Questioning the Police State, Not Just the Tactics

Questioning the Police State, Not Just the Tactics

By:  Peter Chamberlin

The torture debate focuses on the wrong issues, serving only to obscure the bigger picture.  The real life issue is not that our elected government has used police state tactics on prisoners, but that our elected leaders believe that the United States has some sort of moral authority to define its own set of standards, freeing American spies and soldiers to operate outside of the laws that bind the rest of the human race.  The torture debate has merely exposed the terror that our government utilizes everyday, to have its way with the world.

The recent revelations contained in CIA releases is kid’s stuff in the real spy world, but it is revealing enough to give the public a whiff of the stench that rolls out of the agency’s secret prisons and nightmarish hell holes, where they show the world what American democracy really means—POWER, plain and simple.

The US has the power to create its own authority, under the auspices of some reputable institution, like the UN, or the World Bank.  The outrage comes not so much over revelation of the brutal tactics used to beat human beings into drooling submissives, but that young soldiers were assigned these tasks that should have been reserved for the medieval thinking spooks and their evil minions.

The issue is the core contradiction of American politics, between those on one side who believe that “manifest destiny” justifies every brutality that America has committed to claw its way to the top of the world, and those who believe that the United States must be held to the same standards of the rest of the human race.

Cheney is no more a monster than the rest of the elitist crowd he serves.  He is just more open about his evil intentions, insisting that the world accept them as the “right thing.”   In the Hegelian world of Cheney and co. the world is reversed, “bad” is the new good.  The “dark side” has been in charge for a long time.  Cheney and co. merely seek to persuade us to accept it, allowing the dark forces in charge to emerge from the shadows.  The government is growing weary of having to hide its real face.

Idealists see only the good, never the bad, about America.  Truly, they believe that our government can do no wrong in the defense of national security.  If we have to torture people to death to prevent terror attacks upon Americans then that fact transcends issues of morality.

Even if no one really believed that the torture saved lives, there is Cheney’s “one-percent” doctrine, which views a one in one-hundred possibility as a certainty.  By giving-in to this ridiculous assertion as the basis of our military possibility we accept that every nation fits this definition of threat.  This is a justification for any aggression, not for realistic self-defense.

Preserving the “American way of life” justifies any action, to the Cheneys of this world.  The inevitable results of that way of life can be seen in today’s headlines, where the elitist bankers drain-off trillions from the middle and lower classes, leaving a very small minority “sitting pretty” and the majority on an economic downhill slide.  We wage war upon the world to make the continuation of this massive inequity possible.

To support this unfair economic arrangement, the United States must have most of the world’s oil and other resources.  This is America’s motivation in planning and waging world war III.  Our goals are no less than those of the Third Reich.  The American leaders and their collaborators are in the midst of trying to slowly takeover the oil and gas resources of the world in order to deny the rest of the world the needed resources that would enable them to challenge the US economically.  Should they succeed in their intensive efforts then the survivors of the action would know that they were witnesses to the rise of the “Fourth Reich.”

Since World War II, America has operated as a second, secret manifestation of National Socialism, a “Fourth Reich.”  The absorption of Nazi scientists in “Operation Paperclip” and the secret implementation of their methods by the military and the CIA have altered our world irrevocably, empowering the world masters (who had always employed ruthless methods in their secret dealings) to boldly act on the world stage as Hitler had done, as long as their hand in those actions remained hidden.

The secret Nazification of American government was one giant step towards the world empire that the financier plotters had envisioned, making the use of those tactics acceptable is the next giant step.  Bringing the secret dictatorship into the open, empowering it with all available authority, is the final step, the step that Adolph Hitler was unable to master.  Cheney and his corrupt CIA merely sought to finish the work that the Fuhrer started.

By pushing the justification of the terroristic policies that were used, Cheney is trying to resurrect the panic-driven schemes that he and Wolfowitz have been pushing on the world since 1992 (Defense Planning Guidance).  All of the war conspirators, who have pushed the neocon war plan down the nation’s throat have been advocating the position that American “excellence” justifies our dominating the entire world as some evolutionary step, where mankind as a herd of sheeple learns to accept American superiority.

To Cheney and co., including every American who accepts their “logic,” it does not matter that American “superiority” is based on the heinous ethnic cleansing of an entire race of people.  Just as American school children are taught to accept our genocidal beginnings, the American people are being indoctrinated to passively accept the latest genocide in the greater Middle East and those that are still in the works.

To tell the “truth” about American actions in the world, as an American, means to hide from the truth, ducking behind shiny heroic images of America, deflecting truth with cries of “communist,” “un-American,” “anti-Semitic” and “traitor.”  The real good that we have done in the world has usually been done in the hope of improving America’s image and thereby winning some hard to obtain commercial or military concessions.  The truth is that America has been ruled by a small cabal of powerful men for most of our history.  These secret rulers  have always hid their actions behind a façade of “democracy” and “republicanism.”  The so-called “free market” economy is another of their deceptive terms that hides the “special interests” regulations that help them and hinder others in our tightly controlled system, based solely on cronyism and graft.

The truth about America is that the people are delusional, largely because our secret rulers are so successful at what they do, hiding every criminal action behind one or more layers of “deniability.”   The guilt of the big bosses is hidden behind the tabloid sacrifice of the underling agents.  The torturer is no less sadistic than the wealthy crime boss who has ordered his slow abuse or even dismemberment.  Cheney is out there trying to use the trusted old tools of his satanic craft to reignite the fear that drives the mobs to the next hanging or witch-burning.

The day will soon come when these workers of inequity reap what they sow, but our fate and that of our children and their children will be determined by what we are willing to accept on their behalf.  Will the vultures circling over the head of the dark master Cheney continue to feast on the bones of the small and the helpless, or will they finally feast on his fat flesh?

We may have successfully removed him from power, but we have not yet shattered the spell that he casts like some dark “Sith Lord,” with his hypnotic monotonic messages of ultimate fear and impending doom.  The CIA torture investigations that have stirred Cheney’s wrath are the correct path for uncovering just exactly what Bush and Cheney have secretly done to the world in the absence of American opposition.

Like the lame excuses of Bill Clinton, as he squirmed under Kenneth Starr’s grilling, Cheney’s defense hinges on a single word—“if.”  For Slick Willy, it was, “What is is?”

For Cheney, it is, what is “if”?  For most of us, “if” means that consequences will follow certain events, “if” no actions are taken to deflect that probability.  For Cheney, “if” translates into meaning that  adverse conditions will happen if  his counter-actions are not taken beforehand—meaning that he knows the specific future, somehow.

In Cheney’s world, “if” we don’t let Obama heed Cheney’s advice and bomb Afghanistan, western Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, Nigeria, Venezuela, etc. into oblivion, then terrorism will emerge from those countries to torment us.  In reality, if we do bomb or invade those countries, then we will be creating terrorist armies to hunt us as ruthlessly as we have hunted them.

If we don’t fully and openly investigate that bastion of fascism that resides in that odd-shaped building in Langley, Va.,

then, we will fully consumed by the monsters who dwell within, who think nothing of threatening a child, or even killing them, or abducting them and subjecting them to torture, electroshock and sexual abuse…

All in the name of freedom and national security, we dutifully march into the police state, in synchronized goose-step.