British/Zionist Press Mentions “Greater Israel”

[It’s remarkable that the Zionist press would ever use this term, which get’s the rest of us called “anti-Semites” every time we mention it.  Of course the article never clarified what was meant by the expression “Greater Israel,” or more correctly, “Eretz Yisrael.]

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The quest for a greater Israel

Settler ideology has made the sanctity of the land a central tenet and effectively turned the Palestinians into aliens on their own soil

Jewish Settlers Continue To Occupy Unauthorized West Bank OutpostsRamat Migron, West Bank: A Jewish settler rebuilds his outpost after Israeli policemen demolished it. Photograph: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

It was Israel‘s stunning military victory over its Arab enemies in 1967 that opened up Judea and Samaria – the Hebrew names for the West Bank and the heart of the biblical land of Israel (“the cradle of the nation”) for settlement by Jews.

In the background, Naomi Shemer, Israel’s Vera Lynn, sang her haunting anthem “Jerusalem of Gold” – in a euphoric and for some almost messianic atmosphere in which peace with the newly occupied Palestinians was barely considered.

The idea of “Greater Israel” (more accurately the “whole land of Israel”) appealed to both religious and secular rightwing nationalists who sought to fulfill divine commandments about the “beginning of redemption”, as well as create “facts on the ground” to enhance Israel’s security.

Settler ideology made the sanctity of the land a central tenet and effectively turned the Palestinians into aliens on their own soil.

Weeks after the war the first settlers came to Kfar Etzion near Bethlehem, where Jews had lived before 1948; at Passover 1968 others moved “temporarily” to Hebron, where members of the Orthodox Jewish community were massacred during the British mandate period.

Under the Labour governments that ruled Israel for the first decade of the occupation 30 settlements housing 5,000 people were established for “security reasons” .

When Menachem Begin’s rightwing Likud, allied with religious nationalist parties, came to power in 1977 the effort moved far deeper into the West Bank. The settlements “were intended to prevent the partition of the country based on the principle of two states for two peoples,” says Israel’s Peace Now Movement.

CIA collusion with “Al Qaeda” financiers and attack planners

CIA collusion with “Al Qaeda” financiers and attack planners

By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Aug 26, 2009, 00:19

(WMR) — WMR has learned from an intelligence source from a NATO country that elements of the CIA have coordinated their activities with top Gulf state officials who have been connected to “Al Qaeda” networks that have planned and financed various terrorist attacks.

A number of the “Al Qaeda”-associated officials are veterans of the CIA’s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, including a top prince of the Al Thani royal family of Qatar who also serves as a government minister. The prince, who was shot twice in the back while fighting with the Afghan mujaheddin against the Soviets in Afghanistan, maintains close relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan and serves as a conduit between the CIA and both the Taliban and “Al Qaeda.”

The prince maintains contact with “Al Qaeda’s” financial network through contacts in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The regional security officer for the British embassy in Dubai, believed to be an MI-6 official cover, maintains contact with the Qatari prince and his “Jihadist” financial and logistics network in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This network, allowed to operate with CIA and MI-6 knowledge and soft support, also, according to our source, involves a top official in the government of Abu Dhabi who is close to the Abu Dhabi royal family.

In 2006, Qatar’s interior minister, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Al-Thani, rejected a civil judgment against him by a New York federal judge stating that he harbored Al Qaeda’s number three man Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and tipped off Mohammed before a CIA attempt to arrest him in 1996. In fact, WMR has learned that the CIA station at the U.S. embassy in Doha, Qatar, has been a key link between the agency and the “Al Qaeda” support network in recent years, even in late 2001 when Al-Thani was accused of harboring both Mohammed and another Al Qaeda operative, Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, who was later allegedly killed by U.S. forces in Iraq.

Another individual with whom the CIA in the UAE maintains close contact is Osama Bin Laden’s former financial adviser, a British-Mozambican UK citizen, who once lived in Bin Laden’s home in Saudi Arabia where the “Al Qaeda” leader received various diplomats from countries that included Britain and the United States. A cousin of Bin Laden’s financial adviser served at the British Consulate General in Chicago, from which financial support was given to “Al Qaeda” operatives in the United States.

Chicago FBI agents Robert Wright and John Vincent began investigating the Al Qaeda money trail links between Chicago area terrorist cells and Bin Laden after the East Africa U.S. embassy bombings in 1998. However, their investigation was spiked by FBI headquarters in Washington.

Another FBI agent who was getting close to the connections between “Al Qaeda,” the Saudi government, and the CIA and MI-6 was John P. O’Neill, the top FBI agent assigned to investigate Al Qaeda. O’Neill discovered the Western intelligence and Saudi/Gulf connections to Al Qaeda but was subjected to a pre-retirement theft of his briefcase that contained classified documents on his investigation. After his stormy retirement from the FBI, O’Neill was hired by Kroll Associates as the head of security for the World Trade Center and after only a day or two on the job, died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

According to a French DGSE highly classified intelligence document received by WMR, Bin Laden remained under the operational control of the CIA and Britain’s MI-6 until 1995. In July 2001, just weeks before the 9/11 attacks, French media reported that Bin Laden was visited at the American Hospital in Dubai by Larry Mitchell, the CIA’s station chief in Dubai. Bin Laden maintained accounts at Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), associated with various CIA operations in the years of the mujaheddin war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. With the knowledge and approval of the CIA, those accounts shifted to other banks after the collapse of BCCI in 1991. Mossad and Middle East banking sources have told WMR that those banks include Citigroup, the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, and HSBC.

One place where “Al Qaeda” operatives, mostly Saudis but a few nationals of other Middle East countries like Lebanon, often rub shoulders with CIA and MI-6 “liaisons” in Thailand, particularly Bangkok and Pattaya. Ironically, Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons where “Al Qaeda” suspects were tortured.

Southeast Asia is a preferred place for weapons transfers from Western intelligence agents to the “Al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiya” operatives. Last week, the Philippine Coast Guard intercepted the M/V Captain Ufuk as it entered Manila Bay carrying a cargo of Israeli Galil assault rifles. The Captain Ufuk has a Georgian crew, South African captain, Panamanian registry, and had began its trip in Turkey with an intermediate stop in Indonesia. The Philippines is reported by the CIA to be a center for “Al Qaeda”-affiliated “Abu Sayyaf” terrorist activity. It appears that the CIA and their Israeli friends know much more about the Abu Sayyaf activity as they did about the 2002 nightclub bombing in Bali.

Writing in the Atlantic Free Press on January 15, 2009, Tim Gatto reported: “The main attempt of the administration was to invent a huge group of militant Muslims operating in 87 countries that was led by Osama Bin Laden. The name of this Washington invention was called al Qaeda. This in Arabic means The Base. It was originally a database.

“This is what Wayne Madsen wrote about al Qaeda: ‘Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons [and wrote in The Guardian] that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.’

“Al Qaeda” has apparently extorted large sums of money from the governments of the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait as ‘protection insurance’ against ‘Al Qaeda’ terrorist attacks within their nations. One such scheme involved a threat to bomb the foundations of several new high-rise skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The CIA/MI-6 network in the Gulf is also reported to sanctions the Sh’ia Mahdi Army operations in Iraq that have been responsible for a number of deadly terrorist attacks against U.S. and allied troops and Iraqi military and civilian targets.

