OPEN TOPIC – PUBLIC DISCUSSION, How Do We Build the Resistance?

How Do We Build the Resistance?

(1) Where To Start The Resistance:

That is where to start it. And to start it NOW! Time is short.
If we will go along with A New Manchurian Candidate, The Resistance will be postponed, for inside this New Box with “values” ( Obama) there is as clever, as
malicious there are many tricks which is not easy to recognize on the spot.

In other words: SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN till We, The People, approve the next one, who will sleep in the Lincoln bedroom.

That would be the LESSON the world will follow.



Dennis Morrisseau

Pink slips for all of Congress this November. We can do this entirely right here on the web.


Our only goal is replace [FIRE!] all present occupants of Congress…… their
strongest challengers…..

THIS ACT WILL ROCK THE WORLD…….and we can do it.

This act will NOT net us a new Congress full of sweet as a daisy representatives. No. But the NEW CONGRESS (of very amateur shitheads)
will have seen what we can do…….we can FIRE THEIR ASSES!

[And guess what, Kids??? It is CONGRESS, not the Presidency where the real
power lies. CONGRESS, not the President makes all law…….etc. See Article 1 of the US Constitution….it’s not about the Presidency….Article 1. Get it?

We do this by each of us convincing our entire circle of friends and relatives to do it…….and getting them to convince THEIR entire circles of friends and relatives to do it…..and THOS PEOPLE convincing THEIR entire circles to do it….exactly like a chain letter. Totally uinder the radar! Get it?

Dennis Morrisseau


Swampfox |


By Bruce McDonald

In the last election 85% of the people in Congress got to keep their $14,108 a month jobs (which includes a $4,100 raise they just gave themselves!) despite the fact that it was the worst, do-nothing Congress in history and the bulk of them were responsible for authorizing the wars we’re in and everything else that has massively eroded our standard of living, security and of course our liberties and freedoms since 9-11. They ALL took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They did not take an oath to defend and protect their political party and the interests of transnational corporations and cartels.

What would you do if you owned a company and none of your employees listened to you, they lied to you, didn’t do the jobs you gave them to do, and in fact, were actually working for your competition and selling your company down the river as fast as they could? I don’t think you’d keep them on and give them a raise!

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing, only in this case, your company is our Federal Government, and your employees are the 435 members in the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the Senate, virtually all of them working for the transnational corporations (the competition) and they are engaged in a massive hostile takeover of our government on every level.

What the heck happened to that thing called “the wisdom of the American people?” You don’t reward employees that betray you. YOU FIRE THEM! It’s the most obvious and immediate remedy. And you don’t worry that their replacement may turn out to be as bad. In fact, it’s much less likely the replacements will be as bad when they know you will not tolerate such things, that you will not hesitate to fire anyone that lies and betrays your trust. Employees are far more likely to toe the line and actually do their jobs as best they can when they know they can’t get away with anything less.

Of course, no analogy is perfect. This one breaks down in the sense that a company couldn’t actually fire everyone all at once unless the entire company shut down. Lucky for us, our Congress isn’t engaged in actually producing goods or services (the bureaucracies Congress has set up handle all government services). All Congress does is enact laws and authorize spending. It’s just the legislative branch of government. We could easily go without any new laws authored by “corporate/special interest” for quite some time. So in this case, firing a large number of traitorous Congressional employees is imminently doable and quite frankly is the only thing we can do to slam the brakes on the corporate driven freight train that is railroading all of us into a nation ruled by corporate colonialism.

There are people we have elected to Congress who have been there 10, 20, 30, 40, even over 50 years! Our Congress has been betraying our trust and selling us out for generations. They not only suffer no consequences for what they’ve done; they’ve benefited greatly from their wheeling and dealing. They take an oath to protect our best interests and defend our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and yet they make a mockery of that oath.

Republicans and Democrats take the exact same oath of office and very few of them take it seriously.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

There is a very good reason we make them all take this oath. Strict adherence to the Constitution is the ONLY thing that makes it a LOT harder for those with the most wealth to seize the powers of government and use it for their own selfish purposes. Our Congress has totally abdicated their responsibilities and handed the powers of government over to corporate interests that have absolutely no allegiance to this nation, to the Constitution, and certainly not to playing fair. Both major political parties are complicit. They have shredded the Constitution and Bill of Rights and are about to blow the Constitutional Confetti into the air as they celebrate “closing the deal” with their “real employers,” the transnational corporate interests that have orchestrated the whole mess.

The dominant ideologies of the most destructive and powerful transnational corporations are predatory and tyrannical in nature. The notion that they are even remotely interested in such things as “free trade,” or democracy flies in the face of basic common sense. The corporations wreaking the most havoc on this planet, the central banks, the military, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and energy industrial complexes, have set up monopolies and cartels by using the powers of government to legislate and regulate the industries they wish to control. The people inclined to abuse their wealth and power do what they always have done throughout history. They TAKE the most, give the least, and don’t give a damn about the rest of humanity.

There is a mountain of evidence, a small fraction of it is posted on this web site, to prove that powerful transnational corporations, through their control of our election process, the legislative powers of government, the courts, the international treaty process, the world’s currencies and of course, virtually total control of our mainstream media, have just about totally taken over our country. If we don’t take control of Congress away from them, and fast, by a massive act of civil disobedience like this project is proposing (by not voting the way they want us to), we are simply not going to survive as a nation much longer the way things are going.
“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi

We must start fixing the mess we’re all in by first “doing what’s necessary.”
Our employees need to KNOW we will fire them when they betray our trust.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead
Join the National Grassroots movement to take our nation back from the corporate elite and the harlots who do their bidding in Congress! Demonstrate to them, ‘Washington You’re Fired’ Join us at
Bruce McDonald inspired the “FIRE CONGRESS National Meetup Group”
Join us! Start your own Fire Congress Meetup in your area!
Please spread this message far and wide, thickly to the Four Winds of the Internet!

Boycott Israel

Boycott Israel

Here is a list of Israeli Trading Companies that specialize in the United States and North America, taken from this site

Notice the highlighted ones – Sears, General Electric Company, Ford Motor Company, The Home Depot, Represents: State of Maryland.

Further research will reveal more of these sensitive targets for an economic embargo.

North America

Baron Trade & Export Fields of Specialization: Food, Health Food, Dry Food, Frozen Food.

Baron R. Export Management Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Arts and Crafts, Cosmetics, DIY, Food, Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Jewelry, Plastics and Rubber, Religious Articles, Shoes, Stationery, Textiles, Toiletries, Toys and Games
Represents: Apparel Distribution Inc., B&B Corporate Knitwear Ltd., Comfort Marketing Associates Inc.

