Saad Hariri Has Always Been Lebanon’s False Hope Candidate

[SEE: Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Israel Saudi’s man in Lebanon clears the way for Zionist condemnation of govt. and retaliation against all of Lebanon.  Israel/Saudi/US have just set-up a Sderot situation in Lebanon.  Prepare for “Cast Iron II” (Lebanon redux).]

Saad Hariri steps down as Lebanon’s

political crisis continues

Saad Hariri, Lebanon’s prime minister-designate, resigns after Hezbollah-led opposition rejects proposed cabinet

Saad Hariri, Lebanon's prime minister-designate, has resigned. Saad Hariri, Lebanon’s prime minister-designate, has resigned. Photograph: Hussein Malla/AP

Lebanon entered a new chapter of political uncertainty today as prime minister-designate Saad Hariri stepped down after the Hezbollah-led opposition rejected his proposed cabinet.

Hariri had been trying since June to form a government but his efforts were foiled by disputes over the distribution of top ministries. This week, he named his own cabinet list, which was swiftly rejected by the opposition.

His resignation will prolong Lebanon’s political crisis which in May 2008 saw Hezbollah fighters stage an armed takeover of parts of Beirut, tipping the country to the brink of civil war. With Hariri backed by regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah allied to Saudi’s great rival, Iran, Lebanon’s political conflict is often considered a bellwether for the region’s balance of power.

“I hope that this decision will be in the interests of Lebanon and will permit a relaunch of dialogue,” Hariri said, just three months after his western-backed coalition convincingly won re-election over the Syrian and Iranian-backed opposition.

Leaders on each side accused their opponents of breaking the terms of Lebanon’s consensus democracy.

“This real opportunity to form a cabinet was lost in preconditions,” said Hariri, who is widely expected to be reappointed prime minister once cabinet negotiations resume. “We had rounds and rounds of consultations and it always ended with no result.”

In turn, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Hariri’s coaltion had “not made a single concession at all”.

Nasrallah rejected accusations by Hariri supporters that Hezbollah was delaying the government’s formation while it waited for the dust to settle on the domestic political turmoil in Iran.

Iran is also facing more severe international sanctions if it fails to meet Barack Obama’s offer to engage in serious negotiations over its nuclear programme before the end of the month.

Yet so far the formation of the cabinet has centred on a highly contentious domestic affair: control of Lebanon’s telecoms ministry.

Hezbollah’s top ally, Christian opposition leader Michel Aoun, has insisted his son-in-law, Gibran Bassil, retain the ministry, prompting accusations of favouritism, particularly as top of the new government’s agenda will be the highly lucrative privatisation of the two state-owned mobile firms, expected to garner as much as $7bn (£4.2bn).

The ministry also plays a key security role: phone records are currently at the heart of an international investigation into the 2005 assassination of Hariri’s father Rafik, a five-time former prime minister, and in an unprecedented string of arrests of Lebanese citizens accused of spying for Israel.

“Both sides need the telecoms ministry,” said Ousama Safa, director of the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies. “It’s become very sensitive. For Aoun, it’s a matter of principal, but Hariri needs it to ensure cooperation with the investigation into his father’s killing.”


One Family’s Unhealed Wounds From CIA Mind Control Abuse

[This artistic expression of the pain inflicted upon family members because of the mental vacuum created in the shells of their parents and grandparents, in place of normal love and human expression.  The pain and anguish created by this uncaring government monstrosity extends far beyond the victims who are strapped-into beds and chairs, into those relatives who are robbed of their rights to receive normal parental love.  To personally know one of these victims of illegal governmental experimentation, is to witness the mental damage associated with Alzheimer’s in otherwise healthy, young individuals.  Such a stinking tragedy.]

Fall Guide: Sarah Anne Johnson Conjures a Mind-Control Center

By Robert Shuster

Tuesday, September 8th 2009 at 4:06pm

  • Courtesy the artist and Julie Saul Gallery

    Sensory-deprived: Black Out, 2008

    Sensory-deprived: Black Out, 2008

“From the outside, it looks normal and happy,” Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson says of the large, three-story dollhouse she painstakingly built by hand—normal, that is, until you notice the windows turned sideways, tree branches emerging from a cupola, and bright flames on the roof. Things get weirder inside: The kitchen is melting, one room sits under a pile of snow, a hospital hallway shines under fluorescent lights. “Everything’s to scale, and perfect,” Johnson says. “Except for the strangeness.”

