I will be building a website on the science of “non violent” resistance


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I will be building a geocities website on the science of “non violent” resistance. Or as I like to call it “defensive resistance.” Is anyone interested in partnering up with me on this? I do not know website building that is why I use geocities. But perhaps someone out there would assist me?

Theory of Defensive Resistance:

1) the economic/social climate must be appropriate for resistance. With the deteriorating economic situation in the US and the continual assault on constitutional rights, we are now at that point.

2) leaderless or “small unit” economic warfare including what I call “Guerilla Protesting.”

– Guerilla protesting operates on the principle that it is now useless to assemble into groups carrying signs unless over a million can be organized. Small unit guerilla protesting operates this way, eg:

Drive up to a crowded gas station, with loudspeaker, and begin reading off your talking points. Come prepared. Talk about the patriot act. Talk about the military commissions act. Talk about FEMA’s Executive Orders. Be inflammatory. Stay inside your vehicle. The object is to “up the madness” amongst the sheeple, and get some of them to wake up. Those who do not wake up are demoralized, and this helps to further inhibit consumer spending/confidence, which in turn continues to make the political/economic/social atmosphere conducive to resistance. Guerilla protesting can be done anywhere, including grocery store lines, and college campuses. Get creative. But know your talking points, and do not be afraid. You are now a leader.

3) buy nothing and encourage your peers to buy nothing. Stress the importance of economic liberation through consumer initiative. Buy not purchasing, we force bankers and economists to recognize the power of the consumer. This is our first step to liberating ourselves as consumers, towards becoming CITIZENS again. This inhibits the economy and makes the social/political/economic atmosphere more conducive to grassroots resistance.

4) disperse pamphlets, DVDs, fliers, etc. Do not be afraid to be inflammatory. This is the revolutionary spirit. Give me liberty or give me death. So far, the climate is not such for the dispersed to emerge and begin the fight, thus we must make it safe for a proper reformist movement to take hold. In other words, fight propaganda, with propaganda.

If you like my ideas, please email me at thewonder30021@yahoo.com

I have been involved in this fight for years now. I am a “crack” protester in the southern california area. Thank you for your time.


Killing The Messenger Before He Arrives–The Real Reason For Israel’s Latest Threat To Kidnap Ahmadinejhad

Killing The Messenger Before He Arrives–The Real Reason

For Israel’s Latest Threat To Kidnap Ahmadinejhad

Mark Glenn

The Ugly Truth

Less than 2 weeks before Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad is scheduled to speak on the floor of the UN General Assembly, Israel–using as her personal mouthpiece one of the most important figures in the history of the Jewish state with regards to spying, assassination and Zionist intrigue, Rafael Eitan–has threatened that Israel may “kidnap him” and bring him to trial for ‘incitement to genocide’ regarding some of the inflammatory (but truthful) statements he has made in recent years concerning the great experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East. In addition to this, the US–like some effeminate, limp-wristed yes-man always willing to debase itself for Israel’s benefit–is holding up Ahmadinejhad’s visa for entry into the US.

Those who think these recent developments are much ado about nothing should think twice. Eitan’s remarks are more than likely not the barking of some noisy little dog. In the first place, the threat of kidnapping did not come from some Zionist nobody or a tough-guy wannabe trying to grab as much of the limelight as possible to feed an overly-developed sense of self-worth. Rafael Eitan (“stinking Raffi” as he is referred to in underworld-fashion by his Zionist partners in crime) is and has been one of the “movers and shakers” in the Jewish state now for many decades. Former high-ranking Mossad chief now-turned Minister for Pensioner Affairs, Eitan was personally responsible for kidnapping Adolph Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, eventually resulting in the former high-ranking Nazi official being tried, convicted and executed for his activities during WWII. More recent and closer to home, Eitan oversaw the handling of convicted spy Jonathon Pollard, whose espionage on behalf of “America’s greatest friend in the Middle East”–Israel–resulted in some 800,000 pages of classified material marked “SCI” (the highest classification that exists) being passed to the Jewish state, who then passed it on to America’s enemies at that time, the Soviet Union. As a result of Pollard’s treason and Israel’s betrayal, some 1,400 American intelligence assets/agents working behind the Iron Curtain were either captured or killed. To this day Israel has neither returned any of the stolen documents nor apologized for what she did, but rather has on a repeated basis in her typical haughty and demanding demeanor, commanded that America’s most dangerous spy be released from prison. Furthermore, given that Israel does everything for effect means the former spy master would not have said what he said without the blessing of his superiors in Mossad.

