchestrate every incident to his gang’s benefit. (Demonstrate loyalty to fellow troopers.)

3.      A steady confidence, unmoved by anxiety, and a continuous sense of humor.

4.      An apt memory to remember all the customs, cut-signs, and tricks that the terrorists use to detect him.

5.      An alert, sturdy, and tireless constitution, to endure all physical obstacles as part of a job without a light at the end.

6.      A rapid and accurate glance, which grasps immediately the defects and advan­tages, obstacles and risks presented by terrain, objective, or surprise contact with terrorists.

7.      No sentiments regarding the political situation at any time.

8.      An unquestionable ability to lie, even in the face of death, to protect the gang.

9.      The ability to act the part of the savage to the extreme, but not to let the circumstances turn him from decency.

Lacking such aptitudes, success in this profession is impossible. It is useless for anyone to rely on some other talent such as prior regular army experience, po­lice or security work, or elite unit service, or to flatter himself that, by taking pains or good fortune, he may expect to win the confidence of the turned terrorists in his gang. Reason and the facts deny such a presumption without fail.

The trooper cannot rely on previous military experience because the deeper the discipline, the lower the efficiency and average performance. The pseudo-terrorist must be a savage. He must make do with less food, and exercise greater economy of thought and action. He must not let heat or cold or any ailment affect him. The terrorist group will see that. What the pseudo-terrorist wants is to lower himself into the terrorist’s bowels and become the terrorist’s worst fear: a man more savage and ruthless than himself.


***Source*** This information was obtained from the book: AFRICAN MERC COMBAT MANUAL. By Chris Pessarra. Printed 1986, Paladin Press.