B.I.T. Barak International Trade Fields of Specialization: Agricultural Inputs, Aviation, Automotive Equipment, Biotechnology, Construction Inputs, DIY, Electronics, Electro-optics, Environmental Technology, Food, Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Metals and Machinery, Optics, Packaging, Plastics and Rubber, Professional Services, R&D Projects, Religious Articles, Safety Equipment, Security, Software, Start-up, Textiles, Turnkey Projects

Dubrovsky Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Agricultural Inputs, Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Agricultural Projects, Plants and Cut Flowers, Health Services, Silver, Jewelry, Religious Articles, Souvenirs
Represents: Danespo (Denmark), Naexco (United States)

IMM Global Fields of Specialization: Industrial and Consumer Goods, Software, Start-up
Represents: World Wide Network of Local Marketing Consultants Audio Visual (United Kingdom)

Nardev Chemie (Israel) Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Chemicals for Food, Detergents and Cosmetic Industry, Cosmetics, Flavors, Fragrances, Aroma Chemicals
Represents: Nardev Chemie (Singapore), Sansho Cosmetics (Japan)

North East Technologies Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Defense Products, Safety Equipment, Security Systems, Chemicals
Represents: Magnum Research Inc. (United States), GFCC (United States), Junghans (Germany), Helston Gunsmiths (United Kingdom), Daniel Technologies (Ireland), Eurodef (Greece)

Ranex Buying Services Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Cosmetics, D.I.Y., Food, Stationary, Textiles, Toiletries, Plastic, Toys & Games.
Represents: Holland – Hemma, M&S, Mode, Praxis, Biienkorf ; France – Prisunic-Monoprix, Galeries Lafayette; Switzerland – ABM, England – John Lewis, U.S.A – Sears

Skylimit – Sales Outsourcing Fields of Specialization: Healthcare, Software, Communication, Electronics, Instrumentation, General Commercial and Industrial components and equipment & fundraising.

Wave Investment Management Marketing Consultants


Baron Trade & Export

Dovar D.A. Technologies Ltd.

EXPRO – Export Management & Company Representation


IDR International Marketing Ltd.

Kriport International Trading Ltd.

MYG Product Solution Ltd.

Peled Raz Agencies (1992) Ltd.

Tamid – The American Israel Development Corp. Ltd.

Trendlines International Ltd.

Tzipa Carmon Exports (TC Exports)


S.I. Scientific Investment Ltd.

Wave Investment Management Marketing Consultants

Yakov Baron Trade and Export

Zur Agencies

United States

Ad-On Marketing
Fields of Specialization: DIY, Office Supply, Toys

AgriQuality Fields of Specialization: Agricultural Inputs, Biotechnology, Food, Professional Services, Start-up

Aikap Group Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Air Conditioners, Automotive Equipment, Chemicals, Construction Inputs, Electronics, Energy Equipment, Metals and Machinery, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Security, Textiles

EXPRO – Export Management & Company
Fields of Specialization: Consumer Goods/DIY, Technologies, Security safety & Defense, Industry (B2B)

A.M Maagal Marketing & Businesss Development Ltd.
Fields of Specialization: Marketing Consultancy and Business Development: Aviation, Automotive Equipment, Biotechnology, Books and Printed Material, Dental Equipment, DIY, Electronics, Environmental Technology, Metals and Machinery, Packaging, Plastics and Rubber, Safety Equipment, Security, Software, Start-ups.

Dovar D.A. Technologies Ltd.
Fields of Specialization: Aerospace, Defense, Infrastructure, Project Management, consulting & commercial representation services, Industrial collaboration, Trade.
Represents: EADS: Airbus MBDA Eurocopter Astrium Defense & Communication Systems Pratt&Whitney Canada Weber Metals Inc. MacDonald Dettwiler
Giat Industries

Elul Technologies Ltd Fields of Specialization: Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Medical & Industrial R&D services, Energy projects and trade

Flintec Fields of Specialization: Food

FreeMind Ltd E-Mail: Website:
Fields of Specialization: FreeMind NetWorking assists companies from the Telecommunications, IT, Life Science and Defense sectors.
About: FreeMind NetWorking of the FreeMind Group specializes in accompanying companies that wish to penetrate to and expand into new markets. By partnering and working with dozens of foreign business development firms, we are able to provide your company with the best international sales and marketing solutions.
FreeMind NetWorking provides global deployment for companies throughout Asia, Europe and the US via its platform of partners. Each and every one of our partner firms has substantial connections and physical presence in the targeted countries, as well as a proven success record. All of them specialize in assisting companies in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets.

FreeMind NetWorking’s services include:
* Business positioning
* Market research and penetration
* Sales acceleration: direct or channel sales
* Door opening
* Strategic partners location
* Joint ventures
* Political lobbying
* Corporate finance
* Follow up activities

IDR International Marketing Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Telecom/Datacom, Defense, Security, Start-ups

Igal Lavi International Trading Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Automotive Equipment, Cosmetics, Dental Equipment, Food, Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Metals and Machinery, Plastics and Rubber, Safety Equipment, Security, Start-up, Textiles

Kriport International Trading Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Household Cleaning Products, Cosmetics, Food, Nonwoven Products, Toiletries, Baby Care, Diapers, Wet Wipes,Pet Care,Office Supplies,Car Care

Lovely Marketing Fields of Specialization: Marketing and business development services for boutique style products for pregnant and nursing women, babies and kids.

MYG Product Solution Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Textiles

Mystigue Manna Field of Specialization: export cut flowers

Shira Trading Ltd. Field of Specialization: export cut flowers Represents: Otto Versand Group of Companies – Germany, Austria, France, Italy, England, United States, Japan, China, India ; Germany – Chibo; U.S.A.-May CO. Mdsi, Newport News, Eddie Bauer, Crate & Barrel, Spiegel Inc; Switzerland – Manor ; Austria – Palmers.

S.I. Scientific Investment Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Chemicals, Automotive equipment, plastics & polymers, Electro-Optics, Homeland security, Electronics, Agriculture technology, DIY, Communication, Machinery & Equipment, Marketing, Export & support services, water engineering.
Represents: General Electric Company, Ford Motor Company, Mazda Motors Corporation, Toyota Corporation, Itochu Corporation.

Skylimit – Sales Outsourcing Fields of Specialization: Healthcare, Software, Communication, Electronics, Instrumentation, General Commercial and Industrial components and equipment & fundraising.

Tamid – The American Israel Development Corp. Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Packaging, Plastics and Rubber

Trendlines International Ltd. Fields of Specialization: Agricultural Inputs, Automotive Equipment, Biotechnology, Business Development, DIY, Electronics, Electro-optics, Environmental Technology, Healthcare/Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Security, Software, Start-ups
Represents: State of Maryland; Gordmans; International Housewares Association; Zuchex Fields of Specialization: DIY, Household Items, Plastics

Tzipa Carmon Exports (TC Exports) E-mail: Website:
Fields of Specialization: DIY, Household Items, PlasticsRepresents: The Home Depot Inc. (U.S., Canada); OBI (Germany and 7 other countries); Intergamma (Netherlands, Belgium); PLUS (Germany)

Wave Investment Management Marketing Consultants Web Site:

Yakov Baron Trade and Export Fields of Specialization: Food, Ethnic Food

Zur Agencies Fields of Specialization: Cosmetics, Food, Religious Articles

Represents: Kedem (USA), Liebers, Kaufman Bernholz (Canada)

Here is an interesting plan of resistance

Here is an interesting plan of resistance

to any more wars for Israel

from @Ace EyeQ,

over at “Wake UP From Your Slumber”:

“Whose up for being a Dodo?”

