Pakistani Press Afraid to Criticize Saudi Arabia or United States

[The obedient dog never questions its masters.

Why would Pakistan’s leaders tease the citizens of Pakistan with false hopes, like a pipeline deal with the Zionists’ mortal enemy, Iran, or an offensive to eliminate the militants from Waziristan for good, when they already know that they have no real intention of doing what they say?  The IP pipeline, like the dream of a truly “democratic” Pakistan, are mere pipe dreams, the new opiate of the masses.]

Pakistan, Iran hold talks on gas pipeline project today

By Khalid Mustafa

ISLAMABAD: Amid stiff opposition to the IP project from the most influential world capitals — one in the West and other in the Middle East, Pakistan and Iran will today (Monday) embark upon the most crucial technical level talks on conditions precedent (CPs), which are prerequisites before making the gas sales purchase agreement effective.