Turkey to allow South Stream surveying; to give preliminary OK for construction

Turkey to allow South Stream surveying; to give preliminary OK for construction

Today, 17:22 | Interfax-Ukraine

The prime ministers of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan, are expected to sign a protocol on gas cooperation in Ankara on Thursday under which Turkey will give permission for reconnoitering and environmental surveying for the South Stream gas pipeline project in its waters. It will also give preliminary consent to construction of the pipeline.

The protocol will also contain the start date for construction of the pipeline, the deputy head of the government administration Yury Ushakov told journalists.

A source in the gas sector told Interfax that Russia previously requested permission to conduct those operations in Turkish waters on two occasions, but was denied each time.

The protocol will also indicate the intention of extending the contract on deliveries of Russian gas on the so-called western route (through Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria), which expires in 2011, Ushakov said.

The document will also mention cooperation in the Blue Stream-2 project. Gazprom built Blue Stream in partnership with Italian Eni in 2001-2002. However, a source at Gazprom told Interfax that the gas giant has not discussed the Blue Stream-2 project with Eni.

Ushakov said it was possible Putin and Erdogan would touch upon the issue of Nabucco at their talks, particularly since Turkey is a participant in that gas pipeline project.

South Stream will cross the Black Sea from Russia to Bulgaria or Romania, bypassing Ukraine. The pipeline will subsequently be extended to southern Italy and Austria. The new pipeline will have capacity to ship 63 billion cubic meters of gas a year. The undersea segment and the onshore branch in the European countries will cost about 8.6 billion euro.


Preparing a Non-Nuclear Attack On Iran by July

The Massive Ordnance Penetrator Will Be the Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb Ever

And the Pentagon hopes to deploy it next year
By Dan Smith

The Pentagon is trying to speed up the deployment of an ultra-large bunker-busting bomb, which would constitute the largest non-nuclear bomb the U.S. has ever used. The Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, is a 30,000-pound bomb that would dive deeper than any previous bomb, and could be strapped to B-2 or B-52 bombers by July of 2010.

GBU-24: This GBU-24 bunker buster is tiny in comparison to the new MOP

The MOP is 20 feet long and can penetrate bunkers up to 200 feet before exploding. At 15 tons, the MOP is a third heavier than the previous “mother of all bombs”, the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, which was only 10.5 tons. The MOP also packs a whopping 5,300 lbs of explosives, which is 10 times the amount its predecessor bunker-buster, the BLU-109, carried. Basically, it’s massive.The push for accelerated deployment is due to the increased perceived nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea. It’s believed that many of their nuclear programs could be in development underground, below levels of current bunker-busting bombs’ range. The Pentagon intends the rapid deployment to send a message that the United States is tweaking strategies to address new threats. And nothing is more American than advertising the sheer size and tonnage of the bombs hanging below our jets.

[via Reuters]

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder Claims

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

Jeremy Scahill

AP Images
Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater Worldwide is seen at Blackwater’s offices in Moyock, N.C., July 21, 2008.

August 4, 2009

A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 in federal court in Virginia. The two men claim that the company’s owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. The former employee also alleges that Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,” and that Prince’s companies “encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life.”

In their testimony, both men also allege that Blackwater was smuggling weapons into Iraq. One of the men alleges that Prince turned a profit by transporting “illegal” or “unlawful” weapons into the country on Prince’s private planes. They also charge that Prince and other Blackwater executives destroyed incriminating videos, emails and other documents and have intentionally deceived the US State Department and other federal agencies. The identities of the two individuals were sealed out of concerns for their safety.

These allegations, and a series of other charges, are contained in sworn affidavits, given under penalty of perjury, filed late at night on August 3 in the Eastern District of Virginia as part of a seventy-page motion by lawyers for Iraqi civilians suing Blackwater for alleged war crimes and other misconduct. Susan Burke, a private attorney working in conjunction with the Center for Constitutional Rights, is suing Blackwater in five separate civil cases filed in the Washington, DC, area. They were recently consolidated before Judge T.S. Ellis III of the Eastern District of Virginia for pretrial motions. Burke filed the August 3 motion in response to Blackwater’s motion to dismiss the case. Blackwater asserts that Prince and the company are innocent of any wrongdoing and that they were professionally performing their duties on behalf of their employer, the US State Department.  (read here)

Who is ruling; India? And how? (Dalit Voice)

Who is ruling; India? And how?

World’s only unique system of oppression is making the slaves enjoy their slavery

During our transition from marxism to Ambedkarism in the 1980s we had written three important books — Class-Caste Struggle: Emerging Third Force (1980), Who is Ruling India? (1982) and The Dilemma of Class & Caste in India (1984). In the last one we had reproduced the whole text of manuwadi marxist leader E.M.S. Namboodiripad’s scurrilous attack on us. Since then we had completely abandoned the Indian version of manuwadi marxism which the ruling Brahminical Social Order (BSO) used to convert itself into the country’s ruling class.