No Alice in Wonderland fantasy, the work is the centerpiece of Johnson’s very serious House on Fire project (at the Julie Saul Gallery, running September 17 through November 14): the artist’s impressions and memories—in sculpture and altered photographs—of one of the most bizarre, and disturbing, crimes ever committed by the U.S. government.

In 1956, Johnson’s maternal grandmother, Velma Orlikow, sought help for her severe postpartum depression at Montreal‘s Allan Memorial Institute, a hospital housed inside a Gothic mansion formerly called (the name is pure grade-B Hollywood) Ravenscrag. In fact, real horror did await: Orlikow and other patients had no idea that they’d been lured into the world of MK-ULTRA—a secret program, funded by the CIA, to develop brutal methods for mind control. At the hands of a doctor (and brainwashing specialist) named Ewen Cameron, Orlikow endured years of torture, involving, Johnson says, “shock treatment way past the recommended levels” and “crazy cocktails of drugs, including LSD mixed with speed.” She didn’t escape, Johnson explains, because “back then, you didn’t doubt your doctor,” then adds, dolefully, “I think she fell in love with him.” Another glance into that dollhouse reveals two clay figures inside a snow cave: the stout Orlikow, naked with a bag on her head, dancing with Cameron.

“I always knew I was going to make work about this,” says Johnson, whose family didn’t discover the truth until 1977, a year after Johnson’s birth, when Orlikow’s husband read an exposé in The New York Times. More facts emerged as Orlikow spearheaded a class-action suit against the CIA (settled out of court, after her death, in 1988), but as a young artist, Johnson initially found the story too complex to take on. “I wasn’t mature enough,” she says. In the meantime, she completed “joyous, fun, playful” portrayals of environmental journeys (tree-planting, the Galápagos) that captured her traveling companions in photographs and in small, charmingly crafted figures of Sculpy, which appear like freeze-framed claymation.

But when it finally came time, a little over a year ago, to tackle her grandmother’s story, Johnson wanted “a definite switch.” So for the House on Fire sculptures, she chose bronze, a material “that could hold the weight of the project.” Detailed but often surreal, and all representing Velma Orlikow, the doll-size figures are portraits of agony: A face has been sliced off and turned inward; a mushroom cloud rises from another’s head (Orlikow experienced unpredictable rages for years after the treatments); a third, all black, wears the hardened sleeves and helmet that Cameron forced on patients for sensory deprivation. Most poignant, perhaps, are the renderings of Orlikow gnawing on branches of the family tree (a recurring symbol here).

The project gets more deeply personal with the painted photographs. In one, Orlikow, seated in an armchair, clutches her grandchildren (Johnson and her brother)—but her fingers have grown into entangling vines, a brick wall surrounds them, and a bubble-like pattern (read: LSD) rises throughout.

“There’ve been a few breakdowns,” Johnson admits of her emotional involvement. “Crises of conscience: What am I doing? Why am I dragging this all up? It has been really difficult.” Though her next work will likely focus on a trip she’s taking to the Arctic (a shipboard residency), Johnson isn’t finished with MK-ULTRA. “I’m going to come back to this work, for sure,” she says—a promise made, it seems, as much for the memory of Ewen Cameron’s victims as for her singularly provocative art. “House on Fire,” September 17–November 14, Julie Saul Gallery, 535 West 22nd Street,

Sarah Anne Johnson

Artist: Sarah Anne Johnson, Title: Family Tree - click for larger image
Sarah Anne Johnson
Stephen Bulger Gallery
Artist: Sarah Anne Johnson, Title: Family Tradition - click for larger image
Sarah Anne Johnson
Stephen Bulger Gallery

Artist: Sarah Anne Johnson, Title: LSD - click for larger image
Sarah Anne Johnson
Stephen Bulger Gallery

Family Tradition

Chromogenic Print


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Remember the Truth of That Bright Blue Morning

Remembering the Horror of a Bright Blue Morning

By A. G. Sulzberger

DESCRIPTIONPool photo by Chris Hondros The ceremony at the World Trade Center site on Friday.

