Overthrowing the Kingdom of God

Thomas Jefferson:

“Nothing can be more exactly and seriously true than what is there stated

[the very words only of Jesus];


that but a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion,


before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants,


and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandising their oppressors in Church and State;


that the purest system of morals ever before preached to man, has been adulterated and sophisticated by artificial constructions,


into a mere contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves;


that rational men not being able to swallow their impious heresies, in order to force them down their throats, they raise the hue and cry of infidelity,


while themselves are the greatest obstacles to the advancement of the real doctrines of Jesus, and do in fact constitute the real Anti-Christ.”



Two drone strikes kill 33 in South Waziristan

Two drone strikes kill 33 in South Waziristan

// The strike targeted ‘a Taliban compound in Karwan Manza area of South Waziristan,’ a security official said. — File Pakistan US drone kills 16 militants in South Waziristan

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Two separate US missile strikes slammed into the stronghold of Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud on Wednesday, killing 33 suspected fighters, security officials said.

The attacks, the suspected work of US drones, came as Pakistan reported that Maulana Fazlullah, the most-wanted Taliban commander in the Swat valley, also in the northwest, was injured during a recent army offensive.

In the first missile strike, in the early hours of the morning, six projectiles fired from an unmanned drone aircraft flattened an alleged training centre for Islamist extremists in South Waziristan, killing eight militants.

Hours later, another suspected drone targeted a convoy of vehicles carrying Taliban militants in the same province, officials said.

‘At least 25 militants have been killed in the US missile strike,’ a senior security official in the area told AFP, referring to the second attack.

Two other security officials confirmed the strikes and casualties, with one telling AFP that the death toll could still rise further.

Pakistani fighter jets have also pounded Mehsud hideouts in recent weeks, with the military vowing to hunt down the warlord’s militant network in the remote northwest region known as a base for Taliban and Al-Qaeda rebels.

The first strike hit about 35 kilometres (20 miles) northeast of the main town Wana, with two officials confirming the death toll of eight.

It was not immediately clear whether any high-value targets were killed in either strike in the mountainous region bordering Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, a US missile strike killed 16 foreign and local militants in a nearby mountain stronghold of Mehsud, who has been described by the US State Department as a key Al-Qaeda facilitator in Pakistan’s tribal belt.

Also Wednesday, the Pakistani army said it had ‘credible’ information that Fazlullah, the commander of the Taliban in the Swat valley, had been injured in Pakistani air strikes two days ago.

The radical cleric is the architect of a nearly two-year Taliban uprising to enforce sharia law in the Swat valley, where the army says it is wrapping up a two-month offensive to drive out the insurgents. — AFP

Obama, The Second Coming of Moses, Exodus Preparations

Obama, The Second Coming of Moses, Exodus Preparations


“Israel must halt West Bank settlement activity…” –President Obama on May 28, 2009 after meeting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“I want you to know that today I’ll be speaking from my heart, and as a true friend of Israel. And I know that when I visit with AIPAC, I am among friends. Good friends. Friends who share my strong commitment to make sure the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable today, tomorrow and forever.” Obama June 4, 2008 during his speech to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)

On June 4, 2009 President Obama spoke to the Arab and Muslim “worlds”. On the surface at least, Obama’s speech marked a turning point in the American Administration speech on the Middle East in the last 60 years. Predictably, his even-handed-with-the-Muslims-speech was received in all the typical ways. Political operative Dick Morris characterized it as America “turning her back on Israel” while Rep Gary Ackerman (D-NY) said in reference to the settlements issue that “I don’t think anybody wants to dictate to an ally what they have to do in their own national security interests.”

We are not witnessing the AIPAC controlled Congress waging the kind of war, which those of us who are familiar with AIPAC’s capabilities expect. Very strange indeed.

From the beginning of this conflict in the Middle East, Palestinians and many others around the world have accused America of being one-sided when it came to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This speech (for the first time) however sounded as if America actually wants to be “fair and balanced” as one infamous pro-Zionist news network likes to call itself. It is obvious–considering some of what Obama said–why many in Israel have their collective underwear in a knot. Rather than the typical “let‘s blame Israel‘s enemies for all the unrest in the Middle East“ the new president stressed that tried-and-true truism that it “takes two to tango” when he said–

“But if we see this conflict only from one side or the other, then we will be blind to the truth: the only resolution is for the aspirations of both sides to be met through two states, where Israelis and Palestinians each live in peace and security.”

