Shadow Behind the Throne: A Brief Overview of the New World Order

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Wow! It Really Worked!

[Don’t you just love it, when a really sneaky plan comes together?  The disappearance of Baitullah Mehsud is a very complicated psychological warfare operation on a par with the 911 attacks.  Bravo, ISI!  Nothing could have brought things together so satisfactorily for Pakistan at this time, as the alleged killing of Mehsud has.  Well done.]

‘Pakistan needs ‘months’ for Waziristan push’

* SSG chief says army short of right kind of equipment

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will need months to prepare for a ground offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan, said a senior army commander on Tuesday, citing equipment shortages.

After briefing US special envoy Richard Holbrooke on operations against the Taliban, Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed told reporters the Pakistan Army was trying to create the “right” conditions for a full-blown offensive in South Waziristan by imposing a tight blockade on entry and exit points and by pounding Taliban targets from the air. “It’s going to take months”, and possibly beyond the coming winter, said Ahmed, adding that military leaders would decide on the timing. Ahmed said the Pakistani army was now focused on “choking” off supplies to Taliban in South Waziristan.

He said Pakistan was attacking Taliban with planes, helicopters and artillery with the goal of “wearing them out” before ground forces go in. “Once you feel that the conditions are right … you go in for a ground offensive,” said Ahmed. He said the army was also short of “the right kind of equipment” to mount a large-scale ground operation. reuters

‘Pakistan needs ‘months’ for Waziristan push’

* SSG chief says army short of right kind of equipment

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will need months to prepare for a ground offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan, said a senior army commander on Tuesday, citing equipment shortages.

After briefing US special envoy Richard Holbrooke on operations against the Taliban, Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed told reporters the Pakistan Army was trying to create the “right” conditions for a full-blown offensive in South Waziristan by imposing a tight blockade on entry and exit points and by pounding Taliban targets from the air. “It’s going to take months”, and possibly beyond the coming winter, said Ahmed, adding that military leaders would decide on the timing. Ahmed said the Pakistani army was now focused on “choking” off supplies to Taliban in South Waziristan.

He said Pakistan was attacking Taliban with planes, helicopters and artillery with the goal of “wearing them out” before ground forces go in. “Once you feel that the conditions are right … you go in for a ground offensive,” said Ahmed. He said the army was also short of “the right kind of equipment” to mount a large-scale ground operation. reuters

Satellites Unlock Secret To Northern India’s Vanishing Water


The map shows groundwater changes in India during 2002-08, with losses in red and gains in blue, based on GRACE satellite observations. The estimated rate of depletion of groundwater in northwestern India is 4.0 centimeters of water per year, equivalent to a water table decline of 33 centimeters per year. Increases in groundwater in southern India are due to recent above-average rainfall, whereas rain in northwestern India was close to normal during the study period.(Credit: I. Velicogna/UC Irvine)

Satellites Unlock Secret To Northern India’s Vanishing Water

ScienceDaily (Aug. 19, 2009) — Using satellite data, UC Irvine and NASA hydrologists have found that groundwater beneath northern India has been receding by as much as 1 foot per year over the past decade – and they believe human consumption is almost entirely to blame.

More than 109 cubic kilometers (26 cubic miles) of groundwater disappeared from the region’s aquifers between 2002 and 2008 – double the capacity of India’s largest surface-water reservoir, the Upper Wainganga, and triple that of Lake Mead, the largest manmade reservoir in the U.S.

People are pumping northern India’s underground water, mostly to irrigate cropland, faster than natural processes can replenish it, said Jay Famiglietti and Isabella Velicogna, UCI Earth system scientists, and Matt Rodell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

“If measures are not soon taken to ensure sustainable groundwater usage, consequences for the 114 million residents of the region may include a collapse of agricultural output, severe shortages of potable water, conflict and suffering,” said Rodell, lead author of the study and former doctoral student of Famiglietti’s at the University of Texas at Austin.

Study results will be published online Aug. 12 in the journal Nature.

Groundwater comes from the percolation of precipitation and other surface waters down through Earth’s soil and rock, accumulating in aquifers – cavities and layers of porous rock, gravel, sand or clay. In some subterranean reservoirs, the water may be thousands to millions of years old; in others, water levels decline and rise again naturally each year.

Groundwater levels do not respond to changes in weather as rapidly as lakes, streams and rivers do. So when groundwater is pumped for irrigation or other uses, restoration of original levels can take months or years.

“Groundwater mining – that is when withdrawals exceed replenishment rates – is a rapidly growing problem in many of the world’s large aquifers,” Famiglietti said. “Since groundwater provides nearly 80 percent of the water required for irrigated agriculture, diminishing groundwater reserves pose a serious threat to global food security.”

Data provided by India’s Ministry of Water Resources had suggested that groundwater use across the nation was exceeding natural replenishment, but the regional rate of depletion had been unknown.

In the new study, the hydrologists analyzed six years of monthly data for northern India from twin satellites called GRACE – NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment – to produce a chronology of underground water storage changes.

GRACE detects differences in gravity brought about by fluctuations in water mass, including water below the Earth’s surface. As the satellites orbit 300 miles above Earth, their positions change – relative to each other – in response to variations in the pull of gravity. They fly about 137 miles apart, and microwave ranging systems measure every microscopic variance in the distance between the two.