Eight years ago, hijacked passenger jets destroyed the World Trade Center. The ritual of commemorating this, the bloodiest foreign attack on United States soil, will be repeated on Friday near the pit where the Twin Towers once stood. Silence will solemnize the moments when the buildings were struck and the moments when they fell; politicians and family members of victims will offer words of grief and inspiration; and the official list of victims will be read, name by name, 2,752 in total, one more than last year.

The day could not be more different than Sept. 11, 2001: It is rainy and gray, with whipping winds. The ceremony will begin at 8:40 a.m. and is scheduled to conclude around 12:30 p.m. City Room will live blog the ceremony: check back here for updates throughout the morning.

Updated, 9:36 a.m. | The huge construction cranes that loom behind the ceremony stage, testaments to the advancing construction of the new World Trade Center site, are not the only reminders of how long eight years can be. While the event has a certain somber rhythm — and some of the speakers have choked up at the names of their lost loved ones — it seems absent of some of the deep overarching emotion of previous years. The crowd has really thinned out; more than half the journalists appear to have left. A smattering of journalists and family members are chatting as the names are read.

Updated, 9:30 a.m. | One of the speakers urges support for responders who survived the attacks but have health problems as a result of exposure to the toxic dust clouds. “They were here for our country, and now it’s time for our country to be here for them,” she says, to applause.

Updated, 9:20 a.m. | The rain is really coming down. The Red Cross handed out clear plastic ponchos when people arrived, but many people are already soaked through, including a handful who appear to have forgotten umbrellas. Some people are leaving, perhaps family members who have already heard their loved ones’ names called. The names have reached the letter C. A man who lost his son declares: “This is not the rain. This is tears.”

Updated, 9:10 a.m. | Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. addresses the crowd, quoting the poet Mary Oliver. “Meanwhile the world goes on,” he exclaims. The reading of names soon resumes.

Updated, 9:05 a.m. | The reading of the names, which is being accompanied by flute and cello music, pauses for a moment of silence to observe the moment when United Flight 175 hit the south tower.

Updated, 8:55 a.m. | The reading of names begins with Gordon M. Aamoth Jr., an investment banker at Sandler O’Neill & Partners, who went by the nickname Gordy.

This year they are being read by family members and, fitting with the theme of the Sept. 11 national day of service declared by President Obama, volunteers.

Updated, 8:54 a.m. | The crowd was addressed by Jay Winuk, whose younger brother Glenn Winuk was a prominent Manhattan lawyer and volunteer firefighter last seen running toward the towers from his office nearby, “toward the inferno and the people in danger.”

“My little brother is my greatest hero, not just for the way he died but for the way he lived,” Mr. Winuk said.

Updated, 8:46 a.m. | Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg asked the crowd for a moment of silence to commemorate the moment American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Updated, 8:42 a.m. | The tattered American flag that had flown over the World Trade Center and survived the attack has been carried to the stage. Members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus are singing the national anthem.

Updated, 8:30 a.m. | For the third consecutive year, the commemoration ceremony is being held at Zuccotti Park, a small patch of land adjacent to ground zero that is shaded by 54 honey locust trees. While the ceremony was initially held at ground zero, it was displaced because of efforts to redevelop the site.

Family members — some of whom were initially upset about the change in venue — will visit ground zero after the ceremony.

Family members and journalists have already filled much of the park with a sea of umbrellas. The weather continues to be terrible, with gusting winds driving a light rain.

Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Israel–here we go again, folks

Breaking News

3:06pm UK, Friday September 11, 2009

Two rockets have been fired from Lebanon into northern Israel, Lebanese security sources have told the Reuters news agency.

Sky News: First For Breaking News

Israeli forces responded by firing eight shells into an area of fruit plantations from which the rockets were fired, the sources said.

A security official reported that the shells had hit the southern Lebanese village of Al-Qlaileh and ambulances had been sent to treat any wounded.

Police in Jerusalem also confirmed that two rockets had been fired into western Galilee, while residents reported hearing explosions.

The Israeli army said in a statement that the military “views this incident very severely and we hold the government of Lebanon responsible”.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The rockets were the first fired in months from Lebanon, where Israel and Hezbollah militants fought a month-long war in 2006.