During the recent Israeli war on Gaza where over 1300 Palestinians (more than half of whom were women and children) were butchered and Gaza destroyed beyond repair, Obama did not say a word publicly or privately in criticizing the Jewish state and not even when the rest of the world was. He even went further than just remaining silent on the issue by sending a letter to Zalmay Khalilzad, the United States representative to the UN with the message that “The Security Council should clearly and unequivocally condemn the rocket attacks against Israel.… If it cannot…I urge you to ensure that it does not speak at all.” He also added that he understood why Israel was forced to close border crossings to Gaza where over one and a half million people were left to die of hunger and lack of medicine.

We remember the barrage of attacks Obama endured back in March of 2008 while on the campaign trail in Iowa where he had a “slip of the tongue” moment, expressing compassion for the plight of the Palestinians when he said “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.” As a result, Obama spent the next nine months of his campaign proving his love and commitment to Israel and the Jewish people. So what happened? Why is Obama now “turning his back” on Israel?

Those who reject the idea he is doing just that should take stock of the fact that within the Zionist community worldwide bells are ringing, whistles are blowing, and in general a hurricane of screaming and hollering is being heard ‘round the world about Obama’s “anti-Semitism”, his being a “secret Muslim”, a “Jew hater”, a ” friend of the Palestinians” and of course “anti-Israel”, as well as all the others that cannot be listed here for reasons of decorum.

Those who understand the American political system know that someone with those kind of credentials should not dream of being elected even to a neighborhood association, much less the highest office in the world. Obama was scrutinized by every Jew on the planet but yet he became the president of the USA. Confused and boggled? Its ok stick around it gets better. So how could Obama in his first term, and not in his second term and early on make the kind of speech he made to the Muslim world?

As all persons know too well by now, the Jewish people throughout history have been systematically rejected and thrown out of virtually every country in which they lived. In 1290 they were expelled from England, 1392 from France, 1492 from Spain- same year Columbus went out looking for India, and 1497 from Portugal, and the list goes on and on. The latest such experience was in the 30’s and early 40’s of the last century during the Nazi’s rein on power. The reasons cited by Hitler himself were Jewish control of money, media, and political power within Germany.

The recent Israeli-engineered/executed massacres in Lebanon and Gaza coupled with the popularity of the Internet have (finally after 6 decades) exposed Israel for what her victims have always known her to be–a murderous state with no concern for human life or the rules of law. As a result, many people around the world are now rethinking their support for the great experiment in Jewish self rule in the Middle East and the Jews in general. The latest of such evidence is the defeat of the ADL at the University of California at Santa Barbara against Professor William I. Robinson. Added to that is the world financial collapse that many squarely blame on Jewish control over money and banking. The war on Iraq for Israel (combined with the above mentioned factors) have many Jewish writers and leaders around the world (and particularly in the US) sounding sirens of warning or maybe the sound of Shofar- the Jewish Horn-in the interest of stopping the course of history from repeating itself by going against their perceived sense of “Manifest Destiny” even if only temporary.

In other words Jews in the US and around the world have realized the “existential threat” Israel poses to worldwide Jewry as a result of its behavior. Powerful Jewish interests on the left and the Right know what “the Lobby” in Washington is doing must be stopped at least temporarily until they can regroup and the world fall back asleep. More and more people in the USA are learning from the likes of Mearsheimer and Walt rather than from Fox and CNN, and those leaders know it is only a matter of time before the masses in the US start (rightly or wrongly) to better understand the realities of how their political and economic systems truly function and turn against Jewish interests in the USA. The Jewish people–as smart as they are–are trying now to change the course of history by accepting the fact that the dream of greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates must be abandoned–for the moment.

