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This is footage from Radio Teleginen, Haiti’s largest and privately owned television station, that captured the UN shooting at crowd level from the back of a small pickup truck on June 18, 2009. Mourners had just left Haiti’s national cathedral to begin a procession when Brazilian troops with the UN attempted to arrest one of their numbers. During the arrest they are followed by the crowd and they begin firing into the air.It is true that you don’t have one camera focused on the victim at the point of impact to see the bullet rip flesh and shatter bone. What you do have is a camera that captures a shot fired by Brazilian soldiers and a horizontal plume of gun smoke (showing the angle at which the firearm was discharged at crowd level) (1:19). This is followed by a second magazine flash fired in the direction of the camera and (1:21) towards the cathedral.Thirty seconds later it is clear that a victim is discovered (1:51) with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the head (other photographs and video will soon published that show more details of the victim).The trajectory of the shots, timing and condition of the victim is not consistent with the U.N. assertions:1. They ONLY fired into the air and therefore their troops are not responsible for the death2. That the victim was felled by a rock thrown by the crowd or was hit from behind by a blunt instrumentAt minimum, the U.N. must be held accountable by submitting to an independent autopsy of the victim’s body and the release of the full results of their own investigation and autopsy to the public. This should be done immediately as the corpse of the victim continues to decompose.This tragedy is another in a long list of shootings targeting Lavalas events and demonstrations in which the U.N. stands complicit and ultimately responsible. They stood by, watched and turned a blind eye for years as the Police Nationale d’ Haiti (PNH) and their sharpshooters picked off peaceful demonstrators with high-powered rifles. June 14 was the fifth anniversary of the current U.N. military mission in Haiti and four days later their presence is commemorated with blood in the streets once again.Read the complete story at: is not the first time the UN has murdered innocent Haitians in cold blood and tried to cover it up:

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