High ranking Future Movement official arrested in Lebanon for spying for Israel

High ranking Future Movement official arrested in Lebanon for spying for Israel ( 0)

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By Cherifa Sirry in Egypt
Axis of Logic
Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is really interesting news! Ziad al Humsi was arrested today by the Lebanese army intelligence forces for spying for Israel.  Mr. al Humsi is a member of the Future Movement (headed by Saad al Hariri…);  he heads the Future Movement’s election headquarters in the Bekaa of Lebanon, is mayor of Saadnayel and previous spokesman for the slain Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic al Hariri!!   It is not Hezbollah that arrested him, it is the Lebanese army.  Watch however how Israeli and Zionist-controlled media will present this item of news as though Hezbollah had themselves arrested him because he was “anti-Syrian” (oh my God!!)…. with hardly any mention of his spying activities for Israel!

– Cherifa Sirry in Egypt


Future Movement Official in Saadnayel Arrested For Spying For Israel
by Hanan Awarekeh

Lebanese security sources revealed on Saturday to Al-Manar Channel that Ziad al-Homsy, the regional media officer for the Future movement electoral campaign in Central Beqaa and Saadnayel’s deputy mayor has confessed of collaborating with the Israeli enemy after the army intelligence broke into his home and found advanced equipments there.

A huge picture of Homsy was hanged on a building in the Bekaa town, with a comment saying “The most honest of all.”

The sources added that within the spy networks arrested during the last month, there were more than one evidence that lead to Homsy’s involvement.

Saadnayel, a Future movement stronghold in Bekaa, witnessed recently tension and in some cases clashes with the neighboring town of Taalabaya. The clashes led to the killing and injuring of several people. Commentators said that the person behind these security incidents was no one but Homsy. Security sources told Al-Manar that Homsy had confessed to collaborating with the Mossad since before the 2006 war on Lebanon and that one of his missions was to collect information about the resistance. He also confessed to having received large amounts of money from his Israeli operators.

The security sources also said that investigations with Homsy centered on the nature of the information he provided Israel with, particularly that he confessed that following the dismantling of several spying networks recently he destroyed a significant number of documents.

The Lebanese army issued a statement on Saturday saying that a number of Saadnayel – Beqaa residents tried to cut off the Zahle-Chtoura main road after the Lebanese army intelligence arrested al-Homsy.

Meanwhile, informed political sources stressed that senior officials and politicians including the head of the Future Movement MP Saad Hariri contacted the Lebanese army command to acquite information regarding the circumstances that led to the arrest of Homsy. For its part the army command advised the Future Movement to call on their supporters to withdraw from the Saadnael highway which they blocked in protest at the arrest.

Security sources confirmed that the case was linked to sensitive security issues, noting that other arrests have taken place in other regions, however they were not faced with such reactions. In contrast, the sources added, the residents of those areas have shown full support for the Lebanese army responsible for protecting the country’s security.

The Army statement added that the situation calmed down soon after the citizens realized that the man was arrested as part of an investigation into a security issue.


For its part, the coordination unit of the Future Movement released a statement Saturday saying that Ziad al-Homsy has no organizational role in the movement.

“Some media said that Homsy is the regional media officer for the Future movement electoral campaign. The truth is that he is the publisher of one of the local magazines, and he contacts all the electoral campaign offices in his region,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Homsy’s lawyer Khaled Hsheimi told LBC TV that the Saadnayel’s deputy mayor “is a Future Movement cadre and responsible for its electoral campaign in the region.”

The Future Movement statement urged all political forces and citizens to “support the security services that have made remarkable achievements recently.” The statement also called for not making early judgments and wait until Homsy is tried.

Source Al-Manar


Exactly As We Predicted; Deadly NY Terror Cell Are Semi-Retarded Potheads

Exactly As We Predicted; Deadly NY Terror Cell Are Semi-Retarded Potheads

As in ever other major case, terror group hyped by media turn out to be low IQ bums radicalized by federal provocateurs


Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix

Of course, it was only after an FBI informant radicalized these bums and provided them with weapons that they became any kind of threat, providing the feds the opportunity to swoop in, declare a victory in the war on terror and use the case as a poster child for Americans to accept police

Exactly as we predicted in our headline story yesterday, two of the ringleaders in the “deadly” New York terror plot salaciously hyped by the media and government officials have turned out to be semi-retarded potheads.

“The men will likely turn out to be semi-retarded dropouts,” we stated in our article yesterday, basing our forecast on the fact that in every other major terror sting in the west given so much prominence by officials and the corporate media, the poor suckers rounded up by the feds always turn out to be low IQ petty criminals down on their luck, provocateured and armed by federal agents.

