Netanyahu wants to postpone core issues in Mideast talks INDEFINTELY

Netanyahu wants to postpone core issues in

Mideast talks

by Ron Bousso

captcpsomd92111208191949photo00photodefault-355x5121AFP/File – Israel’s right-wing Likud party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, seen here in November 2008, thinks Middle …

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel‘s right-wing Likud party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu thinks Middle East peace talks should focus on improving Palestinian daily life and not on core issues, his spokeswoman said Thursday.

The hawkish former premier, who polls say is likely to return to power after February elections, has been a staunch critic of the US-backed peace talks with the Palestinians that were relaunched in November 2007.

“Netanyahu does not oppose the continuation of the talks but he believes that the current negotiations are leading nowhere and their goal is not clear,” spokeswoman Dina Libster told AFP.

“He wants to continue the talks on tangible issues that can be carried out on the ground, such as the Palestinian economy and Palestinian living conditions. At the moment, discussing core issues is irrelevant.”

The latest round of peace talks has shown little progress on the so-called “core issues” of the decades-old conflict, including the future status of Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, Jewish settlements and final borders.

In a meeting on Thursday with 26 ambassadors who had requested clarification on Likud‘s electoral platform, Netanyahu said he would focus on repairing the Palestinian economy and creating a “positive atmosphere” for diplomacy.

“I believe that vigorous economic steps and a positive atmosphere that will be created on the ground will reflect on the future talks,” Libster quoted him as saying.

“Most Israelis, including myself, are not interested in ruling another people. I support them having all the prerogatives to rule themselves except for those prerogatives that threaten or damage Israel’s security.”

A close advisor to Netanyahu said a peace deal would not be possible in the near future due to “chaos on the Palestinian side.” That was a reference to strife between the moderate Fatah movement and the radical Hamas, which seized power in the Gaza Strip last year.

“It is commonly accepted that there is no possibility of reaching a permanent status agreement in the near future between Israel and the Palestinians,” Dore Gold told AFP.

“Even the policy advocated by (US Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice of reaching a shelf agreement acknowledged this situation,” said Gold, a foreign policy advisor to Netanyahu.

Earlier this week, Likud elected a candidate list dominated by hardliners, raising fears that a victory in the February elections could derail the peace process relaunched by interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, head of the centrist Kadima party and Netanyahu’s chief rival, has been leading the talks with the Palestinians.

Polls released earlier this week predicted Likud would win well over 30 seats in the 120-member assembly, putting Netanyahu on track to become Israel’s next prime minister at the head of a coalition government.


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Petition: Stop America’s Undeclared War on Pakistan

Petition: Stop America’s Undeclared War on Pakistan

By British-Pakistanis

( – Hizb-ut-Tahrir [Hut] Britain has launched a
petition campaign to expose and halt America’s [Bush-Cheney Tyranny’s]
undeclared war on Pakistan. Seven years ago America invaded
Afghanistan [in 2001], then in 2003 it invaded Iraq and now Pakistan
is the target.

We the undersigned Muslims demand the following:

1. Pakistan must immediately withdraw support for America’s [Bush-
Cheney Dictatorship’s] War on [all Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Afghans,
Indian-Muslims, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians,
Sudanese, Arabs, Cubans, other humans] Islam and Muslims.

2. The armed forces of Pakistan must immediately stop the killing of
our own [Pakistani] citizens in FATA, NWFP and Baluchistan [Pakistan]
and defend the [Pakistani] people against American air and ground

3. Pakistan must withdraw all logistical support for America’s [Bush-
Cheney Tyranny’s] War in the [South Asian] region by preventing the
U.S. forces from using its land bases, air space and ports to attack
our [Pakistani] people.

4. The Pakistani Government must not be permitted to cause a civil war
in Pakistan as this weakness will be exploited by the Americans to
divide Pakistan. The Pakistani people should unite under the banner of
Islam. America [Bush-Cheney Dictatorship] has already divided Iraq
into three weak regions and placed itself in power. The same must not
be allowed to occur in Pakistan.