I finally got back to this thread, there’s a definite need for a reality check here. I’ve been at this stuff for more than 30 years and its been a learning curve all the way. So take it from me – always remember WHO brought the fight to YOU and never give THEM any quarter.

WHAT IS A Media Gate-Keeper?

A Media Gate-Keeper (G-K) is someone who controls access to the media,

1. by controlling the message given out by the Media on,

a. the deletion/spin on the facts themselves (eg American Patriots Friends Network forum & many many more).

b. addition of competing irrelevant facts or fiction (eg Moonhoax, UFO’s, Shape-shifting 12ft lizards).

c. directing of the readers viewpoint (use of misdirection is relevant here) (eg its “Bush”, its “the black pope”, its “scientists”, its “Americans”)

d. organization of the resistance movement action against the Global Judaic Dictatorship (GJD) (eg Why dont we investigate the “Mormons” or the “Church of Scientology”)

– has ANYONE organized ANY actual resistance? (save perhaps Rev. Ted Pike – so called hate crime laws)

2. by controlling who has access to the Media (who gets access to TV/internet/press) so,

a. who gets to be an interviewer/host

b. Who gets to be interviewed

c. who gets to post on forums (those whose posts are not deleted or have their accounts closed)

d. who gets to own a forum

e. who gets to be forum admins with deletion/censorship rights

f. whose files/torrents are hosted

g. whose web pages are hosted

h. who gets live interviews/access and who gets edited interviews/access.

A G-K controls all these things. All current media owners/hosts are therefore potentially G-Ks.


Now as I’ve read elsewhere on WUFYS that 300 jewish families (which make up GJD HQ – my opinion) have 95% of the worlds resources at their disposal.

So it can be concluded that the remainder, 6billion “gentile” peoples, must therefore control less than 5% of the worlds resources between them!

That means each gentile has about a piss in the breeze chance of changing anything, on their own. And most who do have the money to really assist have already taken the devil’s dollar, be they mason or otherwise.

As so therefore it is totally absurd, in the extreme !!! , for ANY “gentile” to pony up money to ANY organization EXCEPT those which are wholly and solely under the control of “gentiles” of KNOWN pedigree, connections and membership (excludes persons who are active masonic, rotary movements & political orgs such as Communist & National Socialist. There are 10s of 1000s of such orgs and they need to be urgently listed).

Certainly, to donate money/resources or buy the publications/pay subscription to anyone who is of a known GJD association, is certain to be a drain on what little funds the “gentile” peoples have left.

(This is particularly relevant where the potential recipients are from a group who is obviously up to its neck in the GJD – eg Marranos)

Looking at this from a purely survival point of view – gentiles are destined for extinction unless they dramatically change their blinkered values on “fairness”. “Fairness” is something friends show each other and which mortal enemies NEVER do. Of course, the GJD will continue to encourage any of you in this END-eavor.


Here’s the test for “gentile” success in the last 5 years in their awareness (for most of them) to the problem of the GJD. Try it.

1. NAME in the US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/EU based, NATIONAL/REGIONAL,

a. 1 TV NETWORK (out of hundreds/thousands)

b. 3 RADIO STATIONS (out of thousands/tens of thousands)

c. 5 NEWSPAPERS (out of tens of thousands)

d. 5 MAINSTREAM WEBSITES (out of thousands/tens of thousands)e. 10 ALTERNATIVE INTERNET WEBSITES (out of thousands, now falling)

f. 10 ALTERNATIVE INTERNET FORUMS (out of hundreds and dropping fast)

…which gentiles proveably control?2. HOW MANY G-K’s do gentiles have? Are there ANY?


Surely, if you NOW fail such a basic test then you must realize that you DO NOT have enough money to waste on funding any Marrano jews?

Of course, members of the GJD DO have enough money to fund themselves, so “gentiles” should have no fear they will not be funded. If they choose not to fund some of their own G-K’s, that will be to scare you!

Now 80% of the worlds money turnover is going through gentile hands in the form of wages.

But you always willingly hand it straight to the GJD!


1. Did you stop them taxing you more?

2. Did you stop giving money to their (any except perhaps the like of the Salvation Army – take a look at the charities offciers/execs list) charities?

3. Did you organize your own shops?

4. Did you organize your own banks?

5. Did you organize your own wholesalers/exporters/importers/growers/producers?

6. Did you buy from a gentile instead of the GJD?

7. Did you employ gentile instead of a member of the GJD?

8. Did you stop buying jewellery or make you own?

9. Do you grow you own food or buy from a gentile who does?

10. Did you do ANYTHING in the real world to significantly change the balance of power?

11. Did ANY ONE of your “Representatives” (internet or otherwise), ever tell you to organize in the manner above or below? If not, then you should be asking yourselves the question – WHY NOT? It is obvious, is it not?

12. Did any of your pet marrano’s tell you how the marrano organize against you. About their orgs, their chain of command, their systems/methods of command, control and intelligence gathering? If not, then you should be asking yourselves the question – WHY NOT? It is obvious, is it notTheir web sites should be devoted to this subject – no ? After all they are likely to be the only ones who know!

Surely they know if other marranos are bugging “gentiles” houses or work places? and the extent of it? Just for starters! Surely there are defectors?

Instead ALL you hear is SILENCE – na da – zilch – diddly squat – nothing – not a WORD – why?

Could it be that SHHHHHHH is GOLDEN (Goulden, Holden, Olden, Gould, Fould, Gold, Bold, Mold, Old)?

13. Did any of your anti-zionist jews tell you how the zioinsts organize against you. About their orgs, their chain of command, their systems/methods/technology of command, control and intelligence gathering? If not, then you should be asking yourselves the question – WHY NOT? It is obvious, is it not?

Their web sites should be devoted to this subject – no ? After all they are likely to be the only ones who know!

Surely they know if other jews are bugging “gentiles” houses or work places? and the extent of it? Just for starters! Surely there are defectors?

Instead ALL you hear is SILENCE – na da – zilch – diddly squat – nothing – not a WORD – why?

Do you really believe that committed anti-zionists are not going to give you the full and unedited details of the zionist orgs, how they operate, where they operate, who operates them and what illegal activites they’ve been up to.

Don’t you think we’d be knee deep in criminal prosecutions of these fiends by now, if we had genuine anti-zionist jews on our side?

Its a ruse, a “get out of jail free card” for when the curtain come down on the GJD. So some survive, to keep the GJD dream alive.


So its time you organized.

1. You need a list of political/social orgs that are considered under GJD control – eg masons, communists, national socialists

2. You need a list of Media orgs who are considered to be “gentile”

3. You need a list, classified by type (Jew, merrano jew, masonic, communist, etc), of GJD Media orgs.

4. You need a list of “gentile” seed projects such as banks, jewellers, growers, shops, etc.

If not then you’re handing all your hard earned cash over to the GJD.

5. You need to use you churches (for christians) and get in there and take control of them again (you can ignore the judeo-preacher and his bull) to organize from, beware of marranos and the likes.