And with regards to the report that the US is holding up Ahmadinejhad’s visa, one need do no more than consider briefly the following question that needs no answer for all its obviousness–would this have happened for any other world leader?

Those who shrug off this latest talk of kidnapping as just that of a gangster nation engaging in gangster talk have good grounds to say so to a certain degree. After all, kidnapping is one of the ‘can’t do withouts’ in the business of organized crime, and it is no conspiracy theory that Israel has become something of a headquarters to mob interests where drugs, illegal arms, forced prostitution, human trafficking, extortion and money laundering are as much a part of the daily grind as they were during the days of Al Capone’s Chicago.

In this case however, a former high-ranking Mossad chief and the individual responsible for the infamous capture of Eichmann making such a statement must be looked at within the context of an iceberg where much more is unseen than seen and moreover should assume it is neither typical Zionist rhetoric poking its ugly head out of Israel’s legendary sea of paranoia nor her seeming organic addiction to narcissistic behavior. No, the smart money says the timing of these latest developments is by no means accidental.

As noted, Ahmadinejhad is scheduled to speak at the UN General Assembly September 23, and the fact that certain elected members of Congress (and at least one university president) made perfect asses of themselves at this time last year trying to outdo each other in their slavish, slobbering devotion to Israel by calling for Ahmadinejhad’s arrest once he set foot in the US should not lead people to think this is merely a repeat of last year’s nauseating spectacle.

American Free Press has learned through contacts close to President Ahmadinejhad that ‘something big’ may be in the works with regards to his scheduled speech at the UN and that what is actually going on here is that Israel and her mouthy-mouthpieces are aware of this and are therefore trying to scare him away from coming to the US for fear of being kidnapped. Unable to divulge too much to AFP, (no doubt because of the sensitivity of the information involved) nevertheless the idea conveyed was the possibility of the Iranian president bringing forth information on the floor of the UN so embarrassing to the US and Israel that their plans for their long-desired war against Iran would be shelved indefinitely.

Needless to say, Israel (who desperately needs this war against Judea’s ancient enemies in Persia to hold together what is an otherwise organically-fractured society) is no doubt in panic mode. The longer this modern-day re-enactment of the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian citizens as recounted in the book of Esther is delayed, the less likely it is to take place, to say nothing of the diminishing chances of its overall success. As former Dimona nuclear technician-turned peace apostle Mordechai Vanunu testified to AFP recently, Israel must have war ‘every ten years or so’ for her survival. For the Jewish state, war is like a drug to any addict, and the longer she goes without her ‘fix’ the more desperate and irrational she becomes. Considering what took place in August with Georgia’s crushing defeat by Russia and the fact that more than likely Israel–up to her eyeballs in arming and training Georgia–planned on “tying Russia up” with a drawn-out military campaign that would prevent any interference with an attack on Iran, Israel is getting desperate, and this latest threat to kidnap the leader of a sovereign state is proof of it.

Those who doubt Israel’s ability in gleaning sensitive information concerning President Ahmadinejhad’s speech to the UN should think twice. Spying is something intrinsically woven into the paranoid culture of the Jewish state that sees nothing but enemies everywhere, beginning with the Old Testament story of the Israelite spies sent by Joshua who shacked up at the house of the prostitute Rahab (just prior to ‘God’s chosen people’ going on the rampage and slaughtering 31 Palestinian villages) to Esther sleeping her way into the court of king Xerxes (just prior to the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian citizens) to Judas Iscariot and his infamous crime. With a network of ‘sayanim’ scattered everywhere throughout the world (as described by ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘By Way Of Deception’) Israel literally has millions of eyes and ears, watching and listening to everything as it all pertains to the Jewish state. In a personal interview with American Free Press newspaper, a young man (US citizen of Palestinian heritage) who went to Gaza to visit family recently found himself detained and interrogated for 4 hours by Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet. During this interrogation, the young man (whose name will remain anonymous by his request) was grilled over phone calls he had made while in the US. By his own personal testimony, 6 years worth of his phone conversations had been recorded by Israeli intelligence, simply because of his Palestinian descent and despite the fact he was a medical school student and not involved in politics in any way. If Israel was willing to go to such lengths in keeping an eye on the personal life of one harmless American citizen of Palestinian descent, imagine the resources she is willing to expend in being a fly on the wall in any room where Ahmadinejhad’s business is being discussed.

