Kick the US-NATO Out of Afghanistan: 10 Petitions

Kick the US-NATO Out of Afghanistan: 10 Petitions

The petitioners have requested all anti-war humans to read, sign, e-
mail and support the following 10 petitions:

(1) America Violating International Law in Pakistan

(2) Condemn USA Attacks on Pakistan

(3) Canada Out of Afghanistan! Bring the Troops Home Now!

(4) End the Canadian Soldiers’ Mission in Afghanistan

(5) Canada Out of Afghanistan

(6) Canada must cease combat roles in Afghanistan until it
independently investigates and confirms Osama Bin Laden’s complicity
in the attacks of September 11, 2001

(7) Withdraw Canada’s Support for the “War on Terror”

(8) Stop the Reinstation of the “Taliban” Vice and Virtue

(9) In Recognition of the Resistance in Afghanistan

(10) Mass Movement to End the War Now