Crude oil: How Wall Street is screwing America

Crude oil: How Wall Street is screwing America

One of the central villains in the story has become an all-too-familiar symbol of corporate malfeasance. The ghost of Enron, the defunct Texas-based energy company and its now-deceased former president, Kenneth Lay, still haunts the market today. Most are familiar with how Enron preyed on financial loopholes in the marketplace to fabricate a phantom energy market and create false gains on its balance sheet throughout the 1990s.

Enron’s grip on the energy market created spastic and turbulent movement in the marketplace resulting in events like the rolling blackouts in 2000 in California. By December 2001, when everything was unraveled, Enron was out of business, its accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, was no more and Washington lawmakers issued a slew of promises to change the regulatory environment.

Devils In The Details

During the final months of Bush 41’s White House in 1992, Wendy Lee Gramm, wife of Phil Gramm, who was then the Republican senator from Texas, was the head of the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Wendy Gramm is an unabashed free-market advocate once described in 1999 by The Wall Street Journal as the “Margaret Thatcher of financial regulation.” She now sits as a distinguished senior scholar of the conservative think tank Mercatus Center at George Mason University, in Virginia. Mercatus is a policy center on Capitol Hill that boasts board members such as Ed Meese-a central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal as attorney general under President Ronald Reagan-and Charles Koch, of Koch Industries, who has been investigated for stealing oil from federal property and tribal Indian lands, indicted for environmental crimes and fined $30 million by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for numerous spills throughout the United States.

The CFTC oversees the commodities market and applies the regulations set forth under the 1936 Commodities Exchange Act (CEA), a measure enacted by Congress to prevent another collapse on the scale of the 1929 crash. One of Wendy Gramm’s final acts as chairwoman in January 1993 was to create an exemption that allowed Enron to trade energy futures contracts and essentially hide these trades from the CFTC itself; an energy futures contract is an agreement to deliver energy commodities such as oil or natural gas at a set price in the future.

Gramm left the CFTC, and five weeks after creating this exemption, she became a board member of-you guessed it-Enron. In return for her work deregulating the market for Enron to exploit, she racked up millions as an Enron board member prior to the company’s collapse.

Wendy and Phil Gramm were just getting warmed up.

DALIT VOICE: Casteism and Killing Social Justice

Vol. 28 Sep 1st – 15th 2009 No. 17


Urban educated turning casteist & kiling social justice: Fears & tears of a silent sufferer

Our country is undergoing a serious moral, social, cultural, political, economic crisis. And what not. Our good old value system is itself collapsing. And such an all-round crisis is simply mounting as days pass.

We have been saying all this in fits and bits and hence an elaboration of our anguished cry.

If you ask an urban, educated — particularly the English-speaking wala in a big metropolitan city — he will simply dismiss our statement and say such a gloom is the creation of prophets of doom like the Dalit Voice

Stock market decides everything: A real, truthful situation of the country is never reported, never discussed. Many times even senior journalists are not realising that the home that is India, in which we are all living, is indeed crumbling — if not on fire. Only a “seeing eye” can make out the gravity of the situation.

Particularly the English-knowing walas are ever kept optimistic. Their ever-alert eyes and ears are focused on the stock market.

For your information such world famous Western TV networks like the BBC, CNN, Euro never, ever report on Indian stock market because for them India is of no significance. But what actually is happening in the Indian stock market run by the Gujarati Banias and their corrupt caucus and aided by the more corrupt Indian Brahminical officialdom?

Not even 2% of the Indian population (about 1,200 crores) has anything to do with the stock market. The Editor of Dalit Voice has not a single share in any company.

Yet this less than 2% of the stock market racketeers decide the fate of the country. Everybody’s eyes (meaning those who matter in India) are fixated on the share market. The share market ups and downs decide the decision of the govt.

Dalal Street Dagalbajis: Those holding shares are mostly the English-knowing urban dwellers. From this we can make out how the fate of the over 1,200 crore people in this vast subcontinent is decided by a micro-minority — mostly Banias and Brahmins and their bumlickers.

It is this stock market that shapes our policies, our very future. Certainly not the over 85% of the people living outside — and certainly not the producers of food. See the power of the Dalal Street Dagalbajis and the mind-manipulating Manuwadis. And all those involved (official and non-officials mostly in the world of high finance like banking and allied activities) are the stinking corrupt lot.