Exactly what Ahmadinejhad may be planning to say on the floor of the UN only a handful of people actually know, but considering that it appears to have gotten the Jewish state’s underwear in a such knot means it must be fairly important. With two major events taking place in the last 7 months–the first being the release of the National Intelligence Report stating Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and the second being Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen warning Israel in early July that there will be no ‘USS Liberty pt II’, the situation is not just slightly pregnant with implications, but ready to burst, and it is for this reason that an extremely watchful eye should be kept on the comings and goings of Israel and her supporters in the days to come.

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William N. Grigg

In the early morning hours there’s a din in the air; mayhem’s on the loose. Stormtroopers comin’, and you better be prepared. Got no time to choose….

Comin’ up that street, jackboots steppin’ high. Got to make a stand. Looking in your windows and listen to your phone. Keep a gun in your hand….

Two hundred down, and it’s comin’ ’round again. Got no second choice. Where’s the justice and where’s that law. Raise your healthy voice…. Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’….

The recently concluded Republican National Convention in St. Paul served as the grand coming-out party for the Homeland Security State.

Its enforcers, fully panoplied in the military regalia that is rapidly becoming standard police attire, could be seen either strutting through the streets hungry to conduct a beat-down or marching to military cadences. Armored vehicles prowled the streets, while military helicopters rattled overhead. Several journalists, including Amy Goodman and two associates from the independent, left-leaning Democracy Now! media enterprise, were arrested and assaulted by police while covering protest marches.

Large sections of Minneapolis/St. Paul, a placid Midwestern American community, were made to resemble Baghdad under military occupation. As in Baghdad, homes in the Twin Cities were subjected to “pre-emptive” military raids on the eve of the Republican Convention. Beginning the night of Friday, August 29, multi-jurisdictional paramilitary police units armed with automatic weapons stormed residences where left-wing activists were billeted in anticipation of protest demonstrations.

More than one hundred people were handcuffed and questioned during those raids, many of them forced to lie face-down on the ground while officers searched for evidence of various purported plots to disrupt and “terrorize” the convention. According to Glenn Greenwald, a civil libertarian commentator who was on-site immediately after the raids, at least some of the police who conducted the raids couldn’t resist tormenting helpless detainees with jocular talk about summary executions.

In total more than 800 people were arrested during convention-related demonstrations. The most significant of those arrests involved seven people detained during the pre-convention raids who were eventually charged with “conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism” under Minnesota’s version of the PATRIOT (sic) Act.

Amerika, 2008: A riot policeman during the Republican National Convention in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

This is the first time American citizens have been accused, in a civilian court, of committing a crime “in furtherance” of terrorism. It will not be the last.

Some elements of the protest “community” that materialized in St. Paul were incontestably seeking a confrontation with the police as a form of ideological street theater.

While some consider this approach to be useless at best, it’s not that different in principle from tactics perfected by Samuel Adams and like-minded patriots of our founding period.

Other street activists in the Twin Cities expressed their contempt for the criminal violence of the State by deliberately impeding peaceful commerce and destroying private property, which is neither useful nor justified.

But it is the prosecution of the “St. Paul Seven,” and the long-term surveillance project involving the RNC Welcoming Committee, that will have the most important tangible consequences. The methods of infiltration, surveillance, and apprehension used against those activists will provide a model for future crackdowns against any organized dissent.

Accounts of the arrests in the corporatist press retailed prosecution claims that the activists planned a campaign of mayhem and violence that would have included attacks on public transportation and attempts to kidnap Republican delegates.