Brahminism, the super fine ideology of the Indian ruling class (15%), has no permanent party but only permanent interests. The latest evidence is the way the BSO kicked out its own Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) and brought the country’s more cunning original Brahminical party of Congress to power in the recent parliament election (DV Edit June 1, 2009: “Mere 2% anti-Advani upper caste vote swing from BJP brought about spectacular Cong. victory”).

Fear of identifying the ruling class: In this leader we are further clarifying our thoughts on the Indian ruling class and how we arrived at the conclusion that the Brahmins (3%) indeed are the rulers with the Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the shudra landed castes in tow. Our almost 30 years of experience as the Editor of Dalit Voice has reinforced our thoughts and led us to this conclusion.

Ashok Rudra, called a marxist economist of the Vishwa Bharati University, Shantiniketan, in his booklet, Intelligentsia as a Ruling Class, more or less says the same thing — of course without identifying the ruling class.

Nobody has the courage to identify the ruling class for fear of facing threat to their very survival.

Brahmins very often question us how such a micro-minority population can be the rulers and point out the fact that the political class, often mistaken to be the country’s real ruling class, has hardly any Brahmin. This is true. The Prime Minister or most of the state chief ministers are not Brahmins.

Political power is no power: But political power is no power in India. Politicians are a puppet in the hands of the ruling class. The best example to prove this point is the mere 3% American Jews who do not hold any political power in USA. But it is the Jews as the king-makers who hold the real power in the US with the entire financial sector and media power in their pocket. This is also true in England, France and Germany, all Christian countries, which live under the mercy of Jews.

The Khatri Sikh Manmohan Singh may be today’s Prime Minister but being a World Bank nominee he automatically becomes the darling of the Brahminical rulers. In fact he is a better Brahmin than the best.

The ruling class need not necessarily hold the political power but it still rules with its power to manipulate the “public opinion” which is the case in India.

In the case of US and Europe, the Jews hold the reins mainly because of their financial and media power.

The European ruling Christians had a long- lasting religious war with the Jews throughout history, but lately they simply surrendered to Jews. Even the Pope dare not go against the Jews. President Barack Obama is challenged by the entire Jewish diaspora, led by the Zionist Israel. Look how Iran was made to tremble just because it elected Ahmedinejad as the President, hated by the entire zionists. Such is the power of the micro-minority Jews.

Unparalleled example of India: But in India the ruling Brahminical micro-minority of 3% enjoys such a powerful sway over the country, even to the extent of a total mind control over the entire masses of people because of its legendary religious power since thousands of years.

Brahminism is an ideology, considered religious and sacred, that declares that the Brahmins are the highest people by birth and birthright, Bhoodevatas (gods on earth), that the Vedas are the source of authority, and that the rites and rituals that make up the Varnashrama Dharma are sacred and must be followed.

In Christian US and Europe, the Jews do not have such a religious control on the country and its peoples but in India Brahminical people being the custodians of their artificially manufactured Hindu religion, enjoy the highest ritual status, becoming the virtual Bhoodevatas, gods on earth — a status which no section of the population enjoys in any part of the world except India.

Shudras & BCs as oppressors: That is how the Brahminical people constitute the Intelligentsia because they control not only the country’s principal religion (Hindu) but also all its gods, scriptures — and finally the very value system.

Dr. Ambedkar has said all these things long, long back and hence there is no point in repeating the argument that the Brahminical people constitute the ruling class of India.

A powerful section within the Dalit community, however, has been arguing that it is not the Brahmins who are kicking, killing, burning, raping and destroying the little property of the Dalits in the rural side but the landed shudra and Backward Castes. They cite the example of the Khairlanji massacre of Dalits in Maharashtra and ever so many places. There is good lot of truth in this argument. Brahminical journalists have invested a lot in making the Dalits believe this argument.

It is a fact that all over India it is the shudra, the BC or OBCs who are culprits in anti-Dalit pogrom. We know it. But what is important is not the action of looting and killing the Dalits. But the thought, the inspiration behind the action.

Caste hatred is the real villain: As the mosquito bites you, one hand instantly acts to slap the mosquito and kills it or drive it away. Who gave the order to the hand to attack the mosquito? It is the brain. The order to attack the mosquito came from the brain. Therefore, the brain that orders the attack is more important than the hand which simply obeyed the order.

Some urchins throw a stone at a running dog. But even such a brainless animal does not chase the stone or growl at the stone. It gets angry and chases the fellow who threw the stone. Even the dog has that much of brain to identify the culprit.

Here the culprit is not the stone but the boy who threw the stone. Who gave the poisonous thought to the shudras and OBCs to kick or kill the Dalit? The Bhoodevata philosophy.

