By: Peter Chamberlin

Michael Hayden said the clandestine agency is using Predator missile attacks to “tickle” enemy groups, to provoke a reaction.

“We use military operations to excite the enemy, prompting him to respond.”

The agency director was jokingly referring to the policy of committing multiple mass-murders of innocent citizens of Pakistan, as a tactic for provoking retaliation by their relatives.This immoral terrorist act is considered to be a legitimate military strategy by the demented CIA mind.It sees no wrong in committing criminal acts, to cause others to commit further criminal acts, as a rationale for starting a divisive world war for resources, under the guise of “self-defense.”The idea that committing acts of war, to cause a greater war is not a war crime itself, is a product of a deranged psychopathic mind.This psychopathic mind personified by the CIA is the scourge of mankind.

The American use of the Israeli terror tactic of “targeted assassinations” to perhaps kill one “wanted” individual (remember no “war” has been declared there), without concern for the attendant civilian death is a war crime.The use of flying terror platforms to fire Hellfire missiles into crowds of innocent people, in a country that you call your “ally” is either pure idiocy or evil of the highest order.The choice to fight a ground war from the air reaps little military gain at the enormous cost of widespread civilian death.

Agency Director Hayden said that the CIA is “working closely with the military…where American troops have fought Sunni insurgents.” If the agency was really working with our own military or with military leaders in allied nations then the war might not be at an impasse. In all war theaters the secret war has served to escalate the real war that our troops must fight, for political reasons. The question is, is the CIA a “rogue” agency creating problems for our own military, or is it doing so on White House orders?

Did the agency bother to consult with our allies the Pakistani Army on June 12, when it sent a Predator to kill 11 Pakistani soldiers at Gora Pai Outpost in the Mohmand region?

Hayden said, “Our pilots are targeting not structures, but individuals.”

But clearly, after watching the video of the Predator attack, who could believe that it is possible to identify who is being targeted on the ground by these terminator-planes?

Did the CIA bother to consult U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen on the September 18 Predator strike that killed six and wounded three, a mere hours after he personally reassured Pakistan’s prime minister of “cooperation and coordination” on security issues?

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who was one of those officials who met with Mullen, told reporters that Pakistani officials “were not informed” of the strike beforehand. Asked about Mullen’s statement, he said,

“It’s a clear, clear commitment to Pakistan to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty…and now if having said that there was an attack later in the night, that means there is some sort of an institutional disconnect on their side, and if so, they will have to sort it out,” he said.

Here we have evidence from a foreign perspective of the massive disconnect within the government of the United States, in this case, between the Pentagon and the CIA, over the spy agency’s running its own separate foreign policy in the war on terror. It is seen coming to a head over the covert military policy of the US spy bureau verses the legitimate policies of the actual military. This policy extends deep within the establishment reflecting the vast moral differences between most of our government and the super-secret spy bureau that flies our flag.

The brutal immoral CIA policies of terrorizing (sorry, I meant “tickling”) civilians to create panic and hopefully generate specific controlled reactions is not only the cause of the terror war, but it is the reason that the military cannot achieve anything approaching victory on either of the two other fronts. In Pakistan, as in all the world’s frontline states, the secret US policy actually creates terrorist groups to administer the “tickling” on behalf of the agency to the targeted people. This, in turn, make the local fight against insurgencies unwinnable, by any acceptable standards.

In Pakistan, the “local Taliban” (under the command of “public enemy number one,” Baitullah Mehsud), which US forces are allegedly targeting, are known among the local population as tools of the US, Indian, Afghan and Israeli secret services. Mehsud’s apparent immunity from American retaliation, his detailed knowledge of Pakistani troop movements and his highly-advanced communications equipment and weaponry is cited as proof of foreign sponsorship. In other words, the CIA is creating the justification (bombings in Pakistan and cross-border attacks from there into Afghanistan by CIA proxy fighters) that is providing a sort of legitimacy for military actions.

In Iraq, the same pattern of covert “tickling” was carried-out by shadowy US-connected terror groups, who drove the inter-religious civil war that successfully partitioned most of the country. The harsh attacks carried-out upon fellow Sunnis by these “al Qaida linked” groups pushed the Iraqis into fighting against themselves. The same thing was attempted in Lebanon with Sunni terrorist groups like Fatah al-Islam. In the Palestinian Territories the Security Forces carried-out the same function against the legitimate Hamas government forces. Before that, US-backed Muslim terrorists were brought into Yugoslavia who attacked (“tickled”) local Muslims to agitate for international intervention.

Before the demise of the Soviet Union and the creation of the new “Islamic threat” by the CIA, covert “tickling” operations were carried-out by our mercenary forces of right-wing extremist white guys in Europe, like Operation Gladio in Italy.The secret CIA armies there tickled our unfortunate European allies into electing hard-right political parties which supported American aggression.

Throughout all the previous examples, the CIA has followed the same “shock doctrine” of applying terror bombings to targeted populations in order to stimulate planned responses. This form of mind warfare has been developed by government psychologists and behavioralists studying the phenomenon since the fire-bombings of WWII were used to manipulate the German population. The link between political terrorism and democratic reactions was discovered when intensive fire-bombing pushed frightened enraged German citizens to demand government concessions to appease Allied bombers. The science of the “shock doctrine” was developed from these studies, over time, by government scientists, who refined it down to its essence, learning to use smaller shocks to achieve the same reactions.

This same policy of psychological warfare became the principle tool of the CIA, where it was used over many decades upon both friend and foe of the United States, even upon the American people themselves.Provocative “ticklings” of various types were administered to the American people to control social pressures, from the assassinations of our leaders, to the shocks of the destruction of our free press and our national economy. The American people were systematically shocked and demoralized, as we were driven like the cattle that they think we are down the road to the slaughterhouse.

On September 11, 2001, the wholesale slaughter of Americans began. American-allied intelligence agencies, worked in unison to administer the most severe “tickling” of all time, to a peaceful people who were normally slow to rouse to war, in order to start the stampede. Today, the CIA’s own war has been sabotaged by the very tactics it has chosen to employ, to the point where our voluntary military force is decimated and our national economy is following suit. The government psychiatrists and schemers overlooked their primary obstacle, they never figured on the depth of the human spirit to resist the great obscenity being cast upon us. Anyone who is given the ability to see automatically begins to fight back.

The CIA war against the people of the world and especially against the American people is one of the greatest tragedies and crimes of our time. Their hostile actions have brought the world to the edge of the cataclysm we now face. Whatever their ulterior reasons are for destroying the country that they have sworn allegiance to, they cannot be allowed to succeed in their terrorist plans. This is the government that must be overthrown, the secret government of the United States.

The CIA must be abolished.Our remaining moral leaders must step forward to de-fund the agency.Our military leaders must follow former Joint Chief Peter Pace’s example and refuse to carry-out immoral acts.The terminator planes being used by the CIA must be grounded. The proxy forces that they have created to “Balkanize” Pakistan just as they have done in Iraq must by stopped.Give the government there the help it needs by supporting the decisions it makes without attacking them for it.

Pakistan is not our enemy, but the CIA most definitely is.