“An important liaison between the CIA and Bin Laden was Bin Laden’s assistant, Ali Mohammed, an Egyptian Army veteran who was officially reported to have been rebuffed by the CIA when he tried to become an agent but was gladly hired by the Special Warfare Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina as an instructor. Ali Mohammed trained some of those who would later serve with the CIA’s Special Activities Division and Blackwater. Ali Mohammed was yet another link between the CIA and ‘Al Qaeda.’”

WMR’s intelligence source has attempted to inform U.S. military authorities about the connections of the CIA to the Qatar/Abu Dhabi/Dubai “Al Qaeda” jihadist network but was told by a U.S. Army captain at Tallil airbase in Iraq that his safety could not be ensured by the U.S. military.

WMR has learned from our intelligence source that the CIA’s assassination team predates the George W. Bush administration and that it was used for special assassination “wet affairs” jobs during both the Clinton and George H. W. Bush administrations.

The CIA used a wealthy intermediary in Switzerland who manipulated the market in high-dollar art sales to provide money for special CIA accounts maintained at Bank Hofmann in Zurich, acquired by Clariden Leu AG in 2007. Bank Hofmann, a private bank that also maintained branches in Geneva and London.

Another private bank used to launder CIA hit squad operations was Trufinco of Zurich. Money laundered by the CIA from stolen artwork was reportedly handled by a CIA entity called the Boecking Trust which used various free ports around the world to hide stolen artwork. Some of the paintings stolen and sold by the CIA were to rich Saudis at Marbella in Spain and included four paintings held by the late Princess Diana at Bank Leu, one Van Dyck, two Rubens, and one Rembrandt. Bank Leu, also known as Clariden Leu, is also reportedly a front for secret CIA banking. Ironically, the bank was used by two U.S. spies for Russia, CIA agent Harold Nicholson and FBI agent Robert Hanssen, to maintain secret bank accounts to hide their payments from Russian intelligence.

The CIA assassination covert operational infrastructure also had direct links to CIA fronts in Panama, Japan, France, Italy, Monaco, and Texas. Some of the CIA wet affairs officials also had close relations to former President George H. W. Bush in Texas. There were also links between the CIA death squads and top officials of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, the party of former Pakistan dictator General Pervez Musharraf, as well as large Japanese yakuza organized crime families linked to the Liberal Democratic Party. The CIA hit teams also received funding from narcotics smuggling through the agency’s joint operations with the yakuza, Golden Triangle warlords in Burma, and Colombian paramilitary narco-terrorists tied to the government of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Former CIA Executive Director Alvin “Buzzy” Krongard is reported to have helped cement the relationship with Blackwater USA to conduct post-9/11 assassinations for the CIA. Krongard was chairman of Alex, Brown Brothers and vice chairman of Banker’s Trust after its acquisition of the Baltimore-based securities investment firm. After he left the CIA, Krongard became a member of Blackwater’s advisory board. His brother, Howard “Cookie” Krongard, served as Inspector General for the State Department, and, according to four State Department IG officials, Ron Militana, Brian Rubendall, and John DeDona, ordered them to immediately cease their investigations of Blackwater’s State Department contracts.

Two ex-Blackwater employees have submitted affidavits in the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria that connects Blackwater to criminal activities, including weapons smuggling, money laundering, murders of whistleblowers, and prostitution, charges that dovetail with WMR’s latest information that CIA assassination teams were involved with hiding and funding their activities through deals with criminal syndicates in Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Colombia, and the Middle East.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright © 2009

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).

Taliban denies Kandahar bombing, Blames CIA, ISI

Taliban denies Kandahar bombing

The blast destroyed a number of buildings in a residential area of central Kandahar [EPA]

The Taliban has denied carrying out a bombing in the Afghan city of Kandahar that left at least 43 people dead.

At least 65 people were also injured in the attack outside a wedding hall in the southern city shortly after people were breaking their Ramadan fast.

“We are denying responsibility, and condemn this attack in which innocent civilians were killed,” Qari Yusef Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, said in a message sent to The Associated Press news agency on Wednesday.

The blast on Tuesday was caused by a remote-controlled explosive device planted in a lorry, the Afghan interior ministry said.

Rescue workers have continued to pull injured people out of the rubble of building levelled in the blast.

“There are some people still trapped in the buildings and we are trying to get them out,” said Mohammad Darwish, one of the rescue workers.

‘Shock and anger’

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr, reporting from the scene of the blast, said: “It was on a main road and all you can see is destruction – homes and shops destroyed.

special report
Al Jazeera’s in-depth look at the presidential poll

“The people gathered outside where the police set up their cordon … said they do not think the Taliban was behind this attack. They are pointing their fingers at the Americans and the Pakistanis.

“The people here are angry and shocked, they are used to bombings but not on this scale.”

The bomb went off near a guest house, the Kandahar provincial intelligence headquarters and just 800m from the local UN offices.

“The staff is good, everybody is safe,” said Samad Khaydarov, the head of the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan.

“Our office, our guesthouses, are safe. … Unfortunately, security is not so good in Kandahar.”

Investigation ordered

Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has ordered a thorough investigation of the incident and called on security officials to “arrest those responsible as soon as possible,” his office said.

Kandahar is the biggest city in southern Afghanistan, an area where Taliban fighters battling the Western-backed government continue to have strongholds.

The city was the powerbase of the former Taliban government, which was ousted from power in Afghanistan by US-led troops in 2001 and replaced with Karzai’s Western-backed administration.

The Taliban have struck repeatedly in recent weeks in a bloody countdown to nationwide elections last week, only the second time that war-weary Afghans have voted for a president in their history.

Also in Afghanistan on Wednesday, Qari Jihangir, the head of the Kunduz provincial justice department, was killed by an explosion, said Abdul Razaq Yaqoubi, a regional police chief said.

“The bomb was placed in his car. We’re investigating the incident right now.”

Other roadside bomb attacks in Khost and Logar provinces left five people dead, including two Afghan soldiers.

ISLAM/ Pakistan must confront Wahhabism

stability and peace in the country cannot be created by military force alone. Like the “surge” strategy in Iraq which reduced suicide bombings by driving a wedge between indigenous Sunnis and foreign jihadists, the US and its European allies will try to separate the Taliban from al-Qaida fighters who infiltrate Afghanistan from across the border in Pakistan. By combining “surgical” strikes against terrorists in the Afghan-Pakistani border region with a political strategy aimed at “moderate” Taliban, President Obama hopes to save the US mission from disaster.

The problem is that those Taliban who would be prepared to talk have little leverage and those who have influence feel that they have little incentive to compromise, as they have gained the upper hand. Unlike many Sunnis in Iraq, most Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan have embraced the puritanical and fundamentalist Islam of the Wahhabi mullahs from Saudi Arabia who wage a ruthless war not just against western “infidels” but also against fellow Muslims they consider to be apostates, in particular the Sufis.

