US wants total rout of Pak terror groups

[Assistant Sec. State demands Pakistan rout US-sponsored terror from its soil.]

US wants total rout of Pak terror groups

Shahid Burney | Arab News

MUMBAI: In a tone laced with anger, US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher told reporters here on Friday night that Pakistan must take stern measures to wipe out terror groups based in the country.

“This is a must, and Pakistan has to do all to ensure that the terror groups operating out from Pakistan are eliminated completely,” he said.

Boucher who made a brief halt in Mumbai on his way to New Delhi from Islamabad, said that it was necessary for India and the United States to join hands together to eliminate terrorism. “It would be in the interest of both the countries and beneficial if steps are taken further to boost and forge an alliance and work together in arresting underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar as well as destroying terrorist training camps situated in Pakistan,” he said.

Boucher told journalists that “it was in the better interests of Pakistan to wipe out the terrorist training camps. It is in the interest of Pakistan, India, US and the world to ensure peace in the subcontinent. It would be better for Pakistan to think more of how to keep away from drastic actions,” Boucher stressed.

Boucher agreed that the Mumbai terror attacks were guided from Pakistan and said that it was also true that the terrorists came from there.