“Al Qaida” in Algeria Fizzling Out

Surrender rather than suicide … The choice of the terrorists

In the last video of the ‘El Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb,’ under the command of Abou Mosaâb Abdelouadoud, alias Abdelmalek Droukdal, entitled (Ochak El Hour) “The lovers of Paradise women” in its second edition, this demonstrates the defeat of the terrorist organization at the level of recruitment.

The surrender of many terrorist leaders, who previously attracted new recruits into the organization, has caused an earthquake within ‘El Qaeda cells.’ new recruits refuse carry out suicide operations or move from one region to another due to the tightening of the noose around the areas where armed groups of El Qaeda live. The role played by repentant terrorists, by providing information to security services, permitted to break the ranks of the terrorist organisation.

Moreover, terrorists wanting to lay down their arms and repent, plays a role in informing the security services of any terrorist plan or attempt to attack by providing the date and place. The latter, convinced of their mistake by joining terrorist groups, but also convinced by the fetwas prohibiting the shedding of Algerian blood.

Security experts see that ‘El Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb’ is facing, in recent months, huge difficulties in carrying out terrorist operations because of the refusal of those who were supporters of ‘El Qaida organization’ which lives its last hours.

The organization has resorted to its archives in order to revive the memory and make them feel that it remembers its ancient criminals. The organization in its new video of an hour and a half, showed the old suicide bombers and their speeches before committing suicide operations. It was apparent that many of these were almost unconscious, which proves that they were drugged before the execution of the suicide operations, especially that most of them found difficulties to read their speeches, although they had been written on a sheet.

According to experts of the security file, the purpose of broadcasting of this movie is mostly to remember the terrorist organization and its crimes against civilians in Algeria after an absence following the debacle in which living residues of its elements. On the other hand, the organization wants to attract supporters in order to recruit them into its ranks by showing them images of suicide bombers committing suicide operations, claiming that they did them for the organization. The reality is that the organization has exploited them to kill innocent civilians.

The organization by propagating this video, demonstrates the failure of its criminal objectives after the Ulemas (Scholars), through their fetwas, have banned such acts they see as contrary to religion and they fall into the category of ‘El-Khawaridj.’

After the suicide operation made with a belt of explosives, Droukdal, and after the refusal of his elements, the majority of which surrendered to the security services, did not hesitate to use children of about 14 whom he wants to send to hell by making them human bombs.

Ennahar / Dalila B.