The “evidence” seized during the raids consists of unremarkable construction materials — cans of paint, rope, roofing nails — that could be used in various disruptive ways. The search warrant application also permitted police to confiscate “computer systems” and “media in whatever form,” in order to obtain detailed information about the activities of the RNCWC, which is described as an “organized criminal enterprise.”

That document also claims that “possession of the property above described constitutes a crime.” Thus someone who owned a computer or a single can of paint could be arrested, indicted, and perhaps convicted of terrorism charges in absence of a single documented criminal act if the prosecution can supply a convincing narrative.

And in this case, as with so many others, the job of supply the appropriate narrative has been given to “confidential informants,” two of whom (along with an “undercover investigator”) are cited copiously in the warrant application and the criminal complaint. The “corroboration” offered for the most lurid and disturbing charges — those dealing with actual violence and property destruction — consists entirely of the accounts provided by paid informants.

“Of the stuff that was seized by the police, about ninety percent is just common household items that we’re told were going to be used for criminal acts,” commented Bruce Nestor, a defense attorney for the detainees, in a telephone interview with Pro Libertate. “In fact, there is nothing here that in itself constitutes evidence of a crime or a plot to commit a crime. [The prosecution] wants us to view these items in light of the story being told by the paid informants, and the presumed political beliefs of the detainees.”

Police who conducted the pre-convention raids claim to have found 37 “caltrops” — spikes that are scattered on a motorway to disable cars during a police pursuit. What was actually found was not a supply of standard-issue caltrops, but roofing nails that had supposedly been “weaponized.”

“To be fair, roofing nails could be used as caltrops, but they could also be used as roofing nails,” Nestor pointed out when I asked him about that reported discovery. “Some police experts insist that these particular roofing nails had been modified or bundled together in some way that suggests an intent to use them to disrupt traffic. But this is suggestive, once again, largely because of the stories told by the informants. Otherwise you’ve got common roofing nails” — possession of which is evidence only of a plot to repair one’s roof.

Similar considerations apply in evaluating the claim that police discovered “weaponized urine” (no, I’m not kidding) during the pre-convention raids. What the police, citing breathless reports from their confidential informants, triumphantly described as an attempt to create a very crude bio-chem anti-personnel weapon was described by activists as a rudimentary chamber pot.

Given the frequency with which well-publicized “international terrorist plots” prove to be media spectacles choreographed by the FBI through paid informant/provocateurs, it’s reasonable to suspect that the case against the “St. Paul Seven” may involve a domestic application of the same approach.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who was present in St. Paul to speak to peace activists at a St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, believes that “what violence there was [during protests] bore the earmarks of provocation by the likes of Sheriff Fletcher and his Homeland Security, FBI, and — according to one well-sourced report — Blackwater buddies.”

McGovern describes one instance in which “a man who looked like a protester — dark clothes, backpack, a bit disheveled” — was identified as one of the police officers who had carried out the Friday night raid against the RNCWC. “The young protesters asked the man, and two associates, to leave [the protest], at which point the three hustled into a nearby unmarked sedan,” writes McGovern. “The license plate, observed by a Pioneer Press reporter, traced back to the detective unit of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office….”

It’s worth remembering that the same time-honored tactic was on display during the August 2007 Security and Prosperity Partnership summit in Montebello, Quebec almost exactly a year earlier. In an incident captured on video, a group of ineptly disguised police infiltrators, armed with rocks and reeking of foul intentions, were caught trying to infiltrate and radicalize a peaceful protest march.

While McGovern may be right about the involvment of agents provocateur, there’s reason to believe at least some of those caught up in the pre-convention sweep harbored criminal designs.

One of the seven activists arrested during a “pre-emptive” sweep, a young man burdened with the theatrically villainous name Max Jackob Specktor, was found to possess several sets of black clothing, goggles, helmets, several implements that a vandal would find very useful (a bolt cutter, a pry bar, spring loaded “punches,” and metal pipe of various sizes), and documents suggestive of something other than innocent intentions.

Obviously, if the prosecution can prove that Specktor was planning to participate in a riot, he should be convicted of that charge and be given the appropriate penalty. If he has proven co-conspirators, they should likewise receive a suitable punishment. The ominous novelty of this case resides in the effort to punish the familiar misdemeanor offense of “conspiracy to riot” as a form of domestic terrorism, and to incriminate others who appear to have committed no offense at all as part of a widespread terrorist plot.