You’ll find the GJD are even using their resources via marranos etc. you cn use therse resources.

6. You need to take over your local politics and services, your town hall, police chief, major & your local gov. servants.

You’ll find the GJD are taking the lions share of the local resources that you pony up for.

You’ll find you can then oppose the latest GJD scams to raid you cash boxes.

7. You need 1 National Radio station in each country.

8. To start you need at least 1 Local/Regional TV station/channel in each country.

9. You need 30 internet forums in different languages (5 – English, 2 – French German Spanish Portuguese Dutch Russian, 1 – Swedish Norwegian Finish Danish Serbo-Croat Slav Polish Welsh Gaelic Japanese Chinese Arabic Hindu etc)

These must give the same general message and keep their eye on the real target. They must organize their own local areas.

Each forum should have a various parts eg GJD alert status by area, Action Required/Meets etc, Projects, Report a GJD crime/activity in your area, Backgrounder, Resources (shops, suppliers/services, education, training etc), Management Assessment of state of play)

10. You need a PRAYER and a WING – so you always REMOVE anyone from the loop who resorts to violence, malice or gross stupidity (just censor the relevant trash with xxxxxx’s so people can see what you objected to, but be prepared to supply original if challenged).

Defense is one thing but if you allow the GJD controlled system to false-flag you then you will NOT succeed, they will demonize you in their media. Remember, when you get back in charge you can always change the laws to bring these people to book after you have got every drop of information out of them.


To start with you need troops – you need to reach out. With media under enemy control you need an alternative plan to get to the masses.

You need to print flyers, posters and to make cheap CD’s up with the best (keep the crap out) stuff you’ve got. Something simpleAn outline of the 9/11, the 300 families, the jewish controllers (Politicians, Media, Law, ec) in each country, the trail of false flag, the history of jewish designed wars such as Communism, National Socialism, American Independence, American Civil War, Freach Revolution, English Civil War. Links to get more info.

CD’s are a cheap, hundreds for a few dollars, use VCD quality and try to print a catchy label “Take this home and change your life” or something.

Drop the flyers, CDs and posters all over places where people frequent, nice and quiet like.

Cafe’s, bars, clubs, bus depos, coach & train stations, student rest rooms and the likes. There are endless ways. Hand them out (more effective but more personal) or leave them there.

Start a chain letter to get people sending flyers to each other (they’ll need to miss jews off their mailing – they’ll learn the names that way).


Ace EyeQ | Tue, 2008-06-24 05:51

@Ace EyeQ

A Call to ACT!

“A Call to ACT!”

By: Zahir Ebrahim

To Dear ACTers of Conscience,

I am convinced that additional writings (and readings) alone are now meaningless going forward. There needs to be ACTs to match. The reason for this conviction stems not just from the truism succinctly observed by Bertrand Russell “Many people would sooner die than think. In fact they do”, but also from the empirical evidence of the past 7 years where that bit of truism has been lent universal credence in spades even for those who do tend to think! Thus writing more wonderful prose and analysis while useful for self-catharsis, is plain meaningless for efficacy when all those who do read and write these things already well understand the overall problems – as noted in this excellent motivational essay by Les Visible where he observes: “We don’t have guns. We don’t have banks. We don’t have storm-troopers and we don’t have a powerful media. What we have is our convictions, our courage and our potential. We’ve done a lot of research and we’ve done a lot of talking and writing. What we have not done is taken the next step toward calculated revolution. A revolution always begins with ideas and ideals. These power the willing and cause the ranks to swell. Sometimes, often… the revolution becomes subverted and when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. This is simplistic but most of you have a grasp of the minutiae and some sense of history; real history.”

This morning’s disturbing news at AFP on the imminent financial meltdown is hardly a surprise to any of the readers who will peruse it (none of the others, the vast majority, whom it will impact drastically, will ever know of it, let alone be prepared for it until after the crash starts).

Yet what has anyone actually done to prevent any of it other than write more about describing it? Most of us have known about this trend for at least several years now, and speaking for myself, at least since the moment I heard about the SPP for NU and the introduction of Amerios to replace the dollar which would need a drastic “revolutionary times” to seed it into reality! Thus, I send all of you like minded souls this humble note in the hope, or expectations, that perhaps like minded peoples can band together in ACTs, just as much as many of us seem to be converging on the same page in thoughts and analysis and prolific writings. Having a megaphone in hand – which is what writings have become – is like shouting in the Hyde Park in the speakers corner, effectively! And as GG observes in my email exchange with him below, it’s great for letting off steam, and nothing more. I have already explained “manufactured dissent” at length that GG refers to. While I don’t believe any of us are part of this devilish “manufacturing” industry, in effect, our humble efforts todate are semantically equivalent – i.e., zero efficacy! So how to change that?

First off, as the real vanguard of dissent, let us stop chasing meaningless pursuits which do not change the outcome.

And this includes nonsense like impeachment which is needlessly taking up the energies and focus of so many good peoples!

There are two specific suggestions of ACTs for uniting us in focus: one of immediacy that can prevent the crossing of the nuclear Rubicon as noted in this urgent Press Release; and one of regaining a better handle domestically for a time, as in pushing for a “Referendum Model” shown in this Analysis. Perhaps the financial experts who are deserving of the salutation “Dear ACTers of Conscience” can suggest other immediate ACTs to temporarily forestall the financial crash with some bandaids immediately. Bandaids with urgency is the need of the hour because I think, the other two war-defeating ACTs noted above have a higher coefficient over time, and will make this imminent financial collapse a moot point and delay it considerably if it can be averted now, thus lending more time for people who do understand these things to attack the real source of the systemic financial problems at its very roots – the privatization of money and the power of private unaccountable-to-the-public central banks to devilishly mold a nation’s destiny!

What has taken years to architect and construct cannot be undone with a bandaid obviously, nor short of a revolution. But it buys the necessary time to save the bleeding patient so that its systemic cancer can be worked on. A burning house is both a destruction, and an opportunity for new construction – for as the wise buccaneer in “Gone with the Wind” observed (if memory serves well): “fortunes are made during the rise and fall of empires”. So why should only the bad guys raise their preferred phoenix from its ashes? Where are the good guys? And the good guys need construction crews – ACTers – to harness these “revolutionary times”. Not mere architects and talkers! Thus, perhaps Richard Cook, who is once again this morning predicting “The End of the Anglo-American Empire?” on Globalresearch, as an expert in the financial domain, can suggest ACTs which we can consider for immediately mobilizing more ACTers on the financial front, rather than just write more books upon books, and more essays upon essays predicting the doom!

And rationally, when we all clearly understand that US/Israel are ready to attack Iran at any moment with any and all pretexts, than the only thing which can effectively prevent it – the full spectrum alliance to re-usher in the “balance of terror” – is also the only rational course of immediate ACTION and advocacy that must be pursued by all in the vanguard of dissent!

Thus, as a productive engineer given to architecting and shipping useful products during my time in corporate America, let’s ship the product of actually “derailing imperial mobilization” rather than merely talking about it. We have talked enough! Or as I might have said it to my implementation teams (or vice versa) as an eager systems architect in the computer industry in my youthful days of less talk and more action (for that is where the glory and the prizes were): we have architected enough, let’s build and ship what we have!

