US Rejects Lebanese Army Demands for Heavy Weapons

US Rejects Lebanese Army Demands for Heavy Weapons


US Army Central Command Commander General David Petraeus refused a Lebanese request to arm the Lebanese army with heavy weapons, saying such weapons could affect Israel’s military superiority.

Besides Israel, the US wants to wait for the 2009 parliamentary elections results amid growing expectations that the opposition in Lebanon will take the majority of seats in parliament.

The Lebanese daily As-Safir quoted well-informed sources as saying that the American general informed Lebanese officials that the US will not provide arms to the Lebanese army before the spring parliamentary elections. They also said Petraeus made it clear that the Lebanese army will not receive heavy weapons “before or even after the polls because the US military strategy in the region takes into consideration Israel’s military edge.”
Petraeus and his administration apparently want the Lebanese army to become another police force in the country in the framework of Washington’s so called war on terror, but not an army that assumes the mission of defending the country against Israeli threats and aggression.

According to An-Nahar daily, Petraeus’ visit, which lasted only few hours, was “explorative” and aimed at getting to know Lebanese Army Commander Jean Kahwaji after his appointment as army commander.


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