Sufi Islam is not limited to the southern Pakistani province of Sindh on the border with India. It also exists elsewhere in Pakistan and has been present in Afghanistan for centuries, as exemplified by the 18th-century poet and mystic Rahman Baba whose shrine at the foot of the Khyber Pass (linking Afghanistan and Pakistan) still attracts many Sufi faithful from both sides of the border.

All this changed in the 1980s when during the Afghan resistance against the Soviet invasion, elements in Saudi Arabia poured in money, arms and extremist ideology. Through a network of madrasas, Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi Islam indoctrinated young Muslims with fundamentalist Puritanism, denouncing Sufi music and poetry as decadent and immoral. At Attock, not far from Rahman Baba’s shrine on the Khyber Pass, stands the Haqqania madrassa, one of the most radical schools where the Taliban leader Mullah Omar was trained. Across the Pakistani border, the tolerant Sufi-minded Barelvi form of indigenous Islam has also been supplanted by the hardline Wahhabi creed.

This madrassa-inspired and Saudi-financed Wahhabi Islam is destroying indigenous Islam in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Crucially, it is imposing a radical creed that represents a distortion and perversion of true Islam. Wahhabi followers beheaded a Polish geologist in February (as revenge for Polish troops in Afghanistan) and blew up a century-old shrine dedicated to Rahman Baba in the Pakistani town of Peshawar in March.

The actions of the west and its Afghan and Pakistani allies are making matters worse. By causing civilian deaths through aerial bombings, the US is driving ordinary Afghans and Pakistani into the arms of the jihadi terrorists. By declaring sharia law in Pakistan’s northwestern Swat region to appease the local Taliban and by using Islamism in the ongoing conflict with India over Kashmir, Pakistan’s government is emboldening the extremists and undermining Sufi Islam.

lunedì 24 agosto 2009

Despite the recent offensive by the Pakistani army in the Swat Valley and by Nato in Helmand province, the “Talibanisation” of both Afghanistan and Pakistan proceeds apace. Vast parts of the Afghan south and a large region in western Pakistan are still under de facto control of Taliban militants who enforce a violent form of sharia law.

Western responses oscillate between calls for a secular alternative to the religious fundamentalism of the Taliban and attempts to engage the moderate elements among them. Neither will solve the underlying religious clash between indigenous Sufi Islam and the Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi extremism. The UK and US must change strategy and adopt a policy that supports the peaceful indigenous Muslim tradition of Sufism while thwarting Saudi Arabia’s promotion of the dangerous Wahhabi creed that fuels violence and sectarian tension.

As Afghanistan goes to the polls, western political and military leaders now recognise that stability and peace in the country cannot be

What is required, first of all, is to prevent Saudi Arabia from playing a duplicitous game whereby the authorities in Riyadh help the Afghan President Karzai in his attempts to woo moderate Taliban while promoting the violent creed of Wahhabism across this volatile region. The west should call Saudi Arabia’s bluff and not surrender to Riyadh’s threats of ending security co-operation and information exchange on international terrorism which thrives on Saudi-exported Wahhabi ideology.

The west and Muslim countries such as Jordan should also put pressure on the Pakistani authorities to confront Wahhabism by expelling Saudi hate preachers, closing the Wahhabi madrassas and establishing schools that teach the peaceful Islam of Sufism.

By itself this strategy will of course not be sufficient to eradicate violence in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But without an alternative policy based on religion, this religious conflict will further escalate.

First published in The Guardian

Report on Ritual Abuse of Children Conference

Resistance to the Empire must take many forms, probably the most important of which is in the form of alternative education.  The fight that I am trying to lead, or at least hope to inspire, to confront the plans of the Empire is focused upon the monstrous, inhuman nature of the elitists behind this conspiracy and the unspeakable, unimaginable crimes against humanity that flow constantly from their sick minds.  None of their evil actions is more reprehensible than their murder, kidnapping and ritual abuse of children.  Ritual abuse is also the most difficult aspect of their criminality to investigate, because the only witnesses to these often ongoing atrocities are usually so damaged psychically that their testimony is given in a bizarre, rambling, monologue that frequently recites mind-blowing claims in a matter-of-fact way.

Whatever the truth, there has recently been an alarming recent flurry of these type of reports coming-in all over the world.  The following snapshot is from,

reporting from their 2007 conference.  The report from the 2009 conference is being prepared. Report from the SMART Ritual Abuse/MindControl Conference 2009

FireShot Pro capture #092 - 'Torture-based Mind Control as a Global Phenomenon _ S_M_A_R_T_’s Ritual Abuse Pages' - ritualabuse_us_mindcontrol_eas-studies_torture-based-mind-control

The God That Failed: The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult

The God That Failed: The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult

Who then can believe that these governments could not have found the money for good schools, health care, and all the rest, that they could not have enhanced the well-being and livelihood of millions of ordinary citizens, and helped create a more just and equitable and stable world — if they had wanted to? This is one of the main facts that ordinary citizens around the world should take away from this crisis: the money to maintain, secure and improve the lives of their families and communities was always there — but their governments, and their political parties, made a deliberate, unforced choice not to use it for the common good. Instead, they subjugated the well-being of the world to the dictates of an extremist cult. A cult of greed and privilege, that preached iron discipline to the poor and the middle-class, but released the rich and powerful from all restrictions, and all responsibility for their actions. – Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd
October 11, 2008

Perhaps the most striking fact revealed by the global financial crash — or rather, by the reaction to it — is the staggering, astonishing, gargantuan amount of money that the governments of the world have at their command.

In just a matter of days, we have seen literally trillions of dollars offered to the financial services sector by national treasuries and central banks across the globe. Britain alone has put $1 trillion at the disposal of the bankers, traders, lenders and speculators; and this has been surpassed by the total package of public money that Washington is shoveling into the financial furnaces of Wall Street and the banks. These radical efforts are being replicated on a slightly smaller scale in France, Germany, Italy, Russia and many other countries.

The effectiveness of this unprecedented transfer of wealth from ordinary citizens to the top tiers of the business world remains to be seen. It will certainly insulate the very rich from the consequences of their own greed and folly and fraud; but it is not at all clear how much these measures will shield the vast majority of people from the catastrophe that has been visited upon them by the elite.

But putting aside for a moment the actual intent, details and results of the global bailout offers, it is their very extent that shocks, and shows — in a stark, harsh, all-revealing light — the brutal disdain with which the national governments of the world’s “leading democracies” have treated their own citizens for decades.

Beginning with Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979, government after government — and party after party — fell to the onslaught of an extremist faith: the narrow, blinkered fundamentalism of the “Chicago School.” Epitomized by its patron saint, Milton Friedman, the rigid doctrine held that an unregulated market would always “correct” itself, because its workings are based on entirely rational and quantifiable principles. This was of course an absurdly reductive and savagely ignorant view of history, money and human nature; but because it flattered the rich and powerful, offering an “intellectual” justification for rapacious greed and ever-widening economic and social inequality, it was adopted as holy writ by the elite and promulgated as public policy.

