Letters from the Author of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

[It’s doubtful that any readers of this website are unfamiliar with the “Silent Weapons” document, that is usually reported as a paranoid delusion, or disinformation of some type.  This document spells-out exactly (even with diagrams) a “human animal husbandry” science, the “sheeple” doctrine:

“SWFQW is not a “paranoid manifesto;” it is a politically biased technical instruction manual on how to justify, and how to selectively survive, human animal husbandry before the need for animal husbandry becomes unstably critical.”

The intention of the ruling cabal was to:

“race ahead of society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation.”   To predict when the herd would be ready to surrender their humanity to the psychopathic dictatorship.

READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY, and then re-read “Silent Weapons,” to understand how they are waging silent economic war against you, your children, and all the people of the United States of America.


Everything depends upon you understanding this]

Letters from the Author of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

The Van Dyke Letters

SWFQW is a politically biased technical instruction manual on how to justify, how to selectively survive, human animal husbandry before the need for animal husbandry becomes unstably critical.
VanDykeIn the spring of 2003 (issue 33), Paranoia excerpted a pamphlet entitled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, asking readers for any information they might have on the author of the work, which claimed to have been originally found in a surplus copy machine purchased in 1986 at McChord Air Force Base by a Boeing employee. The following December, Paranoia received a letter, mailed from a federal prison, from one Hartford Van Dyke, claiming to be the author of the work. Being confident that he is the true author of Silent Weapons (SWFQW), we wish to share letters from Hartford Van Dyke wherein he exposes the circumstances surrounding his authorship of this infamous pamphlet.

Dear Paranoia,
I will begin my response to your December 8, 2003 letter with comments about your article, and then give a biographical account.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening statements in your magazine article about Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWFQW). It had a Sherlock Holmes flavor to it. An analysis of your article would be an interesting way to start this response, therefore so be it.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars did not have a “preface,” so it did not make what would have been a “bizarre claim” to have been “found in a surplus IBM copy machine in 1986 by a Boeing Aircraft employee…” That claim about the SWFQW book being found in the copy machine was made in an 8-1/2 by 11 inch news release/advertisement published in November 1986 by the America’s Promise Newsletter (APN) of Phoenix, Arizona, and in their publication of SWFQW, of which you have either a copy or some derivative writing. [Ed. This is what we have.]

If you have a copy of the original APN news release/advertisement, then you would know that William Cooper’s 1991 publication was not the first SWFQW publishing event. The original America’s Promise Newsletter of November 1986 stated that the said copy machine was purchased at auction from the McChord Air Force Base (located near Fort Lewis) in Washington State.

SWFQW is an “elite blueprint.” There is nothing “dubious” about it. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was not used as a reference source for SWFQW. In the end of your first paragraph, you home-in on the technical essence of the SWFQW book, similar to the APN November 1986 news release/advertisement. [Problem > Solution]

VanDyke2Your second paragraph suggested that you are unaware of the APN [article] The comment [by Joan d’Arc] that SWFQW is a “paranoid manifesto” is not an accurate description of the book, as is clear from a reading of that section of sub-titled Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon on page eight of SWFQW. (And the second paragraph of your quotation of that section is not accurate, which suggests that you do not have an accurate copy of SWFQW.)

Also psychology and psychoanalysis are not exact sciences, meaning here that the terms used in those so-called “sciences” are all perspective sensitive, i.e., dependent upon who uses the terms, the level of the food chain that the user occupies, and the level in the food chain of the person or persons to whom the term is applied. For example, if a prisoner at Auschwitz was complaining that the smell of burning flesh meant that the prisoners were being killed and cremated, then the guards might have been told to react by saying that the prisoner was “paranoid.”

SWFQW is not a “paranoid manifesto;” it is a politically biased technical instruction manual on how to justify, and how to selectively survive, human animal husbandry before the need for animal husbandry becomes unstably critical. [(Note: Historical Introduction – SWFQW, page five, states that a “system was necessary which could race ahead of society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation.” [Ed. surrender, submission, defeat!]

Cooper might have read SWFQW in a “Naval Intelligence Majority Twelve File.” Delamar Duverus of the American Sunbeam made a similar claim. And families of the upper class and their organizations did make contributions to the Leontief economics project, (e.g., Rockefeller (1948) – SWFQW, page 5).

You state that you have had an undated SWFQW pamphlet in your collection since approximately 1993. Yet your article quotes the end of the SWFQW section entitled Welcome Aboard (SWFQW page 4), as May 1979.

Also #74-1120 is an anagram of the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 41-12-07.The forerunner of SWFQW, complete with sources, equations, my signature, and my address, was published on or about 74-12-07. My book on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was published at the end of August 1973.

You [Joan d’Arc] state that, “The economic analysis implicated in Silent Weapons could only have been made by someone with an advanced understanding of complex socio-economic systems.” Sir Isaac Newton said that he was able to see far ahead because he “stood on the shoulders of giants,” The best parts of SWFQW were from the economic giants of our time. That is one of the reasons why SWFQW has a lasting value.

Your analysis of Cooper’s capacity to understand economics and present economic arguments is an interesting piece of detective work. It is important to note that the references to the “patriot movement,” to “patriot leanings,” or to the “Illuminati” blueprint have absolutely no significance in reference to SWFQW as a scientific textbook of mathematical and economic warfare. Every past method of human conquest by mere physical warfare has been made obsolete by the Silent Weapons technology, except for the mechanics of implementing the use of the Silent Weapons technology.