In all anti-Dalit atrocities the crime is committed by the shudra or BCs. There is no dispute on this. But the culprit behind the curtain is the Brahminical thought of caste hatred daily injected into the veins of the shudras and BCs who consider themselves superior.

Culprits behind anti-Muslim riots: This is also true in the case of all anti-Muslim riots. In the Babri Masjid demolition, the Dalits played a major role. In the Gujarat Genocide (2002), Dalits led the anti-Muslim violence. We know it. But it is the Brahminical thought that made the innocent Dalits to attack and kill Muslims against whom Dalits have no grouse as both are blood brothers.

Marathas hate Brahmins: In Maharashtra, the Marathas (Shiv Dharma) are furious with Brahmins and have launched a powerful campaign against Brahmins. But in Khairlanji the same Marathas and their cousins Kunbis and other OBCs killed the Dalits.

The Marathas and Kunbis hate Brahmins for riding them and yet they also hate the Dalits who are the worst victims of Brahminism. Who is managing this two-way action of the Marathas and Kunbis? The Brahminical hand behind the curtain.

This is the case in all anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim war and violence where the principal villain is the Brahmin whose value system has brainwashed the shudras and BCs to hate the Dalits and Muslims.

The violence against Dalits on one side and Muslims on the other keep the society permanently divided. Brahminism thrives through divide and rule.

Because Brahminism has its monopoly media it can manufacture any spurious argument and sell it as supreme truth. Besides, anybody selling this spurious product is given award and reward plus publicity in the mass media which is the sole Brahminical monopoly. Anything that comes in the media is considered supreme truth. Because, a belief system has been so systematically developed and nurtured that we are made to believe anything the manuwadi media says.

Belief system: And that is how a section of the gullible Dalits are “convinced” that Brahmins are good but the shudras and BCs are the criminals.

The solution to this anti-Dalit caste atrocities and also anti-Muslim riots is not merely punishing the shudras and BCs. Yes this is also a must. But the more important and ever lasting solution is the destruction of the very caste system (Hinduism) for which the Bhoodevatas are not ready. They want merely the anti-Dalit war and violence must end by punishing the shudras and BCs but keeping in tact the Brahminical Social Order which is the cause of action.

Quite a number of Bhoodevatas have criticised us for calling the Brahminical people as the country’s ruling class. Their defence is there are hardly any Brahmin in the Union Cabinet or the state cabinet. They say the power to rule has percolated from the Brahmins downwards to the landed shudras and Backward Castes. Yes. They are right.

It is the thought that rules — not the person: Those who pinpoint this are depending upon a concept of “ruling class” which has the power to confuse those who are willing to be confused.

A ruling class need not necessarily rule —at least not directly. The process and the power of ruling a society comes from a thought. It is the thought that rules — not the person who sits on the chair.

Whoever that sits in the chair is guided by this very same thought, propounded and promulgated by the Brahmin.

Whether it is the legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy, the defence forces — they all constitute the sate. The people who function at the different levels of the above limbs of the state may not necessarily be the Brahmin but they are all guided by the supreme Brahminical thought.

Who can become the temple priest: That is how even to this day the state continues to uphold the principle that a born Brahmin alone must be the temple archaka (priest). The archaka post may be the lowest and the least paid. Yes. The position and pecuniary benefit is not that matters. There are any number of people ready to hold this post for a lesser salary.

The Supreme Court itself decided that a born Brahmin alone can be the temple archaka and none else. Such a decision is being blindly obeyed because it implies that the person of Brahmin alone is holy, sacred and divine.

The tirtha (sacred water) can come only from the shankha (conch). What comes out from other things is just water —not tirtha.

Ruling class need not rule: The rural kulaks and industrial tycoons do constitute a part of the ruling class. But it is subordinate to the Brahmin because his person alone is holy, sacred and divine.

In other words the ruling class cannot be defined by the act of ruling. It is the thought that rules. Not the person who holds the power. This was so throughout the Indian history. Even during the 800 to 1,000 years of Muslim rule it was the Brahmins who have been the Prime Ministers and the real rulers.

The ruling class need not necessarily rule but its thought serves the interests of that class as against the interests of the other non-ruling classes.

Dr. Ambedkar verdict: In other words the govt. has to serve the interests of the ruling class. If it does not, that govt. will be removed.

How does the ruling class rule? How does the ruling class see that its interests are promoted and protected?

This question can be easily understood when it concerns the interests of Muslims (15%), Christians (2.5%), Sikhs (2.5%). And particularly the Dalits (20%) and Tribals (10%). Even the Backward Castes (35%). Almost 85% of the country’s toiling masses have been complaining ever since “independence” of consistent and continuous discrimination, if not total neglect.