This radical cult — a kind of Bolshevism from above — took its strongest hold in the United States and Britain, and was then imposed on many weaker nations through the IMF-led “Washington Consensus” (more aptly named by Naomi Klein as the “Shock Doctrine”), with devastating and deadly results. (As in Yeltsin’s Russia, for example, where life expectancy dropped precipitously and millions of people died premature deaths from poverty, illness, and despair.)

According to the cult, not only were markets to be freed from the constraints placed on them after the world-shattering effects of the Great Depression, but all public spending was to be slashed ruthlessly to the bone. (Although exceptions were always made for the Pentagon war machine.) After all, every dollar spent by a public entity on public services and amenities was a dollar taken away from the private wheeler-dealers who could more usefully employ it in increasing the wealth of the elite — who would then allow some of their vast profits to “trickle down” to the lower orders.

This was the cult that captured the governments of the United States and Britain (among others), as well as the Republican and Democratic parties, and the Conservative and Labour parties as well. And for almost thirty years, its ruthless doctrines have been put into practice. Regulation and oversight of financial markets were systematically stripped away or rendered toothless. Essential public services were sold off, for chump change, to corporate interests. Public spending on anything other than making war, threatening war and profiting from war was pared back or eliminated. Such public spending that did remain was forever under threat and derided, like the remnants of some pagan faith surviving in isolated backwaters.

Year after year, the ordinary citizens were told by their governments: we have no money to spend on your needs, on your communities, on your infrastructure, on your health, on your children, on your environment, on your quality of life. We can’t do those kinds of things any more.

Of course, when talking amongst themselves, or with the believers in the think tanks, boardrooms — and editorial offices — the cultists would speak more plainly: we don’t do those things anymore because we shouldn’t do them, we don’t want to do them, they are wrong, they are evil, they are outside the faith. But for the hoi polloi, the line was usually something like this: Budgets are tight, we must balance them (for a “balanced budget” is a core doctrine of the cult), we just can’t afford all these luxuries, sorry about that.

But now, as the emptiness and falsity of the Chicago cargo cult stands nakedly revealed, even to some of its most faithful and fanatical adherents, we can see that this 30-year mantra by our governments has been a deliberate and outright lie. The money was there — billions and billions and billions of dollars of it, trillions of dollars of it. We can see it before our very eyes today — being whisked away from our public treasuries and showered upon the banks and the brokerages.

Let’s say it again: The money was there all along.
Money to build and generously equip thousands and thousands of new schools, with well-paid, exquisitely trained teachers, small teacher-pupil ratios, a full range of enriching and inspiring programs.

Money to revitalize the nation’s crumbling inner cities, making them safe and vibrant places for businesses and families and communities to grow.

Money to provide decent, affordable and accessible health care to every citizen, to provide dignity and comfort to the elderly, and protection and humane treatment for the mentally ill.

Money to provide affordable higher education to everyone who wanted it and could qualify for it. Money to help establish and sustain local businesses and family farms, centered in and on the local community, driven by the needs and knowledge of the people in the area, and not by the dictates of distant corporations.

Money to strengthen crumbling infrastructure, to repair bridges, shore up levies, maintain roads and electric grids and sewage systems.

Money for affordable, workable public transport systems, for the pursuit of alternative sources of energy, for sustainable, sensible development, for environmental restoration.

Money to support free inquiry in science, technology, health and other areas — research unfettered from the war machine and the drive for corporate profit, and instead devoted to the betterment of human life.

Money to support culture, learning, continuing education, libraries, theater, music and the endless manifestations of the human quest to gain more meaning, more understanding, more enlightenment, a deeper, spiritually richer life.
The money for all of this — and much, much more — was there, all along. When they said we couldn’t have these things, they were lying — or else allowing themselves to be profitably duped by the high priests of the market cult. When they wanted a trillion dollars — or three trillion dollars — to wage a war of aggression in Iraq, they found it. Now, when they want trillions of dollars to save the speculators, fraudsters and profiteers of greed in the global market, they suddenly have it.

Who then can believe that these governments could not have found the money for good schools, health care, and all the rest, that they could not have enhanced the well-being and livelihood of millions of ordinary citizens, and helped create a more just and equitable and stable world — if they had wanted to?

This is one of the main facts that ordinary citizens around the world should take away from this crisis: the money to maintain, secure and improve the lives of their families and communities was always there — but their governments, and their political parties, made a deliberate, unforced choice not to use it for the common good. Instead, they subjugated the well-being of the world to the dictates of an extremist cult. A cult of greed and privilege, that preached iron discipline to the poor and the middle-class, but released the rich and powerful from all restrictions, and all responsibility for their actions.

This should be a constant — and galvanizing — thought in the minds of the public in the months and years to come. Remember what you could have had, and how it was denied you by the lies and delusions of a powerful elite and their bought-off factotums in government. Remember the trillions of dollars that suddenly appeared when the wheeler-dealers needed money to cover their own greed and stupidity.

Let these thoughts guide you as you weigh the promises and actions of politicians and candidates, and as you assess the “expert analysis” on economic and domestic policy offered by the corporate media and the corporate-bankrolled think tanks and academics.

And above all, let these thoughts be foremost in your mind when you hear — as you certainly will hear, when (and if) the markets are finally stabilized (at whatever gigantic cost in human suffering) — the adherents of the market cult emerge once more and call for “deregulation” and “untying the hands of business” and all the other ritual incantations of their false and savage fundamentalist faith.

For although the market cult has suffered a cataclysmic defeat in the last few weeks, it is by no means dead. It has 30 years of entrenchment in power to fall back on. And the leader of every major political party in the West has spent their entire political career within the cult’s confines. It has been the atmosphere they breathed, it has been the sole ladder by which they have climbed to prominence. They will be loath to abandon it, once the immediate crisis is past; most will not be able to.

So remember well the lessons of this new October crash: The money to make a better life, to serve the common good, has always been there. But it has been kept from you by deceit, by dogma, by greed, and by the ambition of those who have sold their souls, and betrayed their brothers and sisters, their fellow human creatures, for the sake of privilege and power.

Econocide: Body Count

Econocide: Body Count

Thursday 04 June 2009

by: Nick Turse  |  Visit article original @

A woman stands among her possessions after being evicted from her foreclosed house in Adams County, Colorado. (Photo: John Moore / Getty Images)

After David B. Kellermann, the chief financial officer of beleaguered mortgage giant Freddie Mac, tied a noose and hanged himself in the basement of his Vienna, Virginia, home, The New York Times made it a front-page story. The stresses of the job in economic tough times, its reporters implied, had driven him to this extreme act.

“Binghamton Shooter” Jiverly Wong also garnered front-page headlines nationwide and set off a cable news frenzy when, “bitter over job loss,” he massacred 13 people at an immigration center in upstate New York. Similarly, coverage was brisk after Pittsburgh resident Richard Poplawski, “upset about recently losing a job,” shot four local police officers, killing three of them.

But where was the front-page treatment when, in January, Betty Lipply, a 72-year-old resident of East Palestine, Ohio, “who feared she’d lose her home to foreclosure hanged herself to death” shortly after “receiving her second summons and foreclosure complaint from her mortgage lender”? And where was the up-to-the-minute cable news reporting on the two California dairy farmers who “killed themselves … out of despair over finances, according to associates”?