5. Dictatorship and Democracy have only produced [corrupt, tyrannical
and puppet] leaders who have facilitated the destruction of Pakistan.
We call upon the people of influence and power [especially in the real
Pakistan Army] to remove these [four] enemies [PPP, MQM, ANP, PML-Q]
of the [Pakistani] state and establish a sincere Islamic leadership,
the Khilafah [Khilafat or Caliphate: a group of patriotic,
nationalist, Muslim leaders], which will defend the interests of the
[Pakistani] people and save the country from this crisis.

6. The Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan should unite under the
banner of Islam and the Khilafah [cultural, economic and military
alliance of 57 countries of Muslims] to drive America and its
[terrorist] allies out of the [entire South Asian] region.

Australia target of Israeli ecstasy

Australia target of Israeli ecstasy

  • Jason Koutsoukis, Jerusalem

ISRAELI drug lords are increasingly targeting Australia for ecstasy smuggling.

Israeli police intelligence reveals that crime syndicates operating out of Israel view Australia as a booming market for the party drug.

Israeli crime syndicates control a significant share of the global ecstasy trade and have a long history of supplying the Australian market.

In March, 45-year-old Israeli man Benjamin Rosenfeld was sentenced to 21 years’ jail for importing 112 kilograms of the drug MDMA, the main ingredient of ecstasy, with a street value estimated at $45 million.

Rosenfeld organised the drug shipment from the northern Israeli port of Haifa.

According to Israel police, Israeli crime gangs are smuggling large quantities of ecstasy out of production houses in the Netherlands, then into Belgium and Spain.

From there the smuggling route can be traced through the Middle East to Thailand or Singapore, and then on to Australia.

“We are well aware that members of the organised families here have established connections in Australia and view it as a lucrative and growing market that they are looking to exploit,” a senior member of Israel’s Coastal Police central unit told The Age.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because he did not have authorisation to brief the media, the police source said that Israeli police believe organised crime gangs were making increasing use of couriers who carried smaller parcels of drugs.

“This has been the pattern, especially because South-East Asia and Australia are such popular destinations for Israeli backpackers when they finish military service,” he said.

“They are young people so this makes it easier for criminals to try to persuade them to carry drugs.”

Last month a Thai court sentenced two Israelis to death after convicting them of drug smuggling.

The two men were arrested last year as part of a major drug operation and were caught with 23,000 ecstasy pills.

The pills had been smuggled from Europe and were destined for sale in Australia.

In 2004 an Israeli backpacker was sentenced to 5½ years’ jail for his role in the importation of ecstasy worth up to $17.5 million.

A 2003 US State Department report said Israel was at the centre of the global ecstasy trade and that Israeli crime organisations had obtained control of the European ecstasy market.

“Organised crime has been getting stronger in Israel … Until we get more resources here to fight the criminals, we believe their smuggling operations will continue to get stronger,” the police source said.



Analysis: Is Britain turning into a police state?

Most Britons think UK is turning into police stateMost Britons think UK is turning into police state

Friday, 12, Dec 2008 12:01

Is Britain turning into a police state? Well, yes and no.

Lets take stock. Britain was the first country to attempt a database of every car journey taken within the UK through a camera network capable of reading number plates.

Don’t drive a car? Police are increasingly using London’s Oyster cards as an investigative tool, tracking their unique registration to find out where suspects have travelled and when.

The police have made similar use of Britain’s DNA database. A European court judgement last week failed to convince either Jacqui Smith or police representatives that it’s wrong to hold the DNA of innocent people. At the moment, this country has the biggest DNA database in the world, holding an extra 200 people a day, according to research published by the Liberal Democrats yesterday.