All of them have invariably pointed their accusing finger at the Brahminical rulers. Dr. Ambedkar was the most prominent among the leaders of this underclass which singled out the Brahminical class as the only cause of their plight and persecution.

That is how the Indian state has been openly hostile to the interests of the Dalits, tribals, OBCs, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. Over 85% of the population.

The state is hostile because the ruling class wants it to be so. The Brahminical interests will be served only if the state is against the interests of the Bahujan Samaj.

Media keeps out Dalits: The composition of the country’s media — print and electronic — will help us understand which is India’s ruling class. A survey was made in the capital city of Delhi (DV Edit April 1, 2008: “Media monopoly helps upper castes to rule India by suppressing truth”. & p. 5: “Brahmins hold 49% top jobs in national media”) and the finding was that the capital’s journalistic fraternity is totally Brahminical with hardly any representation from Dalits. There may be here and there some Muslims but they are chosen only after finding out their loyalty to the ruling class.

Ruling class is the Intelligentsia: Ashok Rudra in his treatise refers to the Indian ruling class. He says the country’s Intelligentsia is the ruling class and he defines this class as those “persons who earn their living by the sale of mental labour”. This class does not include businessmen. He lists five categories of people:

(1) White collar employees, (2) employees in govt. services, (3) teachers, lawyers, judges (4) artists, journalists, writers), (5) professional politicians.

Mischief of middle class: It is this five classes often described in the media as the “middle class” which is the euphemism used to hide the “ruling class”.

Meira Kumar as pet dog: Are there no members of the SC/ST/BC or Muslim/Christian/Sikh in this “middle class”? Yes there are. They will be admitted to this exclusive club of closed coterie only after testing their value system. Once they are found to toe the Brahminical line they will be not only admitted but paraded as a pet dog. Presently Meira Kumar, a Dalit, is on the parade. Farukh Abdullah was hailed as a secular Muslim.

The ruling class, therefore, need not be necessarily Brahminical. Underdogs ready to eat the Brahminical shit will be its honoured members. That is how an OBC oil crushing lowly jati fellow, Narendra Modi, is being projected as the future PM for his sterling quality of killing 2,500 Muslims in the “Gujarat Genocide – 2002”.

In other words, the ruling class need not necessarily be Brahmin. Bum-lickers are most welcome to join this exclusive club as chamchas and chaprasis to carry out the job of disciplining the SC/ST/BCs and Muslim/Christian/Sikhs.

What is important is your ideology. Your value system. Not necessarily the caste. To that extent the caste rigidity is relaxed. But not the Brahminical ideology. The thought is not compromised. Underdogs who subscribe to this thought are admitted — of course closely watched.

A member of the Brahminical ruling class need not be rich. But he must have the ability to propagate the ruling class thought.

Why Paswan is loved: What is important is the Brahminical thought and the one who upholds this thought need not be a Brahmin. Ram Vilas Paswan, an Untouchable, is the blue-eyed boy of the Brahmins because he is a volatile votary of the Brahminical thought.

Women’s Bill: Women’s Reservation Bill is a good example to prove the power of the ruling Brahminical class which wants 1/3 seats in parliament to be reserved for women so that it can fill up parliament with their women.

But SC/ST/BCs and Muslims say that women’s reservation is fine but their women must have the quota within the quota. In a democracy every section has the right to be represented. It is their democratic right but the rulers have denounced the opponents as anti-women and the media is painting them as women-haters. All those who depend on this manuwadi media is made to believe their version. Rulers believe what they want to believe and also make others believe. This is the power of the ruling class.

Education goes to dogs: There is not a single media except the Dalit Voice which has denounced the proposed women’s Bill as anti-woman.

Take the education field, which is the most important sector to shape the thoughts of the youths. It is here that we find a total domination of the Brahminical class. Its interest is in the higher education to prepare their kids for overseas jobs and kushy living. So much so the entire primary and elementary education has gone to dogs.

Dismissal from Indian Express: Dangerous values are injected into the veins of the youth through textbooks which are prepared by the Brahminical writers. Education, journalism, TV, cinema, theatre, painting, culture etc. are all dominated by this class. These are the principal thought-manufacturing sectors which are closely guarded. We were dismissed from the Indian Express only because we challenged the Brahminical thought which none dare do.

Money corruption: India today is considered one among the most corrupt countries in the world. Money corruption is not the only variety of corruptions. Rather, money corruption is the last of the four varieties of corruption: (1) Money corruption, (2) moral corruption, (3) caste corruption, (4) intellectual corruption.

The last, intellectual corruption, is the worst form of corruption and this field is the total monopoly of the Brahminical rulers.

Money corruption is the last and the least harmful varieties of corruption.