Once it becomes recognized that every problem, especially every mathematical problem, contains its own sufficient solution, it also becomes clear that “an error uncovered is two-thirds destroyed,” and the remaining one-third is destroyed by division of the house from within. Therefore, SWFQW states the problem and the solution, which gives it an “ambiguous” character. It is not a “hoax” any more than any other presentation of a scientific process could be deemed a hoax merely because it was not presented with the endorsement of its original discoverer. SWFQW has many authors.

War is “sociopathic” from the viewpoint of the prey. If the predator is victorious, then the war “is” and “beneficial” and “self-nobling” as the predator chooses to politically justify it.


In 1979 it was necessary for me to take a low profile with respect to the government because I still had much work to do. I have completed that work and it is all published and released into the public domain. It has made the government angry enough to imprison me.

I am now returning to your letter, and the subject of authorship of SWFQW. In the first place, you request evidence that I am the author of SWFQW. You need to understand that my objective is to inform you about the SWFQW subject matter and its origins for the purpose of educating you and whomever you choose to share this information with. You are free to print whatever I send to you. You do not have to pay me for anything or ask my permission. I am a public servant, and have been since 1967.

One of the people who helped me do the final publication work on SWFQW became concerned about the book becoming disinformation and asked me to reveal my authorship of the work in 1996, which I did by announcing it on a radio talk show. Otherwise, it would still be an anonymous work.

In 1979, it was necessary for me to take a low profile position with respect to the government because I still had much work to do. I have completed that work and it is all published and released into the public domain and may be reproduced for a profit. It has made the operations of the government angry enough to imprison me. Even then it took them five and one-half years to put me into prison, which was done by accusing me of being a party to someone else’s insufficient doing and wrongdoing. I obey the law strictly. I was imprisoned for enforcing the law.

I will tell you my sources for SWFQW so that you can expand your knowledge of the subject and inform your readers if you so choose. I am providing you with a sufficient sample of my material so that you can have the language structure compared with SWFQW.

VanDyke3Introduction – Works
My given name is Lyle Hartford Van Dyke, Jr. My father went by the name Lyle Van Dyke. I have gone by the name Hartford Van Dyke all of my life, with only legal exceptions. Because of the similarity of our names, some of the information about us has gotten mixed together on the internet by other people, some of it deliberately, and then misused in court. Several of my writings are available on the internet, including the following:

  • The Skeleton in Uncle Sam’s Closet (1973) Subject: The Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
  • Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979)
  • My Commercial Law Manual (1993 – Present).
  • How to Create Currencies for Local Communities (2001-2002)

The Skeleton in Uncle Sam’s Closet

Roosevelt had Knox, Forrestal, and Powell put under military guard and held at gunpoint until after the Pearl Harbor attack for which there had been 66 hours forewarning.

I was born June 4, 1940, at Honolulu, Hawaii. My father’s uncle, Gerald Mason Van Dyke (Mason), in G-2 intelligence, sent the warning message about the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Thursday afternoon, 2 PM, December 4, 1941, from Honolulu, Hawaii. The message was received by Rear Admiral Paulus Prince Powell in Washington, D. C. Powell relayed the message to Knox and Forrestal, who then wanted to get the ships (U.S. fleet) out of Pearl Harbor and put a defense perimeter around the Hawaiian Islands. Knox told Stimson. Stimson told Roosevelt.

Roosevelt had Knox, Forrestal, and Powell put under military guard and held at gunpoint until after the Pearl Harbor attack (for which there had been 66 hours forewarning). The detailed story is contained in my book The Skeleton in Uncle Sam’s Closet. I sent a quality paperback copy of this book to each of the 435 U.S. representatives, and to each of the 100 U.S. senators, in Washington, D. C.

My next book was the forerunner of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It was titled Warning – Surprise Attack Imminent! It was published in the period of November 30 to December 7, 1941. A copy was sent to every U. S. Representative and Senator at that time. It contained the I-O (input-output) shock test equations that appeared later in SWFQW, but it did not have the electronic diagrams at the time. The original publication was 8-1/2 x 14 at 5 pages in length. It did give the source information, and I did sign the work, and provide a reply address.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

SWFQW starts out as a logical sociopathic work and ends as an emotional sociopathic work. Being about ongoing war, the subject matter never ceases to be sociopathic, and neither does out nation’s current system of foreign or domestic political behavior.

Four years later, in 1978, I was able to obtain enough funding to research, compile, write, and publish the book SWFQW. The SWFQW project ran from about October 1978 to December 1979, approximately one year’s work. The subject is war, so the book is about the sociopathic attitude of those who promote war, and have contempt for the common man. The basic premise of the book is contained under the subheading ENERGY (page 7).

“…a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such a people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.” The last paragraph of the book is an echo of this premise under the heading FACTOR VI – CATTLE) page 56 SWFQW) “Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jellyfish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.”

It has been said that the fundamental principle of hypnosis is “in the battle between logic and imagination, imagination always wins.” Imagination is often closely connected with emotion. SWFQW starts out as a very logical sociopathic work and ends as an emotional sociopathic work. But being about war, and especially an ongoing war, the subject matter never ceases to be sociopathic, and neither does out nation’s current system of foreign or domestic political behavior. The book SWFQW is like a gold mining operation. With the gold at one end of the process, and the tailings (refuse or dross) at the other end of the process.