Unfortunately for the world that is not how the leadership in Israel feels. Far-right extremists in Israel now rule the country and believe they are obligated to “redeem the land” in order to redeem themselves even if it means killing every Palestinian and destroying every non-Jewish Holy Site. The charge that such assertions are mere anti-Semitic conspiracy theories no longer holds water, as Jews–both religious and irreligious–are “feeling the power” as it were and letting the cat out of the bag as to what their idea of “redeeming the land” really means. Case in point are the comments of one Rabbi Manis Friedman–fellow traveler of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman– who recently responded to the question “How should Jews Treat Their Arab Neighbors” by saying–

“I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral. The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).The first Israeli prime minister who declares that he will follow the Old Testament will finally bring peace to the Middle East. …”

Needless to say, going public with such statements in this modern informational age, where sound bites can travel the globe in a matter of seconds does not bode well for a nation trying to depict itself as a ‘light among nations’ and the only democracy in the Middle East. Obviously then, there are some within the Jewish community made very nervous by such statements and have come to realize that the Jewish state has actually become detrimental to Jewish survival in the world.

In short, the real fight we see taking place here is not one of principals as much as it is one of the preferred tactics and timing.

Some in the Jewish community believe Israel is putting the whole Jewish people in danger with its policies towards the Palestinians and it must be stopped. Despite the racist, bigoted, violent statements being leveled against him by Israelis and Jews the world over, the fact nevertheless is that Obama is “God’s messenger” sent to the Jewish people, a modern-day messiah or the “second coming of Moses” if you will. The Jews must leave this track of destruction which will lead them to the same end they have experienced in centuries past–isolation and expulsion. They must come out and be free from the grip of their perennially-mad leaders whose only real goal–apart of waging war against non-Jews–is devising new schemes for bringing persecution and oppression on their own. Obama must lead them through and out of this “Red River”.

By settling the Palestinian Israeli issue under the two states solution Israel is contained and transformed into a manageable beast. In other words what Obama is doing falls squarely within the interest of Israel in particular and the Jewish people in general. Make no mistake about it, Obama will not “bravely and couragesly” go against the Jewish community in the United States which happens to field an arsenal of WMD’s that includes but not limited to AIPAC, ADL,JDL, and JINSA. These organizations understand that it is only a matter of time before the story of the Holocaust, which was a major stepping stone in the creation of Israel is exposed, and in turn leads to the loss of its legitimacy in the eyes of the World. A huge embarrassment to all Jews and western governments in the World. Now you understand why Israel and the Jewish community would fight tooth and nail to protect the sanctity of their Holocaust narrative, a war that they themselves know it will come to an end not in their behalf.

You did not truly believe that America’s banking system could fall overnight did you? But it did. Is the economic and banking collapse in the US part of this Jewish in-fight? We may have to wait few decades before we will find out.

Of course don’t forget also that the Arab and the Muslim worlds are the only salvation left in the world for America’s economic recovery. The Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, and the Russians don’t want to buy America’s Treasury Bills-which is how America issues money- anymore because they don’t believe they will ever get their money back. In the cold reality of the business world, the only remaining people susceptible to American arm-twisting is the Arab world. Therefore, catering to the Arabs will not only put pressure on Israel, but will also bring in economic benefits to an economically-beleaguered USA. The only bad thing is, economic help from Arab countries will come much faster than any thing Israel might relinquish under pressure.

Hesham Tillawi, PhD International Relations is a Palestinian American writer, Political Analyst and a TV and Radio Talk Show Host. His program Current issues with Hesham Tillawi can be viewed Live every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time on Cox Cable system Channel 15 in Louisiana, Nationwide on Bridges TV, and Worldwide on Amazonas Satellite, as well as Live on the Internet at http://www.currentissues.tv and can be contacted at tillawi@currentissues.tv Interviews then archived for on demand viewing at http://www.currentissues.tv Radio show broadcast on RBN http://www.republicbroadcasting.org every Saturday at 4-6 PM Central Time.