Since the rulers themselves are corrupt, every other section in the society has also become corrupt. And that is how the money corruption — the most visible form of corruption — has become so rampant. Supreme Court judges themselves are being mentioned by fellow judges. When the Hindu temples could be the fountain head of corruption every other form of corruption is effectively sealed and safeguarded.

In other words, it is the thought that has to be clean and sublime. It is the thought which manufactures and shapes an ideology. When the thought itself is corrupt and the media promotes; it, as a country India is simply sinking. (India As a Failed State, DSA-2004).

Corrupt fellows hailed: The beauty of the Indian society is that it is not happy with an incorruptible person. He becomes an unfit and avoided, if not cursed. His own wife, parents and the family feels the fellow is useless. They say he is unhelpful. Only the corrupt is not only popular but very much liked by the society. Because he adjusts himself to any occasion and any person. That is how the corrupt; person, whether a minister, judge, bureaucrat or any official is extremely popular. It is the incorruptible, simple living person who is called useless and spurned by the society.

Why the Indian society has come to lionise Khetan Parekh, Harshad Mehta etc. because they corrupted the entire system and the Brahminical rulers carried them on their head as if they are our model.

Kerala CM hated: Who can save such a society which praises and parades persons who are killers like Narendra Modi, Harshad Mehta. Achutanandan, the most popular CM of Kerala, a man of character, incorruptible, becomes the most hated person in the marxist party.

Brahminical thought not only grows out of corruption but breeds only corruption — particularly intellectual corruption which is the fountain head of all other three varieties of corruption.

That is how in the recent parliament election money power was so openly used to win and none bothered about it. Even MPs with criminal past are co-opted because they are all products of Brahminism.

That is how the our property, posts and wealth are all concentrated in the hands of a micro-minority 15% of the country’s 1,200 million population.

Role of media: All this socialist shibboleth, Aam Admi Andolan are bullshit. Brahminical rulers are ruling us only with the help of their Brahminical media.

The communists are the essential part of this conspiracy to keep the country in the Brahminical hands.

Caste-wise census, income statistics are all prohibited because that would reveal which castes have prospered at whose cost.

Poverty yardstick: The rulers have ruled that “economic yardstick” (poverty) should be the sole criterion for backwardness and not the time-tested “caste”. Because if caste is taken as the yardstick, over 65% of the SC/ST/BCs and socially backward Muslims and Christians will come under the “Backward list” and if the funds are diverted to their welfare they will gain and challenge the Brahminical hegemony. Right from the Brahminical judiciary, media and the govt. all of them have fallen in line with this Brahminical thought.

Did we not say that it is the thought that rules and not the person in authority?

Half the people of India live below the poverty line. And they are entertained and made dumb and deaf by preaching them Hindu thoughts of papa, punya, punar janma (rebirth), fate — all dangerous thoughts which again make them pour their little savings into the coffers of the temples. The proverbial Indian poverty in fact enriches the rulers and helps them remain as rulers.

The manufacturers of Brahminical ideology (thought) are all flourishing because they help the rulers to keep the 2/3 of the country’s havenots as slaves.

Cricket to entertain the masses: They are entertained by the cricket fever which is yet another ruling class poison to keep the masses enthralled.

Education system is chaotic. India is shortly becoming the world’s largest country of illiterates. Who cares?

How to keep the SC/ST/BCs and Muslim and Christian poor, powerless and enslaved is the sole guiding rule of the “intelligentsia” who are the country’s ruling class. It is this ruling class which provides the leadership to the country.

Ruling class never identified: This intelligentsia constitutes the Brahminical class — though no writer or speaker has the courage to identify and name this country’s principal contradiction — except the Dalit Voice.

That is how we get a daily dosage of hate mails and even threats. For what? For identifying the enemy oppressor. The Brahminical advice to us is: “You go on writing all your muck without identifying the oppressor” so that the ruling Brahminical class goes on sucking the blood uninterrupted without being identified, without being named.

They have introduced several provisions in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to punish and finish those who identify the enemy.

Parashuram slaughters Kshatriyas: The Kshatriyas, now called Thakurs, immediately “below” the Brahmin in the Chaturvarna order (the other name for the caste system), were literally slaughtered in thousands by the Brahmin killer god, Parasurama. The Chitpavan Brahmins, who produced Nathuram Godse, the killer of M.K. Gandhi, proudly displayed the huge cutout of their god at their recent jati conference at Pune.

Kshatriya surrender: Kerala is called the Parasurama Shristi. The Brahmin-Kshatriya rivalry and hatred was so bitter and deep. But soon they surrendered to Brahmins and since then acted as the bodyguards of the Bhoodevatas. The Vaishya (Banias) has the third-ranking poverty-stricken varna. In Bihar, the Banias are classified under the Backward Castes. It is only M.K. Gandhi who lifted his jatwalas and made them moneybags on the condition they will forever remain loyal to the Bhoodevatas. Today, the Banias earn billions and feed the Bhoodevatas. Perfect understanding.