Mass Murder, Mass Media, and Missing Stories

Last summer, in the pages of the Nation magazine, Barbara Ehrenreich called attention to people turning to “the suicide solution” in response to the burgeoning financial crisis. Months later, major news outlets started to examine the same phenomenon. Last fall, a TomDispatch report on suicides and a range of other extreme acts – including self-inflicted injury, murder, arson, and armed self-defense – in response to foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, and layoffs, was followed, months later, by mainstream media attention to the notion of “econo-cide” – prompted, in large part, by a spate of familicides (murder/suicides in which both parents and their children die).

While it’s impossible to know the myriad factors, including deeply personal ones, that contribute to people resorting to drastic measures, violent or otherwise, many press reports suggest that the global economic crisis has played no small part in a range of extreme acts.  (more here)

Hariri Takes Stand Between Hezbollah and Zionist Entity

[Does this new position, staked-out by the Saudi’s main man, signal a true split within the previous scheme team of Saudi, Israel and the US, or is this just their latest ploy?  The ongoing Saudi/Israeli split over Mideast peace plans no doubt reflects true Saud anger at the Israelis for shooting-down every trial balloon that they send up, but how much of this drama which we are permitted to see is disinformation?  Israel will eventually answer these questions with the only dialogue they know or understand, a “dialogue of weapons.”]

Hariri Hits back At Israel: Hizbullah Will Participate in Government whether They Like it Or Not

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri struck back at Israel, warning that Hizbullah will be part of the new government “whether the enemy likes it or not.”
“I want to assure the Israeli enemy (…) that Hizbullah will be in the government, whether the enemy likes it or not, because the interests of the country require that we all take part in this government,” Hariri said during an Iftar to honor Beirut families at his residence in Qoreitem on Tuesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Lebanon over Hizbullah’s participation in the upcoming Cabinet, saying the Lebanese government would be held responsible for any military attempts by the Shiite group.

On the tit-for-tat over a Cabinet lineup, Hariri said that each political party is “entitled to take its own stances and submit its proposals, yet the formation process is constitutionally associated to the PM-designate in cooperation with the President.”

He stressed that consultations over Cabinet formation did not necessitate public statements but rather dialogue among the various political groups.

“I see a need for dialogue since matters that bring us together are far more than what divides us,” Hariri said.

The premier-designate insisted that he in keen on forming a national unity government to “strengthen the country and carry out the promises we made to the Lebanese citizens during the June 7 parliamentary elections.”

He highlighted the importance to meet people’s day-to-day needs concerning health care, power, water supplies and education.

WEAPONIZING PSYCHOLOGY DISCUSSION (from Information Clearinghouse)

[An interesting discussion about this article over at Information Clearinghouse.  I thought I would share it with you.  This discussion will be kept going, if you want it to.  I am posting it in the permanent right-hand sidebar, front page, also under this category:


Weaponizing Psychology

Treating People Like Dogs

By:  Peter Chamberlin

I have read and agree to comments policy as posted here
“Now we learn that post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) treatments for war veterans have been developed from his work as well.”PTSD probably resulted from his work as well.
United Mutations | 08.24.09 – 2:55 pm | #

Gravatar I would like to point out to author Peter Chamberlain that the American Psychological Association was founded by members of Skull & Bones and may be assumed to remain under that organization’s ultimate control, however well-hidden.Skull & Bones alumni have fanned out through our society since their founding in 1832 to take control of every pressure point: in politics, the judiciary, academia (they also founded the American Historical Association so they could control history professorships and what went into the textbooks) finance, the military, intelligence, and industry.

We should not be surprised that the end result of the American Psychological Association is a “weaponization” of what they have learned over the decades; that was the intent from the beginning.
Tom | 08.24.09 – 3:10 pm | #

Gravatar Martin Seligman…!!! .Again?!
Amilcar | 08.24.09 – 3:21 pm | #

Gravatar Martin Seligman is of course a jew and it tells once again where the worlds problem emanates from!!!Enough said!!!

When will we ever learn?????????

Laurentius | 08.24.09 – 4:48 pm | #

Gravatar What could be more like the NAZI erea than savage “medical” experiments on animals and humans?
Steve | 08.24.09 – 4:52 pm | #

Gravatar How Seligman could have done this to dogs, is beyond my wildest dreams.How contractors or soldiers could do this to people, is beyond the beyond.
jeanX | 08.24.09 – 4:54 pm | #

Gravatar You are helpless. Give up, move on. Resistance is FUTILE.Too stupid to capitulate? Ok, then learn how to FIGHT:…ticle.php/c1/ 33
Bill Ross | Homepage | 08.24.09 – 4:56 pm | #

Mark A. Goldman | Homepage | 08.24.09 – 4:59 pm | #

Gravatar Steve, how about the Rabbis and the rest of their flock killing Palestinians and other goyim in order to harvest vital organs like kidneys, hearts, etc. to sell in order to make themselves fabulously wealthy? How ugly, greedy, and horrific is that.
war_profiteer_Bush | 08.24.09 – 4:59 pm | #

Gravatar Learned helplessness?
You mean like voting again and again and finding out each time that it was meaningless? That the candidate lied? That the wars, poverty, pollution and imperialism go on no matter who you vote for?
But in that case it is the ones who actually learn who are paying attention!
wagelaborer | Homepage | 08.24.09 – 5:06 pm | #

Gravatar USans have been primed for this since the mid 70s. They’ll lap it with gusto and beg for another helping.
Harvey Reading | 08.24.09 – 5:22 pm | #

Gravatar “If this is the case, then they are running scared, fearful that all that they have invested in controlling the minds of Americans and the world have been wasted. Either truth means that they have become even more dangerous”Never a truer word…
Their game is up and they sense it, but their millennial habit of control lends them a high level of self assurance. This , coupled with their total disregard for humanity and their relishing of misery and pain in others leads one to suspect that they will lash out with everything at their disposal, very soon.
What they have at their disposal is, of course, us.
The answer is, of course, for ALL of us to say NO.
The question is: Can we reach enough button pushers and trigger pullers in time?
Or do we have to cross the river of pain in order to finally get to the other side and have mastery of ourselves, free at last?
Something tells me the latter.
Time is very short now. Many of their plans are in motion, many of their preparations made, the juggernaut of misery is picking up speed and heading our way.
Fear nothing.
Believe nothing.
Be confident of our eventual victory, the victory of peace over war, the victory of love over hate.
Here lies the only future for mankind.
This is the path we must follow if we are finally to discover what a wonderful world this can be, free of these vengeful, deceitful, monstrous parasites.
Olive Farmer | Homepage | 08.24.09 – 5:35 pm | #

Gravatar Seligman is from the University of Pennsylvania?Isn’t that the university with a notorious history of heinous animal abuse in its laboratories? I seem to remember a “home movie” their researchers made — laughing it up and partying while they clubbed monkeys for their head injury so-called research. Would it be accurate to say these unethical, inhumane researchers have been torturers all along, so it is natural for them to extrapolate from animals to humans? Exploitation is the name of the game played by people like this.
nora | 08.24.09 – 6:38 pm | #

Gravatar Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars …entweapons.html

‘Few efforts of human behavior modification are more remarkable or more effective than that of the socio-military institution known as the draft. A primary purpose of a draft or other such institution is to instill, by intimidation, in the young males of a society the uncritical conviction that the government is omnipotent. He is soon taught that a prayer is slow to reverse what a bullet can do in an instant. Thus, a man trained in a religious environment for eighteen years of his life can, by this instrument of the government, be broken down, be purged of his fantasies and delusions in a matter of mere months. Once that conviction is instilled, all else becomes easy to instill. Even more interesting is the process by which a young man’s parents, who purportedly love him, can be induced to send him off to war to his death.’
gig harbor | 08.24.09 – 6:48 pm | #

Gravatar Many of these military types are truly neanderthals.Our world must move beyond conflict, violence and war.

