This is a fighting website,

but the enemy we are fighting

is not one of flesh and blood, but of spirit – a spiritual enemy,

who is waging war against the spirit of all mankind.

It is not just Americans who are under extreme duress from the ceaseless assault,

crushing the spirit of all the people in the entire world

is the objective of this spiritual parasite.

We fight the lies of the enemies of humanity,

the men who would use the power of the “Big Lie”

to decimate the human spirit

and destroy our will to resist them.

It is the lies that actually enslave our souls

and deceive us into believing that things are hopeless,

that we are helpless to resist the inevitable.

This is nonsense! We are anything but helpless.

We have always held awesome power at our fingertips.

Our wise forefathers kept all power unto the People.

Only We the People can choose to surrender our power,

or submit to the dictates of a foreign power.

Either the wars for Israel end, or this Constitution Republic will end.

The objective of THE ENEMY has been to make us forget our power.


is the AUTHOR OF EVIL himself.

The EVIL ONE, who would destroy GOD, if that were even possible,

is doing his evil best to destroy mankind, God’s supreme handiwork.


The purpose of this site is a holy quest,

to awaken the American people to our victory which has been pre-ordained.

We have within us an awesome dormant power

to remake the world in a peaceful revolution of truth.

All we have to do is BELIEVE.

Believe in yourself, in your own inner goodness.

Believe that the evil in men is just as real.

Some men are evil incarnate.

Believe in the basic goodness of your country

As much as you believe in the evil of those who lead us.

Believe in the goodness of all mankind

and in the reality of the suffering that evil men bring unto good people.


Those of you who have complained to me that violence is the only way to liberate this world, do not understand the basic premise of our task, violence or “civil disobedience” is NOT THE WAY.

Non-violent means non-violent! We are in a non-violent struggle to effectively exercise ALL of our First Amendment rights to their very limits, so that we do not have to go beyond those limits with an armed struggle against elitist control of our world. If we fail to rally the American people with our TRUTH OFFENSIVE, then would be the time to take-up arms as an act of self-defense.

Those who are calling for the violent overthrow of the dictatorship fail to realize that, at this point in time, the American majority would be even less willing to take-up arms than they would be to peacefully assemble in the streets and the town centers. The sheeple do not realize the seriousness of our situation, or even understand who the ENEMY is, or who he is representing in Washington instead of serving We the People. It is ridiculous to think that violence is a better way to peace, when it is far less acceptable than organized protest.

Before the end comes, someone has to conduct a TRUTH OFFENSIVE.

There Are No Sunglasses IS that TRUTH OFFENSIVE. How will the people know which ENEMY to focus upon until the perpetrators are made to be easily identifiable to

ALL WHO HAVE EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR. This means that everyone who has an open mind must be given the correct input, so that they will be able to find the ENEMY.

This website is an attempt to create a repository of relevant knowledge, for those who would fight the system. This site is also a thinking and planning site, for formulating a workable strategy for marshalling millions of peace troops into the streets, to peaceably assemble, to freely express our outrage at the evil which sits in our seats of power, to demand that our government answer to the will of the American people and NOT to the will of that “shitty little country in the Middle East.”

There Are No Sunglasses is the last line of defense, before this country falls back to the violence of the trenches. If you believe in the healing power of TRUTH, then you will support this site and the work that is being attempted here.

Whenever you stumble-upon the TRUTH, or relevant news items, then forward them here. All non-violent, non-abusive comments will be published on the articles they are entered on, with significant news items moved to the front page. You can even email them here, if they are pasted into the body of the email.

We do not accept Mao Tse Tung’s adage that: “Power flows from the barrel of a gun.”

Power, real power, flows from a source deep within each living thing. Through our hands of flesh, the power from within is made manifest unto the world. The power of the SONS OF LIGHT will soon overwhelm the SONS OF DARKNESS. Our mission is to make that hidden TRUTH understandable to all.

There is a WAY which brings PEACE unto the world and to the fevered minds of men. All men (and women) are free to seek this way, if that is their desire. Those who would enslave the minds of men have overlooked this fact. It only takes a few candles, to break through the darkness. Let out your INNER LIGHT, let it shine forth; it is sure to erase the darkness. Don’t keep your LIGHT hidden under a bushel!