That is how the Brahmins co-opted the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas.

Shudras won over: The shudras, forming the fourth varna of the Hindu Chaturvarna, have been blood enemies of the Bhoodevatas. The anti-Brahmin movement that waged during the British rule and immediately after the “independence” was led by the landed shudra castes like the Marathas, Jats, Reddis, Patels, Nairs, Vokkaligas, Mudaliars, Naidus etc. But soon they were also co-opted and that is how the mere 3% Bhoodevatas consolidated their position by enlarging their strength to 15% of the country’s population and became the ruling class of India.

Goodbye to land reform: The shudras are essentially the landed gentry. They were co-opted to the ruling class by not implementing the land reform. In the rural area land is power. The shudra power is allowed to reign supreme and thereby co-opted to the BSO.

This 15% ruling class has all the wealth, education, ritual status, beauty, caste superiority, personality, landed property. And that is how it became the country’s ruling class — guided and supervised by the 3% Brahminical micro-minority intelligentsia — frustrating every socio-economic-cultural “reforms” launched since “independence”.

Swiss Bank account-holders: Of course there are exceptions to the rule. But please note it is the exception that proves the rule. Take the case of the people having secret accounts in the Swiss banks. Or the latest list of multi-billionaires published in the Times of India. Are there anybody from the SC/ST/BCs? Or even Muslim or Christian? There may be one or two but they are the exceptions that only prove the rule. The rule is the 15% Brahminical Social Order is the ruling class. Manmohan Singh or even his grand father will have no courage to touch the Swiss bank hidden money.

How the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas were co-opted? The Bhoodevatas used social, economic, political and even psychological weapons to annex them into their fold. Today all the three are together and united. Once the three most powerful dwija varnas came together, annexing the “unthinking” shudras was no problem.

Gods on earth: That is how the Brahminical people became the unquestioned leaders — not only politically but also economically. What gave the solid strength to their leadership is their supreme ritual status as the Bhoodevatas, meaning the gods on earth.

Whether it is the Congress, BJP or even the communist parties the Bhoodevatas shall be the guiding spirit. Their unwritten law extends to every sphere — media, education, commerce and industry, judiciary — and even sports which in Hindu India means only cricket — the only “game” that suits the idli sambar grass-eaters.

Even if there is a revolution in India, it can be led only by a Bhoodevata. That is how E.M.S. Namboodiripad became the country’s greatest marxist and finally presided over the death of marxism.

“Mahatma” shot dead: Budha, Guru Ravidas, Mahatma Phule, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Sri Narayana Guru, Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy and many more worked to destroy this ruling class and its Hindu caste system. And in the process they only got destroyed. The Muslims realised the supreme truth belatedly and sought a separate homeland. The Bhoodevatas used the “Gandhi weapon” to fight the Muslims and as soon as the Mahatma succeeded he was shot dead by a Chitpavan Brahmin (Why Godse Killed Gandhi?, DSA-1997).

As this is written we are in total darkness. The country itself is sinking, surrounded by deadly enemies all around.

Even the thinking Bhoodevatas themselves are not getting sound sleep in the night. Anything and everything they touch is turning into charcoal.

We the oppressed over 85% are helpless. But here we have a unique country — the only one in the world — where the rulers themselves are deeply worried. Feeling insecure. Suspecting their own shadows.

The country is neither living nor dead. It is brain dead. Its name is “Hindu India”.

DALIT VOICE, Aug 1st – 15h 2009


Vol. 28

Aug 1st – 15h 2009

No. 15

  • Who is ruling India? And how? : World’s only unique system of oppression is making the slaves enjoy their slavery
  • Brahminical counter-revolution in full swing
  • Converting Dalits into exploiters : Latest Congress Party plan
  • Manuwadi bid to control Parliament
  • Jews & the “Jews of India”
  • Bullshit on financial recovery
  • What happened in Punjab was a caste war

Recent communal disturbances in Sinkiang, China

“watch the situation in China as Bejing may soon discover the Chanakiyan activities of India’s intelligence agencies, entrenched in Kabul, who according to scuttlebutt in Afghanistan, are deeply involved in subversive activities in Sinkiang.”

Recent communal disturbances in Sinkiang, China

Dr. Amarjit Singh, Khalistan Affairs Center

Musings on the recent communal disturbances in Sinkiang, China, located near Indian-occupied Punjab, Khalistan with which the Sikh Homeland has had trade relations for centuries

Washington D.C. – The sudden outbreak of unprecedented communal street violence in Urumqi, (pronounced Urumchi) the capital of China’s far Western Muslim-majority Xinjiang UyghurAutonomous Region (postal map spelling Sinkiang) in which disturbance 184 were killed – mostly Han Chinese- and about 1, 680 were injured, has caught both the Chinese government in Beijing and outside observers by surprise. As Sinkiang is not far (as the crow or as a missile flies) from the Sikh Homeland of Indian-occupied Punjab, developments there are, and should be, of interest and concern to every Sikh.

