This is how they plan to deal with the subject of “mind control”

This is how they plan to deal with the subject of “mind control,”

by ridiculing the topic in the major media, every opportunity that can be made.  They will use the terms “ludicrous”, “ridiculous” and “absurd” whenever anyone asks a serious question about this most serious topic.  After all, “mind control” is the issue in nearly every serious question about who controls the “sheeple”?  On all the topics that are covered here at No Sunglasses, “mind control” is the main and only issue.  From education, to television, to propaganda, to the military and foreign policy, even to issues pending in Congress, the use of mind control techniques by the US government, developed from the original Nazi science, explains everything about the conspiracy of the ruling elite to dominate all of the earth.

Kidnap suspect: Mind control helped stop my sexual urges

CNN International – Mallory Simon – ‎Aug 31, 2009‎
KCRA: Read transcript of Garrido’s interview after his arrest The documents provide a glimpse into the mind of a man who said he thinks he has a God-given

In Cambridge, students fidget while watching Obama speech

Boston Globe – Peter Schworm – ‎Sep 8, 2009‎
They got fidgety because the mind control waves stopped when the Internet feed did. Only the fluoride in the public water supply kept them under control.

Obama mind control experiment stopped by Dorchester County officials

theDiscust (satire) – ‎Sep 8, 2009‎
That’s when Pye concluded, after reading an internet report from a school board member, that Obama’s speech was really a mind control experiment aimed at