“With GRACE, we can monitor water storage changes everywhere in the world from our desk,” said Velicogna, also with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “The satellites allow us to observe how water storage evolves from one month to the next in critical areas of the world.”

Groundwater loss in northern India is particularly alarming because there were no unusual trends in rainfall – in fact, it was slightly above normal during the study period. The researchers also examined data on soil moisture, lake and surface reservoir storage, vegetation and glaciers in the nearby Himalayas to confirm that the apparent groundwater trend was real. The only influence they couldn’t rule out was human.

“For the first time, we can observe water use on land with no additional ground-based data collection,” Famiglietti said. “This is critical because in many developing countries, where hydrological data are both sparse and hard to access, space-based methods provide perhaps the only opportunity to assess changes in freshwater availability across large regions.”

About GRACE: The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment is a partnership between NASA and the German Aerospace Center. The University of Texas Center for Space Research, Austin, has overall mission responsibility. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed the twin satellites. The German Aerospace Center provided the launch, and GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany, operates GRACE.

Adapted from materials provided by University of California – Irvine.

Riddles of high and low tides in the Caspian Sea

18.08.09 23:32

Riddles of high and low tides in the Caspian Sea

Is it possible to conceal the essence of the problem in turbulent waves of the imaginary argument?
Late July – early August was marked by powerful publicity wave in the mass media of Azerbaijan, comparable, if not to tsunami, then to the rough sea tide. A part of this wave also swept over adjacent territories, triggering a lively debate in the mass media of Turkmenistan and Russia.

A statement of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry published in Ashgabat press regarding the state of affairs in the Turkmen-Azerbaijani talks on resolving the Caspian Sea problem gave rise to the waterfall of statements and comments from Azerbaijan.

If you get this information firsthand and trust only the contents of a secondary wave of comments that bedeviled the Azeri coast, your head will spin because of a loud mixture of selfless arrogance of commentators with recondite fantasticality of their own assumptions.

“Ashgabat regards part of Absheron peninsula as its territory!” “Turkmenistan dances to Russia’s tune!” “Tehran secretly influences Ashgabat in its geopolitical game!” “Navy forces of Azerbaijan ready to defend its territorial waters!” These are just a few press cuttings of the most odious tirades that appeared in Azerbaijani press. Judging by splashes of information waves raging at the coast of Baku, the situation is quite critical, and Ashgabat, either because of its exorbitant ambition or being a puppet in the hands of light-fingered geographic neighbors, is taking this case to almost a serious confrontation in the Caspian area.

A variety of noisy political comments, as well as the magnitude of the troubled wave leave no doubt in some social order of the fresh promotional company. What has really disturbed the political beau monde on the western shore of the Caspian Sea that they indiscriminately employed the most controversial arguments that got under their hand?

Initially, it was a statement by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan that caused divergent interpretations. This meeting, among others issues, discussed the results of the regular round of the Turkmen-Azerbaijani talks on the delimitation of the seabed and subsoil of the Caspian Sea. The results of these talks, held in Baku, were inconclusive owing to the different positions of the sides on the ownership of oil and gas fields in the central part of the Caspian Sea in the disputed territory between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

Summing up the discussions, the Turkmen president noted that the process of searching and agreeing on mutually acceptable solutions in determining the legal status of the Caspian Sea is largely hampered by the special position of Azerbaijan who unilaterally started the development of disputed oil and gas fields “Omar” and “Osman” and by Azerbaijan’s claims on “Serdar” field, formerly known as “Intermediate.” Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that Turkmenistan does not accept the practice of unilateral actions in the Caspian Sea and, first of all, the development of those areas on which the states concerned did not reach any agreement. Proceeding from the fundamental principles of international cooperation, the Turkmen side sixteen times included the issue of disputed territories in the agenda of the Turkmen-Azerbaijani talks, but the sides failed to reach an agreement.

This situation hinders the full development of natural resources of the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian Sea, hinders the implementation of important programmes for economic development of the region, preservation of ecological well-being of the sea and coast, Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said. He instructed Vice Premier, Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov to invite international experts – qualified jurists to study the legality of Azerbaijan’s claims on the disputed offshore fields, as well as the legality of foreign oil companies’ participation in exploration and development of these fields. The results of the legal assessment should be sent to the International Court of Arbitration.

In the line of what was said, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that Turkmenistan has no claims on anyone’s territory, and has always been a supporter of fair territorial delimitation of a unique water reservoir, coordinating the interests of all littoral states on the basis of universally recognized norms of international law and international experience for determining maritime boundaries.

This is the official version of the Turkmen side that was explained in detail and argued in a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan published in local press the following day. The summary of the Turkmen position sounds simple: if long bilateral talks do not bear fruits, let’s pass the issue to an independent international arbitration and accept its final decision, no matter how it turned out.

Not being a lawyer or a specialist in international law in maritime delimitation, the author of these lines would not like to follow the example of his Baku colleagues who attempt to withstand the pragmatic logic by a loud noise. Let’s leave aside the legal side of the issue for a moment and let specialists untangle the intricacies of international legal norms. However, judging by the statements that bedeviled the Azerbaijani mass media, Baku flatly rejects not only the consistency of the Turkmen argument in the boundary dispute in the Caspian Sea, but the very idea of taking a bilateral dispute to the International Court of Arbitration.