It is widely known that Urumqi’s population is 75% non-Muslim Han Chinese and the rest 25% consists of various Turkic Muslim (Uyghur,Kazakh, Krygyz, Palmiris, Hui, Mongol, Dongxiang, Xibe) communities. How could a ‘volcano’of this scale erupt suddenly in Xinjiang’s tightly-policed capital city of Urumqi, which has a demographic break-up of 75.3% Han Chinese and only 12.8% Muslim – mostly Sunni – Uyghurs – is a question on the mind of every political observer? Some of them are saying that it is not believable that protesters belonging to a regimented and closely-monitored minority – like the Uyghur community – can organize into mobs and kill so many people of the dominant Han Chinese ethnic group with just ‘knives, bricks and stones’, as is being announced by the Chinese government news agencies. Of the 185 casualties, how many are actually victims of the ‘heavy handed’ actions of state agents (police/army et. al) they are asking? The Han Chinese, the readers ought to know, are an ethnic group native to China and, by most modern definitions, the largest single ethnic group in the world. Han Chinese constitute about 92 percent of the (one billion three hundred million) population of the People’s Republic of China, they also make up 98 percent of the 23 million strong population inTaiwan, 75 percent of the 5 million population of Singapore, and are about 24 % of the 25 million Malaysian population
Sinkiang (Xinjiang) is an Oil/Gas/mineral rich province of China. It is a large, sparsely populated (mostly desert) area which makes up about one sixth of China. Sinkiang has an area of 640, 930 Sq. miles which is larger than Iran or double the size of Pakistan or eleven times the size of Nepal. It has a population of about 20 million with a density of 31 persons per sq. mile as compared to India’s population density of 1,000 persons per sq, mile, Pakistan’s 575 persons per sq. mile and Nepal’s density of 534 persons per Sq. mile. The Chinese province of Sinkiang borders the TibetAutonomous Region of China, touches Indian-occupied Ladakh (Kashmir) in the South-East. Mongolia is to the North east, Russia is to the north, and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan in the West. Afghanistan and Pakistan are on it’s Southern border. “Xinjiang” in Manchu, literally means ‘New Frontier’ a name given during the Manchu Qing Dynasty which ruled China from 1644 to 1912 A.D. It is home to a number of different ethnic groups, many of them Turkic, the largest of which is the Uyghur people a Turkic peoples of Central Asia. Many English speakers pronounce it as “wEEger” but the pronunciation “ooygOOr” is closer to the native usage.

Older English-language reference works often refer to the area as Chinese Turkestan, Sinkiang, East Turkestan, or Uyghuristan. Pan-Turkism is a political movement aiming to unite the various Turkic peoples into a modern political state, a confederation, or an economic union closely resembling that of the European Union. The First Eastern Turkestan Republic (ETR), or Turkish Islamic Republic of East Turkestan (TIRET), or Republic of Uyghurstan, was a short-lived break-away entity founded in 1933. It was centered around the city of Kashgar in Sinkiang. This first Eastern Turkestan Republic (ETR) was effectively eliminated rather quickly. Its example, however, served to some extent as inspiration for the founding of a Second East Turkestan Republic. The Second East Turkestan Republic, usually known simply as the East Turkestan Republic (ETR) was a short-lived, Soviet Union-backed, separatist republic (multi-ethnic in character, including Kazakhs) which existed in the 1940s in three northern districts of Sinkiang (Xinjiang) province of the then Republic of China, what is now the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. ETR continues to influence modern Uyghur nationalist support for the creation of an independent East Turkestan Republic. East Turkestan Independence Movement is a broad term that refers to advocates of an independent, self-governing Xinjiang, also referred to as East Turkestan.

Indian media reports are, at this point in time, spreading dezinformatsiya about Sinkiang and therefore, should be taken with a ‘pinch of salt.’ However, one report written by one, Sreeram Chaulia, an associate professor of world politics at the Jindal Global Law School in Sonipat, India, seems to be a reasonable ‘look-see’ and as such is readable. It claims that, “specific matchstick to the current conflagration in Urumqi comes from an ethnically motivated ‘transfer policy’ the Chinese government initiated in 2006, wherein state recruiters aggressively hired young Uyghur women to work as factory laborers at the other end of the country in provinces like Guangdong. Parts of Xinjiang, where the ten million strong Uyghurs make up the majority of the population, are especially targeted for these controversial transfers, which are carried out via threats and intimidation. Once the jobless Uyghur women are physically removed and sent to do low-paying and hazardous work far from home, the state fills the emptied spaces in Xinjiang with subsidized Han Chinese economic migrants. It is notable that the apparent trigger for the latest burst of violence in Urumqi was an attack in late June by an incensed Han gang on ‘transferred’ Uyghur workers in a toy factory in the southeast of the country. This incident in Guangdong left two Uyghur workers dead and some 81 of them injured. Local security agencies in the city of Shaoguan have been accused by rights groups of standing by inactively as the Uyghurs were singled out for harm. Once news of this injustice reached Urumqi, protesters came out to express their disgust at the government’s forced depopulation of Uyghurs and their ensuing ill-treatment in China’s manufacturing heartlands.” If true these two Uyghur deaths in Guangdong (near Hongkong) could have been the ‘spark’, the cause for the current trouble in Urumqi.