Protests have been all-but banned in parliament square, with demonstrators forced to acquire police approval before gathering within the area. Plans for 42-day pre-charge detention were dropped after sustained opposition from the Commons and the Lords. They’ll be back at the merest mention of even a minor terrorist attack.

In the future, only a change of government will stop ID cards being introduced, and eventually made compulsory. The government is similarly committed to maintaining a database of every phone call, text and email sent or received by a British citizen. The plans were in the communications bill. It was dropped from the Queen’s Speech this year, but government officials assure us it will be back as soon as they have time.

It looks bad. It looks, frankly, like an Orwellian state. But there is a crucial aspect to the police state which Britain doesn’t have: intent. The current motive of the government is not to set up a police state. The casual atrocities against British culture listed above were done in the name of efficiency, not fascism.

Labour prides itself on an ‘if it works’ approach to policy making. David Miliband made a hall of left-wingers roll with laughter during the Labour party conference by joking about Liberal Democrats who object to the governing party’s obsession with ‘workability’. “The trouble with you lot is all you care about is what works,” he impersonated. The hall clapped its approval.

But what ‘works’ is not the be-all and end-all of law making. There are other concerns which parties should consider, and which Labour has fundamentally failed to.

Tracking vehicles makes it easier to assess car usage, introduce road charging and catch hit and run drivers. DNA databases make it easier to solve crimes. ID cards make it easier to control immigration. Getting rid of habeus corpus makes it easier to stop terrorism. The government sees a problem and it tries to solve it. They don’t seem to care what effect that might have on the rights of citizens and the nature of Great Britain.

The process has come so far that genuine cock-ups like the police raid on Damian Green’s offices are instantly interpreted as fully-fledged attempts to set up a Mugabe-style political system. The arrest of Green was not an attempt to destroy the opposition. It was a cock-up. But the government has exhibited such disregard for British rights it is no longer entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

This is not a police state, because the government does not intend to run a police state. But sometime in the future another government will come into power with darker intentions. And when it does, it will sing the praises of New Labour.

Ian Dunt



Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Foreign Minister and leader of the Kadima Party, has told students at a Tel Aviv high school that, once a Palestinian state has been created, Israeli Arabs should leave Israel to go and live in the new Palestinian state.

Confirming her racist credentials, she also told the students that: “The idea is to maintain two states for two peoples…”

Her expectation is that, after centuries of living in their homelands in what is now Israel, what few Palestinians still remain there will be expected to join those that were made refugees back in 1948 in what little there is left of the West Bank and the Gaza Ghetto.

These are also the policies of the extreme right-wing Zionist parties led by Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party that are vying for government at the upcoming Israeli elections to be held next February. The only difference between the Kadima party and the Likud is that Likud, despite their current electioneering propaganda, will never allow a Palestinian state to exist but want to push the Israeli Arabs out from Israel anyway through fear of being overwhelmed demographically at some time in the future, while Kadima actually talk of creating some kind of Palestinian state out of what’s left of the West Bank and the Gaza.

The reality is that there will never be a Palestinian state if Likud has anything to do with it and there will never be a Palestinian state acceptable to Palestinians that does not involve right of return of the refugees to their homelands, much of which is in what is now Israel, and without a totally settler-free West Bank based on borders being at the 1967 Green Line. In other words, while the Israeli Zionists have any say in it, there will never be a Palestinian state.

The only alternative is the binational secular one-state solution.


Netanyahu has been telling foreign visitors that, if there ever is a Palestinian state, Israel would have to have control of its airspace and that such a state would have to be demilitarised.

Hardly an ‘independent soverign state’, is it? Palestinians are never likely to accept such demands and conditions, which, of course, Netanyahu is quite aware of.

The world should know that Israeli Zionists will NEVER accept ANY kind of Palestinian sovereign state and that the various Israeli political parties’ talk of ‘peace’ is just pure propaganda designed solely for the dumb and gullible masses and to extract every last dollar they can from the US government.