Liberal Agenda Threat to Nation

Liberal Agenda Threat to Nation

The Intelligencer

With members of Congress taking a few weeks off for their traditional August vacation, thoughtful Americans may be grateful themselves for the break. But this month may be the calm before a very rough storm for the nation.

Consider just three items of unfinished business on the agendas of both President Barack Obama and liberal lawmakers:

  • Health care: As members of the House of Representatives were preparing to leave Washington about a week ago, it was announced that conservative “blue dog” Democrats had reached a compromise with their more liberal peers on the issue of health care.

At first, the news sounded good. The “blue dogs” are fiscal conservatives, after all. Their leaders had maintained that they would not agree to a national health care program that increased the federal debt.

Since the deal was announced, however, analysts have warned that it would not prevent deficit spending. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Obama health care package will result in $1 trillion in deficit spending.

Massive new taxes will be needed to fund the program. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers admitted last week that Obama has not ruled out a middle-class tax increase to reduce the deficit – a deficit that would be created by the health care plan.

  • “Cap and trade” : House of Representatives members approved the bill earlier this summer, by the narrow margin of 219-212. It would do little to reduce carbon emissions – but would result in enormous increases in electric bills for tens of millions of Americans, including those in West Virginia and Ohio.

Action on “cap and trade” was put off by the Senate, but is expected to occur in September or October. The outlook is uncertain – but Obama and his liberal cronies already have begun to lobby both senators and the public in favor of the bill.

  • “Card check”: The measure involves a political promise made by Obama to his labor union supporters.

Under current law, workers at a business targeted by union organizers have the right to a secret-ballot vote on whether to join the union. If the “card check” bill is enacted, that right effectively would be eliminated. It would do away with one of the most cherished rights of Americans, that of making important decisions through secret ballots.

All three measures have good chances of being approved once Congress returns from the August break. If they are enacted, they will result in massive – and unpleasant – changes in our nation. Electricity will cost much, much more for many Americans. Workers will lose an important right. And the entire nation will suffer from a national health care program that will be costly both in terms of money and the quality of medical treatment available to us.

While our elected representatives and senators allegedly are “on vacation,” Obama, liberal lawmakers and radical organizations are working overtime to ensure that all three bills are enacted. The propaganda machine is spinning at full speed. Political favors are being handed out. Pressure is being exerted on reluctant lawmakers.

But no, many lawmakers are not actually reading the hundreds of pages of legislation involved in the three bills. Some simply do not know what they contain. They do not care – because Obama and his clique already have made up their minds for them.

August should not be a vacation for Americans who understand the perils contained in the three bills. The storm will break in just a few weeks – and steps need to be taken to keep it from becoming one of the worst disasters ever to hit our country.