The fact of the matter is that the unrest in China’s far-west region of Sinkiang (Xinjiang) notably in the capital city of Urumqi, could have foreign roots as well as countries like India, in cahoots with mercenary elements in Afghanistan, has an interest in creating mistrust between China and Pakistan in whose lawless Tribal Areas some Muslim Uyghurs have found asylum. The riots come after 15 years of development and transformation of the Sinkiang area into a geo-economic Chinese springboard for projecting influence into Central Asia and the Caspian region in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The vast region of Sinkiang, more than three times the size of California (and once possibly best known as home to China’s nuclear test site at Lop Nor) is becoming increasingly important for China as a transit route for fuel pipelines from neighboring countries and further afield in addition to its role as an important supplier of its own energy and mineral resources to the industrial east of China. The central government of China may have encouraged heavy ethnic Han emigration to the area, to develop these resources while economic incentives (extra quotas in Universities, exemption from the draconian one child policy etc.) re offered to the disadvantaged native Uyghurs to leave for elsewhere in China. New highways throughout the region’s western hinterland are helping to promote international trade flows while strengthening the writ of the central government’s. The Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) says that Xinjiang holds 17.4 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves. Nevertheless, according to Chinese sources, Xinjiang represents one-seventh of the country’s current oil production and nearly one-quarter of its petroleum reserves. It also holds over two-fifths of its coal reserves. The landmark West-East Gas Pipeline (WEGP), using resources in Xinjiang’s Tarim Basin and running 4,000 kilometers to terminate in Shanghai, was opened in 2005. With India having bowed out of a proposed Iran-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline, China has indicated an interest in expanding the now-signed bilateral Iran-Pakistan project into a trans-Pakistan route that would then transit Xinjiang.

The above mentioned West-East Gas Pipeline (WEGP) was opened with a volume of 12 bcm a year, a figure projected to increase to 17 bcm/y. Construction of a second pipeline to run 9,000 kilometers (including its projected eight sub-lines) from northwest Xinjiang began in early 2008. It will run parallel to the first WEGP and be interconnected with it up to Gansu before diverging to Guangzhou. The volume of the second WEGP is projected at 30 bcm/y and will be supplied largely by the Turkmenistan-China pipeline now under construction across Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. There are further plans to build a third and a fourth WEGP and possibly even a fifth. All these developments are in line with the “Go West” program announced by Beijing a decade ago. Under this plan, China seeks to build up not only Xinjiang but also Tibet, whose plateau holds astounding mineral resources and to which a rail line – an engineering marvel – was opened last year, and provinces further east but away from the better-developed coast. This could make them the driving forces of the country’s economic development over the next few decades. The “Go West” campaign was originally introduced in tandem with the re-invigoration of the “Hit Hard” campaign, a year-long security clampdown introduced for the 10th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen incident. Some Western observers are of the opinion, that this week’s protests by Uyghurs in Urumqi, is not a new phenomenon, nor is their suppression.

Other observers are of the opinion that the recent sudden rioting between Han and Uyghurs, in Urumqi, could further alarm the authorities in Beijing about the possible threat of unrest in the homeland of Han-populated China further east, and feed the leadership’s disquiet (fear) over popular discontent, into ordering a nationwide ‘get tough’ policy. These tough policies would then be exploited by internet savvy countries unfriendly to China and could bring more unhappiness upon China’s minorities (Uyghurs and Tibetans for example) who, unlike the Han Chinese, have no restrictions on having more than one child per couple, a big concession by Beijing to it’s minorities.

Sikh Readers are advised to watch the situation in China as Bejing may soon discover the Chanakiyan activities of India’s intelligence agencies, entrenched in Kabul, who according to scuttlebutt in Afghanistan, are deeply involved in subversive activities in Sinkiang a la their British/Indian predecessors in the 1930’s. An angry China could retaliate by withholding or diverting the waters of the Sutlej river which rises in Tibet or focusing it’s ‘attention’ on the Tibetan training camps near the Pong, Pandoe and Bhakra dams located near the Sikh Homeland of Indian-occupied Punjab.