The prosecution depicts Specktor as part of the “black bloc,” a radical element within the larger anarchist community that carries out “direct action” in the form of assaults on property confrontations with the police.

It’s likely that a trial would place Specktor at the center of a series of concentric circles intended to implicate others — beginning with his immediate co-defendants, and working out to those identified as belonging to “affinity groups” — as part of a large domestic terrorist conspiracy. If this turns out to be true, this one case could metastasize into a public works project for prosecutors across the country. It will certainly provide a template to be used whenever any appendage of the Homeland Security Leviathan wants to suppress organized dissent and prosecute it as a criminal act “in furtherance of terrorism.”

In March 2007, the RNC in St. Paul was designated a National Security Special Event (NSSE). Shortly thereafter, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department began hiring and deploying infiltrators. According to Sheriff Bob Fletcher, his department, working through the local Joint Terrorism Task Force, was involved in a nation-wide effort to track down and keep suspected protesters under surveillance.

The lead agency for Ramsey County in this undertaking was Fletcher’s Special Investigations Unit, under the direction of former US Secret Service Special Agent Tony Samec (who is one of four affiants listed in the warrant application). The application observes that Samec, who most likely was temporarily seconded to the Sheriff’s department, “has been involved in numerous NSSEs throughout the United States.”

Ramsey County’s Special Investigations Unit has an interesting relationship with the federal government. It was the chief local federal subcontractor for the crack-down on dissent during the RNC. But it was also being investigated by the FBI for corruption. And in one of those bits of historical symmetry one would find implausible in a novel, those two developments intersected in the days immediately prior to the RNC.

Guilty on corruption charges: Deputy Timothy Rehak (center-left with his arm around his wife) is led away from court by a steroid-enhanced police goon after being found guilty of stealing $6,000 in an FBI sting operation. Rehak was a member of the Ramsey County “Special Investigations Unit” that spearheaded the crack-down on dissent during the Republican Convention in St. Paul.

On August 27, just days before the pre-emptive raids on RNC protesters, two close associates of Sheriff Fletcher on the SIU were found guilty of theft and civil rights violations. Officer Timothy Rehak and Mark Naylon were convicted of stealing $6,000 during an FBI “integrity check,” a sting operation intended to ferret out corrupt police officers.

Rehak is a former St. Paul police officer who had a troubled history before Fletcher asked him to join the SIU.

Naylon, significantly, has never been a police officer, despite the fact that he commanded considerable clout on the force.

He was Fletcher’s chief PR spokesman. Before that he was the best man at Fletcher’s second wedding. He operated a private security firm that employed off-duty deputies to serve as bouncers at a nightclub owned by a man named Mike Ogren, who was convicted of an illegal gambling operation in 2003.

Spinning the crack-down: Ramsey County Sheriff Robert Fletcher (center), along with former Secret Service agent Tony Samec (left), unveil to the media the supposed terrorist arsenal seized during pre-convention raids on residences in St. Paul.

Despite the fact that he had no training or authority, Naylon was permitted to carry a sidearm, make arrests, and otherwise behave as if he were a duly deputized member of Fletcher’s department.

On occasion, when a member of Fletcher’s department needed to cite a “confidential informant” to obtain a warrant, Naylon would play that role as well — perjuring himself by providing the exact “testimony” an officer needed to secure permission for a search or an arrest.

The SIU first came under FBI scrutiny more than five years ago. A July 2003 raid on a bar discovered an unlicensed gambling operation. The bar’s owner claimed that the proceeds were helping to underwrite Fletcher’s re-election effort. That charge was recanted, but it stirred up an FBI inquiry that prompted the sting operation against Rehak and Naylon and led to their eventual conviction.

During his four terms as Sheriff, Fletcher has radically expanded the size and budget of his force, and strong-armed the county commission (by way of litigation and a cynical PR campaign) to build a new $61 million jail. He also developed a reputation for cronyism (demonstrated by his treatment of Naylor), empire-building, and what former St. Paul Mayor George Latimer calls “conspiratorial” thinking. Most importantly, he eagerly queued up for every dime of federal largesse he could find.

