The Grand Merger!

The Grand Merger!

By Rev. Richard Skaff

October 25, 2008 “Information ClearinghouseNot every wrong, or even every violation of the law, is a crime.” Michael Mukasey, US Attorney General saying former justice Department staffers won’t be criminally prosecuted for politicizing hiring practices.

In the last forty years the boundaries between government and corporation have been slowly eroding. However, in the last eight years and during the reign George W. Bush, the process has accelerated tenfold and was taken into new levels that have never been seen in the history of this nation.

In addition, this administration has successfully and systematically dismantled the bill of rights, our civil liberties, as well as our financial, personal and national sovereignty.

While George W. Bush was talking about the US as a unilateral superpower, he was behind the scenes dismantling this superpower and rendering it into a broke, weak and ailing tiger that will be forced to join the new world order instead of being the world order.

Lawlessness in government has become the rule of the land. Loyalty to the party superseded the loyalty to the country, which is a déjà vu phenomenon in the archives of fascism. The stench of our political sewage system has contaminated our nation and the world. Mendacity became truth, and manipulation became intelligence and virtue.

Macchiavellian politics has reached new height of deception, corruption, and propaganda. Our supreme court became politicized with unscrupulous appointees who were co-opted to implement the new laws for the new world order. Our intelligence agencies have been methodically politicized and corrupted for many years to a point of no return. Cash became GOD!

Ralph McGeehee a 25 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency enlightened us with this following paragraph from his 1983 book “Deadly Deceits,” which edifies a familiar pattern of deception that we have witnessed but we never understood. He stated the following about the CIA:

“The CIA is not an intelligence agency. In fact, it acts largely as an anti-intelligence agency, producing only that information wanted by policymakers to support their plans and suppressing information that does not support those plans. As the covert action arm of the president, the CIA uses disinformation, much of it aimed at the U.S. public, to mold opinion. It employs the gamut of disinformation techniques from forging documents to planting and discovering “communist” weapons caches. But the major weapon in its arsenal of disinformation is the “intelligence” it feeds to policymakers.

Instead of gathering genuine intelligence that could serve as the basis for reasonable policies, the CIA often ends up distorting reality, creating out of the whole cloth “intelligence” to justify policies that have already been decided upon. Policymakers leak this “intelligence” to the media to deceive us all and gain our support.” [1].

The resurrection of governmental intervention, and the rise of corporate socialism.

Lawlessness in government and in capitalism combined with bogus wars based on fake intelligence, and a colossal disinformation campaign have led our nation into this current financial abyss. Whether this crisis is contrived or not, the public will suffer the consequences.

Will people learn from their mistakes and rise up in revolt to throw out their elected officials. Probably not! The masses always prefer wily and brutal leaders who will lead them into the Promised Land, will act on their behalf, and will do the thinking for them. Critical thinking is a frightening phenomenon, because with it comes decision making, action and responsibility. However, the cost for this acquiescence is great and long lasting, resulting in a lifetime of serfdom.

The critical questions to ask next are the following:

Has the current financial crisis achieved its goal of consolidating further the wealth in the hands of the few, and succeeded in creating the neo-super financial corporations that extend their global tentacles worldwide, in order to exploit, indebt, impoverish and suffocate the life out of every nation?

Was this crisis also designed to cause the final merger of the new hybrid beasts of the half politician-intelligence operative and the half CEO who will operate the super-corporation?

Does this financial meltdown target the final consolidation of government and corporation creating a new era of corporate socialism that will dominate the world for the years to come?

Did the deliberate assassination of the dollar by our leaders will help create a novel currency that will connect the world closer than ever, and will befit the new order?

On November 15, 2008 George W. Bush will be hosting a major economic summit in Washington, which will mark the renewal of a Bretton Woods like system that will attempt to rectify the power of the United States as a leader for the new world global monetary affairs, or will reduce it to a regular player in a new global establishment.

The summit will allegedly set up a new system of rules, institutions, and procedures that regulate the international monetary system, and determining a new currency as the neo-reserve currency of the world. This new currency might replace the hyperinflated and ailing dollar that was deliberately murdered by the moles in the Bush administration through financing of illegitimate wars and profligate spending.

The economic summit will include many world leaders with a special invitation to China and India to help the Anglo-American establishment resolve the financial crisis they created with unscrupulous accounting practices, disinformation to the public, gambling with other people’s money, cheating, lying, lawlessness, unaccountability, resulting in a capitalist system that has gone awry.

By Rev. Richard Skaff, Journalist and author of “The Human Manifesto.”


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