We already knew that the men were provided with an inert rocket launcher and fake C4 explosives by an FBI informant, and now as more details emerge, our original summation of the case is proving accurate.

According to an Associated Press report, the four men charged with planning to blow up synagogues and military planes, “Were amateurs every step of the way. They had trouble finding guns and bought cameras at Wal-Mart to photograph their targets. One was a convicted purse snatcher, another smoked marijuana the day the plot was to be carried out.”

The report continues,”Relatives said the defendants were down-on-their-luck men who worked at places like Wal-Mart, a landscaping company and a warehouse when they weren’t behind bars. Payen’s lawyer said he was “intellectually challenged” and on medication for schizophrenia. Marilyn Reader said he has “a very low borderline” IQ.”

tate measures and believe the hype surrounding “domestic terrorists” in the wake of controversy surrounding the MIAC report.

As the AP article concedes, “Some have criticized informants’ roles in such cases, saying they egged on and ensnared suspects who weren’t dangerous.”

As we reiterated yesterday, this same scam is played out every single time, but the media very rarely makes a big deal out of it when the suspects turn out to be retarded bums who couldn’t even have achieved whatever the provocateur prodded them into advocating without direct help from the feds. The original hyped story about the foiled deadly terror plot remains in the memory while the truth surrounding the case is buried near the back of the newspaper.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the case of the ‘Liberty City 7’, a group out of Miami that supposedly planned to “wage a full ground war against the United States” and bomb the Sears Tower, but who actually turned out to be “a bunch of dipshits living in a warehouse,” as The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart described them.

Major terror plot in Karachi foiled By Salis bin Perwaiz

Major terror plot in Karachi foiled

By Salis bin Perwaiz

KARACHI: The Special Investigation Unit (SIU), Karachi, has foiled plans for major terrorist activities in the city by capturing six militants belonging to al-Qaeda and the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) from an inn in Sohrab Goth, sources said on Friday.

During a raid on a tip-off, five suicide bombing jackets, more than 10 kilogrammes of C-4 explosive material, several guns, a large quantity of ammunition and electronic items were also recovered, the sources added.

There were reports that after the military operation in Swat, Buner and Dir, the militants, belonging to al-Qaeda and the TTP, came to Karachi to disturb the peaceful environment of the city by launching suicide attacks on Ulema, Imambargahs, important installations and killing personnel belonging to the Karachi Police and intelligence agencies.

The sources said Capital City Police Officer Waseem Ahmed, taking note of the presence of militants in the city, directed SSP Raja Omer Khattab of the SIU Karachi to dismantle the network of terrorists.

Intelligence sources said during the investigation, SSP Khattab was tipped off that the militants were present at an inn near a petrol pump situated near New Sabzi Mandi, Sohrab Goth. The police raided the area and after a brief encounter arrested Abu Huzefa, Hafiz Saeed, Haris and others.

The militants were shifted to an unknown location for interrogation. During the course of investigation, it was uncovered that the militants belonged to al-Qaeda and the TTP and had received training in Afghanistan to carry out bombings and other terrorist acts.

The intelligence sources said after the military operation in Swat and elsewhere, the militants, belonging to various outfits, came to Karachi from South Waziristan, Swat, Miranshah and Buner. They were directed to generate funds for organisations fighting in the tribal areas by robbing banks, moneychangers, jewellery markets and kidnapping millionaire businessmen for ransom.

They added the police found a list of Ulema who were on their hit list. The militants had gathered information about the Ulema and their addresses. The police also found a list of police officers who were to be their targets — SSP Mohammad Farooq Awan, SSP Raja Omar Khattab, SSP Khurram Waris, SSP Mohammad Fayyaz Khan, DSP Chaudhry Amir Hameed, DSP Chaudhry Safdar and others.

The militants had also gathered information about addresses and vehicles of officers belonging to the Sindh Police and intelligence agencies, as they had made a crackdown against their organisations in the past. Senior police officials will hold a press conference in a few days to announce details obtained during the investigation.

Baitullah’s hideouts pounded in S. Waziristan

[FREAKING UNBELIEVEABLE!!  After word leaked-out yesterday that Maulvi Nazir would not join Mehsud in any attack upon the Army, the Army arranges for a Mehsud tribal jirga with the Taliban leader and begins shelling the tribal leaders as the meeting is being held. Obviously, the Army has been itching to fight in Waziristan.   By attacking the non-combatant tribal leaders they are attacking the tribal system and all the Pashtuns whom they represent.]