Those of you with access to “soap boxes” can perhaps promulgate this advocacy to ACT in the singularly focussed direction humbly noted here.

And when I suggest ACT, I mean not in our respective personal self-defense like buying up silver and gold, and hoarding foodstocks, and arming with klashnikovs to protect it all, as some are inclined to do as their personal choice of self-preservation – for I personally intend to sink or swim with the rest of the plebeians, whether in America in the “hospitality suites” being lavishly prepared for foreigners and those of Muslim descent, or as the honorable recipient of the West’s munificent largess of population reduction to South Asia – but ACT in collective self-defense against the hectoring hegemons just as the Founding Fathers of this nation once did! They traded in their temporary personal security for the essential liberty of all! Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence of this once great experiment in history, a majority experienced a pathetic end. Otherwise, we are, a mere hypocritical sham, no different from any other self-serving elitists who wax lyrics with the minnows and swim with the sharks!

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim,

“The End of the Anglo-American Empire?”

“The End of the Anglo-American Empire?”

by Richard C. Cook

Much of the world’s history over the last century has been dominated by the United States . But by the turn of the millennium in 2000-2001, the “American Century” had begun to descend into a chamber of horrors.

The years since then have been marked by the huge financial bubbles engineered by the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the virus of predatory global capitalism. We have the looming worldwide economic crisis with rising bankruptcies, credit disruptions, and soaring fuel and food prices. Alongside has been the thinly-disguised but continuing attempt by the U.S. to conquer the Middle East by force of arms under the heading of the “War on Terror.”

Some have argued that the U.S. at war is nothing new and that we have always been a nation of aggression and militarism. While this may be true, the expansion of the original thirteen states to cover much of the North American continent was done with far less violence than the constant fighting among the European nations over the centuries for domination.

The key event was President Thomas Jefferson’s choice to purchase the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, thus turning America ’s energy to westward expansion rather than competition with the European powers for colonial empires. The long-term result has been a nation that has led the world in science, technology, social and political innovation, and individual prosperity and freedom.

Still, there seems to have been a critical change that took place in both America and the world in the early 1900s.

To many, the arrival of the 20th century seemed to be a time of great hope. There had not been a major international conflagration since the Napoleonic Wars which ended with the Treaty of Vienna in 1815. Despite inequities in income, the industrial age showed promise of raising the standard of living everywhere. Four large nations whose territory had been consolidated during the latter part of the 19th century—the U.S. , Russia , Germany , and Italy —were flourishing.

But by 1914, the worst war in history—World War I—had begun. A century of conflict and chaos, which has not yet ended, was underway, with hundreds of millions of non-combatants eventually losing their lives through war, famine, epidemics, or genocide. The modern world has seen many holocausts in addition to the one befalling European Jewry during World War II.

Alongside miracles of medicine, agriculture, sanitation, engineering, transportation, communications, and information technology have come terrible weapons of mass destruction, the latest being depleted uranium. There have been appalling refinements in the diabolical arts of assassination, torture, propaganda, mind control, and political manipulation.

Economic crime has occurred on an epic scale, including currency manipulations, privatization of public resources, the aforesaid financial bubbles, involvement of governments in the illicit drug trade, attacks by financiers on national economies, the creation of offshore tax havens, money laundering, destruction of entire industries to benefit global capitalism, human trafficking, cornering of markets on food and other vital commodities, speculative hedge funds whose managers earn a billion dollars a year, and looting of private companies and pension funds by highly-paid CEOs and executives..

What then happened, especially during the latter part of the “American Century,” to turn so much promise into the continuing spectacle of prosperity for some side-by-side with recurrent catastrophes for others? Likely this question will be debated for centuries.

It would appear, however, that once it became apparent how much wealth the industrial revolution was capable of generating, the world’s economies began to develop so fast that the traditional means of resolving the distribution of power and wealth among and within nations and social classes fell apart. Because human beings were not capable of exercising the wisdom, generosity, fairness, and restraint to master the industrial genie that was now out of the bottle, the worst inclinations of individuals and society exerted themselves. The history of the 20th century and the battles among nations and blocs for supremacy resemble nothing so much as neighborhood gang wars among Mafia dons, the latest being the Bush-Cheney cabal that has controlled the U.S. government since 2001Another gang has been those among the world’s money-lenders who became experts at parasitic high finance and got rich through the explosive growth of fractional reserve banking. These people have dominated the economies of nations through such institutions as the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), and other central and commercial banks, currency and commodity exchanges, and stock and bond markets.

The bankers on the one hand and the political racketeers on the other merged over a century ago under the oversight of figures associated with the creation of the Anglo-American Empire, such as Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner, Colonel House, Winston Churchill, the House of Windsor, and, as examples of families involved, the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Morgans, Harrimans, Rockefellers, Myers, and Bushes. Among the major projects of the empire in recent decades have been the creation and maintenance of both the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the state of Israel as Western bridgeheads of influence, power, and wealth in the Middle East .

This has led to the ongoing campaign by the U.S. to exercise complete military control of that region, with Israel the principal beneficiary. It is an astonishing spectacle to watch the “world’s greatest superpower” bankrupt itself financially and in its world reputation because its politicians are too corrupt and cowardly to take a stand against the domestic Jewish lobby. This campaign of conquest seems to have had its roots in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who intended to bring a new era of peace through rapprochement with the Soviet Union, restraint of Israel ’s nuclear ambitions, withdrawal of combat forces from Vietnam , and dismantlement of the CIA as an agency of covert warfare. Kennedy’s brief presidency coincided with an amazing period of social and spiritual renewal among America ’s youth in the 1960s.

With the killing of Kennedy, the dogs of war were unleashed. After America ’s disastrous war in Vietnam ended in 1975, President Jimmy Carter tried to introduce a policy of civility and restraint in domestic and world political affairs, but he was swept away in the election of 1980 by the “Reagan Revolution,” whose catastrophic legacy we see today.

President Ronald Reagan set in motion the current mudslide of worldwide cataclysms through his huge military build-up, the “Reagan doctrine” of proxy warfare in third-world countries, the pathologically paranoid Strategic Defense Initiative—“Star Wars”—program, and the deregulation of the financial industry. Since our economy is the largest in the world, such action was bound to affect every other nation in making them subservient to the U.S. bankers and financiers who organized themselves in such institutions as David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.

Bill Clinton, elected in 1992, did little to stem the tide of barbarism. He completed the destruction of the U.S. as an industrial democracy by signing the legislation for NAFTA and opening the floodgates to foreign control of U.S. business. He also completed the deregulation of the financial industry by repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which had prohibited the merger of investment and deposit banks. But Clinton still was attacked by the right-wing who wanted him to unleash a new military assault against Iraq .