SWFQW is a collage, an overlay and paste-up of the works and words of many authors. I was the author only in the sense that I compiled and linked the gems of other writers. The book is not a hoax. Wassily W. Leontief proved the content of SWFQW by his article in the September 1980 issue of Scientific American, entitled “the world Economy in the Year 2000.” Leontief was the father of the Silent Weapons System, and was awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize in Economics long after his creation (1948) became recognized by the elite to be a weapon (1965).

Years passing do not change the invariant truths of science, not even of economic science. The elite were never fully named in SWFQW. It was not necessary to name them specifically. They are always among us, and they always will be among us.

SWFQW was a study in human nature; of motivation, psychological impulse and momentum, and force of habit; of control of social energy by influence, suggestion, and hypnosis; of the use of sociopathic processes to induce paranoid behavior; and so on. That is enough description of the theme and conceptual content of SWFQW. We now move on to a presentation of information sources.

A Partial List of Sources

  • The cover design of SWFQW was taken from a military training manual because many of the sources are military or military oriented think-tank-like sources.
  • “Operation Research” was suggested by A Report from Iron Mountain On the possibility and desirability of peace by Leonard C. Levin (c1967), hereafter referred to as The Report. The Report was the basis of the section subtitled “Security” on page 3 of SWFQW.
  • On page 4 of SWFQW, 74-1120″ is my signature as author of The Skeleton in Uncle Sam’s Closet, an anagram of 41-12-07, the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • On page 5 of SWFQW we have samples from Operation Research by Hamdy M. Taha.
  • Page 5, ¶ 3 has a phrase from Studies in the Structure of the American Economy by Wassily Leontief (1953).
  • Page 5, ¶ 4 – Encyclopedia
  • Page 5, ¶ 5 – The Report
  • Page 5, ¶ 6 – Many Sources
  • Page 5, ¶ 8 – Studies in the Structure
  • Page 6, ¶ 1 – Studies in the Structure
  • Page 6, ¶ 3 – Scientific Sources – Maser Research
  • Page 6, ¶ 6 – Reference to The Report
  • Page 7, – The Report and Studies in the Structure, etc.
  • Page 8, – Many sources besides systems logic and systems analogs
  • Page 8, 9, – Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon – The Psychotic use of a sociopathic weapon to induce paranoia, achieved by economic subversion of the means of survival, which also works to brainwash individuals.

Economic Theory Applications: Shock Testing
A very telling phrase exists in the preface to Studies in the Structure of the American Economy by Wassily Leontief. It is a long dangling sentence, giving a series of objectives of the Harvard Economic Research Project of 1948, and it passes to the future use with something like “and the forces which make for changes in the structure of the economy.”

It is the way in which it is stated that reveals the ulterior purposes of the Project. When this phrase is understood in relation to the phrases presented before and after it, it suggests a group of interrelated mathematical relationships and equations, which when integrated yield the actual expression of the cause and effect factors. It is this relationship to which Earl Ubell referred, and which caused the USAF to withdraw its funding from Leontief’s project during the Eisenhower Administration.

Let us now move from references to surrounding events. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars contains a timeless, eternal message to human civilization to be eternally vigilant, to be well informed, to accept responsibility for the conditions of the world, to be sovereign, to appreciate the inner workings and thinking of Nature and Nature’s God, to listen for that “still small voice,” and to know that “Divine Mind always has met and always will meet every human need.” (M.B.E.)

How SWFQW came to be
In about October 1967, I asked my father about a vague memory of something I had heard him say about an aircraft being shot down in our neighborhood in Honolulu. As he told me about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, he broke down in grief. I don’t recall ever seeing my father cry before that incident. I was shocked.

My father needed some kind of release from the mental burden he was carrying. I told him that I wanted to publish something about the Pearl Harbor attack with respect to what he had just told me. But he asked me to not publish anything about it because his uncle, Mason Van Dyke, was still getting a pension and medical benefits and the release of the information to the public might jeopardize Mason’s benefits. My father had promised Mason he would not publish anything about the Pearl Harbor incident until Mason had died.

I obeyed my father for two years, but when the Mi Lai massacre in Vietnam occurred, and our government officials began lying about what happened, I decided to publish the Pearl Harbor story, to expose and end at least some of the lying and the damage that lying causes. I immediately put a writing together about the Pearl Harbor attack and sent it to the US House of Representatives and the US Senate (535 copies). Then I wondered how accurate it was and if I could get the story again. I connected a tape recorder to the telephone line and called my father after providing to him a copy of what I had sent to the Congress, House and Senate. I asked my father to criticize my work, which he did. As a result of that conversation I got a tape recording for posterity about the real history of the Pearl Harbor attack.

I then sent a corrected printed copy of the story to Congress, House and Senate, another 535 copies. I attempted to confirm my father’s story by calling people he had mentioned. After recording those conversations, I made copies of my father’s conversation and sent them through the mail.

In late October 1972, I met a man who gave me a copy of the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. The book inspired me to write my own book about Pearl Harbor entitled The Skeleton in Uncle Sam’s Closet, published in August, 1973. I sent a copy of the book to each US Representative and Senator, including Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii. During the last phases of the book’s production, I began reading a book called Report from Iron Mountain (on the possibility and desirability of peace) by Leonard C. Lewin (1967). I got about half way through that book before other things got more demanding and I laid the Report aside.

I set up a school in downtown Vancouver, WA, for high school students called the Technical Training Club, in late September or early October of 1973, and by spring of 1974 it was moved to a house at 8105 NE St. Johns Blvd., where I then lived and taught.

