NO MORE TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT’S TIME TO DRAW THE DAMNED LINE, PEOPLE…NO MORE TROOPS!  Bush got away with it for eight stinking years, but Obama will not get by with it for even one!

Define the mission.  Are we defending America or are we fighting a war of aggression?  Bush and Cheney were disgraces to posterity and their war was no less ambitious than Hitler’s war.  Tell the truth about what you have inherited, Obama.  End this war against the world.  Tell Mullen and McChrystal that you have drawn the line in Afghanistan and all troops will be pulled-back from Pakistan and the Caucasus Region.

Do the right thing.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen says more troops likely needed in Afghanistan

Adm. Michael Mullen tells senators that Gen. McChrystal, the top allied commander in Afghanistan, hasn’t made a formal request yet, but that his strategy will probably require additional forces.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen

Joint Chiefs Chairman Michael Mullen testifies before the Senate committee for a hearing on his renomination for a second term as chairman. (Jewel Samad , AFP/Getty Images / September 15, 2009)