It is time to change History big time!!!!
Anonymous | 08.24.09 – 6:50 pm | #

Gravatar What a happy land America has become.All these intellectual theorists in their ivory towers, paid for with your taxes( don’t even try to squirm) have
reduced you, and your formerly happy land to a mental,physical,moral, and
financial human toxic waste facility.
More weapons per capita , and yet these vermin thrive.
Who are you again?
What was it you “stood” for?
Do you still “pledge allegiance”?
mot | 08.24.09 – 8:13 pm | #

Gravatar here is “Dr.” Martin E.P. Seligman, PHD…u/ seligman.aspx

How about this: He writes “self help” books!
gig harbor | 08.24.09 – 8:22 pm | #

Gravatar …wow…now that was a short piece of power writing……here’s a paragraph not to be ignored…

“…The Silent Weapons technology which has been developed, has been employed as an economic weapon and a psychological weapon of terror, to herd the nations of the earth in America’s direction. A nation that would develop such technology with a malicious intent to use it upon the rest of humanity is capable of unspeakable evil….”

…this is why I read ICH…
Follow the Facts | 08.24.09 – 8:52 pm | #

Gravatar And what about the greatest psy-operation in world history – 9/11.The only truth about 9/11 is that 3,000 people were slaughtered.

The rest of the “official” story is pure fiction.
911TRUTH | 08.24.09 – 8:59 pm | #

Gravatar “Every one of these programs is geared towards finding and exploiting the human breaking point.”This is something they learned from zionists. The mossad uses psycho analysis in their operations the way truck drivers use diesel. These programmes are one of the main purposes of all those corporate think tanks. If one could see what the papers these think tanks write up for “private use” among their beneficiaries, the experiments the nazis carried out would seem mundane in comparison. Most of what is considered psychology is used to manipulate others to do or be things against their will. Either as a mass of people or as individuals.

This is one of those “professions” that is worse than lawyering.
hayate | 08.24.09 – 9:39 pm | #

Gravatar “Seligman and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania [] conducted experiments on caged dogs, in which they used electric charges to shock them randomly. [this] mistreatment destroyed the dogs emotionally to the point where they no longer had the will to escape, even when offered a way out.”That is disgusting. Americans did this? Say it ain’t so.
Johnny Typoe Baptist | 08.24.09 – 11:41 pm | #

Gravatar The evil pseudo-science of psychology:
Psychology shares it birth as an ideology with another ideology created at about the same time. It’s called Zionism.Germany. 1879: A person known as Wilhelm Wundt advances a hypo-thesis.

“Mankind is an animal. It is driven by basic, instinctive, self-centered needs. There is no spirit just a chemical organism that has evolved to it’s current level. Uncontrolled, criminality with always take root due to the inherently self-centered evil nature of man.” (Paraphrased).

This hypo-thesis was eagerly seized upon by Germany’s leader, Otto Von Bismarck a notorious fascist. At the time, there were new theories by Charles Darwin concerning the origins of humanity, a Swede named Nobel had developed high explosive and HotchKiss had developed the machine gun.

In order to start the mass killing a theory was needed which made it okay to kill humans (because they are only animals).

There’s nothing more profitable to European central bankers as warfare. Unsurprisingly this theory was trumpeted throughout the bank controlled media and further research generously financed. German Jews developed a new, spin-off ideology called Zionism. This was mainly the same theory but that mankind was descended from insects and only a chosen godly people could rule and control them.

Because Mankind was now officially and authoritatively “only an animal” then a new branch of science called Eugenics could be born. Animal husbandry and culls for the genetically inferior.

Sigmund Freud later work became the basis for a new science called Propaganda. This was exported to the US were it became PR and manipulation of the masses through hidden messages and the basis for modern advertising.

You have to understand that the mindset of these people is that we are animals that must be controlled. They see themselves as the only good people around saving us from imaginary evils that exist only in their twisted and evil minds.

In truth, everything they are trying to do to humanity is justified by a single unproven hypo-thesis. Like the global warming world tax scam “The science is settled” – “There’s a scientific concensus” these evil beings believe in this with a religious zeal. (Which is why some people think Zionism is a religion).

To further demonstrate this garbled madness, they call this murder inducing cult “Psychology”.
Breaking the word down we find it come from Greek; Psyche: Meaning spirit, soul or elan vital. The other part is Logis meaning logic and gy the suffix that extends it to the “study of”. So the word Psychology means the study of the human soul or spirit.

But hold on a minute, if the first law of psychology is that mankind is an animal without a spirit or soul how could any rational or educated people call it psychology?

The answer is that these are not rational people they are the mirror image of good in that they are inherently evil. They compulsively reverse or turn logic on it’s head to bring about chaos and confusion so that they can hide amongst normal people.

When people talk of a spiritual awakening have we ever wondered how the spirit went to sleep? Psychology is an evil fraud. It all built on one flimsy premise that never been examined but only promoted by authoritarian regimes.

Google “The father of modern psychology” or look it up on Wikipedia. Know your enemy and the pathetically flimsy munbo-jumbo witchcraft it’s based on.

Personally I believe that I am a spirit that has a body. I think that we all are. I see it in little children as they learn to talk, I see happiness and laughter spreading through the air and affecting others. I often wonder what sort of world we could live in if we got rid of this small minority of socially unwell evil spirits.
Danny Cunnington | 08.25.09 – 12:22 am | #

Gravatar The far, far right and the far, far left are examples of how well their psyops are working in our society today, they are all primed and ready to destroy each other. And we stand idly by, wringing our hands and wondering, what in the hell are we to do to stop them. Can they be stopped anymore? Or are they too far gone?
michelle | 08.25.09 – 12:40 am | #

Gravatar Before I start this rant, I have to make it clear that I believe there exists a very well-intentioned, well-thought out and ethical backbone of psychology in the US that has helped to improve the lives of many, many people.But….