One might as well try to find an answer to a simple question: why the Azerbaijani side vehemently opposes an idea of an independent assessment of the situation? There is a well-known faultless rhetorical method. When reasoning is weak, an orator must make his speech very emotional so that its heat conceals the factual weakness of an argument.

It seems that Baku’s political scientists still use the same faultless method in the current situation of the rise of the Caspian tide. At the same time, the absurdity of arguments is in direct proportional to the desire to get away as far as possible from the essence of the problem.

Here is one of the most amusing arguments. The deposits in the disputed territory can not ever be considered belonging to Turkmenistan because they were discovered and developed by the Azerbaijani oilmen. Of course, one can not dispute the fact that during the Soviet era there worked a lot of excellent specialists in Azerbaijan. But if one thinks hard, one can recall that Azerbaijani oilmen not only took part in the development of offshore deposits of the Caspian Sea, but also helped to open fields in Tyumen region, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and other Russian territories. Should I now take this fact as Azerbaijan’s legitimate claims on the Russian oil-bearing areas?

The apogee of peremptory rhetoric aired on the west coast of the Caspian Sea can be the following deadly argument. Even if the international arbitration decides in favor of Turkmenistan, it would still be unacceptable for Azerbaijan, as Baku will simply never recognize the jurisdiction of any international court. What an argument! This can not be because this can not be ever! This quite “heavy” argument was once used in the history of mankind…

It is clear that the complexity of problems of the Caspian Sea largely depends on the weight of private interests of financial and logistical nature: big oil – big money. But the global geopolitical issues such as the international legal status of the Caspian Sea can not be solved without a consensus approach, without respect for the right of partners for a reasoned alternative position.

Moreover, the Caspian Sea problems will never be solved by artificially causing muddy and rhetorical high and low tides of as much loud and categorical as unconvincing statements that can only cause mutual distrust and never produce solutions that would satisfy all sides.

Dr. Yusafzai, on Blackwater, XE


Dr. Khurrum Shaukat Yusafzai.

In the media, there is talk of Black water, Mania that is Security agency, which is established to protect, the CA -11, an NGO, which belongs to USA established at Chinar Road University town Peshawar.

This issue became known, after PC Peshawar was demolished in Suicide car bomb, which clearly missed the corps Commander Peshawar which was wall to wall with pearl Continental Hotel, right next to it, deliberately or Planned I am not sure as this is may be , another controversial issue.

Although the next day Guards of Corps commander, Peshawar shot a innocent motorcyclist and good citizen of Peshawar who happened to pass in front of the house while the cameras where rolling of Local Pakistani channels conveniently present and Informed before hand, just to prove some Silly point that Terrorists spared him by Coincidence only .

The Western Media reported that Black water Guards had died in the PC Blast two or three in number, who were staying at the, Pearl Continental Hotel (PC Hotel), which was Previously Intercontinental Hotel. This Fact was hidden by Pakistani Media and from Pakistanis.

There was news true or False I don’t Know that PC Peshawar was sold to US for next Bigger Embassy as , current one in Peshawar is smaller for their activities .  If our Establishment is so nervous about this, why don’t they stop the US Embassy in Islamabad too ? .

It is OK in Islamabad and Balochistan ,  for US and US Marines,  to do what it want to do and not in Peshawar . This puzzling argument is beyond me.  How can for a moment think that a Jumbo embassy in Islamabad is OK , while relatively bigger one in Peshawar is not OK

This Argument is puzzling for me and for many Pakistanis too. I do not get the Logic of these Feet Kissers of America be it the Army,  or the politicians.  While the whole Balauchistan is conveniently rented, out to them in the form Military bases for CIA and its Drones.

As the Black Water, reputation is famous as the Dirty mercenaries, and dirty Players who had massacred many people in Iraq and Afghanistan. it may be noted , President  Karazai also keeps Black water Guards too .  Now to save Face they have changed its Name to XE after Bad publicity.

President Karzai was also EX- employee/ Advisor of this Halliburton and Unocal Oil Pipe line company, which was making A CIS to Pakistan oil pipeline and so was Advisor  Zalmay Kharazad the Blue eyed boy of US administration and  US ambassador to UN .

After that, the Media Blitz, and by some Curious Pro- Establishment Web sites started maligning, and Blackening the faces of ruling PPP coalition for this matter . Although these agreements were signed right after 11 September 2001, to allow such horrific organizations work in Pakistan and is credited, to the Government of Gen Musharaff, and the Army.

Those agreements were hidden from us the common Pakistanis, to this time and being followed religiously by PPP led coalition Government to our shame, even we are having sham democracy here.

XE or, Black water is also involved in Prostitution Scandals in Bosnia when many Muslim Bosnian women were, smuggled by their employees and cases are pending in many global courts against them.  Although they, have diplomatic immunity status, while they are not even the US government.  This is mystery of greatest proportions to many people.

In Iraq they are wanted by their courts, for many murders, unprovoked and of innocent bystanders. In Iraq and Afghanistan where, it has done many massacres too, unprovoked .

XE, Black water Security is USA based, security organization I may add and is a subsidiary of Halliburton Organization which belongs to Dick Cheney the Criminal US Vice President as he is one of its Directors and beneficiary .