To put the matter tidily, Robert Fletcher — ambitious, power-fixated, and compromised — was an ideal local subcontractor for the Homeland Security State.

Former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley, who exposed the Bureau’s ineptitude in investigating the 9-11 plot (or, perhaps, its passive complicity in abetting it), resides near St. Paul.

In a letter written to FBI Director Robert Mueller three weeks before the attack on Iraq, Rowley warned that the “`pre-emptive strike’ rationale being applied to situations abroad could migrate back home, fostering a more permissive attitude on the part of law enforcement officers in this country.”

During his visit to the Twin Cities, Ray McGovern asked Rowley if the spectacle unfolding in St. Paul offered an awful vindication of her concerns. Referring to the pre-emptive raids and the military occupation of the streets illustrate how once the Feds take control of matters, “all the rules go up in smoke” and “otherwise wonderful community police officers [will] turn on their own peaceful citizens….”

To employ the argot of Star Wars fans, Rowley believes that St. Paul demonstrated how quickly “local” police personnel are transformed into stormtroopers when the Feds activate Order 66.
In fact, as Glenn Greenwald pointed out, the apparatus on display in St. Paul was a federally controlled local militia, rather than a local police agency in any sense of the expression.

However one addresses the nuance of the proposition, this much seems clear: The Homeland Security Death Star is now fully operational.

The Denouement (Updated)

The Denouement (Updated)

William N. Grigg

Hail comrades well met: In this famous 1911 editorial cartoon, Karl Marx is rapturously greeted on Wall Street and taken to the bosom of Carnegie and Rockefeller. This tidily sums up the relationship between Wall Street corporate socialists and the non-housebroken Marxist revolutionaries who are their distant kin.

Denouement (n) — The unraveling of a plot; a catastrophe….

From Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

There is something supernally appropriate to the fact that, in order to find the most suitable definition for just right word to describe the ongoing crisis of the financial system, we have to refer to a dictionary published in 1913.

We are now into the second year of the unraveling of the world financial system. It could be described as the Great Denouement (or final act) of a plot that began in 1913, when Congress created the Federal Reserve System, aka the Focus of Evil in the Modern World. So far the effects of the unraveling have had minimal impact on the larger economy.

This is about to change.

Last Friday, there were five globe-bestriding Wall Street investment banks. Today there are three. Lehman Brothers, a 158-year-old financial colossus, is headed for bankruptcy and oblivion. Merrill Lynch, which was following the same trajectory, was bought by Bank of America.

Tellingly, the markets greeted that acquisition by selling off Bank of America shares, despite CEO Ken Lewis’s happy prattle about the “synergies” supposedly catalyzed by this buy-out. Likwise, the bank’s credit rating took a hit following the transaction. This is exactly the opposite of what we would expect to see when one business demonstrates its vitality by purchasing another. In this case, however, it is well understood that BofA wasn’t gaining assets, but rather taking on an infection.

Over the same cluttered weekend, American International Group, which insures (among other things) corporate bonds, played the mendicant at the Fed’s discount window, pleading for $40 billion in tide-us-over money while it tries to liquidate assets in order to raise cash. [For more about AIG, see the update below.]

While we’re accustomed to weekly bank failures and periodic federal bailouts, the converging meltdowns of three pillars of Wall Street in a single weekend indicates that the crisis is accelerating and deepening in ways that our financial overlords hadn’t anticipated. The fact that Lehman was permitted to fail demonstrates that the overlords are now beginning to conduct triage among themselves — a spectacle that might offer the some brief amusement for the hoi polloi until the survivors within the Power Elite turn their undivided attention on the rest of us.

It’s likely that some distant day, when the history of the Greater Depression is written, the collapse of Lehman Brothers will be seen as a climacteric for the Fed-centric financial system — indeed, for Washington’s entire apparatus of imperial power, in which that investment house played a conspicuous role.

Mapping the catastrophe (click to enlarge).