In the winter of 1974, I was going through some math books while researching a math problem (I think a problem on cubic equations), when I referred to my old college textbook College Algebra, by Lyman M. Kells of the US Naval Academy (1956 or 1958). I came across the footnote in that book and noticed that they exactly corresponded to the ideas in Report from Iron Mountain. I had discovered the mathematical methodology of the Silent Weapons System, and I had the key to finding more information on the subject. I located Studies in the Structure of the American Economy at the Multnomah County library in Portland, Oregon.

The Rockefeller Foundation had financed Wassily Leontief’s Harvard Economic Project with a grant of $100,000 (in 1948), and Nelson Rockefeller was trying to become vice president of the United States. So I again sent a warning message to every member of Congress and Senate trying to warn them of the Rockefeller’s ulterior motives. This writing was titled, Warning, Surprise Attack Imminent!. It was sent on or about December 7, 1974.

I did not know at that time that American Biography of 1967 under the subject “Leontief, Wassily (W.)” had already carried an article about this ulterior motive. The USAF had financed Leontief’s Harvard economics project beginning in 1949, but quit the financing “during the Eisenhower administration because, according to Earl Ubell in the New York Herald Tribune (May 9, 1965), some officials felt that the technique smacked too much of a planned economy.” The Silent Weapons System is the central control system of the New World Order.

Publication of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
The work on SWFQW began about October 1978 and was published in December 1979. Initially, about 65 copies of the book were sent out to various people and organizations. I do not know what happened to most of the copies, but I can fairly well account for one of them, which was given out by hand in early 1980. It was given to a military person, who was late for duty (or was going to be late), at McChord AFB in the state of Washington. He was hitchhiking through Vancouver on I-5 in uniform. Even though I was traveling in my own locality, I drove him to McChord (a two hour trip each way). On the way, I told him about the book SWFQW, and when he stepped out of the car to go onto the base I handed him a copy. I did not make any further general effort to publicize SWFQW until after 1986. I did give out copies to local friends between 1979 and 1986.

About America’s Promise Newsletter
In November 1986, the America’s Promise Newsletter (APN) ran an advertisement for SWFQW. It claimed that a Boeing Aircraft employee bought a surplus copy machine at auction from McChord AFB and inside it he found a copy of SWFQW. It was very probably the copy that I gave to the hitchhiker. The Boeing employee passed the book along to the APN of Phoenix, AZ. From that time on SWFQW got the attention it deserved. It was a wake-up call to America, and perhaps even the world, if we can believe Leontief’s Scientific American (Sept. 1980) article, “The World Economy in the Year 2000”, wherein he says that by the year 1973, the year he received the Nobel Prize in Economics, sixty nations were already using his system to analyze their economies.

I am very grateful to William Cooper and APN for giving Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars to the world.

Hartford Van Dyke
December 17, 2003

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars with original diagrams may be read online at http://land.netonecom.net/tlp/ref/sw4qw/index.shtml.

Security services considered possibility of act of sabotage at Russian dam disaster

Security services considered possibility of act of sabotage at Russian dam disaster

A turbine room flooded yesterday at Russia’s largest Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-power plant, forcing steel and aluminium plants in Siberia to turn to emergency power, news agencies are reporting. The power plant is located at the settlement of Cheremushki, 30 km from the city of Sayanogorsk, more than 3,000 km east of Moscow. The cause of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya plant is unclear; an investigation is under way to determine the cause.
The plant in Russia’s Khakassia republic, four time zones east of Moscow, is the country’s biggest, with a 245-meter-high concrete dam holding a water reservoir stretching over 621 square kilometers, according to RusHydro’s web site. Federal investigators said a transformer exploded during repair works, destroying walls and the ceiling in an engine room where turbines are located and causing the room to flood.
The investigators pay serious attention to check the assumption that the reason of the disaster could be an act of sabotage. Those who have survived have been interrogated by asking them concrete questions to find out whether there could have been an act of terrorism.

Sayano Shushenskaya HPP. Photo emediawire.com
Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

Major-General of the Federal Protection Service Boris Ratnikov, the former adviser of the President of the Russian Federation, in the past has developed the security concept for hydroelectric power plants. He is convinced that the version of act of terrorism can not be excluded, online paper Life.ru reports.
„Objects of life-support are under supervision of security services on the first place. When there are failures like this, the possibility of diversion is to be probed first of all. I have developed the security concept of the neighbouring [to Sayano-Shushenskaya] Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power plant. Leaning on the experience, I can tell that it was necessary to make in advance a map of disturbing attributes which would specify that there comes concrete threat. In my judgement, in the case of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydrooelectric plant, the cause is negligence of security services. It is a tragedy of either diversive or technogenic character”.
Daily Kommersant reported yesterday that engineers had warned in 1998 that the dam’s fundament was weak because of misconstruction and there was a real danger that the giant concrete construction might collapse.

USA, CIA Created Sunni Islamic Terrorism

USA, CIA Created Sunni Islamic Terrorism

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent

Twin Towers in Flame —The Sept. 11 attacks were a series of suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the US on Sept. 11, 2001. On that morning, 19 Islamist terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked 4 passenger jet airliners.The hijackers intentionally crashed 2 of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC. 2,974 people died in the attacks.

The United States of America is clearly responsible for the dire situation in modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the consequences of this is that global Sunni Islamic jihadists are still bent on causing more mayhem. So why did ex-President Jimmy Carter, and other leaders of America, develop such a pro-Sunni Islamic terrorist network? Also, why aren’t past leaders like Jimmy Carter and ex-National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, being made accountable for their failed policies?

