Government Fighting Terror So Pakistani Children Will Be Welcome In West

Govt fighting terror to save future: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Friday that the government was waging the war against terrorism and extremism to protect the youth from falling into depression, mistrust and negative activities so that they could become patriotic citizens and play their role in national development.

“To save the future of our youth, the government is confronting the menace of terrorism and extremism,” he said, while addressing an award-distribution ceremony in connection with national internship programme at the Prime Minister Secretariat.

He said the government would arrange an inter-provincial youth exchange programme so that they could share their experiences and develop understanding. “It will help eliminate misperception and bring harmony among the youth and develop brotherhood among the provinces,” he added.

He urged the youth to get technical and specialised education, which would benefit them and they would be able to have jobs abroad and the government would facilitate them.He said acquisition of technical education was imperative to meet the modern day challenges. He said the government was endeavouring to send the talented youth abroad on scholarships.

The prime minister said the new education policy would soon be finalised, and it would fulfil the requirements of the modern age.He said in this regard the draft of the policy had been sent to provincial governments and Azad Kashmir to take their input in the finalisation of the policy so that a vibrant policy would be evolved to benefit all the stakeholders.

Gilani said the government had constituted a sub-committee of the cabinet to finalise the draft of the Youth Policy. He said the government was endeavouring to develop the human resource sector with an aim to provide maximum facilities of education to the youth and in this connection a significant allocation of Rs 3.6 billion had been made in the budget. “It will provide an opportunity to about 30,000 youth to enrol in the internship programme.”

The prime minister directed the Finance Ministry to examine proposals to set up the Youth Fund for providing assistance to the youth. He rejected the request of Youth Affairs Minister Shahid Bhutto to increase the age limit for getting internship. At presently, the youth in the 19-25 age limit are eligible for internship.