This article is a powerful, simple and clear explanation that connects the dots to the daily participation of thousands of mental health professionals. Where are your voices? Your silence is deafening. How many psychologists/psychiatrist/mental health professionals read this website, and how many of you are telling it like it is? How come I hear so few of your voices even though you are trained to evaluate, penetrate, and deconstruct hidden meanings/motivations and resulting behaviors? For example, how prevalent is the use psychological testing and how it becomes the primary determinant of “behavioral modification”. And how many children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, autism, and a host of other diagnoses from the disabused DSM IV, only to be recommended for further psychiatric medication, removal from schools, households, forced treatment, and total annihilation of parental rights and responsibilities? How many of you are asking pertinent/challenging questions of your coworkers, trainers, and supervisors, in spite of hauling in that big fat paycheck? What about the dasterdly Synanon model of drug and alcohol treatment seamlessly merged with 12 Steps that teaches helplessness, powerlessness, and brutal confrontation to break down the ‘addict’ to admit their fatal flaws that they are told they can never escape from until death?

When my daughter tried marijuana in her junior year of high school for the first time on what the kids call ‘national marijuana day’, the school used her to make an example of a straight, normal, and good student. The school ruined her junior year even though the forced drug evaluation revealed a healthy, non-addicted youngster who was experimenting. When they insisted that she be pulled out of class twice a week for drug treatment, after suspending her for 10 days and getting her irrevocably behind in her school assignments, I told them they could stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Yes, this was with the participation of the school counselor and the vice principle. But being a mental health professional myself, I called them on their game of ‘Zero Tolerance’. But I guess she got off lucky, because her other high school buddy got shot in the back and murdered by the police because his mother called 911 thinking she would get a mental health team for her drunk son, but instead got a firing squad. Hey, what was the reaction of the mental health community about this? DEAFENING SILENCE! A mental health coworker actually said to me that the boy must have done ‘something to deserve it’. It is utterly shocking that our profession has devolved to becoming the right hand of the monster that is forming a society steeped in mass hopelessness, mass capitulation.

The point of these anecdotal stories is to point out that our combined but individual power to fight this insidious paradigm of learned helplessness lies within each of us and it is bigger than the combined power of the war machine. Every new day offers each of us plenty of opportunity to chip away at this very real threat to our humanity.
nowheretohide | 08.25.09 – 1:24 am | #

Gravatar @Danny Cunnington
“Personally I believe that I am a spirit that has a body. I think that we all are. I see it in little children as they learn to talk, I see happiness and laughter spreading through the air and affecting others. I often wonder what sort of world we could live in if we got rid of this small minority of socially unwell evil spirits.”Never a truer word.
It will be a beautiful world.
Olive Farmer | Homepage | 08.25.09 – 1:25 am | #

Gravatar Danny Cunningham: You have reduced “psychology” to meaninglessness, and you have no idea what you are talking about when you put the whole field of psychology into this ‘evil’ category. Mind control IS the opposite of the goals of psychology. “Learned helplessness” is a label that researchers gave to aspects of human behavior under certain conditions, but that does not define “psychology” in it’s essence at all.
nowheretohide | 08.25.09 – 1:35 am | #

Gravatar Danny Cunnington…good information there and I hear what you say.
Have seen a few psychco’s myself over the years and one would always leave feeling like you wanted to throw yourself under a bus,I have listened to them talk about other clients and rather than constructive analysis it was indeed destructive.
I personally believe that they must be avoided at all costs as they will perpetuate the “condition” they label you with and once labelled they then ramp up the “therapy” THEY believe you need based on that “label”.Mind control is alive and well within the practice of psycho’s..logy and I know this from personal experience,very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.Psychiatry is only about dishing out mind altering pills…a friend of mine was a psychiatrist for many years and her job,she said,was to keep the clients cupboard full of pills and nothing more.
Psychologists also do this.

To sum up…The army say’s,come to us and we’ll look after you,but neglect to tell you that the absolute bottom line is to turn you into killing machines…Psychology/psychiatry say’s,come to us we’ll look after you,but neglect to tell you that we will leave you feeling confused and we have many varieties of mind altering pills that I will advise you to take….do not take them as you will end up PSYCHO’S like they are….Evil training is alive and well within these organisations and it is getting worse.
findyourselfyourself | 08.25.09 – 3:39 am | #

Gravatar They seem to forget that even the best pet will eventually turn on a mean master.
Nothing fights like a cornered animal.
The people are beginning to feel cornered.
The bailout of wallstreet, the betrayal of Obama and general feeling that they have been soldout by elected representives.
Anonymous | 08.25.09 – 4:33 am | #

Gravatar @nowheretohide. It’s not me that has reduced “psychology to meaningless. I’m referring to the basic foundation of Psychology as expostulated by Wilhelm Wundt. I’m sure there are many individuals involved in the field of psychology who do so out of a desire to help and assist and that people have been generally helped in many ways.My basic premise is that this is not a science because it’s founding principle has no scientific basis. I see from your post that you are a practitioner but I also think what you practice on one level is very different from that practiced at another level.

The expostulate as “Man as an animal” was and is used as a justification by all tyrants and totalitarian regimes to attack the human condition or at least those in western history since then.

It was exported to Russia and taken up by the likes of Pavlov (Mankind is a dog) The British developed a new form of prison camp known as a “concentration” camp for the South African Boers who were been robbed by Rothschild agent Cecil Rhodes. It has formed the basis for mass killing through warfare ever since and there are few that would argue that the 20th and the fist bit of the 21st century have not been a period were millions have been senselessly slaughtered all for the desires and wishes of a small minority of evil and inherently anti-social so-called leaders.

All this for an unproven hypo-thesis. Man is an animal. At the end of my preceding post you can examine my hypo-thesis it’s relatively simple just like that proposed by Wilhelm Wundt.

I believe that I’m a spirit that has a body. I believe everyone else is too. There’s no scientific basis for my proposal just as there isn’t any scientific basis for that of Mr Wundt’s.

The difference is that the man as a animal has been endorsed by tyrants and led to untold human misery ever since. Man as a spirit, possessing a body is just as valid without the need for mass murder and control through fear and intimidation.

The main problem with the “man as an animal who must be controlled” is that many people don’t need to be told that it wrong to steal, cheat or kill. This is not something that they need to think because it’s something they know and have always known. It makes much more sense to cooperate and work together. Self-centered basic nature makes no sense when you consider that no one could survive alone and need cooperation. It reasonable to assume that a community is strengthened when it individuals prosper. How would criminality make any sense bearing in mind this simple and obvious logic concerning the socially cooperative human being?

By simple observation, I would seriously doubt that mankind could have existed at all if Wilhelm Wundt was correct. If he is right the condition would go back to the origins of human existence. It important to realize that since 1879 and today is a very short period of time in human history. It’s only in this period of time that existential threat to mankind’s very existence and the sustainability of our planet have arisen.

Do people really want to live in a climate of perpetual fear or would they like to cooperate and be happy? If you want we could conduct a poll. How many people think/know they are basically an animal that inherently self-centered and criminal but have been moulded by social engineering into a member of society by our caring benevolent government?

How many people think/know that there basic nature is spiritual and they are inherently social?

It’s not me trashing the basic tenets of psychology It’s done that all on it own. Who do think would win the above poll if we asked everyone? That’s right, no contest.

