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The Corporate State –vs –the Rights of the Human Race

The Corporate State –vs –the Rights of the Human Race

By: Peter Chamberlin

The Secretary of the Ministry of Propaganda, Condolezza Rice, has informed us that we

should not be concerned with the frightening rumbling noises coming out of the Middle East –they are merely the sounds of the “birth pangs” of a new order being born. We are supposed to be reassured by the calming words of one of the principle authors of the latest “final solution,” that they dreamed-up in their fevered minds, to turn the human race into a new planetary slave class.

The world that the corporate elite has planned for us a nightmare vision straight out of Dante. The coming big event will bring untold human suffering to the world’s poor and the middle class, dwarfing all ongoing despair by comparison. Even Ron Paul is warning of the coming calamitous event:

“Some Big Events are about to occur. These fast-approaching events will not go unnoticed. They will affect all of us. They will not be limited to just some areas of our country. The world economy and political system will share in the chaos about to be unleashed.”

The events Congressman Paul is referring to are the planned escalation of the terror war and the economic collapse of the United States. He knows the same facts that the rest of our Congressional leaders know, only he and Dennis Kucinich have chosen to warn the public about the approaching storm. The other 533 Congressmen and Senators have accepted our Nation’s fate without caring about the rest of us. They are all supporting the elitist plan, which is to treat this disaster as an opportunity for profiteering, without concern for anyone’s constituents, in direct opposition to their legal duties to represent the people.

Our representatives know what the leadership of the elite has known for decades. America has been set on a course leading directly to an era of despair. They had the opportunity to change that course, but instead, chose to do the opposite, doubling their efforts to reap enormous profits from the coming global catastrophe. Instead of living-up to the oaths they had all taken, to defend the Constitution and their country, they refused to simply give the wheel of the ship of state just a slight turn, to avoid certain destruction. Instead of fixing our morally bankrupt economies and ideologies, they planned to react with massive force, whenever the people reached the breaking point and decided to fight back. This is treason of the highest order. Aiding and abetting hostile foreign forces and traitorous elitist American financiers who have purposely brought-about the destruction of the United States of America is the definition of “treason.”

Once the parasitic elite have finished bleeding-dry the national lifeblood, the empty husk will be discarded. There will then be nothing standing in the way of their planned global conquest. The thunderous sounds you hear are the sounds of the Global Imperium being born. As things now stand, it is to be American power that will be used to reduce the free nations of the world to mere colonies under the imperial dictatorship of the “New World Order.” The caustic irony of America’s new “mission” should not be lost to a nation of sheeple, who have always believed in the iconic national image of destroyer of empires. We have given-up on restraining the forces of evil, to embrace our own evil natures, to join their fight against freedom, democracy and human decency. To use a Biblical reference in a prophetic description of the unfolding tragic epic, when “the one who now restrains is taken out of the way” (America), the Beast will be free to reveal his tyrannical global empire.

A few years ago, I did my best to convince myself that these were not really the “end times” that we were living in, but a simulation of that scenario by evil men intent on replicating the despicable conditions described in that prophecy. Now, I see things differently; the prophet was looking forward to our own era, when darkness was to be allowed to sweep over the face of the Earth. Contrary to popular belief, George Bush is not the “anti-Christ,” but he is the man who volunteered to clear the path before his evil ascension to the global throne.

The prophecies concerning this tragic event foretell of “sudden destruction” coming upon us, with one-third of all human and animal life being destroyed in the melee. This is a reasonable estimate for the death toll from a combination of nuclear war, famine, pestilence and environmental upheaval, the “four horsemen of the apocalypse.”

For those doubters of predictions such as these, think of a combination of nuclear war against Iran and its Russian and Chinese patrons and a fulfillment of the “Global 2000” recommendations. The “2000” is a plan for mass genocide, which describes the poor people of the earth as “useless eaters,” and calls for the elimination of at least half of them by any means necessary. The elitists who write such appalling documents are monsters in human form. What normal human being could even think of such things, let alone write such a report, which seriously contemplates the ways to kill billions of their fellow humans. Is the elitist class some sort of sub-human species, which has taken control of the planet?

The people of the earth have a duty to their ancestors and to posterity to end the reign of terror these alien-like beings have inflicted upon us, by any means necessary. We must shatter the yokes they have placed around our necks. How is that to be accomplished? By standing together, we can fight our individual slavery.

