SS Liberty and SS Free Gaza – only provocation ??
I was very pleased to hear that the two boats
have finally arrived in Gaza around 6 pm tonight.

At 8 pm I immediately switched on our TV to hear what the Israeli news

would report about this. Indeed – it was the second news-item they
spoke about (on Channel 2) and they showed a few pictures of the boats…
But then a commentator was asked to speak about this action
and with a very serious and ennoyed looking face he explained
that these boats had succeeded to arrive ONLY because
of the huge international coverage (Thank God for this!!!)
and that Israel had decided to let them through because the outcome
of intercepting them would give a too negative image of Israel (INDEED!!)
– but that after all, all this action was nothing but provocation because…

… there was in fact no more closure on Gaza, that all goods arrived

(almost) normally – meaning there was no reason at all for this action…

I loved the “almost”.. makes you think, doesn’t it??

And if there is no more siege – why is it that my friend

who was sceduled to come to a conference in Jericho on Friday
and had a permit to come was held back for two days
(exactly the days when the boats where expected to come)?
Why didn’t they let him through the “open” border if there is no more closure??


To cheer you all up, I’ve found some great pictures of the arrival – and here they are!! :)*-p*i9EJHnklC4j6QmvtENjy9Cumi1gEH4S/14.jpg

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fantastic!!! I am so happy that they finally arrived!

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I am feeling so happy, think of all the children who were waiting for a hearing aid. At last they can hear their mothers when they are called.

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oh i have tears in my eyes looking at these pictures……….
one small but les hope significant break through………..
mind you the electrionic piracy the israelis sohould be ashamed
but i guess here is a clue………to arrive ONLY because of the huge international coverage
publicity publicity publicity publicity.

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Yes – God only knows what would have happened to them if the world hadn’t been watching them…

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Thanks Eva, some great pics & yes it would have been a PR calamity should anything have happened to these boats – let’s keep the world watching – I’ll post this thread on Digg.

[ps: thanks to yahoo group friend Enrique for these:]

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