New US “Peace” Plan Asks Palestinians to Simply Give-Up

New US plan to “resolve conflict in Middle East” asks Palestinians to sanction occupation

A new “plan for peace” is coming out of Washington that many consider to be disturbing at best. It includes keeping major Israeli settlement blocs in the West Bank.

The plan keeps the Israelis as occupiers, but with a few twists like in Oslo, such as political prisoners should be released. It seems to be asking Palestinians to sanction occupation instead of dismantling the system of the occupiers. Critics note that no one should be asked to trade freedom for political prisoners in exchange for accepting control of their air space, or any other type of control. Legislative Council member Hassan Khreisheh told PNN Wednesday that he is among those who have obtained a copy of the draft plan which US President Barack Obama intends to announce during the next month.

The draft is in heavy circulation in Palestinian and Arab circles, and addresses a new American plan.

Media sources report that during his recent meetings in the US, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also saw the American plan to be launched by Obama.

A spokesperson for the Egyptian president said the US administration is planning to announce a political plan with regard to Palestine and the Israelis at the beginning of the opening of the new session of the United Nations General Assembly in September.

The Israelis have yet to heed the dozens of United Nations resolutions, both from the General Assembly and the Security Council, on the issue. If Obama is looking for a new resolution it is expected that the Israelis will honor it only if it is clearly in their favor.

According to Khreisheh of the PLC, the draft plan includes ten basic points, including:

– An international presence in the Jordan Valley and other areas in the West Bank.

– Reducing the areas of East Jerusalem to be under Israeli control, with respect to the Islamic religious sanctities. It will be under the sovereignty of Arab and Islamic countries.

– Resolving the Palestinian organizations and turning them into political parties.

– Keeping the major settlement blocs in the West Bank, and negotiating on small settlements in three months.

– To keep other areas in the West Bank, demilitarized zones, with Israeli control of the skies.

– To intensify the Israeli-Palestinian security coordination in the West Bank.

– The Palestinian Authority to prevent the establishment of any military alliance with any regional state.

– An assurance by the United States for a Palestinian state in the summer of 2011.

– Agreed to accommodate the number of refugees in the Jordan Valley and other areas in the West Bank, and specifically between the towns of Nablus and Ramallah, and the establishment of an international fund to support the refugees.

– Israel begins release of Palestinian prisoners, with the start of the signing of this Convention, continue to release for a period of three years.