The human race must find solidarity in common cause, the cause of liberation and outright survival. We must refuse to go along with their evil plans for us. We have to be united in opposition to their “Big Push,” the planned military assault upon the world. The world war will begin with a nuclear attack upon Iran, which will, in itself, probably be precipitated by an escalation of hostilities against Iran’s neighbor Pakistan. Once Western forces break through into the Pakistani corridor, the Iranians can be assaulted from all sides. We cannot allow either phase of the attack to proceed against our will.

The doubters among us, as well as the advocates of violent revolution, scoff at suggestions that mass actions, or passive resistance can have any effect at all. It can alter our present course if we can convince the angry American people to act upon their beliefs. They already oppose the terror war, our task is simply to motivate them to resist escalating the war. It is my belief that the unfolding economic situation will drive many people to reconsider their own hesitancy. If we can inspire millions to refuse to cooperate with the parasitic super-wealthy who feed upon our resources and our labor, than how can they continue to gorge themselves upon our backs?

We have to shut this country down, if are to survive as a semi “free” people. We have to reject the new surrogate “presidents” that have been offered to us. The only means we have to preserve democracy and freedom is through democratic actions, anarchy or revolution.

We have an obligation to our Constitution and to the millions of men who have defended it before us, to try the first, most peaceful solution to our problem – democratic action. The inalienable First Amendment rights that flow from our Creator, to speak-up for ourselves, to petition and to assemble, demanding a new course for our ship of state, have to be tried before we resort to the Second Amendment –to keep and bear arms. Their authority over us will be brought to an end, only the means to that end remain undetermined, at this time. SHUT THIS COUNTRY DOWN!

This goes for all those countries that are allied with the US, SHUT THEM ALL DOWN, as well! Nothing less than an absolute international rebellion against the encroaching world order will change the deadly course we are now on. Stop your governments from following America’s deadly lead. I call upon the friends of liberty, wherever you are, to band together and “JUST SAY NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!”

Shut it all down; defend the human race.

RON PAUL- Faith-Based Currency

Faith-Based Currency


The Latin term “fiat” roughly translates to “there shall be”. When we refer to fiat money, we are referring to money that exists because the government declares it into existence. It is not based on production or earnings, and not backed by any commodity. It is solely based on trusting the government. Fiat money is exchanged in the economy as long as there is faith in the government that issues it.

Some are blaming the recent shakeup in the markets to “whining” or financial fear-mongering, which misses the whole point. History has shown that fiat money, or “faith-based currency” always fails, because when governments claim this power, they always behave irresponsibly.

When government has the ability to create and spend all the money it wants, priorities shift, and the concept of budgeting, as most Americans know it, loses all meaning. Hand a teenager a credit card, and tell him there is no limit and no accountability for what he spends, and the effect would be the same. You see, this problem is not unique to our government. It is a predictable outcome based on human nature, and we’ve seen variations of what we are experiencing now happen over and over throughout history. I didn’t have a crystal ball or a fortune teller when I predicted this 3, 7, or even 30 years ago. Actions have logical consequences. The government becomes the reckless teenager with the credit card, and in the end, the taxpaying citizens get the bill. What happens after that is never pretty.

This is why our founding fathers considered, but decidedly rejected the creation of a national central bank. They understood that governments, even the best of governments, cannot control spending. Even the current administration, which promised strict fiscal responsibility, has had to increase the national debt limit by 65 percent to keep up with its spending sprees. Every dollar created and spent by government makes the dollars in your pocket worth less and less. Eventually any currency controlled by government will be debased to worthlessness, and will wipe out the savings of the citizens who put faith in that currency.

Hard currencies, on the other hand, force governments to remain in check, strictly limited to the revenues they can raise from the country’s economic health. This is also an incentive for government to stay out of the way of productivity. The hyper-regulation in today’s economy demonstrates that this is no longer the case. What does it matter if the economy is crippled and the tax-base eroded, if government can create whatever dollars they need to keep the special interests happy?

We have been building economic castles on the sand, and the tide is coming in. The answer is not to bring in more sand, but to move to more solid foundation.

So yes, it is true that many are complaining about our economic trouble, but our economic trouble is not caused by their complaining. Many are being forced to wake up to the predictable troubles associated with faith-based currency. As more people notice the hardships, more will lose faith.

We are long overdue for a course correction and I can only hope that this awakening translates to a solid approach to currency reform.