It is these people along with those equally corrupt journalists connected with financial newspapers and TV — whose business it is to keep the country ever optimistic — putting out periodical false reports saying the real estate market “has started picking up”, “tourism is booming”, “exports are soaring”.“ India’s GDP jumps to 8%”. Utter false- hood. The unthinking urbanites consume this poison injected into their brains by the Brahminists and go gaga. The over 60% illiterate and semi-illiterate dumb-driven sweat labour are totally ignorant of this urban drama of the educated elite.

Corrupt financial journalists: Financial journalists are all under instruction to put out only false news even as things go on simply collapsing and dying. Newspapers and TV keep on painting a rosy picture of optimism. This exactly was the philosophy behind the “India Shining” gimmick of the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) election stunt that refused to pay dividend.

The only paper in India which comes out with a truthful picture of the country is Dalit Voice but we are dubbed prophets of doom. Always talking negative, finding fault with everything and thereby misleading the people. That means these educated, particularly the English educated elite, are made to believe only the falsehood.

All revolutionaries were pessimists: Those who run down DV must know that not a single prophecy made in DV has gone wrong. All our statements are in black and white and hence verifiable.

The charge against DV is we are for ever pessimists. We accept this charge.

All the greatest philosophers and path-finders who figure in world history right from the Budha, Karl Marx, Mao, Prophet Mohammed, Dr. Ambedkar, Periyar EVR were pessimists.

Gandhi was a perpetual optimist and led us to doom and disaster. Revolutionaries have to be pessimists. Then only he or she would goad the people to fight for social change. Optimists produce crooks and crackpots.

India’s intellectual desert: Look at the deep wound such a psyche will inflict upon the country’s morale. The educated people of India should have been the harbingers of change and leaders of thought revolution which precedes all other varieties of revolution.

Instead of the educated leading us, they are only misleading the country, blindly believing in the downright falsehood, which forces you to become dishonest, corrupt. When a society lacks even in basic honesty what will be its future?

Scholars are dying, if not dead. The society has no respect for the learned, the intellectual. Those adored and paraded are the bogus Brahminists who survive on the masala of media moles.

Book shops are closing down. Libraries gathering dust. University professors are paid agents of politicians. Hindu India has turned into a vast intellectual Sahara.

If you have tears shed them now.

That is how the entire Indian elite society — you take any branch of this society, even our academic and intellectual world not spared — has become rotten to the core, stinking, nauseating.

Our teachers, called the noblest profession, have lost respect. Nobody likes to go to the teaching field. That is how only those who don’t get any other job become teachers. (V.T. Rajshekar, India’s Intellectual Desert, DSA-1999, Rs. 50).

The charge against DV: The moment we say this we are called pessimistic, prophets of doom and gloom. “The Editor of DV has no other business except to run down India, criticise our own country in the public and present a bad image of it to foreigners”.

What is the meaning of this charge against us? It only means that we should not speak out the Truth and uphold Justice. Is supporting Justice and Truth — the very foundation on which any society has to be built if it has to bloom — a crime? Yes. This is the Brahminical micro-minority charge against us.

Master crook Chanakya: This is the charge a set of people who consider Chanakya (Kautilya) of the Arthasastra, the work of a master crook, as a genius.

Such master crooks may be in a micro-minority, say less than 15% of our population, but they are our rulers today — parading as Deshbhaktas — with a stranglehold on our neck. They set the values which have not only ruined the whole elite society but also its children — and the country as a whole. This is the problem we face today.

Honestly, we don’t know where we are heading. There is not one single voice in this country except DV which echoes such sentiments. Why? Because speaking out the Truth and defending Justice is not popular. It will not be appreciated.

Are there no “good Brahmins”: Yes. We do meet some “good Brahmins”. As we discuss these problems, the “good Brahmin” nods his head. He does not disagree. But when we ask him why he is not raising his voice against the thugs and pindaries pillaging the society, he sulks. Silent.

That is why Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar said “Brahmins of India have not produced a single revolutionary”. The most important quality of a revolutionary is he/she must be a very angry person. Angry against the system.

Kanshi Ram’s anger: Kanshi Ram once physically attacked a group of Brahminical journalists stealthily hiding in the garden of his Khan Market official residence (Delhi) in the dead of night as he came home from a meeting. He showed us the spot where the “rascals” were hiding and how he and his bodyguards gave them a first class dressing down. We congratulated him and said such direct action is better than a thousand words.

