Obama, Victory Cannot Be Bought!

Obama, Victory Cannot Be Bought!

By: Peter Chamberlin

According to this article from Counter Currents website, written by former Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar, “US Spills Afghan War Into Pakistan,” US special representative, Richard Holbrooke, who pilots this “smart” policy, has appointed Barnett Rubin, Afghan policy expert, to coordinate the approach to the Taliban.

Barnett RubinBarnett R. Rubin
Director of Studies/Senior Fellow

Director of the Center for Preventive Action, and Director, Peace and Conflict Studies, at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York…from the University of Chicago

The following is a response to the article he co-authored with Ahmed Rashid in Foreign Affairs magazine, “From Great Game to Grand Bargain: Ending Chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

As an agent of the Council on Foreign Relations, Rubin can be expected to carry-on with the elitists’ deceptions. The two primary deceptions in the case of Pakistan are that American government and the corporate types and think tank gurus who represent it are that they are paragons of reason and virtue (their only concerns are for the good of all those involved with the government programs) and that all others who tell uncomfortable truths are spinning “conspiracy theories” (reports that reveal the truths concealed by cover-ups and “official versions” of destabilizing events).

One of the alleged “conspiracy theories” mentioned by Mr. Rubin and Mr. Rashid concern reports that militant groups within Pakistan, like the TTP (Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan) were created by foreign intelligence agencies like RAW and CIA from murderous elements of the Afghan Northern Alliance to wage war against Pakistan. Another “conspiracy theory” concerns the belief that the CIA secretly supports the Taliban and other militant groups as a means of prolonging the war and establishing permanent American bases to enable control of the region’s resources and to confront China. All available evidence points to exactly these conclusions, making them more probable explanations of the agency’s secret war than mere speculation.

Rubin is the author of the concept of the “reconcilables” –vs- the “unreconcilables,” and the revised exit strategy put forth by the Obama Administration of seeking to strike a grand bargain with the Taliban to “prohibit the use of Afghan (or Pakistani) territory for international terrorism,” as a face-saving way to eventually withdraw from Afghanistan that can be read as a symbolic “strategic defeat” for “al Qaida.”

In short, folks, Barnett Rubin is simply another Establishment scam artist, like Richard Holbrooke, sent to carry-out crisis management and to make the takeover of the vital region seem palatable to the ignorant masses, We the Sheeple. The “Taliban” might be bought-off with enough cash, but they are not the only ones trying to evict the occupation troops from their country. In the end, the mujahedeen live to fight, not the other way around. Hunting invaders is the greatest sport of all.