Baitullah’s hideouts pounded in SWA

Saturday, May 23, 2009

By Mushtaq Yusufzai & Irfan Burki

PESHAWAR/WANA: As feared by the Mehsud tribesmen, security forces on Friday launched military offensive in the South Waziristan Agency (SWA). The action came a year after a secret peace deal with Baitullah Mehsud, official and tribal sources told The News.

According to sources, security forces rained artillery and mortar shells on suspected locations of the Baitullah Mehsud-led Taliban militants in the Mehsud inhabited areas of the South Waziristan tribal region. There were no details about any loss of life in the shelling.

When reached by telephone, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director-General Maj-Gen Athar Abbas, however, denied launching of military operation in South Waziristan right now. He said the paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) had taken some action but he had no further details.

On the other hand, official and tribal sources said security forces at Jandola and Manzai military camps began artillery shelling on the Taliban’s suspected positions in Srarogha, Kotkai and Spinkai Raghzai villages of Mehsud tribal people.

A security official on condition of anonymity told The News the artillery shelling was a reaction to the Thursday’s suicide attack near Jandola FC camp, in which 12 people were killed and several others injured.

According to sources, the shelling was started at a time when a 15-member Jirga of the Mehsud tribal elders and Ulema were holding talks with Baitullah Mehsud and his key commanders near Makeen.

The Political Agent of the South Waziristan Agency, Shahab Ali Shah, had convened a meeting of the Mehsud tribal Jirga in Tank a day earlier and sought their assistance in opening the Tank-Jandola and Jandola-Wana road.

The tribesmen have been avoiding travelling on the road due to insecurity caused by frequent terrorist attacks and growing loot and murder incidents. Security forces also restricted their movements on the usually busy Tank-Wana road due to likely terrorist attempts by the militants in the region.

The Jirga, led by Senator Maulana Saleh Shah, returned Bannu later in the night after a meeting with Baitullah Mehsud and his key commanders.Saleh Shah accused the government of deteriorating the situation by violating peace accords. He said it was the government that sent them to the Taliban for negotiation and then started artillery shelling on the Taliban’s positions.

“This practice by the government humiliated our position before the Taliban. There was no justification for the Jirga when the government believed in use of power,” the cleric-cum-parliamentarian remarked.

Also, he said, Baitullah Mehsud denied his involvement in the suicide attack near Jandola FC camp[Isn’t it possible that an anonymous outside group attacked the Army positions as a means of setting-off the kind of exchange we are seeing today?] Shah said he noticed that the Taliban militants were preparing themselves for likely military action against them.

Another noted tribal elder said during a meeting with the political agent, they felt that the government had already made up its mind to launch a full-scale military operation in the South Waziristan Agency. He said 80 per cent Mehsud tribesmen had shifted to downtowns in Tank and Dera Ismail Khan districts in the past few days due to fears of military operation.

Tension grips part of Karachi as 13 vehicles set ablaze

Tension grips part of Karachi as 13 vehicles set ablaze

KARACHI, May 22: Two persons including a woman were killed and eight others injured during violent incidents in different parts of Karachi. Unknown persons in the rumpus set eleven passenger buses, a tractor and loading truck on fire. Heavy contingents of Police and Rangers have been deployed at sensitive points in the metropolis.

Over 11 million people displaced in central and east Africa

Over 11 million people displaced in central and east Africa

afrol News, 18 May The UN Humanitarian Agency has said that the number of internally displaced persons and refugees in 16 countries in Central and East Africa driven by armed conflict and natural disasters has surpassed 11 million.

According to United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) statistics, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Sudan continue to be the countries with the largest displacements of people. “Sudan has over 4 million displaced people while DRC and Somalia have over 1.3 million each,” OCHA said.

The agency said that the number had risen from 10.9 million in December last year, to 11 million attributing much of the increase to conflicts in the eastern DRC.

The agency also said that among the causes of the displacement were repeated attacks by the Ugandan rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) on civilians in the north-eastern DRC and renewed fighting in the eastern North Kivu province related to the joint DRC-Rwanda military operation in January and February against armed rebel groups.

“Also, ongoing hostilities in Somalia have resulted in an influx of refugees to the north-eastern Kenya, where the three camps in the Dadaab complex are congested with a population of some 258,000 refugees,” the OCHA report said.

OCHA said other causes of high numbers of displaced people was also triggered by natural disasters such as floods and droughts, creating large in-country and cross-border population movements in east and central Africa.

It further said lack of access to displaced people due to insecurity and targeting of humanitarian workers is an ongoing challenge to those who provide aid in countries such as CAR, Chad, DRC, Somalia, and the Darfur region of Sudan.

The refugee hosting countries are Burundi, Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Djibouti, DR Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.