Of course it is true that radical Islam is not a new concept and Sunni Islamic forces have used terror and war since the 7th century. After all, you will find very few traces of Christianity in modern day North Africa outside of Egypt and the same applies to Buddhism in modern day Afghanistan. Similar statements can be used about the defeat of Zoroastrianism by Islamic forces or the ongoing marginalization of Hinduism in modern day Pakistan.

Yes, “Islamic apologists” will point the finger at past Christian misdeeds in South America, and so forth, or they will make up a multitude of excuses. However, in the 21st century we are still witnessing the ongoing Islamic jihad movement and this movement desires to crush religious liberty, freedom, democracy, the rights of women, and the richness of diversity.

Yet the real tragedy is simple, because democratic forces, creeping secularism, moderate versions of Islam, and so forth, were springing up throughout the Middle East and much further afield where Muslims were a majority. Therefore, in nations like Indonesia the Christian faith was allowed to spread and Muslims and Christians had a united bond, this bond was humanity.

It appeared that the “notion of Islamic jihad” was on the wane, just like radical Christian forces had been challenged by new ideas in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Therefore, pan-Arabism, socialism, and other forces, alongside passive Islam, was changing the make-up of society.

This is an over-simplification because the topic is so vast, however, new laws were being implemented in nations like Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, and a host of other mainly Muslim nations, whereby greater freedoms were being enforced. So just like Europe, which once had its brutal Catholic-Protestant inter-wars, a new era looked liked it was going to “dawn.”

However, this era was soon about to collapse but the reasons behind this collapse are galling because the hands of America and Saudi Arabia can be found everywhere. Therefore, let us now focus on the unleashing of Sunni Islamic “dark forces” via American and Saudi Arabian sponsorship of terrorism.

To place an exact date is complex because links between America and radical Sunni Islamic forces run deep but it is clear that democratic forces, nationalistic movements, pan-Arabism, socialism, and other more moderate forces were seen to be the enemy. For example, Egypt went from being secular under Nasser to adopting Islamic laws under the pro-American, Anwar Sadat.

The same scenario would happen in Pakistan because America welcomed General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq who took power in the late 1970s. Therefore, Pakistan was transformed into a more Islamized nation whereby laws and other institutions would be Islamized. In time the USA would strengthen their ties with Zia-ul-Haq in order to fund the Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) implemented Operation Cyclone and this policy was aimed at supporting the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski began a new policy whereby America would support radical Islam in the full knowledge that this meant supporting terrorism and a movement which supported killing all apostates from Islam and persecuting women.

Just like Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the next leader of America, Ronald Reagan, would continue this policy. Jimmy Carter stated that “The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is the greatest threat to peace since the Second World War.” However, the greatest threat to global peace was America and the Sunni Islamic terrorist movement which was funded by the CIA and other important American operatives.

For unlike communism or pan-Arabism, or other political ideologies, these movements are temporary. Yet radical Islam had sprouted up throughout history after periods of relative decline and it is not a movement which can be switched on and off. After all, we are talking about a radical ideology which is fused with religion and this makes it more potent.

Therefore, both political parties in America were involved in the funding of radical Sunni Islam. People like Michael G. Vickers, a Special Forces NCO, was commissioned by the CIA to support radical Islamic forces. Of major importance was coordination and launching attacks against the Soviet Union which would prove to be successful. Given this, Vickers, and other covert operatives, would train terrorists and in time they would unleash a force that could not be contained.

The CIA’s regional head, Gustav Avrakotos, alongside people like Charlie Wilson, Gordan Humphrey, Fred Ikle, William Casey, Joanne Herring, and a host of others, were all responsible in spreading radical Islam in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, the “dark forces” of radical Sunni Islam were being unified via enormous funding and military training. So the CIA, political leaders, and the people mentioned above, would all play their role in the future destabilization of Afghanistan and Pakistan and in making September 11th happen.

Of instrumental importance was Pakistan and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) unit which would work hand-in-hand with the CIA and other covert networks. Other nations were also involved, including the British, because MI6 and the SAS, would help to train Islamic terrorists and of course Saudi Arabia would provide ample funds in order to spread radical Sunni Islam.

Therefore, America, China, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, funded “the year zero Islamic jihadists” for different reasons. For China, it was based on hostile factors related to the Soviet Union. Yet it is clear that America and Saudi Arabia were instrumental in spreading radical Islam and of course the British “tail” also “wagged” in order to appease Washington.

Between 1981-1987 the USA provided over US$3.2 billion dollars and this was followed by a further $4.2 billion dollars. More important, the CIA, MI6, the SAS, and other covert agencies, were involved in training radical Islamists. The outcome being a multi-ethnic jihadist movement which would be armed and trained by America, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and others, but with America and Saudi Arabia being the cornerstone, and with Pakistan being the unifying factor because of geopolitical factors.

So major Sunni Islamic warlords like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar would be funded and trained. Hekmatyar in turn would develop relations with Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda and the nucleus of this would come by helping Maktab al-Khadamat.

The late Benazir Bhutto stated that “You are creating a Frankenstein.” Benazir Bhutto stated this when she met President George H. W. Bush in the late 1980s. This “Frankenstein” would certainly come back to haunt America and Pakistan, and of course undermine Afghanistan to this day.

Given this, then it is abundantly clear that the killing of Christian converts from Islam, stoning women to death, flogging people, chopping hands and feet off because of Islamic Sharia punishments, were all tolerated by America and the people who supported radical Islam in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. So why no accountability, after all, America supports war crimes in the Balkans but why not try past America leaders or CIA operatives, and others, who have unleashed mayhem and disaster?

