“universal soldiers” and “Manchurian candidates”

vinmandev left the following comment on the Educate Yourself- Mind Control The Ultimate Terror, “OPERATION MONARCH”, link.  It is like several others that have come in here through the comments.  There are a lot of survivors of government mind control abuse out there waiting to tell their stories.  Obviously there are a lot of scrambled brains in this group and their attempts to explain their experiences fail.  But this testimony of vinmandev@yahoo.com

speaks clearly about what our government does on a daily basis to get its troops  to slaughter civilians without completely losing their minds in the process.  When these “universal soldiers” and “Manchurian candidates” are set free upon the United states to enforce martial law, do not count on them to act on their humanity and show you and your family mercy, expect the worst.  Please read Vin mandev’s confession for your family’s sake.

There is such a program being administered by the DOD via the military. In 1986, while serving in the military, I participated in a psychological conditioning program that was administered at NAS Cecil Field, in Jacksonville, Florida. I was given electro-shock therapy and some unknown drug therapy, in conjunction with hypnosis. The purpose of all of this was to dampen, or rather dumb down your awareness of your emotional state. You still have reasoning ability, except your ability to understand your “feelings”, or rather understand your “emotional state” was inhibited. When I was “put” into a situation, where any rational person would have “intense fear”, I had none. In fact, in covert combat situations I felt no fear, no anger, and no remorse. I participated in covert combat operations where I was sent into the line of fire with limited understanding of what it meant to die. In fact, I was told that I would not survive my missions. When I was told this, I accepted it matter-of-factly. Having luckly survived my “missions” (because a chosen few in this program, are picked out to be sacrificed for the greater good, which I was told, and had no understanding of what that meant at that time), I actually had my Commander show me a copy of a condolence letter written to my parents, expressing regret at my death in a car accident (cover story if I died). This Commander was a high ranking officer, who basically handed me off to a civilian contractor. These mission were not carried out with the command I was assigned to. I would be escorted to the base airfield, and handed over to a civilian, and place on a plane with soldiers from different branches of the military. I was never given any details about my mission. I would “suit up” and be given “arms” on the plane. Before being “handed off”, I was given some sort of subliminal command that put me in a semi-hypnotic state to receive orders and suggestions. This state of mind had a profound effect on my memory. Before one covert combat mission I can remember being given a drug (via hypodermic) that made my judgement and reasoning ability extremely and acutely sharp. I’m speaking about this now because I recently recovered more memories (I was told my memories would come back, if I did commit suicide first or kill someone and end up in prison). The psychological effects are something else. Your emotional state ends up being like a 4 year old child. Handling your emotional state is the one factor I believe why veterans who were involved in this program don’t completely remember or don’t survive. After years of trying to get the Veterans Administration to treat my PTSD condition (diagnosed 15 years after my discharge, by a VA doctor), and the military to provide access to all of my military records (all I have is a document showing my interim top secret clearance when I was an E-2), I’m pretty pissed off, and ready to talk to anyone about my experiences. I signed a disclosure agreement, but hell, I know that there were 3 attempts on my life (2 while still enlisted, and 1, a month after my discharge), those bastards aren’t helping me medically at all!!