Saudi Arabia IS “al Qaida”


Saudi Arabia IS “al Qaida”

Saudi Arabia paid the bills for half  of the costs of building an international army of mujahedeen to fight the Soviets.

Saudi Arabia helped pay the cost of sending those international jihadis all over the world.

Saudi Arabia paid the full cost of creating thousands of radical Wahabbi madrassas in Pakistan and in nearly every Muslim country.

Saudi Arabia is consistently linked to funding of Sunni jihadi groups in the Middle East.

The majority of the suicide bombers in Iraq have been Saudi citizens.

Most of the captured foreign fighters coming into Iraq are Saudis.

Fifteen of the nineteen identified hijackers on 911 were Saudis.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM: Pakistan’s Western Frontiers In Tumult

By Ramtanu Maitra

Within a very short time, the situation worsened. Aided by Saudi funding, to spread Wahhabi-led jihad inside the tribal areas, and huge sums of cash generated

by the opium explosion inside Afghanistan, militants almost paralyzed the Pakistani troops inside the FATA, and Islamabad was unable to maintain law and order in the area. As it stands today, Islamabad’s writ is virtually lost in the FATA, and weakened vastly in Balochistan and the NWFP.

The Swat Valley, located at the northeastern part of the NWFP (Figure 1), has already become autonomous, and has imposed Wahhabi-style Islamic Sharia law, in violation of Pakistan’s constitution. For all practical purposes, Islamabad has handed the Swat Valley over to the Saudi-funded Wahhabis.

By pursuing the old colonial policy towards the Baloch people and the tribal areas, Pakistani leaders have opened a floodgate to various forces in Britain, who would like the area separated from Pakistan, to form a buffer between oil- and gas-rich Central Asia; to the Saudi-funded Wahhabis, who are on a rampage recruiting terrorists and setting up Islamic schools (madrassahs) to convert moderate Muslims to hard-core Salafism in Pakistan and Central Asia, with the plan to set up an Islamic Ummah (nation) under a caliphate.