Exposing the Matrix – The Hoax of Free Press

Exposing the Matrix – The Hoax of Free Press

Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group

In my previous essay ‘The Democracy Hoax, ’ I spoke about how Western style democracy, especially in its most perverted form, the Anglo-Saxon two-party system, was the political equivalent of World Wrestling Federation: a staged competition with choreographed pretend fights and pre-determined outcomes. You could also compare it with a horse race where the ruling elite owns all the horses. No matter who wins the election, our self-chosen rulers always win. The biggest hurdle for anyone dreaming of becoming the leader of the opposition, leave alone the head of government, is not to be elected or even nominated, but to convince the ruling elite that nobody else in his or her party would serve them better in that role. Once that’s achieved, everything else – money, media attention – just falls into place.

Another cruel joke of the Matrix

Which brings me to the topic of this essay, a joke

almost as cruel as the democracy hoax: the hoax of ‘free press’. Let me start by asking, what ‘freedom of press’ actually means. The concept has been passionately promoted in the 18th and 19th century as part of the struggle of Jewish media against the historic European elites and really only means – in spite of all the fairy tales told by Jews to their Gentile supporters – ‘freedom of Jewish press’. Why else are Jews so quick to ignore ‘freedom of press’ when it comes to Jewish sensitivities? (The likes of ADL and CAMERA have developped an art form out of curtailing freedom of press without throwing anyone into prison, for example by ‘lobbying’ advertisers, financial institutions and others to boycott a particular publisher.)

One of the taboo topics of Western societies is the question who owns the press. In most Western countries mainstream media are owned and controlled by Jews, in many cases as much as 90% of the market. How did the Jews gain such a strong-hold? The unfair ‘Jewish advantage’ goes far beyond the rampant tribal cross-promotion, most visibly in movies, where we are used to be constantly bombarded with Jewish brands such as Madonna, Ben&Jerry, Tiffany, Cosmo, Dell and Starbucks.

Although in theory it’s the readers and viewers who are deciding which media to consume, and 99.5% of them are Gentiles, they don’t matter all that much for the success of a media company. It’s the advertisers respectively their ad agencies – most of them Jewish – who chose which media to use for their campaigns. Everything else flows from there. The more advertising income media companies have, the most attractive products they can offer to their consumers.

Media ratings

I hear you asking: but what about ratings? Doesn’t the number of viewers and readers influence whether a media is used by advertisers? Much less than what most people think. Virtually all print media are wholesaled via Jewish distribution companies. If they want to push a particular media product, those distributors force their retailers to buy up to 20 times more copies than what they can actually sell.

The unsold copies then go back to the distributors for credit once the next edition comes out, and the distributors receive a credit note from the media company. Sounds harmless enough. The only problem here is that nobody tells the advertisers and their ad agencies how many of the sold copies are returned for credit. The ad agencies do know about the scam, but they are not going to let down their Jewish mates. And the more copies a media company ‘sells’ that way, the more they can charge for advertising.

I’m not saying that the official media sales figures are entirely fake. All that consumer exposure in newsagencies and supermarkets is bound to generate some real sales eventually. Anybody who understands anything about retail knows about the importance of product placement. The more copies of a particular media product consumers see on the shelves, the more likely they are going to buy it. And whose media products are Jewish media distributor pushing in such way? That’s right. Do I need to get into who owns the companies who measure TV ratings?

Jewish Interests

So whose interests are those Jewish media serving? Having all that advertising income from companies conned into believing that they are reaching far more consumers than they actually are, enables Jewish media companies not only to produce the glossiest magazines and hire the best writers and photographers.

Those advertising dollars also put Jewish media owners into a position to give generously for all sorts of Jewish causes, and they have to do so in order to get the above described support from their fellow tribesmen. That’s why Jews are renown to be such big donors. They give more than half of the funds raised by both Democratic and Republican Party in the U.S., inspite of being only one or two percent of the population. The situation in the UK and Australia, where Jewish donors control both Labour and Conservative respectively Liberal Party, is no different.

Jewish donors also give generously for seemingly unselfish causes. They donate – with a lot of media publicity, mind you – to buy toys and blankets for Israeli children hiding in bunkers from home made Palestinian rockets, usually landing in soccer fields or killing Arab Israelis. They also give to build Talmud schools to teach Jewish kids that Goyim are actually animals created by God to serve, enrich and entertain Jews, and that the 10 commandments only refer to how to treat other Jews. Those schools also make sure that all Jewish kids know that God wants his ‘chosen people’ to kill all Goyim living in the ‘promised land’, and while they are at it, kill also all neighboring people refusing to be enslaved. (I hope none of my readers considers these kind of teachings to be calling for genocide, because that would be anti-Semitic, wouldn’t it?)