During the mid-1800s, Lehman provided much of the initial financing for the railroad combine, one of the first serious ventures in American corporatism. That combine, a public-private partnership — a prototype for what Mussolini later called Fascism — thrust Abraham the Abhorrent into the White House, where he presided over a war of national consolidation and pioneered the concept of a dictatorial war presidency.

Following the destruction of the pre-1861 Union of free states and creating a unitary Corporate State, the combine engaged the services of the United States military to drive the Plains Indians from lands pledged to them by treaty, but also coveted by the combine to build its federally subsidized transcontinental railroad. This relationship was a distant but recognizable ancestor of the modern military-industrial complex.

Lehman was part of the cartel that pushed for creation of the Fed. Its roster of corporate leaders bristles with insider credentials; senior management officials held prestigious posts on the Federal Reserve Board, in the World Economic Forum, and in the Council on Foreign Relations. And yet the firm is now bound for bankruptcy, a casualty of the Fed’s housing/mortgage/refinancing bubble. Pulling the plug on Lehman Brothers may be equivalent to the sharp tug on a dangling thread that causes the entire tapestry to unwind.

Unlike the bailout of Bear Stearns earlier this year, no takers could be found when Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke tried to find a buyer for Lehman Brothers. Would-be buyers were repelled by the aroma of Lehman’s assets, which was quite similar to that emitted by an artificial butte constructed out of not-so-gently-used disposable diapers.

When it became clear that no rescue could be arranged for Lehman, the bankster mafia did the next best thing: It opened the markets — just a crack — to let a handful of favored investors minimize their losses. The manipulation was as undisguised as the contempt the banksters feel for the torpid and indifferent public that is being plundered on behalf of the financial elite.

Lehman CEO Richard Fuld, known as “The Gorrilla” because of his penchant for alpha male-style posturing, was able to keep the firm intact during the last big scare, the Asian debt crisis of a decade ago.

Learning exactly the wrong lessons as a result of that corporate near-death-through-debt experience, Fuld threw his company into issuing and securitizing mortgage loans. During the last two years, long after rational people had sought protection from the bursting of the housing/mortgage bubble, Lehman was the nation’s largest underwriter of mortgage bonds.

Last March, by which time Fuld must have been fully aware of his bank’s afflictions, he accepted a $22 million performance bonus, based on a supposed net profit of 5 percent in 2007. Surely there are people just as qualified as Fuld to lead a company to immediate ruin who would have done so for less than one percent of what Lehman paid Fuld. The bank’s Chapter 11 filing lists $613 billion in debts. This is not only the largest private bankruptcy in history, it must also rank as the largest act of non-governmental accounting fraud on record.

A few weeks later — April 15, to be exact — Fuld inscribed his name indelibly in the Big Book of Hubristic Quotations when he told shareholders that “the worst is behind us.”

As recently as August, Fuld could have taken advantage of buy-out or buy-in offers that would have rescued his firm. But the CEO, looking at his company’s worth through the distorting lens of bubble-vision, insisted that the offers “didn’t reflect the value he saw in the bank,” according to the New York Times. So he dithered and dissimulated until it was much too late, perhaps in the misplaced confidence that his comrades in the financial elite would seal a deal with a taxpayer guarantee. Rather than giving him that cushion, however, his fellow elitists pulled the chair out from beneath him.

Given the Fed’s new role as “lender of last resort,” why did it permit Lehman to fail? It may be simply a matter of bad timing: Had Lehman’s terminal crisis occurred two months ago, the Fed and Treasury might have been willing to arrange another taxpayer-insured bailout. But right now the overlords have their hands full managing the nationalization of Fannie and Freddie, which may require trillions of dollars yet to be created.

Even Helicopter Ben must appreciate the point that the foreign creditors who continue to fund this racket are eventually going to stop taking dollar-shaped IOUs. That’s when the real fun will begin.

The Bailout Resumes….

AIG, valued at $1 trillion at the beginning of the trading day, “lost 70% of its value in just three hours,” reports the New York Daily News. Its stock recovered about half its losses by mid-afternoon. Meanwhile, the Governor of New York announced that he was altering state regulations — apparently by executive decree — to permit AIG “to borrow against its subsidiary assets.”