The TRUTH shall set us all free, if we are not afraid to seek it out and to use it against those who would annihilate the TRUTH.It is the ultimate weapon against those whoonly deal in lies.

The TRUTH about our government is that is of the basest evil.The language they use to ensnare us is pure doublespeak, every pronouncement conveys hidden meaning.Whatever they say, they really mean its opposite.When our government says “peace,” they really mean total war.Whenever they sell us their version of “freedom,” they are trying to sell us slavery. Their “New World Order” is old world chaos, of the World War II variety, to be precise.

America has fallen because our economic collapse has suited the plans for the world order. Our economic, social and military collapse were all brought about by our own leaders, according to their secret plan. Over the many years, our economy, our minds and our national security have been dismantled, so that we would be powerless as a Nation and a free people, to oppose the final push into a global dictatorship, run (naturally) by the same mis-leaders who continue to work so hard to bring about our own demise.

The TRUTH about the self-anointed “elite,” which dominates our existence, is that they know that their plans for total resource domination have a fatal flaw. They know (and the leaked “Secret Weapons” document reveals this knowledge) that by creating the Internet, as a tool for prying-into the minds of the people, they have taken a great risk, that enough people will use it to find-out the SECRET HISTORY of our world and take advantage of the medium’s vast democratic potential.If the American people are not first reduced to a mass of compliant sheeple who have given-up all hope of resistance, before the traffic on the Internet can be brought under their control, then the growing democracy movement would expose their entire operation.

There Are No Sunglasses is here to restore the will to resist, by shearing away the “wool,” removing the blinders which blind the sheeple, while the Internet is still open to us.We will expose the lies about our helplessness and deny them the power to deceive Americans into giving their consent to freely submit to their orders.We will show the sheeple that no one can force us to surrender our free wills unto them.No power can force us to give-up our right to think for ourselves, or to submit to plans to their plans to do harm to us and to our families.


We are NOT helpless.Our situation is NOT hopeless.We have the overwhelming power to resist, TOGETHER.

While the Constitution remains, while men still take oaths to honor and defend it, we have the legal authority under the great document to stand and demand that the Will of the People be heard. We the People are the source of all power under our democratic Republican form of government. It is high time we exercised that Constitutional authority. We have the legal authority to demand that our representatives honor our will. If we provide visible proof that the Will of the People is that this war be stopped NOW, then our corrupt government will no longer be able to pretend that they are fighting for the Constitution, instead of trying to destroy it.

If we clearly demonstrate the Will of the People and the government’s suppression of that common will, then we will have cleared the way for legally “abolishing” this tyrannical government, as the ultimate right of a free people, which was expressed so clearly in the Declaration of Independence.

The American government is currently the American people’s greatest enemy. The big lie that this tyrannical government is sending young Americans patriots to fight “for us,” killing and dying for “freedom and democracy,” has been fully exposed. It is our duty as real patriots to create public awareness of this fact. Just like the protests against the war in Vietnam, once we must persuade large numbers of veterans and active servicemen that fighting for the “foreign policies” of our government is fighting against the American people, serving the cause of exporting real terrorism unto the rest of the world. Then large numbers will turn into the streets with us.

When we convince the world just how unjust the “war on terror” really is, then dissertions and various forms of work-stoppage protests, will once again disable the American war machine like it did before, and with it disable the military/industrial complex.

At this time, I want to share with you the following article from a Atheo at Wake Up From Your Slumber:

The Hidden Story of the Americans that Finished the Vietnam War

The Soldier’s Revolt By: Joel Geier


  1. I’m not really sure of what to say Peter, except that I really like what you’re doing here and support the cause wholeheartedly.

    Having read your articles at The People’s Voice and WUFYS for the past year or so, I have always suspected that you are one of God’s chosen (144,000), because the things you say and do are quite unique and attributable to this group. Such things cannot be fabricated because they resonate from within, foreordained by God at the beginning of the world.

    Anyway, your efforts scream out “chosen” to me and that’s a really good thing IMO.

    Keep up the great work, it’s not in vain. Don’t give up. My thoughts, prayers and efforts are with you.

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