Look at the cut-throat quarrel of the Ambani brothers’ corrupt caucus. Both are crooks. Yet there is none to discipline them. All the journalists are on their pay roll.

That doesn’t mean the country as a whole is rotting. No. No. No.

Villages free from vaidik contamination: The overwhelming village-dwelling people, even those in small towns, are pure, clean — with deep interest of the country at heart. Why? Because they are producers.

All producers of wealth are good people. Crooks and criminals live mainly in big cities. It is these producers of wealth who have the genuine interest of the country at heart.

Contempt for farmers: But the problem is the villagers, particularly the farmers, do not command respect in our society. In America, England, Japan, Europe etc. the farmers are held in high esteem. But in Hindu India no girl is ready to marry a farmer. Because the farming is held in great contempt. Brahminical values have percolated deep down even into villages.

To repeat, village-dwelling people are producers of wealth. The proof of their work is all there before our very eyes — what we eat and drink — foodgrains, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, oil etc. The paper on which we write comes from villages,. Even the dress we wear is made from the cotton, wool, silk. The alcohol which the Bhoodevatas love is made from village products. None can live without food. Our urban merry-makers are so fond of eating and drinking and yet they are very fond of ridiculing the village-dwelling farmers. What do these urban, hate-mongering parasites produce? Gossip, rumours, lies, scandals, brain-washing, character assassination, cheating, cheap jokes, wife-beating, show business, all sorts of crimes.

Cockroaches: They love everything that is Western, particularly USA, without following a single great quality of the Americans who made it a sole super power. Our elite society is producing only worms and cockroaches.

It is true that our villages are the sink of caste politics. Dr. Ambedkar has said it. The caste is in tact in the villages. That doesn’t mean the cities are free from caste. Not at all.

Educated people are more caste conscious than the village-dwelling caste leaders.

Villages are caste-ridden and the Untouchables are the worst sufferers of the caste. This is true.

Caste as an institution is alive and kicking in the village but being engaged as producers they do not take their casteism to extremes — except in very rare cases.

Cross-thread journalists: But in urban areas, which are divided caste-wise, caste is the deciding factor in every aspect of life.

Look at our different financial institutions, all urban-based. You will see them loaded with just one single “supreme” caste. Every selection of a post is done on caste basis. The Supreme Court of India is packed with the upper castes. Our Army is totally caste-based. Chartered accountants, who assist all corrupt industrialists and businessmen to evade taxes, are mostly Brahmins. The temple archaka (priest) post is reserved for one single caste and the Supreme Court itself upheld it. The urban India is top to bottom caste-based and the monopoly of the arrogant Aryan. The journalistic profession is the monopoly of the cross-thread walas.

Muslims, who are mostly urbanites, are the worst victims of the other side of the caste coin — communalism.

Villages no doubt are divided on caste basis, segregated on caste basis. Yes. This is a historical development. Yet agriculture production proceeds with collective effort. The rural caste leads to casteism which promotes hatred resulting in caste clashes and violence. This is true.

Mala-Madiga dispute: During the height of the Mala-Madiga dispute in Andhra Pradesh the enemity was confined only to Hyderabad and big urban areas. It did not percolate to villages where the Mala-Madigas, who live side by side, had perfect peace.

Caste is there in villages but caste (identity) is different from casteism which is bad and dangerous. (V.T. Rajshekar, Caste — A Nation Within the Nation, Books for Change, 2002).

JNU as hot bed of casteism: It is the educated people who are the highly caste conscious. To verify the truth go to the country’s most famous Jawaharlal Nehru University in the heart of Delhi. Brahminism decides everything in JNU. Anti-Mandal war and violence was planned, plotted in the JNU. The worst sufferers are the Dalits and Muslim students. This is so in all our 200 and odd universities. If the country’s very temple of learning is casteist and corrupt who can save the country?

Anti-Muslim riots planned in cities: All anti-Muslim and even caste war and violence are plotted in cities. Caste-riots may erupt in some villages but soon it dies down and the warring castes live peacefully for decades.The Gujjar-Meena violent clashes in Rajasthan erupted twice and soon cooled down. The two are now living peacefully.

That is how the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) rarely gets vote from rural areas. BJP is an urban phenomenon.