When George W. Bush became president in 2000, the grand strategy of Middle East occupation was facilitated by the skillful exploitation of the 9/11 attacks as the excuse for military mobilization to be financed by the housing bubble and the forced sale of U.S. Treasury debt to foreign investors. The historic jack-up of petroleum prices—including the most recent ones that have brought gas at-the-pump in the U.S. to $4 a gallon—are clearly a de facto tax on the American public to pay for these wars.

It has become obvious in recent months—even as Bush et. al. plot a possible attack on Iran before the end of his presidency—that the rest of the world is heartily sick of U.S. arrogance. Even our allies in NATO have refused to allow us to build a defensive missile shield virtually to the borders of Russia .

And there are indications that the European financial community—headed by the Bank of International Settlements—may force the Federal Reserve to start raising interest rates again to stem inflation, even if this drives the U.S. domestic population into an economic depression. Recent signs from the Council on Foreign Relations are that the U.S. will accept that the dollar can no longer reign supreme as the world’s sole reserve currency and that it must give way to the Euro and the Chinese Yuan in sharing this role. Thus the U.S. political leadership seems to have begun to realize that we will no longer be allowed to posture as the unchallenged bully of the world.

What we may be seeing—even as the U.S. military has extended its reach to the insertion of uniformed personnel in 135 nations—is the end of the Anglo-American Empire and the birth of a multi-polar world. It appears that the more level-headed among the U.S. and worldwide elite are tilting toward Barack Obama as the best choice to manage America ’s inevitable decline.

This decline is by no means a bad thing. Through graceful acceptance, America may even have a chance someday to regain its soul. A good place to start would be to establish a National Historical Truth Commission to investigate such historical puzzles as the real causes of U.S. entrance into the wars of the past century; assassinations—such as JFK, Senator Paul Wellstone, and JFK, Jr.; and 9/11. Another worthwhile proposal is for a tribunal on “International and Domestic Crimes Committed by High U.S. Government Officials,” which will be discussed at a national conference planned for Andover , Mass. , in September.

Can anything else be done to ease the shocks to come? If people took the trouble to read the available literature, they would see that hundreds of potential economic and political reforms have been presented and discussed—at least in books and on the internet—that could make our society more just, functional, and humane and not just the ugly police state it is rapidly becoming.

In the mind of this writer, a viable economic solution would be policies based on government control of credit treated as a vital public utility, rebuilding of our public and private infrastructure, radical reduction of pollution and dependence on foreign oil through green energy R&D, enactment of a basic income guarantee, and implementation of a national dividend which would monetize productivity and savings.

The theory of a national dividend, not dependent on either taxation or government borrowing, is sound and was worked out decades ago by the British Social Credit movement. It can be seen on a small scale in the annual residents’ stipend provided by the Alaska Permanent Fund. Such a program would be more in accord with the largely successful social welfare policies of the Western European democracies and less with the leanings, for instance, of the American Libertarians. The manner in which they view with suspicion any action taken by representative government to benefit the general welfare—misleadingly labeling it “socialism”—is an ideological dead end.

Of course the mainstream media ignore any real reform proposals, because they are afraid to suggest that there are any alternative political structures to ones that are controlled by usurers and war-mongers.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for the current state of affairs, because we have profited from it in one way or another so must reap the consequences. There is no use worrying about how we might escape the wave of events while everyone else goes down with the ship. But those who at least recognize what is going on have an obvious advantage. From there the only conscionable approach is what it has always been—diligence, honesty, and prudence in all our affairs.

Ultimately, mankind must grow up and became more humane and compassionate. This includes the angry white male American conservatives who—under the tutelage of conniving European-born intellectuals like Kissinger and Brzezinski—have been the real global terrorists for the past generation.

Philosophically, we need to realize that we live in an infinite universe of abundance where all God’s children can be provided for, rather than one of scarcity where we can only survive by taking away what belongs to our neighbor. We can all choose to begin seeing the world in this manner.

We need to understand that we are at an early point of a new age of humanity. If enough people attain a sufficient degree of enlightenment—and it won’t take that many—real change in social, economic, and political relations will follow, just as the flowers bloom in the spring.”

Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst, whose career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department. His articles on economics, politics, and space policy have appeared on numerous websites and in Eurasia Critic magazine. His book on monetary reform, entitled We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform, will be published soon by Tendril Press. He is also the author of Challenger Revealed: An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age, called by one reviewer, “the most important spaceflight book of the last twenty years.”

His website is at Comments may be sent via email to

Protest Israel’s Wars Fought With American Troops

Protest Israel’s Wars Fought With American Troops

– embassies and AIPAC offices

Protest Israel’s Wars Fought With American Troops
Embassies and AIPAC Offices

By: Peter Chamberlin

The clock is ticking on stopping the final war for Israel. It is time to focus on Israel’s pockets. The whole embargo thing is a good idea, but where are people to protest the brutal genocide of the Palestinians, or the planned genocide of Iran? Israel’s American embassies and AIPAC offices. Below are the locations of all 8 embassies and the DC and NY offices of AIPAC.
Israeli Embassy in Miami, United States
Consulate General of Israel in Miami, United States of America
100 North Biscayne (Yitzhak Rabin) Boulevard
Suite 1800
Miami, Florida 33132
Phone: 305-925-9400
Fax: 305-925-9455
Email: info [at] miami [dot] mfa [dot] gov [dot] il,-80.188308&spn=0.020018,0.035276&z=15&iwloc=J
View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in San Francisco, United States
Consulate General of Israel in San Francisco, United States of America
456 montgomery street,
suite 2100,
San Francisco, 94104
Phone: 415 – 844-7500
Fax: 415-844-7555
Email: sf [at] israeliconsulate [dot] org,-122.401407&spn=0.008784,0.017638&z=16&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in Chicago, United States
Consulate General of Israel in Chicago, United States of America
111 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 1308
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-297-4800
Fax: 312-297-4855
Email: contactus [at] chicago [dot] mfa [dot] gov [dot] il,-87.62543&spn=0.008275,0.017638&z=16&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in Houston, United States
Consulate General of Israel in Houston, United States of America
24 Greenway Plaza,
Suite 1500 Houston,
Texas 77046
Phone: (713) 627-3780
Fax: (713) 627-0149,+TX&ie=UTF8&ll=29.733079,-95.43864&spn=0.009652,0.017638&z=16&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles, United States
Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, United States of America
6380 Wilshire blvd.
Los Angeles CA, 90048
Phone: (323)852-5500
Fax: (323)852-5555
Email: info [at] losangeles [dot] mfa [dot] gov [dot] il,-118.375368&spn=0.03683,0.070553&z=14&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, United States
Embassy of Israel
3514 International Drive, NW,
Washington DC 20008
Phone: (202) 364-5500
Tel: (Visas and customs) (202) 364-5527 E-Mail: ask [at] israelemb [dot] org,-77.069156&spn=0.008645,0.017638&z=16&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in Atlanta, United States
Consulate General of Israel in Atlanta, United States of America
1100 Spring St., N.W. Suite 440
Atlanta, GA 30309-2823
Phone: (404) 487-6500
Fax: (404) 487-6555,-84.393926&spn=0.018476,0.035276&z=15&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

