5 Muslim Video Alternatives to YouTube

5 Muslim Video Alternatives to YouTube

by slim
http://muslimworker .com/2009/ 03/5-muslim- video-alternativ es-to-youtube/
<http://muslimworker .com/2009/ 03/5-muslim- video-alternativ es-to-youtube/ \

Youtube has become the defacto standard for online video and is one of
the top websites on the internet for traffic. Even though there are tons
of great Muslim and Islamic Videos on there, there is also a lot of
other videos that are not Islam related.
Alhamdullilah, there are Muslim Video alternatives to Youtube. If you
want to browse specifically for Islamic Video content and not worry
about other content, I will present to you 5 websites that will help.

Here they are:


Muxlim.com is a really big Muslim Social Media website. Think about it
as Facebook for Muslims. The video section of their website,
tv.muxlim.com has a lot of great and different content about Islam.

http://www.IslamicTube. net

MashAllah, IslamicTube. net is another good Muslim Video sharing website.
They have a nice, clean design and logo too.
Their videos are pulled from popular video sharing sites like YouTube
and Vimeo and also have videos hosted on their website.

http://www.guidedways. com/islamicvideo s

Guidedways.com, the group that brought you iQuran and iPray for iPhone,
also has a video sharing website. It doesn’t have much videos as the
previous two and is not updated as often, but it is still worthwhile to
check out.

http://www.halaltube. com

This website is unique among the rest in the list. It focuses solely on
English Muslim scholars and provides videos and audio for them.

Since everyone has different styles and prefer to learn with certain
scholars, this website covers the whole gamut. Everyone’s favorite
speaker should be available here.

http://www.muslimvideo. com/tv

What is unique about this Muslim Video website is that it also has a lot
of Islamic Videos in Arabic along with many English videos. So if you
know Arabic, this is a good website for you to look into.

Instead of adding a sixth item, I’m going to stick one last website
in here. http://www.MuslimVideos. com has almost the same website address but it
is another general Muslim Video sharing website. I notice it has more
general videos and less lecture videos.
If I missed any Muslim Video website, please feel free to share them in
the comments!