Halliburton is a Logistic Supply of US Army, which supplied it in Iraq and Afghanistan.  One of Local Branch office of Halliburton is located in Islamabad, in the Evacuee Trust Building, which was right next to Suicide Blasted Marriot Hotel in Islamabad. These facts are hidden by Media and, these Pseudo Patriotic Web sites , too.

In  fact the TAPI ( Turkmenistan Afghanistan , Pakistan and India ) Oil Pipe Line Deal of the Century , from Dalautabad Oil field  one of Biggest in the world , to Afghanistan to Helmand to Pashin Balauchistan and then to Gawadar was done by same Halliburton.

Halliburton belongs to Vice President Dick Cheney; later this deal was shared with Texaco Oil, or Union Caltex Company of USA.

Patriotic Pashtuns of Peshawar, and residents of University town in took no time locate CA-11 NGO, and its associated Security Firm Black Water XE guards in no time at Chinar road.

The local University Town Resident Association, filed complaint to Relevant authorities and Interior ministry too, as it was reported by local Journalist Aqeel Khan Yousafzai reporting to Free radio of Germany Douche ,Wella .

It seems the Establishment of Army and Political Government of PPP and PML-N has a visible, tug of war on the issue that, who will be more faithful to America and who can kiss the feet of America more ? . IT seems the political Government has won hands down,  from the Champion of Decades the Pakistan Army this time in Kissing America Feet and is winner in this Game.

While the common Pakistani,  is being killed and Humiliated by them , on the roads and everywhere both by Terrorist and these Americans and the Pakistan Establishment as well too , who fails to follow the SOP,s and Local laws to safeguard lives of its citizens.

As Fuel dumps of NATO, are stored near residences in Peshawar, on Ring Road and Jet Fuel tanker are passing through Residential Streets of Haytabad, Peshawar and is being blown apart right in middle of their homes and in Between Schools.

Even the Jet Fuel Oil is being supplied to USA NATO and ISAF is by a company called Attock Oil, Company of Pakistan Registered in Islamabad which is another controversial matter , as it owned by Al-Qaeda sympathizer .  Ghiat Pharaon wanted by FBI.

Hence Halliburton and USA is buying oil from Al-Qaeda Supporter and Fugitive Financier, wanted by  FBI , as  After the events of September 11th, he re-emerged as a subject of public interest, due in part to having been a former classmate of US President George W. Bush at Harvard Business School.

He was a prominent investor in Bush’s short-lived Fraudulent,  oil venture Arbusto Energy and almost Financed George bush to white house.

According to a 70-page French parliamentary report released in October 2002, Pharaon has been identified as a recent player in the informal money- and value-transferring (or hawala) networks of al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden.  So USA is doing Business with Osama bin Laden Financier. Instead of  Buying from PSO,  Pakistani Government Oil company.

The Propaganda , web sites like that of Ahmed Qureshi, a Geo English Anchor, and  Zaid Hameed , the Brass-tacks fame and official spokes man of ISI and Sympathizer of Yusaf Kazab, the Atheist killed by fellow Prisoner in Adiala jail after a case was filed in Courts of Pakistan against him for Blasphemy .

These Sites are most vocal against the political Government understandably for their links with Establishment ? While these same web sites praise Musharaff to the Hilt as a just and intelligent ruler showering him with praises. But Mushraf was the Coward of greatest proportions and Mir Jaffer of new Century, as had given USA military bases, In Pakistan according to Global Security Organsitan like the:

1.     Jacoabad Shamshi Airbase ( Head Quarters )

2.     Dalbandin Balauchistan Airbase

3.     The Pasni Airbase

4.     The Chitral Airbase

5.     The Peshawar airbase

6.     Tarbella Base

7.     The Gawadar Airbase

8.     Chaklalla Airbase,

9.     The Halliburton Head quarters at Evacuee trust Building Islamabad.

10. Apart from agreement to make US embassy, the Biggest in the world , with 1 billion dollar worth of Infrastructure being Built.

These bases have hundred of US Marines stationed there, on Pakistani soil and these bases are used for Drone attacks,  on FATA, and NWFP and we are Fed with Lies that it is done from Afghanistan. Another Horrific fact is that the bases are in Use of CIA, not the US government directly.

Why Target this CA-11, NGO in Peshawar, which is working with FATA secretariat controlled by Islamabad Bureaucracy? , why not mention the dozens of other sites and even CIA prisons which Time magazine claims exists in Pakistan.

Although the people of NWFP Balauchistan and FATA hate the Taliban as much as they hate the Army now, for the same reasons.  OK if drone are doing good work and Killed Baitullah, please accept the Responsibility, and do not lie to us as you will be judged by your deeds anyway.   Why should America take the credit for it?. Maybe the Establishment doest have the guts to do that.

How these facts are ignored conveniently by these Pseudo Patriotic, web sites, and their Authors when Gen Patreus and Mc Mullen visits US bases in Pakistan  and meet the US Marines stationed there in Bases , every month or so .  Everybody is mum while  crying Horse on Peshawar small tiny miny NGO.

The Fact that When Bush the last President had to visit Islamabad, not a single Political Party apart from PTI ( Pakistan Tehrik Insaf ) , of Imran khan was demonstrating against his visit.

Not even the Pious Islamic parties, which formed MMA, like JUI and JI participated, although they were breaking Public infrastructure of Pakistan a day earlier when Bush was not around on Cartoon Issue.

