‘American linked with India blasts’

‘American linked with India blasts’
Wed, 30 Jul 2008 17:47:22

Ahmedabad was hit by a series of explosions on Saturday.

Indian police have raided the home of an American suspect in connection with the weekend bomb attacks, which left dozens of people dead.

Police in Mumbai traced an e-mail claiming responsibility for the blasts back to the residence of Kenneth Haywood in Navi Mumbai, a satellite city across the water from India’s commercial capital, AP reported.

The security personnel also seized a computer from which the e-mail was sent. The e-mail claimed responsibility for Ahmadabad bombings that killed 45 people.

Mumbai police said it had questioned the 48-year-old US citizen but did not arrest him; as they were still investigating whether he was involved or his e-mail account was hacked.

“He is a suspect, yes,” said a police officer involved in the investigation.

Saturday’s e-mail, sent from a Yahoo account and written in English, was made available to the media.

Political analysts in India and local media reports have not ruled out the involvement of external powers in the weekend’s serial bombings.