America is like a big dirty wolf devouring helpless sheep everywhere

The following article touches on the world crisis from an alternative point of view, relating symbols and things that I do not understand. I’ll defer to my friend Richard Cook to better explain the importance of the following:

I have been in touch with Omna, and his message is profound and sincere. Basically he seems to be saying that we are living in a time when people’s actions from the past are going to catch up with them. It is a message of hope in that the present insanity is not going to last forever and that people who are honest, hard-working, and faithful should move ahead in trying to make a better world. We may go through some rough times, because “God is not mocked.” But these rough times won’t last forever. I would urge readers to take a look at Omna’s website and pick up a copy of his book “Lite in the Heart” when it comes out. He urges us to pray and meditate and live in respect and harmony with the Earth and the Universe. It’s a very positive message and, in my opinion, is perfectly compatible with other spiritual teachings such as the Course in Miracles. Remember too that Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple. Omna has told me that is also his aim and that in our case, the temple is the entirety of Gaia, the Earth.

America’s angst and hubris grow unabated. It is like a big dirty wolf devouring helpless sheep everywhere that George W. Bush turns his stupid grin. But America’s number is coming up. Already you can see it in the financial meltdown that its corporate sharks created with their greed. America is a nation that rose quickly but has been strangled in a few short years by neo-cons, chicken-hawks, liars, perverts, clowns and an emperor who is more naked than a plucked chicken. This chicken is ready for the roast, ready to be slowly turned on a cul-de-sac by a bend in the road at the sixth level of Dante’s inferno. Gaia will have her revenge. (Read more)