Hariri Takes Stand Between Hezbollah and Zionist Entity

[Does this new position, staked-out by the Saudi’s main man, signal a true split within the previous scheme team of Saudi, Israel and the US, or is this just their latest ploy?  The ongoing Saudi/Israeli split over Mideast peace plans no doubt reflects true Saud anger at the Israelis for shooting-down every trial balloon that they send up, but how much of this drama which we are permitted to see is disinformation?  Israel will eventually answer these questions with the only dialogue they know or understand, a “dialogue of weapons.”]

Hariri Hits back At Israel: Hizbullah Will Participate in Government whether They Like it Or Not

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri struck back at Israel, warning that Hizbullah will be part of the new government “whether the enemy likes it or not.”
“I want to assure the Israeli enemy (…) that Hizbullah will be in the government, whether the enemy likes it or not, because the interests of the country require that we all take part in this government,” Hariri said during an Iftar to honor Beirut families at his residence in Qoreitem on Tuesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Lebanon over Hizbullah’s participation in the upcoming Cabinet, saying the Lebanese government would be held responsible for any military attempts by the Shiite group.

On the tit-for-tat over a Cabinet lineup, Hariri said that each political party is “entitled to take its own stances and submit its proposals, yet the formation process is constitutionally associated to the PM-designate in cooperation with the President.”

He stressed that consultations over Cabinet formation did not necessitate public statements but rather dialogue among the various political groups.

“I see a need for dialogue since matters that bring us together are far more than what divides us,” Hariri said.

The premier-designate insisted that he in keen on forming a national unity government to “strengthen the country and carry out the promises we made to the Lebanese citizens during the June 7 parliamentary elections.”

He highlighted the importance to meet people’s day-to-day needs concerning health care, power, water supplies and education.