Our Terrorists Are “Freedom Fighters”

California congressmen want Iranian militant group taken off terrorist watch list

03:38 PM | Kitty Felde | KPCC

A pair of California Congressmen – one Democrat, one Republican – urged the U.S. to “get out of the way” of an ex-patriate group of Iranian militants. KPCC’s Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde says the group is on a U.S. terrorist watch list.

Kitty Felde: Democrat Bob Filner from San Diego and Republican Dana Rohrabacher from Huntington Beach want U.S. support for the Iranian resistance movement. Congressman Filner says instead of invading or appeasing Iran, the U.S. could follow a third course: take the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq off the terrorist watch list.

Congressman Bob Filner: The MEK is a democratic non-nuclear secular group fighting for freedom for all the people in Iran and we should be doing what we could to help them and not get in their way.

Felde: The Council on Foreign Relations describes the MEK as the largest and most militant group opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran. It participated in the Iranian Revolution of 1979, but the MEK clashed with the Islamist regime that took over and moved to Iraq.

It landed on the State Department’s terrorist watch list for its cooperation with Saddam Hussein in attacking Iran. Congressmen Filner and Rohrabacher also want protection for 3,000 MEK fighters currently under American protection at an airbase in Iraq.