That was the reason MMA Islamic Parties got Plots worth Billions from GHQ, as reported by Ansar Abbasi of The News for their Mir jaffer (Traitor) attitude, who, s report of this Corruption matter is conveniently hushed up now and to date nobody is punished yet and will not be even by the Pious Chief Justice of Pakistan .

On the MMA watch 2002-2007 ,  and in their Government the US Bases were established, in Balauchistan, and the petrol and Dry Depots for US army on NWFP Peshawar Ring road area, were established in their Jurisdiction area very quietly .

Although in Gross Violation of the SOP,s of Health and Safety. As explosive material cannot be stored,  among, residential Areas.

These American Stooges, and the Islamic Parties had been Partners of CIA and ISI in Breaking up of Russia in Operation Cyclone / Afghan Jihad run by weapons Supplied by the Israel and the Massod of Russian make to absolve US of any responsibility of Interference.

Even now they may be partners, too as s Taliban and Al- Qaeda too are creating justification for US presence here along with this Political arm of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, the MMA and Islamic Parties.

IN past when MMA types were handling the weapons in Rawalpindi, not by Professional Soldiers or even the ISI , but bunch of Civilians of these Islamic Parties, along with NLC would be responsible to transport weapons to Afghanistan .

The Ojhri Camp Incident happened when SOP, s and Proper Procedure were not followed as alleged by Gen , KM Arif in his book and by Joan Herring US , Special Ambassador to Pakistan. (See Charlie Wilson’s War Movie ) , She was very close to Gen Zia Ul Haq and the ISI  who, clearly said that weapons were handled by these Islamic parties, and then Transported to Afghanistan on  Donkeys.

Innocent Pakistani People lost their lives, and are Loosing Live and Limbs  now especially the Pashtuns of NWFP ; this is happening again for the Love of US Dollars and greed by both Military Establishment and Political Government Both. Who are in Competition who can kiss the American Feet better?

Maybe they allow, US basses in Punjab for this reason, like in Tarbella and Chaklalla, but they are sensitive to Bases in Peshawar. This is another Mysterious dimension, that is Mind boggling, and I cannot explain this Dilemma on Logic and common sense basis.  Even US military Dry Port are now shifted to Punjab like in Attock and Musa Khan Village Mianwali.

If they are so dependant on America and are kissing its Feet  , and why we don’t want to leave Pakistan to US and  sign a agreement and declare Pakistan as 56th state of USA so It be ruled by Obama directly for Next 50 Years .

Why create useless blood shed of innocents, on Strategic depth Policy , when we don’t have guts to tell the Truth to Pakistanis and the world that we are stooges of America and have been for last 63 years .

From the time a CIA base in 1959, in Badabeer Peshawar when Garry Powers used to Flt U2, from here towards Russian and we in Peshawar were threatened with nuclear strike , under an American Stooge Gen Ayub Khan when Garry Powers was shot over Russia while spying and discovered.  The American ran away leaving us to Consequences.

Next we, fought war with Russian in 80,s for Americans and the Russian bombed NWFP, many times its schools and its  people killed as token of Revenge Killing Millions .  What we did America could not do for centuries itself.

In Reward America kicked us in the Butt with Pressler Amendment and Economic Sanctions, we were at par with Arch Enemy of US, Islamic republic of Iran in the 90, S who threaten USA and Israel everyday and is supporter of  Hamas which makes Lives of Israeli living Hell , as Iran has some brave and sincere leaders unlike us.

Gen Zia Ul Haq killed thousand of Palestinians in Black September revolution in Jordon to be Rewarded chief of Army staff Job in Pakistan Army after he made Zionist happy after the massacre crushing PLO in Jordon.

He was dumb officer and in Fact had failed in Staff and Command Courses in Quetta, which is mandatory for Promotion as Red tape General and still was, made COAS twisting the rules.

This happened to him who served Americans and Israelis so well all his Life.  As a Cadet, he passed at the Bottom most slot as there was nobody more dumber then him in his class, when he passed out as Cadet. He was never a competent officer of Army.

This was the reason he was sent to Civilian Armed forces FC in Khyber Riffles Peshawar , as a Superseded major to spend his retirement peacefully . However, Inspite of this he was picked up for the Job by CIA, that made him the one who broke Russian down and helped Unite Europe after Berlin wall broke down  while destroying Pakistan down with Drugs Culture , Criminal Kalashnikov culture and Secretarian Killings.

Even the deeds Mushraf has been for American and Israeli good , which they cannot have dreamed about without him, while he has set fire to Balochistan, FATA, and NWFP. He has given America a Basis and Countless US  Bases for Policing Iran, China, CIS countries and Russia creating conflict for next 100 years to come.

He gave America hold over Natural Resources of OIL for next 100 years and billions of Dollars worth of advantage and boost to its economy for free while Pakistanis will be a slave to their US Corporations and Big Mega Corporations as cheap labors.

This while US have committed just 60 Thousand troops for huge and Difficult area of 30 provinces of Afghanistan and we are committing 100,000 troops and that for Cheap Price 1/ 1000 of what  US troops are getting in Afghanistan.  The Fight has been Brought to tiny area of FATA from Afghanistan .

The fight is dragged to FATA to benefit USA and it Troops and Inflicting 50 billion worth of Loss of infrastructure to NWFP and FATA to fight enemies of America, who may not be necessarily enemies of Pakistan. While saving lives of American troops.