Israeli Embassy in Boston, United States
Consulate General of Israel in Boston, United States of America
20 Park Plaza, Suite 1020
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 535-0200
Fax: (617) 535-0255,-71.073647&spn=0.016428,0.035276&z=15

View Larger Map

Aipac new york 477 Madison Avenue,+NY&ie=UTF8&ll=40.759318,-73.975292&spn=0.00421,0.008819&z=17&iwloc=A

View Larger Map

aipac headquarters washington dc,-77.013828&spn=0.004083,0.008819&z=17

View Larger Map

Technical info on How To Organize a Demonstration at (FAIR)









Pro-Israel PACs SweAt It Out in New Hampshire

By Janet McMahon

As part of their continuing campaign to keep John Sununu out of the U.S. Senate—an effort which failed in 2002, when then-Representative Sununu (R-NH) was first elected to “the world’s greatest deliberative body”—pro-Israel PACs bestowed a whopping $44,000 on would-be Democratic opponent Katrina Swett in 2007. In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, Swett is the daughter of the late Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA), who was one of Israel’s most ardent champions in the House. Her husband is former Rep. Dick Swett (D-NH), who, after two terms in the House and an unsuccessful Senate bid, managed to amass a respectable $95,500 in pro-Israel PAC contributions. Will Sununu’s Democratic opponent, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, who received $72,022 in pro-Israel PAC contributions to oppose Sununu in 2002, find it in herself to rise above the spurn?

Top Ten 2008 and Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds

Compiled by Hugh Galford

Berkley, Shelley (D-NV)
Levin, Carl (D-MI)
Hoyer, Steny (D-MD)
Swett, Katrina (D-NH)
Pence, Mike (R-IN)
Lautenberg, Frank (D-NJ)
Kirk, Mark (R-IL)
Pryor, Mark (D-AK)
Boehner, John (R-OH)
McConnell, Mitch (R-KY)
Cantor, Eric (R-VA)
Collins, Susan (R-ME)
Klein, Ron (D-FL)
Coleman, Norm (R-MN)
Crowley, Joseph (D-NY)
Durbin, Richard (D-IL)
Johnson, Tim (R-IL)
Reed, Jack (D-RI)
Bachmann, Michele (R-MN)
Landrieu, Mary (D-LA)
House: Career Senate: Career
Berkley, Shelley (D-NV)
*Levin, Carl (D-MI)
Engel, Eliot (D-NY)
*Harkin, Tom (D-IA)
Hoyer, Steny (D-MD)
Specter, Arlen (R-PA)
Obey, David (D-WI)
*Lautenberg, Frank (D-NJ)
Kirk, Mark (R-IL)
*McConnell, Mitch (R-KY)
Cantor, Eric (R-VA)
Lieberman, Joseph (D-CT)
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R-FL)
*Durbin, Richard (D-IL)
Lowey, Nita (D-NY)
*Baucus, Max (D-MT)
Levin, Sander (D-MI)
Reid, Harry (D-NV)
Lantos, Tom (D-CA)
Wyden, Ronald (D-OR)
*up for re-election

Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2008 Congressional Candidates