Gatekeepers and corporate censors

Given the extreme Jewish control and ethno-centricity, it doesn’t surprise that no Jewish media company dares to do anything that their co-religionists might perceive as being decremental to their interests. Even more liberal newspapers such as the Guardian and the Independent in the UK, who regularly feature articles critical of some of the Jews-only state’s worst human rights abuses and acts of aggression, they firmly steer away from where it really hurts, such as the question of Israel’s right to exist or the veracity of the official version of the so-called Holocaust.

Even more important than avoiding topics decremental to Jewish interests, is the pushing of views perceived to be beneficial. Whether it is the promotion of anything that ridicules and destroys despised Christian beliefs and values of their host countries, the pushing of the dogmatic belief in the Holocaust and other obvious lies such as the fraudulent ‘Wipe Israel off the map’ mistranslation by Mossad-owned MEMRI or the U.S. government’s ’12 Arabs with box cutters’ conspiracy theory, Jewish media consistently operate in ways serving Jewish interests only, rather than the interests of the entire community they are located in.

As long as Jewish ethno-centricity, supremacy and media control continues the way it is, and has been for a while, and as long as Jewish media keep prostituting themselves to the interests of a sectarian ruling elite, there will be no such thing as ‘freedom of press’, only ‘freedom of Jewish press’, that is the freedom of Jewish media to shaft the Goyim as they please.

Part 1: The Prohibition GamePart 2: The Democracy HoaxPart 4: Democracism and Resistance

Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog ZioPedia.org and founder of Jews Anonymous. He can be contacted on // <![CDATA[
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Source: ZioPedia.org


Everything On Nabucco

EurActiv Network

Ankara to host Nabucco signing ceremony

Published: Monday 6 July 2009

An inter-governmental agreement to build the Nabucco gas pipeline, which is aimed at decreasing the EU’s dependence on Russian gas, is due to be signed on 13 July in Ankara, the European Commission has announced.

Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria – the pipeline’s five transit countries – have agreed to sign the accord, the Commission announced on Friday (3 July). However, it is not yet clear who will take part in the ceremony. Turkish diplomatic sources reportedly said there would be presidents, prime ministers and ministers among the participants.

“I am delighted that the signature of the Nabucco Intergovernmental Agreement will go ahead on 13 July in Ankara,” Commission President José Manuel Barroso said in a written statement. He added that the Commission had played a crucial role by acting as a facilitator “to turn the long-standing talks into a concrete agreement”.

The breakthrough became possible after an agreement was apparently found with Turkey, which wants to use 15% of the transited gas for its own internal consumption. However, the details of the agreement are not yet known and need to be fine-tuned, sources said.

Romania’s Economy Minister Adriean Videanu told Reuters that the 15% issue was resolved, but he too was not aware of the details.

Joschka Fischer appointed as consultant

The Nabucco consortium has contracted former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer as a senior consultant for the project.

According to Spiegel, Fischer joined the project primarily to ensure that Turkey remains on board, as he is known to have excellent relations with the country.

The German press writes that ironically, Fischer’s new position puts him on the other side of the fence from

his former boss, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Just weeks after losing his chancellor job to Angela Merkel in the 2005 elections, Schröder took a position as chairman of the board of Nord Stream, a Gazprom pipeline project designed to bring gas beneath the Baltic Sea from Russia to the northern German coast.

For his part, Fischer will be in charge of a pipeline loathed by Gazprom.

Against the winds

Turkey reiterated its support for Nabucco two days after Moscow offered Ankara the chance to “play a role” in the rival South Stream project. It is however unclear what role Turkey can play in a project which bypasses Turkish territory, as its pipe runs under the Black Sea, from the Russian port of Beregovaya to the Bulgarian city of Varna.

A recent move by Russia to buy gas from Azerbaijan is also seen as a blow to Nabucco. On 29 June, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev signed a deal in Baku to restart the flow of Azerbaijani gas to Russia from January 2010.