With what Gratitude we were paid back, to Pakistanis, Dishonor and Loss of Dignity, of common Pakistanis as we are humiliated by Both Our Military,    Political Establishment and the USA too at the same time.

While we are strip-searched and Cavity Searched Naked and without shoes,  if our name matches to some Idiotic Data base of Muslim Names which has no security value at all.

Our Bright Pashtun and Pakistani Student are languishing in Maximum-security UK jail belonging to NWFP, when they are not even charged with any crime and are innocent. What kind of partnership we have with USA and what is going on with us, it is time for change.

Running Out Fossil Fuels: A Cause For Glee?

Running Out Fossil Fuels: A Cause For Glee?

By Emily Spence

30 July, 2007

John James, one of the writers for Crisis Coalition, Incorporated ( suggests, “It may be that declining oil may save us from climate change. As you know from my Proof article [], 1.5 degrees is inevitable, and in another four years — two degrees. Were oil to decline in that time span, we may yet survive. Just as emissions are rising three times faster than a decade ago, so oil consumption is increasing.”

Indeed, it does seem that the Earth will run out of oil, natural gas and coal much more quickly than was, originally, anticipated by researchers keeping track of overall expenditure of these resources [1]. At the same time, others warn that any expectation of nuclear power taking over as an effective substitute is both unrealistic and, potentially, ruinous [2].

On other grounds, ethanol can’t work either [3]. Meanwhile, wind, solar and hydro provisions won’t be sufficient in and by themselves. In addition, what sort of work will people – the billions making their livings in industries related to airlines, cruise lines, mechanized workshops and factories producing oil based products such as plastic items and fertilizers — do since their jobs are dependent on the use of huge amounts of petroleum? Yes, what will they all do once it all but disappears?

In the same vein, our high rate of agricultural yield, medical care, transportation of the basic goods needed to sustain life, home heating and cooling, travel related to school and work, as well as so much more constituting “our way of life” are all, directly and indirectly, reliant on fossil fuels. Likewise, many diverse industries require huge energy inputs for the production of a voluminous and diverse assortment of wares on which most people have come to depend. Therefore, it is ill-fated that most of our electricity derives from coal, gas and oil. For example, 68 % of the electricity in the US is provided by these power sources [4] and nothing yet found by scientists can adequately replace them without disastrous results.

Meanwhile, imagine any vast city, with its dense population, trying to survive without all of the diesel guzzling trucks, trains, ships and jets constantly bringing in an endless stream of food, drugs, clothes, etc., to various points accessible to the millions of occupants living within the metropolitan confines. Imagine manufacturers trying to provide enough necessary (as opposed to frivolous) products, such as cans for preserved food, without the inordinate amount of energy that is, currently, being used in their creation. Imagine police, fire, school and hospital departments trying to run without electrical power. Imagine the seemingly endless miles and miles of farms across the globe trying to operate without the provision of manmade herbicides and pesticides (developed out of oil), as well as devoid of their gargantuan planting and culling machinery.

If we had small self-sustaining communities across the world fulfilling most basic needs locally, our dependence on fossil fuels would not be such a daunting issue. Needed adjustment (weaning away from our heavy addiction) could transpire more easily. However, our complex lifestyles and ever booming population necessitate increasing amounts of energy to be sustained.

Especially this is so with the ways that our capitalistic system and transnational economics are configured so as to obtain cheap raw materials in one location, low wage labor in a second and high paying purchasers in a third with the goal in mind to always provide ever more consumables to ensure ever great profit for corporate heads and stock holders. In other words, our customs and standards of living are, literally, bringing us ever closer to a pending downfall.

This in mind, what a horrible mess that our species has gotten itself into and without a really good way out! All the same, “Mother Nature,” ultimately, does have a solution to our predicament, albeit a devastating one.

In this vein, it will, likely, lead to the most rapacious members of humankind (the ones who’ve always garnered the most power, resources and money for themselves) making out just fine, as always. Their kind — comprising of corporate moguls, certain government leaders appropriating benefits from war mongering activities and others of their ilk — nearly always find a way to flourish in spite of surrounding adversity.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this sort of outcome always is the case regardless of whether we find this pattern morally repugnant and outrageous or not. Survival of the fittest always has meant that those most successful at taking “the lion’s share” most often thrive regardless of whatever happens to everything and everyone else.

Yet despite the many severe daunting problems that the rest of us will, obviously, face due to the decreasing supply of fossil fuels, the benefits from running out of them, certainly, could include curtailment of global warming effects. All the same, it does not seem that their disappearance will provide any welcomed panacea for humanity’s collective and looming woes [5].

In part, this is because many diverse environments across the globe are staggering under the influence of weather changes already having taken place from the rising heat. Our species and other ones are already at risk from the nearly universal threat of drought, crop reduction [6], ever more powerful hurricanes, wild floods, spreading fires, vastly expanding desert regions, rising oceans and other awful impacts. Meanwhile, they’re slated to get worse.

