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[The Vienna murders.]

When Sikhs hate Dalits because of caste, why not reject them & establish Ravidas religion?

The curse of Brahminism is even if you quit Hinduism and convert to any egalitarian religion to seek liberation you cannot get rid of casteism which is the other name for racism. The powerful Jat (shudra) castes of Punjab embraced Sikhism to fight Brahmins but within no time they are back in the Brahminical stomach.

Sikhism itself was founded by Guru Nanak to fight Brahmins and their Brahminism but all the castes that went over to the revolutionary Sikhism carried their caste stink with them.

Brahminism is the world’s deadliest octopus and this whole country of 1,200 millions is struggling to escape its tentacles but failed.

The May 25, 2009 spontaneous Punjab violence is the direct result of the long simmering caste hatred between the Dalit Sikhs and the Jat Sikhs that resulted in the targeted assassination (May 24) of Sant Ramanand at Vienna (Austria) of Dera Sachkhand, Ballan, near Jalandhar. The whole lot of Guru Ravidas followers (Dalits) violently protested all over Punjab and parts of Haryana and taught a lesson to the Jats.

Brahmins have hearty laughter: But the Brahmins had a hearty laughter and quietly enjoyed how they managed to split Dalit Sikhs and Dalits from Jat Sikhs and made them fight each other. The principle of Brahminism is divide and rule. Sikhism, a military religion, was born to fight Brahminism and free all the oppressed people including Dalits from Brahminical tyranny and racism. Guru Gobind Singh, the last of the Sikh gurus and the most revolutionary of the lot, declared Brahminism as the Enemy No.1 of the people. Sikhism quickly grew and came to dominate the whole of Punjab.

“Blue Star” & Indira Gandhi murder: But the Brahmins would never forget or forgive their enemy. During the partition (1947), the Brahmins deceived the Sikhs by using M.K. Gandhi who made them remain with Hindus. Sikhism itself was dubbed a reform movement within Hinduism — like Budhism and Jainism. The enemy was waiting for an opportunity to once for all break the backbone of the Sikh martial race. That opportunity came when Indira Gandhi sent the army itself into Golden Temple and killed the revolutionary leader, Sant Bhindranwale (1984), and thousands of Sikhs on their holiest day and that too inside their holiest shrine, Golden Temple. In DV, we called it “Hindu war against Sikhs” (DV Edit June 16 1984).

The Dalit Sikhs did not forget the crime committed by Indira Gandhi. A devout Dalit Sikh (not a Jat Sikh) took the revenge and killed the then Prime Minister (DV Edit Nov.16, 1984: “A Dalit kills Indira taking Sikhs closer to Khalistan”).

Sikhs corrupted & co-opted: All this is now part of history. But the Khatri and the Jat Sikhs in particular have forgotten their great ancestors like Sardar Kapur Singh, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, both Jat Sikhs, and all the crimes committed by the Brahminical people against the Jat Sikhs and allowed themselves to be corrupted and co-opted by the Brahminical force.

What a tragedy that Punjab’s sole Jat Sikh party of Akali Dal is in the pocket of the Brahmana Jati Party. In almost every gurudwara in Punjab, the Brahminical people have established a unit of their Rashtriya Sikh Sangat (RSS) to re-write the Guru Granth, the holy book of the Sikhs, and include Hindu gods and goddesses. This is being vigorously done. The Jat Sikh religious leaders or their party never objected to this Brahminical blackmail.

No hope in Jat Sikhs: We have very exhaustively written on the “Fall & slow death of Sikhism” by holding a long Debate on the subject (references to DV Debate is given at the end of this Editorial). We say with deep sorrow that we have hardly any hope of the Sikh military religion of Guru Gobind Singh then and Sant Bhindranwale recently, reviving itself. The Khatri Sikhs like Manmohan Singh etc. have no Sikhism in them except their turban and beard. Many have given up their religious symbols also. The Jat Sikhs were the only people keeping the Sikh flame burning. But the deep Brahminical infiltration, with the Akali Dal itself becoming an ally of the Brahmana Jati Party, we have no hope in the Jats. The Jat Sikhs only job today is to obey the Brahminical order to attack the Dalit Sikhs.

Targeted assassination: Since the Jat Sikhs themselves are not interested in Sikhism what hope is there for Dalit Sikhs and other Dalits?

The Vienna explosion was clear and loud. Both the Dalit saints had gone there to preach Guru Ravidas message to only Dalit Sikhs and other Dalits. It was not a Sikh gurudwara but a Ravidas Temple of the Dalits.

Killing Dalits is Hindu dharma: What business the Jat Sikhs or other upper caste Sikhs had to go there when they were not invited or the prayer meeting was not to their liking? That means the upper caste Sikh assassins went there determined to kill the Dalit saints. This proves the intensity of caste hatred even in a far off foreign land.

Hinduism (Brahminism) is the other name for caste hatred. Dalits are its worst victims — from centuries. The whole lot of Indian Dalits, who form over 20% of its 1,200 million population, are daily suffering the Hindu hatred and violence which is fully justified by Hinduism as their dahrma (religious duty).

The Babbar Khalsa International (Hindu May 27, 2009) says the:

“Indian agencies are behind the Vienna attack and they are trying to split the Ravidasiya community from the Sikh Panth”.

When the Brahminical rulers of India and the upper caste Sikh rulers of Punjab say they hate Dalits, why beg them?

Dalits refuse to quit Hinduism: That is why Babasaheb, the Father of India and the country’s most audacious warrior against Brahminism, revolted and kicked it out asking his Untouchable followers to quit Hinduism.

But they did not. Even when Hinduism grinds them to dust and they all know who is the culprit. We call it: Slaves enjoying their slavery.

The Punjabi and Haryana Ravidas Dalit followers are also caught in the same dilemma. When Guru Ravidas, Dr. Ambedkar and all the Dalit saints were victims of Brahminism and daily the Dalits are persecuted by the Hindus they are still sticking on to this stinking house.

This is because the Brahminical leaders have given a powerful injection of their religion, the poison of which the Dalits are not able to get rid of.

Jats made monkeys, Dalits bribed: On one side they have made monkeys of Jat Sikhs and continue to instigate them against Dalits. On the other they are riding the back of every Dalit saint, infiltrated their deras, tempted them with all sorts of bribery.

Though Guru Ravidas was hated by the Brahminical people, who only finally killed the saint and also his famous disciple, Mira Bai (DV Feb.1, 2009 p.9), the vaidiks did not give up the hope of retaining Dalits within Hinduism. M.K. Gandhi’s fasting stunts against separate electorate finally reduced the fate of Dalits who are once for all made Hinduism’s most obedient slaves enjoying their slavery. Heard of it anywhere else?

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Father of India, and the country’s greatest fighter against Brahminism after the Budha, asked Dalits to quit Hinduism and embrace Budhism. Barring a fraction, Dalits by and large remained within Hinduism as its slaves.

Power of Brahminical media: The Brahminical people wield such enormous influence on all their victims only because of the power of their manuwadi monopoly media but Dalits and other persecuted minorities denied human rights have none except the Dalit Voice.

So, when Brahminism is reigning supreme, unchallenged, making a bloody fool of every section that challenges them, how to win the war launched by Babasaheb against Brahminism?

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