Ten of the largest American banks have announced a plan to pool $70 billion “in a collaborative effort to prevent any of them [from] running out of funds in an emergency.” Each has thrown in $7 billion, and any can borrow up to $23 billion.

That’s not a “pool”; it hardly qualifies as a puddle. And it will be gone before the end of the week.

So, in all probably, will Washington Mutual, which was dangling from a cliff, clinging to an exposed tree root at the end of last week. Lehman’s demise will almost certainly send WaMu careening into the abyss.

And there are at least 1,000 more banks headed over the edge, as well….



By: Peter Chamberlin

When it becomes obvious to the rest of the country that we are truly locked into a life or death struggle the people will rise-up from their easy chairs and demand answers. If we cannot make them aware of the obvious fateful track we are now on before then, then it will be too late for us all.

The life or death struggle I am referring to is not with some shadowy terrorist group, or with an axis of foreign governments, but with our own government. We are in an existential struggle with the Bush Administration and everyone in government who supports the violence they carry-out upon the world.

The struggle is between the American people and an out of control administration determined to visit world war III upon the world before its allotted time is up. For their own reasons (which are transparent to the discerning eye), Bush and Cheney are going to find a politically feasible way to attack someone else before their power is taken away.

This attack plan risks the survival of the planet and all life upon it, to carry-out the neocon war. Our two co-presidents are so committed to their obviously catastrophically failed war plan to seize all the resources of South Asia that they cannot allow their time to expire without taking irreversible actions. They think that they can threaten, bribe, intimidate and selectively nuke key governments in the region (including Russia and China) to have their way with them.

This most distrusted government in our history wants us to trust their judgment that they can “shock and awe” the world into submission to American demands, without destroying the world in the process. This most incompetent government ever elected by the American people, diddled while the economy was crushed by the weight of its insane economic and military policies, and enacted police state laws in an illegal manner, and now intends to kill many millions more innocents than it already has for the sake of total control.

This most devious and malign administration to ever curse the White House threshold thinks that it would be a good thing to kill millions as “collateral damage” in their plan to create a global American empire. They are either so foolish that they think that America would survive in a post-nuclear war world, or they have other plans for themselves so that they do not care whether this Nation survives the ravages of their scheme to reap absolute wealth. Perhaps this gives credence to the rumor from the Latin American press about a recent Bush family purchase of a large portion of Paraguay –

“…a few short miles from the US Mariscal Estigarribia Military Base…

[Sitting atop the] Acuifero Guaraní…one of the largest underground water reserves in South America.”

The solutions being discussed (to this life or death struggle between the American people and a malignant administration determined to risk the fate of the world) range from impeachment to outright revolution. I am of the opinion that violent revolution is wrong, unless government actions turn it into a matter of self-defense, and that impeachment is too slow and weak to stop Bush from pushing the button when the opportunity arises. The opportunity may arise very soon in the mountains of Pakistan, as American troops making illegal incursions are now being repelled by Pakistani military forces.

This administration cannot be trusted to possess the powers that it has usurped. The Bush Administration has to have its hands tied now, even before it is removed from office. Congress must know whose side in this life or death struggle the American people are on.

We the people have to assume our rightful power and show our hand now, as we find the means to legally bind the bloody hands and force the issue to a head, before Bush or Cheney acts. Congress must witness an aroused population that is “mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!”

If you won’t stand-up for the sake of your own children’s lives, then what will you take a stand for?


Pakistan to halt oil supply to NATO in case of attack

Pakistan to halt oil supply to NATO in case of attack

Pakistan in unequivocal terms has said that it would halt supply of oil and other commodities to NATO in Afghanistan if the US troops continue to violate country’s border.

Private TV Channel quoted government and defense sources saying Pakistan would also hold fresh talks on agreement struck between Former President Pervez Musharraf and US President George. W. Bush with regard to logistic support to US in war against terrorism.

US would be informed strictly that Pakistan would halt supply of oil, edible items, weapons and other commodities to Afghanistan based US allied forces if US troops counties to violate country’s border.

According to information, more than 400 containers carrying commodities for Afghanistan based US allied forces pass from Torkham to Chaman.

Sources further said that debate on the issue would also be held in the Parliament.