Even the outcomes that are not so thoroughly daunting are bad. As Jean-Louis Robert Turcot, a naturalist in Canada, notes, “In terms of the global warming scenarios that are becoming more and more evident as time goes on, I witnessed a small part of it just yesterday in a remote fishing lake which I, occasionally, visit. The Pine Beetle [Dendroctonus ponderosae], which is usually controlled by spells of cold winter weather, are devastating forests of British Columbia and about twenty-five percent of the trees that line the lake are now red, killed by the insect infestation, with predictions of a ninety percent kill ratio. I felt for the time in my heart that nature was truly being affected, even though these trees were far removed from humanity and I did feel a moment of deep sadness…”

Indeed, one can notice lots of changes in many locales in terms of a variety of destabilizing factors. Perhaps if these came only singularly to individual species, the results, in some instances, wouldn’t be so severe. However, they, en masse, create far-reaching problems. As such, there is just too much with which to simultaneously deal.

For example, Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum), a non-indigenous plant life with no easy local means for curtailment, thrives in acidic, carbon rich waterways (such as US lakes have become due to their containing acid rain and serving as carbon sinks). With such favorable growth conditions provided, it is, literally, choking the life out of many water systems across America.

Combined with further negatives, such as higher water temperatures and other factors, many aquatic species are shrinking in numbers or altogether perishing. In short, the noxious Milfoil, co-joined with other impingements, is destroying much submerged life on which many other life forms depend. Hence, whole interactive systems are vanishing underwater AND around shores. Moreover, further organisms, ones reliant on the shore life for their sustenance, are similarly being decimated and so on down the line.

Summed up, the resultant changes, in turn, punch holes in the food web, which creates further problems due to natural environments being largely interdependent in complex ways. As a result, whole immense bionetworks are falling like intersecting arrays of dominoes wherein each bar pushes another one or two down, which does the same to further ones in a branching system. In this manner, many eco-niches are, slowly, failing across the planet.

Another example, this one on land, concerns the white birch. Due to ozone layer thinness, they have grown spindly and are not developing thick trunks. (I was told that this was the reason when I asked a forest ranger to whom I mentioned that I’d noticed the change.) As a result, many of them have tall spaghetti-like branches that, when they get top heavy with leaves, snap in half. Losing a few branches this way, in and of itself, might not pose a problem. Yet, with the huge openings in the surface of the birch due to breakage, all sorts of organisms have easy entrance and finish the trees off in combination with their weakened state due to drought and delimited sustenance from photosynthesis caused by the massive leaf loss. As such, I have seen huge stands, covering many acres, with approximately ninety percent dead birch resultant from this ugly occurrence.

While these accounts involve observation and are merely anecdotal, one can be sure that many other species are experiencing similar difficulties due to a variety of intersecting causes, that, both directly and indirectly, create problems for yet further species one after another in a cascading array.

All considered, how much will have to be missing from the overall complex matrix before a tipping point is reached so that many environments become unable to foster much life, including human existence? Where would people go when all the good places left have already been overrun by everyone else having the same idea of migrating to the last locations capable of supporting survival?

As John Muir, the environmentalist, suggested around a hundred years ago, “Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connected to everything else in the universe.” He, also, predicted, “Brought into right relationships with the wilderness, man would see that his appropriation of Earth’s resources beyond his personal needs would only bring imbalance and begat ultimate loss and poverty by all.” How unfortunate that his peers — our forebears — never earnestly heeded his words. However, it may not be too late for us to do so. Accordingly, we must, with greatest determination, try!

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Emily Spence lives in Massachusetts and deeply cares about the future of our world.

Obama Pledges Intensified War

Obama Pledges Intensified War

In Afghanistan And Pakistan

By Tom Eley

18 August , 2009

In a speech delivered Monday to the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Arizona, President Barack Obama promised to intensify the US military engagement in Afghanistan and Pakistan, wind down the war in Iraq, and create a new military that would be better-equipped to wage unconventional warfare.

The speech’s central purpose was to prepare public opinion for an escalation and prolongation of the US war in Afghanistan and its further expansion into neighboring Pakistan.

The president warned that the war in Afghanistan would be long and bloody, predicting “more difficult days ahead.”

“The insurgency in Afghanistan didn’t just happen overnight,” Obama said. “And we won’t defeat it overnight. This will not be quick. This will not be easy.”

Obama said that diminution of the conflict in Iraq would allow the US “to refocus on the war against Al Qaida and its extremist allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” In other words, there will be no lessening of US military violence. Whatever can be freed up from Iraq will simply be transferred to the “Af-Pak” theater.

“That’s why I announced a new, comprehensive strategy in March, a strategy that recognizes that Al Qaida and its allies had moved their base from the remote tribal areas—to the remote tribal areas of Pakistan,” Obama continued. This casual declaration demonstrates Obama’s indifference toward international law and the US constitution. Pakistan is technically a sovereign state, and no formal declaration of war has ever been made against it.

To defend the intensification of the war in Afghanistan, Obama used fear-mongering language that could just as easily have been uttered by his predecessor, George W. Bush. “[W]e must never forget,” Obama declared, “This is not a war of choice. This is a war of necessity. Those who attacked America on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. If left unchecked, the Taliban insurgency will mean an even larger safe haven from which Al Qaida would plot to kill more Americans. So this is not only a war worth fighting; this is a—this is fundamental to the defense of our people.”

The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US—for which no credible official explanation has ever been given—provided the pretext for the US invasion of Afghanistan, which corresponded to longstanding US geo-strategic aims that held Afghanistan as critical for its proximity to essential oil and gas resources and for its key central position in the Eurasian land mass.