Under current plans, Nabucco would be fed with an initial eight billion cubic metres of gas annually from Azerbaijan, an amount that should increase to 31 bcm as new suppliers join up. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan is already producing 27 bcm annually and expects that figure to reach 30 bcm in 2009.

Meanwhile, Russia appears to be paying a “political price” for Azeri gas. The gas price agreed with Azerbaijan is higher than the $300 per 1,000 cm that Russia offered Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan earlier in the year, the Russian press reported.


The Nabucco pipeline project, expected to come onstream in 2014, aims to decrease the EU’s dependence on Russian imports by bringing Caspian gas to a hub in Austria via the Balkans.

Azerbaijan is seen as the project’s most likely first gas supplier, while in future, it would also bring supplies from the Middle East. Supplies from Iraq are currently being considered, while in future Iran could also become an important supplier.

The gas would be shipped to Europe via Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Construction of Nabucco will begin in 2011 (EurActiv 08/04/09), as the recent gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine has convinced decision-makers of the need to speed up the project.

Meanwhile, Russia is stepping up efforts to start implementing its rival ‘South Stream’ project (EurActiv 25/05/09). The country’s Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko recently announced that South Stream would more than double its planned capacity from 31 billion cubic metres per year (bcm/y) to 63bcm.

The Nabucco consortium comprises leading European energy companies: OMV of Austria, MOL of Hungary, RWE of Germany, Bulgargaz of Bulgaria, Transgaz of Romania and Botas of Turkey. But three consortium members – OMV, MOL and Bulgargaz – have already signed up to Gazprom’s South Stream pipeline, raising questions about conflicts of interest, or indeed their commitment to Nabucco.

Several EU governments, including Germany, France and Italy, which have close ties with the Kremlin as well as long-term gas contracts with Gazprom, are not convinced of the need for the new pipeline. Italy’s ENI is Gazprom’s main partner in ‘South Stream’.

Turkey has used the Nabucco project as a bargaining chip with the EU. Also, Ankara seeks to use 15% of all natural gas flowing through the pipe as part of the deal for letting it pass through Turkish territory (EurActiv 29/05/09).

Next steps:

  • 13 July: Signing of inter-governmental agreement.
  • By end 2009: Nabucco consortium plans to begin to realise engineering operations, including commissions for pipes and compressor stations.
  • 2011: Actual construction begins.
  • 2012: Suppliers are determined.
  • 2014: Pipeline becomes operational.


Intergovernmental accord for the Nabucco gas pipeline will be signed on July 13,

Intergovernmental accord for the Nabucco gas pipeline will be signed on July 13, Romania’s Economy Minister sai. Novosti Azerbaijan quoted Reuters as saying.

The pipeline, intended to relieve European dependence on Russian gas, is expected to bring Caspian and Middle East gas to Europe as early as 2014, but the project has been delayed by lack of supplies and infighting among stakeholders.
“On July 13, the intergovernmental accord on Nabucco will be signed in Turkey,” Adriean Videanu told Reuters by telephone from Azerbaijan where he is on a two-day visit.
Turkey, which has few hydrocarbon resources of its own, has delayed the signing of transit agreements by demanding 15 percent of Nabucco’s 31 billion cubic metre capacity throughput for its domestic usage or for re-export.
Videanu said Turkey’s “15 percent issue” was now solved.
“As far as I know it is solved, but I do not know details.”
The resolution of that may help push the Nabucco project ahead of the rival Russian pipeline project South Stream by shoring up the transit conditions for the pipeline.
Representatives from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria, the five countries through which the pipeline is planned to run, will sign the accord. Germany is the sixth Nabucco consortium member, but has no transit role.
South Stream pulled ahead of Nabucco in securing more supplies this week when Azerbaijan promised Gazprom priority in buying gas from the second phase of the major Shah Deniz project.
The $11 billion Nabucco pipeline will ship gas from Iraq, Egypt, Azerbaijan and possibly Russia and Turkmenistan to Europe.
Iran can participate in the European Union-backed pipeline if Washington normalises relations with Tehran, the U.S. Secretary of State’s Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy has said.