UNIFIL Finds 20 Katyushas Ready for Launch in the South


Jerusalem Post: UNIFIL Finds 20 Katyushas Ready for Launch in the South

U.N. peacekeepers have found around 20 Katyusha rockets that were ready for launch in southern Lebanon, Israel’s Jerusalem Post reported Friday.
The newspaper said that UNIFIL has increased its operations in southern Lebanon and begun entering villages in search of Hizbullah weapons caches in an effort to prevent a flare-up along the border with Israel.

According to the Israeli army, Hizbullah has deployed most of its forces and weaponry – including Katyusha rockets – inside homes in southern villages.

The Post also said that UNIFIL has recently succeeded in thwarting attacks that were planned against its own personnel.

UNIFIL’s increased activity comes amid concerns in Israel that Hizbullah will launch an attack along the border to avenge the assassination of its military commander Imad Mughniyeh in a Damascus car bombing last year.

The newspaper quoted foreign sources as saying that Hizbullah was behind a thwarted attempt earlier this year to attack the Israeli embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan.

According to the daily, the group has also tried using Palestinian proxies for attacks within Israel, without success. “These frustrations, Israel fears, might lead the group to try a retaliatory attack against the northern border, which would be easier operationally.”