The choice of the VFW convention to signal an escalation of the Afghanistan war provided another echo of the Bush administration. Using much the same rhetoric, Vice President Dick Cheney used the same venue to deliver a speech in August 2002 that inaugurated the campaign that led to the invasion of Iraq, also under false pretexts, in March 2003.

Obama’s campaign to intensify the US military intervention in Central Asia comes under conditions in which the populations in the US, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are increasingly opposed to the war.

A recent poll by CNN/Opinion Research Corp of the US populations found that 54 percent of respondents are now opposed to the war in Afghanistan, with only 41 percent in favor, a dramatic reversal from May when 50 percent expressed support for the war. In Pakistan, a new Pew Global Attitudes survey found that about two thirds of the population, 64 per cent, view the US as “an enemy,” with only 9 percent describing it as a “partner.” And in Afghanistan, it is anticipated that national elections to be held Thursday will lack credibility due to fraud and voter abstentionism. There is a widespread understanding in the population that the election results will not end the US occupation.

In early October the war in Afghanistan will have entered its ninth year, making it the second-longest continuous military action in US history after the Vietnam War. At least 1,316 coalition soldiers have been killed, but the pace of the violence has steadily quickened, with July the bloodiest month for coalition forces since the war began. Beginning in 2005, each new year has outstripped the last as the war’s deadliest, with 2008 setting a record of 294 coalition deaths. The current year will far surpass that total, with 271 deaths having already taken place.

On Sunday and Monday, three British and two US soldiers, as well as an American civilian, died in gun battles and bombings in Afghanistan.

The war has killed tens of thousands in Afghanistan and the border regions of Pakistan, although no accurate count is available. The vast majority of these have been innocent civilians, with a far larger proportion than in Iraq slain in US aerial bombardments or through attacks from the unmanned Predator drones that terrorize the region’s villages on a daily basis.

As for Iraq, Obama asserted he would “remove all our troops from Iraq by the end of 2011,” a promise that has already been nullified by both the US military command and the Iraqi regime.

After six years and four months of war, there remain 130,000 American soldiers in Iraq. In the interim, more than one million Iraqis have been killed as a result of the invasion, according to the most credible estimate. About a fifth of the population, nearly five million people, have been displaced—two million as refugees in neighboring countries. Iraq has been destroyed as a functioning society; unemployment is widespread and basic social services, including education, transportation, water, sewerage, and electricity, are decimated. Oil production has scarcely reached pre-invasion levels.

Over 4,331 US soldiers have been killed in the conflict, and over 31,100 have been wounded. The cost of the Iraq war will surpass the US war in Vietnam, adjusted for inflation, by the year’s end, when it will reach nearly $700 billion.

Nonetheless, politicians of both parties have joined hands with the media to celebrate the supposed success of the Bush administration’s “surge” in Iraq, whose strategy combined overwhelming violence, assassinations, bribery, and the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad and other areas that previously contained mixed Shiite and Sunni populations.

This barbaric policy has temporarily diminished attacks on US soldiers. But hundreds of Iraqis continue to die every month through bombings and assassinations, and the nation remains a tinderbox, with tense ethnic, religious, and regional tensions set to reignite.

Further undermining Obama’s claim of an imminent withdrawal, the top US commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno, on Monday said that he would request more US forces be stationed in Iraq’s northern Kurdish region, where ethnic violence among Arabs and Kurds has intensified in recent weeks.

Obama’s claims that he intends to “wind down” the military involvement in Iraq notwithstanding, it is an article of faith in Washington as well as Baghdad that a large-scale military presence must and will remain. The US has announced its real intentions through the construction of a series of “enduring” military bases and what will be the largest US embassy in the world in Baghdad’s Green Zone. There is agreement within the US ruling elite that the US must dominate Iraq and its oil wealth, the world’s second largest proven reserves.

Yet there is a growing consensus in the ruling class that Afghanistan is even more crucial to long-term US interests. This perspective last year coalesced behind the Obama campaign, and his ultimate ascension to the presidency represented, in no small measure, its triumph.

In his speech to the VFW, the president joined his bellicose statements on Afghanistan and Pakistan with a promise to maintain increased military spending and revamp the US military.

Obama boasted that his administration intends to increase the cost, size, and global superiority of the military, in spite of the economic crisis. “We need to keep our military the best trained, the best led, the best equipped fighting force in the world,” Obama said. “And that’s why, even with our current economic challenges, my budget increases defense spending …why we’ve increased the size of the Army and the Marines Corps two years ahead of schedule and have approved another temporary increase in the Army.”

Obama offered a vision of a new military that could respond to multiple conflicts simultaneously, suggesting the armed forces have “yet to fully adapt to the post-Cold War world, with doctrine and weapons better suited to fight the Soviets on the plains of Europe than insurgents in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan.”

This would entail, the president said, “an Army that’s more mobile and expeditionary and missile defenses that protect our troops in the field; a Navy that not only projects power across the oceans, but operates nimbly in shallow, coastal waters; an Air Force that dominates the airspace with next-generation aircraft, both manned and unmanned; [and] a Marine Corps that can move ashore more rapidly in more places.”

Obama’s proposals for a lighter and more high-tech army ready to deploy quickly all over the world are entirely in line with the views of Bush administration holdover Defense Secretary Gates, and, for that matter, his predecessor Donald Rumsfeld.