Israeli warplanes enter north Lebanese airspace: report 2009-07-29 05:38:51 Print

BEIRUT, July 28 (Xinhua) — Six Israeli warplanes made their way right up to the north of Lebanon on Tuesday, in a serious violation of Lebanon’s airspace, the official National News Agency(NNA) reported.

The Lebanese warplanes conducted circular flights over Hasbayya, West Bekaa, Iklim Tefah and Marjeioun, according to the report.

It is rare for Israeli warplanes to enter northern Lebanese airspace, although Lebanon repeatedly accuses Israeli warplanes of violating its airspace on a daily basis.

The Lebanese army announced its readiness on that front, saying it has placed its troops on alert to face up any Israeli action, local media said. UN peacekeepers also were in a state of alert.

The flight of Israeli warplanes coincided with the movement of four Israeli tanks towards a recently built Israeli observation post in Kfarshouba hills with a 100-meter distance to Hassan gate.

Also during the day, representatives from the Lebanese army, the Israeli army, and the UN Interim Forces in South Lebanon (UNIFIL) held a meeting in the Lebanese town of Naqoura to discuss the breaches of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

UN resolution 1701, which ended the 34-day devastating war between Israel and the Lebanese Shiite armed group Hezbollah in the summer of 2006, prohibits weapons smuggling to Hezbollah and forbids the group from engaging in military activities in south Lebanon.

Israeli officials have recently expressed apprehension over events in southern Lebanon which Israel claims suggest that Hezbollah is seeking to provoke another round of conflict.

On Monday, Israeli officials said they believe Hezbollah will try to escalate the tension on the border by organizing civilian demonstrations and protests in the Har Dov region along Israel’s border with Lebanon, as it did about a week ago, as part of an effort to launch a popular uprising against Israel.

The 2006 ceasefire installs a 13,300-member UN peacekeeping force along Lebanon’s border with Israel to assist the Lebanese army and prevent any hostile actions between Hezbollah and Israel.