Blood-curdling story of Dalit struggle for self-determination


Self-determination is a serious subject. And no country in the world except India is having such a large chunk of oppressed people craving for self-determination. Of these the Dalits are the main whose population exceeds the peoples residing in the entire Europe.

As the Editor of Dalit Voice, we have taken up this question seriously. Our struggle, though as old as over 3,000 years, and against the invading Aryan Brahmins. But neither the so-called Western liberal democracies, nor the United Nations bothered about us.

Even in this 21st century when it is so loudly and so proudly proclaimed that the world is reduced to a global village and every information is known to everybody interested, you will be shocked to hear that the world’s longest lasting struggle of India’s Black Untouchables, numbering over 30% of India’s 1,300 million population is hardly known to the outside world.


India’s Untouchables, who today are called Dalits, are not the only people in India fighting for self-determination. There are many others like the Tribals (10%), Backward Castes (35%) and the Muslim (15%), Sikh and Christians. The struggle of Kashmiris for self-determination is as old as the Palestinian problem.

Together we the oppressed Indians constitute over 85% of the country’s population. In other words, we form the world’s single largest oppressed population, ground to dust by a tiny, micro-minority alien community of aggressors called the Aryan Brahminical people.

But the world knows nothing of this oldest and the longest lasting Holocaust because the Brahmins as our rulers, have adopted a strategy which is far, far superior to that of the zionists who have forcibly occupied Palestine drawing the attention of the whole world.

They have successfully hidden the Hindu Holocaust under the choak of a gandhian humbug called ahimsa (non-violence).

But our struggle for self-determination is not only the world’s oldest with billions and billions of casualties but, alas, inviting no attention, to repeat, no sympathy from the so-called liberal Western democracies or even the United Nations.


Just as the zionists have stolen the land of the Arabs, the Aryan Brahmins have stolen our lands of which we are the original inhabitants.

Just as the zionists never loved Palestine, the Aryan Brahmins also never loved India or the Indians. Why then they colonised India? Does it not prove that their objective is not to improve India but to ride and persecute Dalits, Muslims etc.?

The zionists at least improved the Arab land they occupied and converted Israel into a powerful state.

But in contrast the Aryan Brahmins converted a huge smiling subcontinent into a failed state — a Sahara desert.


Every country around us has galloped and China is poised to become the world’s No.1 power. But the Brahminical India being internally weak and a house divided, it is literally sinking. But the Brahminical media in collaboration with the Western media is not allowing the truth to come out.


The Aryan Brahmins, the real rulers of India, like the Jews, are also from the Middle East, according to their own admission. That means both the Jews and Aryan Brahmins are “homeless people”.

The Jews being more honest at least tried to forcibly occupy Palestine and called it their own homeland.

But the Aryan Brahmins never, ever had a longing to belong.

Though the Jews and Brahmins, the “Jews of India” are blood brothers with common DNA and proven common biological, intellectual and psychological characteristics, the Aryan Brahmins did not ever try to go in search of their homeland.

This is not because they did not know their origin, their homeland, but because they found a huge subcontinent (India) belonging to a peace-loving people and took pleasure in persecuting its original inhabitants.

The Aryan imperialism can be called the world’s most famous case of cultural aggression on the original inhabitants of India. (V.T. Rajshekar, Aggression on Indian Culture, DSA-2001).

Rather they derived a tremendous vicarious pleasure in (silently and non-violently) sucking the blood of the innocents.

Is there any parallel to this in the entire world history? What are the Western historians doing?


That is why the Aryan Brahmins did not produce a Theodore Herzl, the father of the zionist nation.

The zionists had a craving for a nationhood and they established one in Palestine — right or wrong. But the “Jews of India” like the most detested cockroach had not even a craving for their homeland — forcibly imposing themselves on the world’s most ancient Dravidian, Adi-Dravidian people.

As the Palestinian representatives are here, we are presenting this picture of contract — between the Jews and the Jews of India — and calling for unity between the struggle of the Palestinians and the Indian Dalits.

Our Palestinian brothers at least have an open enemy but our enemy is not only concealed, disguised, but extremely cunning, secretive double-faced and dangerous. I have no words to describe its chameleon character.

At the United Nations conference on self-determination held at Durban (2001) the Jews and the “Jews of India” put up a joint struggle and saw to it that Dalits, Palestinians do not join hands.


Quite a number of “Jews of India” infiltrated the Dalit ranks in the guise of NGOs and misled our innocent people.

The Aryan Brahmins, therefore, become the world’s most dangerous enemy because it always speaks of gandhian non-violence and is never ready to engage us in open confrontation unlike as it is in Palestine.

These are the very people who killed Gandhi and yet proclaiming to the world that they are the greatest gandhians.

Yet another important difference between these two world famous enemies of humanity is that the zionists always maintained their own “identity”. They loved their religion and tradition despite all the violent attack on them throughout history.


But the Brahmins never publicly admitted their identity. They chose a misleading new identity called “Hindu”, a name given to the people of India by the Arab invaders. Look at this mischief.

Brahminists hate the Muslims from the bottom of their heart and yet embraced the name of “Hindu” given by the enemy.

The Aryan Brahmins say they are one of the most ancient peoples in the world. Fine. But why unlike the Jews they lack the national pride? And that most human quality of longing to belong? This needs a deep research.

Why they want to steal somebody else’s country?

The Jews of Israel have adopted their ancient Hebrew as their national language.

But the Brahminists have no language of their own. Some Brahmins say their national language is Sanskrit and claim it is the world’s oldest and the richest.

Fine. But not even 0.1% of Brahmins know this language. Today, India’s single largest migratory birds to the West and their heaven on earth, USA, are the Brahmins. They say one thing and do the exact opposite.


We have found a lot of thinking and some good-hearted Jews. Alan Hart, author of the epic history of Jews, who is seated beside me here, says it in his book. But we found hardly any good hearted Aryan Brahmin.

Historians say they found in Jews an acute urge to live as a free people in their own homeland. Even when Britain offered them Uganda in place of Palestine and Theodre Harzel, the father of zionist nation, himself accepted the offer, the World Jewish Congress rejected it. Such is their love for Palestine.

But why such a noble, glorious thought never comes to the Brahmins?

Ever since they left their land of birth in Middle East they have always lived in somebody else’s house. Today they are behaving as leeches sucking the blood of the innocent, hard-working Dalits.

When the Jews went to other countries, specially Palestine, everywhere they provoked violent protests, endless bloodshed.

But India did not produce any widespread, violent anti-Brahmin war and violence.

This is because the Aryan Brahmins, ever since they landed in India, injected into the veins of the natives a deadly poison which simply made the slaves enjoy their slavery.

Such a situation is unparalleled in the history of the world. Over 1,000 millions of slaves enjoying their slavery about which the outside world knows nothing. Have you heard about it?

Neither the United Nations, nor the so-called liberal democracies of the West ever bothered about us. Why? Will they explain?

Sister Eva-Maria Hardtman of Stockholm University has written some books on this subject. We thank her for her services.

This in brief is the story of the about 1,000-odd million people, the world’s single largest chunk of slaves, enjoying their slavery.

[Struggle of Indias Untouchables for self-determination. Paper presented to the LISA (London Institute of South Asia) seminar at Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, Westminster, London, on June 29, 2009).