It is the educated, mostly the English-educated people — cream of the country (forming about 15%) — who are killing democracy and subverting the very constitution of India. To these heaven-born privileged class social justice is the most hated poison pill. That is why they have virtually killed it. And the very Supreme Court of India, which is charged with the task of upholding and interpreting the constitution, has conspired in killing social justice.

Doctors become blood-suckers: See how the Brahminical mind manipulators and brain-twisters — who are projected as our role model whose pictures are front-paged — have ruined the morale of the different professions. Particularly the doctors — called the noblest of all professions. Today the doctors have become blood-suckers, with minor exceptions. Big hospitals have turned into pickpockets. Same is the case with the profession of lawyers.

Scotch whisky & chicken kabab: Journalists are no longer interested in the villagers. Each journalist is on the pay roll of a politician or an industrialist. Scotch whisky with chicken kabab will produce a handsome report. Businessmen anyway are crooks. Politicians wholesale corrupt. Who is left?

Corruption flows from top to bottom: We do admit corruption at the lower level: police constables, clerks in all govt. offices — all such last and the least tail-enders — are also corrupt. Corruption flows from top to bottom — not bottom to top. Not vice-versa. We can’t blame the constable when the IGP-DGP are stinking. We can’t blame the court clerk when the judge passes order on the basis of the dollars credited to his Swiss Bank account.

India may be the world’s most corrupt country. Yes it is. But it begins from the Prime Minister.

Money corruption is a small part of the overall world of corruption. The most dangerous form of corruption is the intellectual corruption.

We have dealt with this subject elaborately in our book, India’s Intellectual Desert (DSA-1999). When intellectuals of a society start stinking — the rest start rotting. This is Hindu India today.

Our “educated” people are destroying the country itself — all our good old value system. The cream of the country’s English-educated society (read the Brahminical upper castes) are fleeing the country (good riddance to bad rubbish), cursing it and joining mostly American universities and settling down there. Good. The “Jews of India” are busy conspiring with the Jews. But the problem is even sitting in distant America and Britain they are subverting India to impose their Brahminical dictatorship.

We don’t know what will happen to the country, particularly its up and coming “educated youth” encouraged to pursue perverse vocations.

The only hope comes from the Dalits and the Bahujan Samaj, which is mainly a village-dwelling lot, but they are also getting Brahminised.

God save the country if there is a god.

Calls for German Terror Attack Before Sept. 27 Election, Amidst Tensions With US

Al-Qaeda Targeting Germany for ‘Next 9/11’ – Within Weeks

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz
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( Jihadists close to al-Qaeda explicitly warned in new communications that Germany will be the target of the next 9/11-scale terrorist attack. The timing of the strike, they say, will be within the next few weeks.

According to analysts with the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR), a recently intercepted jihadist communication declares that “everyone knows” that the “next strike is very near, a strike that will surprise everyone in its effect, which will be much more shocking than that of 9/11/2001.” The writer of the chilling message notes that this is the Muslim month of Ramadan and that “we pray that it will indeed be in this month.”

After referring to a previous boast by Osama Bin-Laden, that the enemy is afraid and unable to prevent the next attack, the communication says:

“And the Germans, grandchildren of the Nazis, know more than everyone else that they will be the first ones to taste [the nightmare]. It is just a matter of time – that is, days or weeks – and God willing you’ll see things that you’ve never heard of before.”

While Germany and German assets have been singled out in the past, due to that nation’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan, the threats have been general and motivational in nature. According to ITRR, the latest jihadist communication was unusual in that it was very explicit and open in targeting the Germans, in discussing a coming attack, and in specifying its timing. Aside from Ramadan, which ends 19 September 2009, the upcoming German national election on September 27 has been marked as a “red flag date” by ITRR. Jihadists keen on disrupting and influencing European foreign policy are likely to attempt attacks around the time of the elections.

German security services have also been cited in local media discussing stepped up jihadist chatter, threats and intelligence warnings aimed at the German state in recent months. Earlier this year, video messages delivered in German by an al-Qaeda fighter going by the name of Abu Talha, purportedly in Afghanistan, called on Germans to convert to Islam and remove their several thousand troops from the Afghan theater. According to a June report by Der Spiegel weekly, American intelligence agencies believe that al-Qaeda’s leaders have decided to attack Germany, supposedly assigning the job to al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (North Africa).