Happy Decline of Religious Dictatorship

Happy Decline of Religious Dictatorship

Three months after the electoral coup, since when the Islamic Republic has become a military scene, and the Islamic Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has set aside the pleasantries of the past thirty years in favor of direct involvement in politics, prominent Iranian intellectual, Abdolkarim Soroush sent an open letter to the leader of the Islamic state ayatollah Khamenei. In the letter, he calls for celebrations for the “end of violent methods” of rule, adding that the leader’s confession that the “regime’s dignity had been harmed” as the happiest news he had heard in his life.

Here are some excerpts of Dr. Soroush’s letter.

“The bloody wedding has ended and the fake groom entered the bridal chamber. Ballot boxes shook in fear and monsters danced in the dark.  Victims awaited in white burial robes and prisoners clapped with amputated hands.  The world escorted the groom with rage in one eye and hatred in the other.  The eyes of time cried and blood was splattered on the balcony of the republic.  Satan laughed.  Stars turned dark and wisdom went to sleep.

Mr. Khamenei,

In this shortage of wisdom and justice all complain about you, and I thank you… Not that I have no complaints.  I do, and I have plenty of them, but I shared them with God.  Your ears are so heavy with praise and cuddles of panegyrists that no room is left for voices of complainers.  But I am very thankful to you.  You said that “the regime’s dignity was harmed” and its respect vanished.  Believe me when I say that I have not heard such happy news from anyone throughout my life.  Congratulations to you for announcing the misery and baseness of religious dictatorship.

I am glad that finally the cries of early-risers reached the heavens and flamed God’s fire of revenge. You were willing to sacrifice God’s dignity to keep your own; for people to walk away from religion and piety but not your leadership; for religion, tradition and truth to be crumpled but your dictatorial garb remain crisp.  But God did not want it.  The broken hearts and the sewn lips and the shed blood and the amputated hands and the torn skirts did not want it and did not let it happen.  The pious and the wise and the prophets did not want it.  The deprived and the downtrodden and the oppressed did not allow it.

The crumbling and decaying of fear and legitimacy of the rule of the jurist was the greatest achievement of the uprising of honor over looting and awakened the sleeping lion of courage and strength… Religious dictatorship is ridiculed by both the pious and infidels. It is time to harvest the green farm of the movement.  We have prayed that to God and God is with us.

The turning of the tables has no sweeter and fresher evidence than the fact that your celebrations have all become funerals. Whatever made you laugh one day now makes your cry and shake.  The university that you wanted to praise you now is your nightmare.  Street protests, religious gatherings, Ramaddam, Moharram, Hajj, rituals and mourning have all become the symbols of your bad omen and work against your.

We are a lucky generation.  We shall celebrate the collapse of religious dictatorship.  A moral society and a non-religious government are on our green horoscope.”