State Office Dist. Candidate Party Status 2007
Career Total Committees
Alabama S Sessions, Jeff* R I 21,500 218,325 AS, B
H 03 Rogers, Michael R I 3,075 13,325 AS, HS
H 04 Aderholt, Robert R I 1,000 15,500 A(HS)
H 06 Bachus, Spencer R I 2,000 14,500
H 07 Davis, Artur D I 1,000 81,067 W
Alaska S Murkowski, Lisa R I 1,000 53,600 FR
S Stevens, Ted* R I 10,000 85,200 A(D, HS), C, HS
Arizona H 05 Mitchell, Harry D I 150 3,150
H 08 Giffords, Gabrielle D I 4,150 11,374 AS, FR
Arkansas S Pryor, Mark* D I 37,500 47,000 AS, C, HS
California H 08 Pelosi, Nancy D I 11,500 96,300 House Speaker
H 10 Tauscher, Ellen D I 10,000 22,000 AS
H 11 McNerney, Jerry D I 6,000 8,000
H 12 Lantos, Tom D N 2,000 123,250 FR
H 24 Gallegly, Elton R I 1,000 47,250 FR, I
H 27 Sherman, Brad D I 1,000 54,930 FR(NE)
H 28 Berman, Howard D I 1,000 68,050 FR(NE)
H 29 Schiff, Adam D I 6,000 54,917 A(FO), I
H 30 Waxman, Henry D I 1,000 37,832 C
H 36 Harman, Jane D I 2,000 99,271 C, HS
H 37 Millender-McDonald, Juanita D N 500 1,500
H 37 Richardson, Laura D I 2,000 2,000
H 43 Baca, Joe D I 1,000 1,000
H 47 Sanchez, Loretta D I 2,000 47,700 AS, HS
Colorado S Allard, Wayne* R I –5,000 55,500 A, B
H 02 Udall, Mark D I 2,500 13,750 AS
H 07 Perlmutter, Edwin D I 150 7,374 HS
Connecticut H 02 Courtney, Joseph D I 3,500 9,500 AS
H 03 DeLauro, Rosa D I 1,000 46,400 A, B
State Office Dist. Candidate Party Status 2007
Career Total Committees
Delaware S Biden, Joseph Jr.* D I 1,500 102,507 FR
Florida S Nelson, Bill D I –5,000 127,221 AS, B, C, FR, I
S Klein, Bernard D N 5,000 5,000
H 05 Brown-Waite, Virginia R I 2,000 6,300 HS
H 12 Putnam, Adam R I 1,000 7,500
H 16 Mahoney, Tim D I 4,000 6,000
H 17 Meek, Carrie D N 2,500 9,500
H 17 Meek, Kendrick D I 500 16,500 AS, W
H 18 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R I 7,500 133,490 FR
H 19 Wexler, Robert D I 7,000 20,750 FR(NE)
H 20 Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D I 4,500 16,000 A
H 21 Diaz-Balart, Lincoln R I 2,500 21,000
H 22 Klein, Ron D I 16,150 26,374 FR(NE)
H 23 Hastings, Alcee D I 5,000 54,350 I
H 25 Diaz-Balart, Mario R I 500 11,000 B
Georgia S Chambliss, Saxby* R I 1,000 28,500 AS, I
H 04 Johnson, Henry Jr. D I 1,000 30,200 AS
H 04 Coyne, John III D N 2,000 2,000
H 07 Linder, John R I 500 20,650 W
H 12 Barrow, John D I 3,250 34,574 C
Illinois S Durbin, Richard* D I 29,000 359,421 A(D, FO)
H 05 Emanuel, Rahm D I 3,500 22,500 W
H 06 Roskam, Peter R I 2,000 4,750
H 08 Bean, Melissa L. D I 5,250 43,529
H 08 Greenberg, Steven R C 5,000 5,000
H 09 Schakowsky, Janice D I 1,000 22,250 C, I
H 10 Kirk, Mark R I 27,000 156,882 A(FO)
H 11 Weller, Gerald R I 500 37,650 W
H 15 Johnson, Tim R I 13,000 23,500
H 17 Hare, Philip D I 1,000 6,650
Indiana H 02 Donnelly, Joseph D I 1,000 5,000
H 03 Souder, Mark E. R I 2,500 3,500 HS
H 05 Burton, Dan R I 7,000 94,000 FR
H 06 Pence, Mike R I 30,000 55,250 FR(NE)
H 08 Ellsworth, Brad D I 2,000 53,250 AS
H 09 Hill, Baron D I 3,500 28,465 C
Iowa S Harkin, Tom* D I 6,000 526,950 A(D, FO)
H 02 Loebsack, David D I 2,000 2,000 AS
Kansas S Brownback, Sam R I 500 103,850 A(FO)
S Roberts, Pat* R I 22,500 22,500
H 02 Boyda, Nancy D I 2,150 2,150 AS
Kentucky S McConnell, Mitch* R I 35,500 412,685 A(D, FO)
Louisiana S Landrieu, Mary* D I 24,790 155,179 A (HS, FO), HS
S Vitter, David R I 2,500 38,000 C, FR
H 03 Melancon, Charlie D I 2,000 29,100 C
H 05 Alexander, Rodney R I 2,500 11,000 A, B
Maine S Collins, Susan* R I 33,500 89,000 AS, HS
Maryland S Cardin, Benjamin D I –1,000 92,015 B, FR(NE)
H 05 Hoyer, Steny D I 32,500 171,775 House Majority Leader
H 07 Cummings, Elijah D I 2,000 20,500 AS
Massachusetts S Kennedy, Edward D I 1,000 100,120 AS
S Kerry, John* D I 9,000 20,252 C, FR(NE)
Michigan S Levin, Carl* D I 61,850 720,737 AS, HS
H 11 McCotter, Thaddeus R I 1,000 11,500 FR
H 12 Levin, Sander D I 1,994 124,221 W
Minnesota S Coleman, Norm* R I 31,000 71,980 FR(NE), HS
S Klobuchar, Amy D I –5,000 32,835 C
H 06 Bachmann, Michele R I 13,000 16,500
Missouri S Bond, Christopher R I 1,000 166,700 A(D, FO), I
S McCaskill, Claire D I 5,000 19,335 AS, C, HS
H 04 Skelton, Ike D I 7,000 78,450 AS
Montana S Baucus, Max* D I 15,000 342,648
Nevada H 01 Berkley, Shelley D I 34,700 283,405 W
H 03 Porter, Jon R I 4,000 5,000 B, W
State Office Dist. Candidate Party Status 2007 Cont. Career Total Committees
New Hampshire S Swett, Katrina* D N 44,000 44,000 B, W
H 01 Shea-Porter, Carol D I 2,000 2,000 AS
H 02 Hodes, Paul D I 8,000 10,600
New Jersey S Lautenberg, Frank* D I 39,000 473,078 A(HS), B, C
S Menendez, Robert D I –1,000 130,818 B, FR
H 01 Andrews, Robert D I 7,500 55,750 AS, B
H 02 LoBiondo, Frank R I 4,000 15,250 AS
H 03 Adler, John D O 1,000 1,000
H 03 Saxton, James R N 1,000 74,900 AS
H 07 Ferguson, Michael R I 1,000 11,000 C
H 09 Rothman, Steven D I 3,000 68,503 A(D, FO)
H 10 Payne, Donald D I 1,500 23,250 FR
New Mexico S Domenici, Pete* R N 1,000 51,600 A(D, HS), B, HS
H 03 Udall, Tom D I 2,500 6,500 A
New York H 02 Israel, Steve D I 1,000 29,100 A(FO)
H 06 Meeks, Gregory D I 5,000 5,500 FR
H 07 Crowley, Joseph D I 15,745 91,902 FR, W
H 09 Weiner, Anthony D I 1,000 23,050 C
H 15 Rangel, Charles D I 7,000 23,500 W
H 17 Engel, Eliot D I 11,000 193,418 C, FR(NE)
H 18 Lowey, Nita D I 12,000 130,738 A(FO), HS
H 19 Hall, John D I 3,000 3,000
H 20 Gillibrand, Kirsten D I 5,250 9,250 AS
H 24 Arcuri, Michael D I 2,150 8,150
H 26 Reynolds, Thomas R I 1,000 10,000 W
North Carolina H 10 McHenry, Patrick R I 3,000 31,000 B
H 11 Shuler, Joseph Heath D I 3,250 6,250
North Dakota S Conrad, Kent D I 1,000 270,539 B
Ohio S Brown, Sherrod D I 0 63,750
H 01 Chabot, Steve R I 1,000 13,500 FR(NE)
H 02 Schmidt, Jeannette R I 1,500 1,500
H 08 Boehner, John R I 27,000 51,500 House MLeader
H 18 Space, Zachary D I 3,150 10,150
Oklahoma S Inhofe, James* R I 13,000 102,800 AS
Oregon S Smith, Gordon* R I 23,000 91,089 C
Pennsylvania S Specter, Arlen R I 3,000 492,973 A(D, FO, HS)
H 04 Altmire, Jason D I 5,250 7,250
H 07 Sestak, Joseph D I 3,150 12,150 AS
H 08 Murphy, Patrick D I 6,000 10,250 AS, I
H 13 Schwartz, Allyson D I 5,500 35,650 B, W
Rhode Island S Reed, Jack* D I 27,500 134,850 A(FO), AS
H 02 Langevin, James D I 3,000 20,000 HS, I
South Carolina S Graham, Lindsey* R I 19,000 36,500 AS, B
H 06 Clyburn, James D I 3,500 8,100 House M Whip
South Dakota S Thune, John R I 1,000 13,230 AS, C
Tennessee H 03 Wamp, Zach R I 1,000 5,000 A
H 06 Gordon, Bart D I 2,000 60,900 C
H 09 Cohen, Steve D I 4,000 7,000
Texas S Cornyn, John* R I 13,500 29,980 AS, B
H 17 Edwards, Chet D I 2,000 66,200 A(HS), B
H 22 Lampson, Nicholas D I 1,000 35,506
H 23 Rodriguez, Ciro D I 2,000 6,000 A(HS)
H 28 Cuellar, Henry D I 1,000 3,500 HS
Virginia S Warner, Mark D O 2,000 2,000
H 07 Cantor, Eric R I 25,500 156,730 W
H 10 Wolf, Frank R I 11,500 69,500 A(FO)
H 11 Davis, Thomas III R N 1,000 18,000 HS
Washington H 02 Larsen, Rick D I 1,000 18,500 AS
H 06 Dicks, Norman D I 1,000 27,850 A(D), HS
H 08 Reichert, Dave R I 2,000 4,500 HS
West Virginia S Rockefeller, John IV* D I 16,500 229,700 C, I
Wisconsin H 07 Obey, David D I 6,000 158,100 A
H 08 Kagen, Steven D I 4,000 9,000
P Kerry, John 14,000 20,252
TOTAL for 2007-2008 Election Cycle 1,107,604
TOTAL 1978-2008 Funds to Congressional Candidates 45,530,258
TOTAL No. of Recipient Candidates, 1978-2008 2,065