Even today, America is “turning a blind eye” towards Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan and Pakistan are in crisis. Yet look at the people on the ground, it is women who now fear persecution in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is minorities, like Shia Muslims, Christians, Ahmadiyya’s, and others, who face death daily or the fear of persecution.

September 11th, the destruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the spread of radical Islam to moderate nations like Indonesia, can all be blamed on past American leaders and names that I have mentioned already. So why aren’t these people facing the consequences of their actions?

For they have unleashed “a potent” and radical Sunni Islamic movement which is destroying the fabric of society in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Just like the same Islamists caused mayhem and bloodshed in Algeria and other parts of the world. The road to September 11th and “year zero Islamic jihadists” was created by the forces of America and Saudi Arabia, alongside other important players like Pakistan. Yet what about real accountability and “the real story being told?”

Georgia Seizes Fuel Tanker, Blockade of Abkhaziana and S. Ossetia?

Georgia seized a Turkish ship

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

tanker_0.jpgGeorgian officials seized a Turkish ship carrying oil to Abkhazia.

On Friday, a Turkish oil tanker, Buket, which was shipping oil bought from TÜPRAŞ to Abkhazia, was seized by Georgian authorities. Georgia is imposing an implicit blockade to Abkhazia and South Ossetia which declared their independence after the war in August, last year.

Communication with the oil tanker dropped on Saturday night around 03:00. DENSA Tanker Isletmeciligi Ltd. Sti. officers informed the search and rescue officials and Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday morning stating that they are not receiveing signals from the ship Buket, which is under their management.

The explanation made by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to DENSA stated that the ship was seized by Georgia and was taken to the Poti Port by Georgian officials.

DENSA Chairman Hüseyin Avni Şen claimed that Georgian officials shut down AIS equipments by force and these are forbidden to be shut down according to the IMO rules. Şen said, “Ship personnel were put into a room and the ship was taken to the Poti Port. Our Captain Mehmet Coşkun Öztürk was arrested after being brought to a court, because of frontier infringement. Other personnel, including the trainee captain Özlem Akıncı Balca are under custody in the ship”.
(soL – News Desk)

War games in Eastern Mediterranean

War games in Eastern Mediterranean

Monday, 17 August 2009

guvenilir_denizkizi.jpgReliant Mermaid military exercise to be conducted by Turkey, Israel and the USA begins today. Though press in Turkey slides around the matter, the exercise annoys all the countries in the regions.

Ron Ben Yishai, military commentator for Israel’s Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot had said this about the Reliant mermaid exercise: “When the two strongest armies in the Middle East…are focused on achieving an unwritten military alliance, and when the world’s only superpower grants this process its support, other countries in the region have cause for concern.”

The “Reliant Mermaid” one of the “joint search and rescue exercises” by the Israeli, Turkish and United States Naval and Air Forces takes start today; Turkey will be hosting the exercise. The live part of the exercise will begin on 19th August and end on 21st August.

Officially the purpose of the exercise is declared “to contribute to overall joint readiness in response to possible future humanitarian assistance efforts or maritime search and rescue operations in the region.” The first one of the “Reliant Mermaid” exercise was conducted in 1998 as per the military cooperation agreement signed in 1996 during Refah Partisi government. Since then, this trilateral exercise is conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean international seas and taken as the most important sign of the military alliance between Turkey and Israel.

The military force in the exercise
In total 8 ships, 4 helicopters and 3 search and rescue aircrafts will be employed in the exercise. The ships that will participate in the exerice on behalf of the USA belong to the 6th navy based in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is quite well remembered in Turkey that it was shooed away by Deniz Gezmiş and his friends.

The name of the ship to take part in the exercise on behalf of the 6th is USS Stout (DDG 55). This ship which is an Arleigh Burke type guided missile destroyer is both larger and has a bigger destructive power compared to other cruisers of the USA. The USS Stout’s name was most recently heard in Turkey on 18th June when it was protested by the members of the Communist Party of Turkey when it docked at the Bodrum port.

What made the ship more famous was that it was one of the ships most frequently sent by the USA to the Black Sea following the war between Georgia and Russia. Most recently, USS Stout, which is a quite enhanced ship for a search and rescue mission and has nuclear missile capacity, sailed to the Black sea on the 15th of last July during the bilateral exercise conducted by Georgia and the USA. The entering of this ship to the Black sea was protested by Russia, some retired generals from Russia had declared that these ships could be sunk within a few hours if a need rises.

It was announced that INS Lahav and INS Sufa frigates will be amongst the ships to participate on behalf of Israel. Both frigates are equipped with missiles and in 2006; INS Lahav was one of the ships getting involved in the invasion Lebanon by Israel by blockading Lebanese harbors.

Is search and rescue the sole purpose?
The press in Turkey slides around the matter by simply quoting the official statement issued by the General Staff about the “Reliable Mermaid” exercise and it is simultaneously introduced as a “search and rescue exercise” by the three countries; however, it seems that other countries in the region doesn’t not think the same way. Until today, the exercise was condemned by all Arab countries, Russia, Iran and even by Greece which is also a NATO member country.

Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are the countries that feel themselves under direct threat. These three countries that lie in the Eastern Mediterranean region that lie between Turkey and Israel have enough reasons to feel uneasy about such a military exercise. Israeli ships frequently open fire at Gaza shores which they keep under blockade and sink fishermen’s boats. A short time ago Lebanon was occupied by Israel; last week a high ranking officer of the Israeli army said that Israeli army can intervene in Lebanon again due to the presence of Hezbollah in this country. Golan Heights of Lebanon is under the occupation of Israel although this is condemned by the whole world. Official newspaper of Syria Tishrin Daily has described the exercise as “a mischief exercise”

Russia has declared that the exercise “increased the mistrust and handicapped the efforts of bringing the region stability.” Iran on the other hand is quiet right to feel uneasy about the exercise of Israel in the region, since Israel is saying for some time in the face of the world public opinion that in may attack on Iran. Last month, two Israeli submarines that passed through Suez Canal and set sail to the Red Sea was perceived as an open threat against Iran.
(soL – News Desk)

Blackwater ‘hired for CIA plan’

[Hiring-out hits to mercenaries is one small step above employing professional assassins from the criminal underworld.  This is the tip of the iceberg of what we have been allowed to see; on the dark side of the terror war many operations are in the hands of criminals, plain and simple.  Blackwater (XE) is the White House’s secret army. Their borderline “legitimate” status, operating outside of the law, beyond the eyes and the reach of Congress, makes them a useful tool for a would-be dictator, whose only real morality is the camera’s eye.  The fact that the former President had a secret army of private assassins (and his successor has kept them on the payroll), in order to bypass Congress and thwart the Constitution, is clear grounds for impeachment.  For Congress to ignore this executive obscenity and refuse to move towards impeachment constitutes grounds for the people to shut the Legislative Branch down, by whatever means necessary, in order to put an end to secret armies and to restore Constitutional order in the United States.]

Blackwater ‘hired for CIA plan’

Helicopter operated by Blackwater flying over Iraq in 2007

Blackwater staff provided security for US officials in Iraq

The CIA hired contractors from the US private security firm Blackwater as part of a secret programme to track and kill top al-Qaeda figures, reports say.

The New York Times quotes current and ex-government officials as saying Blackwater helped the CIA with planning, training and surveillance.

Several million dollars were spent on the programme but no militants were caught or captured, the report says.

Blackwater staff were used to guard US government personnel in Iraq from 2003.

But they were accused of using excessive force on a number of occasions, including the killing of 17 civilians in Baghdad in 2007.

The North Carolina-based firm – which has not had its licence to operate in Iraq renewed – has since been re-named Xe.

‘Lethal authority’

The New York Times reports that the CIA did not have a formal contract with Blackwater for the programme to locate and kill senior members of al-Qaeda.

Instead, they had individual agreements with top officials in the firm, the paper goes on to say.

It is not clear whether the US spy agency planned to use Blackwater contractors to actually capture and kill the militants, or just help with the training and surveillance of the programme, the report says.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that the assassination programme was initially launched in 2001 as a CIA-led effort to kill or capture top al-Qaeda figures using the agency’s paramilitary forces.

But in 2004, after briefly terminating the programme, the CIA decided to revive it using outside contractors, the Post quotes officials as saying.

Leon Panetta – who became director of the CIA under President Obama’s administration – is said to have learnt about the secret programme in June.

The next day he called an emergency meeting with congressional intelligence committees to tell them about its existence, and to say that it was being cancelled.

The New York Times quotes officials as saying the fact that the CIA used an outside company for the programme was a major reason Mr Panetta became alarmed and called the meeting.

Although some controversial work, including the interrogation of prisoners, has been outsourced in recent years, the fact that outsiders were used in a programme with “lethal authority” raised concerns about accountability in covert operations, officials were quoted as saying.

The House of Representatives’ intelligence committee is investigating whether the CIA broke the law by not informing Congress about the programme for eight years.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee, said last month that Mr Panetta told Congress former Vice-President Dick Cheney was behind the secrecy.

But some Republicans accuse the Democrats of trying to make political capital from the situation.

“I think there was a little more drama and intrigue than was warranted,” Representative Peter Hoekstra, the most senior Republican on the House intelligence committee, told the Times.



Dr. Khurrum Shaukat Yusafzai.

FATA, Federally Administered Tribal Area is the Adjacent to NWFP but it is run from the Central. It comprises of seven Tribal Agencies and Six Fr Regions.  Criminal of many sorts like Drug Barons occupies it as about 3 Trillion dollars worth of Drugs are grown in Afghanistan and being a land locked country all of these are exported through Pakistan and through Karachi port and Pakistani Airports.

Not all this Trillions of Dollars are kept in Pakistani Banks and especially after hue and cry, over Terrorism and Financial Terrorism is raised by USA and European country as a result this money is kept in their banks.  Even the whole Afghan Jihad / Operation Cyclone of CIA, and the Taliban activity were financed ,  by this Narco Trade. However, not an Iota of Benefit is derived by our financial system and to Pakistani Market.

Even the Drug Trade is which is Monitored by the Anti- Narcotics which is run by Men in Uniform from Army is one of the Stake holder in Keeping the status quo, hence the drug activities runs un checked and we are supply route to 95% of Global Narcotics.  Most of Big beneficiaries of these Narco Dollars are sitting in Islamabad and Punjab .

As a result, the victims are common Pakistanis especially the NWFP ones and Beneficiaries are western Banks and US Capitalist system. is the greatest Beneficiary of this as a result it is never stopped it. USA is in Afghanistan and Current President and his brother are biggest drug lords but are favorites of USA and will be elected as President again.