If you think that your government should be democratic what about the democracy of sanity? Is it reasonable or desirable that a small minority of evil beings have all the power and control over the majority who mostly just want to have a happy life?
Danny Cunnington | 08.25.09 – 4:40 am | #

Gravatar I’m glad so many of you are relating to this piece and treating it as what it was intended to be–ammunition. If we are going to wage a “Silent War” of our own, one for the people, all people, then we have to have our own weapons. The following says it all:”Every one of these programs is geared towards finding and exploiting the human breaking point.”

This is something they learned from zionists.”

This is the essence of Wolf Jabotinsky’s “Iron Wall” doctrine, which serves as the foundation for the Zionist form of psychological warfare, the basis of our own war on terror. Zev (Wolf) taught his fascist friends that the only victory against the legitimate Palestinian struggle was to destroy their will to resist, breaking their spirit, teaching them through repeated military defeats that they are helpless against Israel’s “Iron Wall,” teaching them to believe in hopelessness.

Cruelty of this magnitude, like that inflicted upon Seligman’s poor victim dogs and rats, is completely unacceptable and morally repugnant to all normal people. The monsters who have embraced this as the policy of our government have got to go, just as this abomination has to be dug-out and destroyed by thinking, caring, patriotic Americans.
Get busy!
peter chamberlin | Homepage | 08.25.09 – 6:30 am | #

Gravatar Danny: Yes, I agree with you that man is a spirit and has a body and soul also. He/she also has a culture, a family, a society, and of course, he/she is part of nature. In all my years of training, there was never any mention of the basic premises that you speak of, i.e., that man is basically an animal. In my study of psychology, man has free will, and he/she is a mystery in a mysterious world of interaction between spirit, life, nature and minerals. Only some claim that psychology is a science. For every nut case theory out there, there are at least one hundred plausible ones. By lumping all of psychology’s premises into a few men’s crazy and sick ideas, you certainly alienate or diss a large group of people who have a significant level of influence in our society and who CAN be of help in this battle that we fight to keep the evil ones from misusing psychology for evil purposes. Like another participant said earlier here, you cannot cover all aspects of every topic every time you open your mouth. We do not have to agree with every printed word, but get the general gist of the article…does it ring true or not? Is there something to learn from it? We are at a point where the the movement for justice and our very survival as human beings needs every body and soul it can find as an ally (including the natural world), or else we we’ll never find a way out of this quagmire.
nowheretohide | 08.25.09 – 7:04 am | #

Gravatar The best way to exist appears to exist in an much or very much interdependent relationship.For 3-4 centuries our ‘betters’ in US taught children to become independent and thus sent them and adults on a hunt for an illusion and in that never-ending hunt, became delusional.

It helps me to think or say that people ARE not this or that; instead, say or think: people ARE becoming or became this and that.

So, i say, people became dependent while firmly believing that they are or shld be independent.

So, seligman [i think he’s a ‘jew’] with his “learned helplessness” is trying to deceive us.
He does not say that the ruling class trains people to become, what he calls, helpless.

He is simply using the oldest trick of our masters: relabeling both the illusion of independence [thus ‘freedom’]and our near total dependency as learned helplesness and, of course not, as taught by our clergy, pols, ‘educators’, media, constitution, entertainment industry, advertizers, et al, to become helpless or dependent. tnx
bozhidar balkas, vancouver | 08.25.09 – 7:28 am | #

Gravatar Jane Mayer on the subject of her book, The Dark Side, said,
“I personally feel that the medical and psychological professionals who have used their skills to further a program designed to cause pain and suffering should be a high priority in terms of accountability. It has long been a ghastly aspect of torture, worldwide, that doctors and other medical professionals often assist. The licensing boards and professional societies are worthless, in my view, if they don’t demand serious investigations of such unethical uses of science.”I concur wholeheartedly, and I believe most mental health professionals agree if they even bothered to take the time to think about it. I just don’t understand where their voices are, and why there hasn’t been a serious and large outcry from the professional community. Personally, I got sick and tired of being the only one voicing my disgust and seeing the blank and complacent faces staring back at me. These societies carry tremendous influence as, for example, the engineers behind exposing 9/11 cover up have been by far the most influential in using their professional knowledge to expose the criminals. That’s what we need from the health sector, or else we will rightfully loose what little is left of our credibility.
nowheretohide | 08.25.09 – 7:28 am | #

Gravatar Excellent answers Danny!Clever, very clever!


Henk Ruyssenaars | 08.25.09 – 9:05 am | #

Gravatar I recommend 100% the contents of:
Bill Ross | HomepageExtract:
(Without giving the complete conclusions away, this work proves that “life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness” is about intelligent choice by the wise usage of time,
energy, fact, knowledge and environmental factors. It further proves how and why this
knowledge is used by some very determined people and organizations to steal your time
and energy, making you a slave. Given this knowledge, if you have courage, you can
choose to be free, without breaking any valid law, harming anyone or even letting anyone
else know what you are really doing.)
Read it all FREE at,

Bill Ross is an electronic design engineer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The above article is an excerpt from, an evolving objective study of humanity and civilization and dissection of the lies of those who incorrectly believe they are in control from the factual, provable perspective. Feedback is welcome.
raymond /anonymous 23 | 08.25.09 – 9:16 am | #

Gravatar nowheretohide, this is what happens when you depend on corporate media for your news.Democracy Now has extensively covered the psychologists fight against the pro-torture leaders.

Here’s a link to one, but you can go to and search for more.…/7/ headlines#15

This is part of our problem. If dissent is not covered, we think it’s not happening.

But it is.
wagelaborer | Homepage | 08.25.09 – 9:50 am | #

Gravatar There are by now a multitude of mechanisms, private institutions and corporations [the latter growing exponentially] through which thought processes, on individual, societal and global levels, are being manipulated, with varying degrees of cruelty, from propaganda to torture, to mass massacres.Rand Corp, Rendon Corp, SAIC, Corrections Corporation of America [CCA], etc, industrialized countries’ foreign intelligence agencies, with instruments representing various strategic national interests, all are oriented towards a single goal: preservation of pyramidal wealth, power and class structure.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, I urge you to read the following article by James Bamford, from 2005, describing the power and funds a single US company, CIA outsourced, Rendon Corporation, was accorded to wage a ‘broad spectrum’ international campaign in support of US wars and regime change campaigns since the early 1990s.

This is the work of a single company:

The Man Who Sold the War

The US’s geostrategic operations and use of the APA in association with CIA and Special Operations to achieve its goals are unspeakable in their repugnance, but it is of vital importance that US Americans recognize that they are not alone, by any means.

For centuries, Britain and European powers have been engaged in similarly odious practices. No longer on the same scale as the US, today, but Europe is driven by the same, systemic motivations.

What the Anglo-American and European spheres have in common is a history of centralized power, a monopoly on world finance and credit which, by virtue of boundless opportunity and shortsightedness, is now in the process of imploding.

Banking, compound interest and one-way wealth distribution have always been at the root of propaganda, mass torture and wars.

It’s time that we cease placing the value of our labor and collective wealth into a system of global monopoly whose charter is to rob and repress.

sijepuis | 08.25.09 – 11:24 am | #


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