With this kind of Trillions of Dollars with FATA citizens, it is still most backward area of Pakistan Statistically.  As Journalist, Ahmed Rasheed said in an Interview in Jawab Doo , that the Military and Civil Establishment deliberately wants FATA to be in Status quo with status that is not equal to other Pakistani areas so that all the Illegal and Shadowy activities can be run here .

This is the reason recently that , FCR was not abolished and article 247 was kept intact by Asif Zardari , only bringing insignificant and minor change.  Hence, the Government will never in Million years change the Status of FATA to Settled areas and abolish FCR.

When the whole NWFP people, are being targeted, and abducted, by these Narco Traders of FATA, the people in Islamabad and Punjab are oblivious to Fate of Pashtun of FATA and NWFP as it is beneficiary of this Trade.

Even PML-N, is reported to have given Tickets to famous Narco –Traders of FATA and its Party members are frequenting the Houses of these people in NWFP and FATA, these days.


Dr. Khurrum Shaukat Yusafzai.

DALIT VOICE,Aug 16 – 31st 2009

DALIT VOICE, Aug 16 – 31st 2009


  • Editor visits UK & Sweden
  • Nano is Indian or German?
  • Gandhi under cross-examination
  • “Reject Sikhism” call is a Dalit Voice bombshell
  • Are Jat Sikhs ready to burn Dasam Granth to prove they hate Brahminism?
  • Brahminical agents & RAW behind Vienna murder
  • Curse of Allah on Babri Masjid demolition
  • People live on Rs. 10 a day
  • LISA book award to Swedish scholar

China tightens grip on India’s neck : Brahminical rulers unconcerned because they remain unchallenged

India, the world’s second largest populated country, ruled by its mere 15% upper castes (Aryans), is gradually losing its battle — politically, economically, diplomatically and even militarily — against China which is fast emerging as the world’s No.1 super power.

At the recent G-8 summit in Rome, the talk was that henceforth it is better to hold G-2 summit between the US -China. And yet our micro-minority boasting Brahmins have not given up their efforts to go on kicking non-Aryan native Indians.

Carrying Clinton on head: Brahminical “national” toilet papers, experts in boasting about “Incredible India”, “India Shining” etc. are hiding the real picture but the world famous Financial Times (June 13, 2009) from London has disclosed that the Indian rulers are deeply worried about China getting an upper hand in South Asia.

The military message must have cracked the nerves of the holy cows of Delhi but they are least worried because their supreme happiness lies in sucking our blood. As long as this goes uninterrupted, they are not bothered about what happens to India because this country does not belong to the Bhoodevatas. They are Aryans and hence foreigners. Our Bahujan party leaders take no interest in foreign affairs.

Our stupid rulers were more busy carrying on their heads for three days the discredited and defeated Hillary Clinton, the powerless American Secretary of State. Of course there is a sinister motive behind inviting Hillary and being hilarious with the White American lady whom they financed, confident of her victory against Obama whom they hate.

Hindu India against Lankan Hindus: The Brahminical media, as silly as the political leadership, has kept a secret of China acquiring a tight grip on the very neck of India. The so-called “free press” of India is not free to publish anything that goes against the interests of the Brahminical Social Order. But the FT has quoted Arundati Ghosh, a Bengali upper caste Baidya and former Indian Ambassador to UN, admitting that India is worried over China “flexing its muscles”. According to the FT report China has put a “string of pearls” around the neck of India establishing seven powerful posts in strategic places round the country (Pakistan, Nepal, Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma) completely encircling the country and virtually taking over the Indian Ocean.

Hindu India no doubt went against the Hindu Tamils of Lanka and helped the Lankan Govt. to finish the LTTE. Despite all this the Rajapaksa Govt. trusts China more than India. Why nobody trusts our Brahminical bogus   leaders?

Yes.  Not a single neighbouring country trusts India. But they are all very close to china. The Indian rulers have a knack to create enemies wherever they go. Whatever they touch turns into charcoal.

The greatest wonder is the world’s only Hindu country, Nepal, is against “Hindu India”. Sri Lanka loves China but does not trust the Indian rulers. China has increased its aid to Lanka five fold to 1 billion dollar a year and stepped up military supplies.

Through diplomacy and arms supply China has conquered all our neighbouring countries but India is hated by all of them.

Pakistan hated being Muslim: Having established powerful ports round India, Chinese ships can now freely move, fully guarded by the Chinese military might. That means India has lost its monopoly on the Indian Ocean — so far considered as its backyard.

China has become Burma’s closest ally while Indian rulers joined the Western critics of Burma. Southern Burma extends over Bay of Bengal which is protected by both Burma and Bangladesh, another close ally of China.

China is the closest ally of the nuclear-powered Pakistan which the Hindu rulers hate because it is Muslim. Despite several wars, the Indian rulers are not able to “finish” Pakistan. Over 40-years of trusted relationship has made Pakistan rely on China’s help if there is any trouble from India. Gawdar Port built by China on Pakistan coast promotes transhipment links reaching all the way to Xianjiang in China’s West. China is also the largest supplier of defence hardware to Pakistan.

Hated Dalai Lama loved: Defence experts in Delhi are seriously worried over the tightening grip of China on the very neck of India. All this started with the Kashmiri Brahmin, Nehru, offering asylum to the hated Dalai Lama whom the Brahminical rulers are still sheltering even after he admitted defeat and surrendered to China.

Meanwhile, China is getting closer to the West and America in particular because in its current financial crisis the only country in the world that can rescue it is China. India, being a beggar country, is held in contempt.

Neither politically, economically nor militarily India is no match to China. Yet the rulers of India have not stopped their hate-mongering.

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