Internet Death List–(updated)

[21 February 2008]

Internet Death List

By: Peter Chamberlin

The human race must learn to be more than just cattle.  We move like a herd, we think like a herd, we are controlled like a herd.  We are about to be stampeded into thousands of slaughterhouses, just like the end of all livestock herds.

Perhaps we are more accurately compared to industrious ants in a global ant farm?  We are trapped in an enclosed environment by an unseen sadistic hand, which collapses our carefully dug tunnels and incinerates us with magnifying glasses.  Many independent ants try to get a glimpse of our tormentors, spending hours speculating about the motives of those who so cruelly command our fate.  It is important to our overlords that they identify who all of these free-thinking rebellious ants are, in order that they might be marked and sorted-out for termination.

The masters of our universe always follow this pattern in stamping-out resistance to their immoral plans.  The American government has carefully planned for the elimination of all those who resist their master plan to dominate all things on this earth.  Through covert operations with code names like Phoenix, Condor and Gladio, they have methodically used torture, terrorism and murder to identify and eliminate all potential left/liberal resistance to its ultra right-wing plans for allied nations.

According to researcher John Dinges, at the center of each of these CIA terror campaigns was a data collection system, used to collect the lists for the death squads to target.    The idea was always to use covert agents to artificially stimulate the production of an organized left, in order to identify all those who might one day be compelled to rise in opposition.  While the liberal resistance rose-up, the hard-core right (which was a reflection of the US government’s belief system) was massively built-up, waiting for the inevitable day of conflict.

In America today, we see the same game plan being playing-out.  When the liberal resistance explodes in reaction to the sight of the slaughterhouse, coming into view, then the herd will be culled, removing all the free-thinking trouble-makers who resist the stampede.  To that end, lists have been drawn-up of war-resisters, in preparation for the round-up.    The Internet was given to the American people for just that purpose.

The American resisters are self-identifying themselves by their Internet searches and activities, in effect, signing their names to subversive lists every time they surf conspiracy or antiwar sites, or dare to express themselves on any forum.  This is the sinister motive behind the seemingly benign creation of the Internet.  Every technological innovation in communications is co-opted into servicing the malignant government plans through the insertion of “backdoors” and the secret installation of government software.

The Patriot Act provided the long-awaited opportunity to launch a nationwide dragnet to find the new radicals.  Mass surveillance of all the American people was authorized.  All phone calls and emails will soon be monitored to compile lists of growing personal networks.       This will help the government to identify potential radicals who are not yet politically active, or those who do not use the Internet.  All the plans for replacing democracy with the police state (martial law, FEMA camps, FISA bill) are steps that have been taken in preparation for the day when the people will justify the use of these fascist measures against them, in reaction to the bombing of Iran, another “false flag” terror attack, or a general uprising, or some other undefined “emergencies.”

The Internet itself is the “backdoor” into the most private secrets of every web surfer.  Not only is the Internet the backdoor, but it serves as an instrument for subversive agitation, for agents provocateurs to use to cultivate “extremist beliefs systems” or to spread radicalization, just as the government claims in its public witch hunt, known as the “Homegrown Terrorism Act.”  But the real hidden issue, that the grand inquisitors of the homegrown radical hunt will not examine is – how  much of the radicalization and the extremist beliefs are the natural products of moral outrage and acts of self-defense, and much of it is manufactured with malicious intent, the product of secret government agencies’ handiwork, intended to inflame a radical leftist movement?

How much of the division today within the antiwar and anti-fascist movements has been caused by covert disinformation agents, sowing half-true government propaganda?  How many of the divisions in the 911 Truth Movement were manufactured by these agents of division?  The movement cannot unite around a central issue because every issue has been splintered.  This is evidence that the government’s secret plans are succeeding.  If we cannot unite around a common understanding of events, including the identification of the real masters of America, before they give that dreaded final order (for us), then there will be no immovable mass of united Americans, standing squarely in the path of their incoming irresistible force.

Who are the conspirators?  Are the principle powers behind the plot to be described as international bankers, Zionists, Illuminati, or some mysterious combination of all of them, as has been described in detail by former British spy John Coleman, in “Committee of 300”?  Elements of all these subversive secretive groups are definitely the financial powers driving the New World Order, even though, on another level, they are merely pawns as well, dancing to the tunes of the CIA puppeteers.  All lesser conspiracies must be subject to one primary driving group of plotters.  Many (if not most) of the conspiracy sites on the Internet are agency creations, serving to divide and mislead the real truth-seekers in a thousand different directions.  The right-wing conspiracy against freedom is driven by leftist impersonators.

Many of the sources of new conspiracy theories keep turning-out to have connections to various intelligence agencies, like Coleman, who is alleged to have been a member of MI6.  This calls his veracity into question as well, especially considering that his work largely ignores the Zionist connection to world events, blaming everything instead, upon the super-secret “Committee,” the central theme of all his own work

Another questionable source of alternative conspiracy theories was Joe Vialls (a.k.a. “Ari Ben-Menashe,” formerly of the Israeli Mossad).  His constant usage of insider information to support his wild theories, such as Israel’s military plans for Iraq’s oil pipelines led many people to question his work.  His “Operation Shekhinah” report was validated after the US invasion of Iraq.  His report on the Falklands War about gigantic new oil fields was confirmed by recent reports of vast oil fields recently discovered off the coast of Brazil.  Vialls later discredited himself with exposes which never came true, like a planned al Qaida attack on the US using airliners spreading ricin, and another called “Fortress America,” which allegedly involved 250,000 Israeli assassins in the United States.

What really destroyed Joe’s credibility with the 911 movement was his attempt to cover-up CIA and Mossad involvement in the attacks, blaming them instead upon the French, the Russians and the Germans.  He ignored the obvious fact that America and Israel had wanted the war on terrorism, which the terrorist attacks would justify.  His theory was that the attack on the New York financial center was revenge committed upon the Zionist bankers, intended to disrupt their oil pipeline steal underway in Central Asia.

In spite of all of this, Joe Vialls provided invaluable insights into the countless intrigues unfolding around pipelines and oil fields.  Just as his information on Iraqi pipelines and South American oil fields proved to be true and very helpful in understanding conspiracy motives in the war on terrorism, his revelations concerning conflict with Russia over Central Asian oil and gas fields help us to understand the benefits to be obtained from our standoff with Putin.  As hard as it may be to believe, the continuity of freedom in the Western world may very well rest in the hands of a former general of the KGB.

If Joe Vialls was really a Mossad mole, then why did he base his theories about the Israeli connection to the war on terrorism on the darkest anti-Semitic beliefs, making his work unreadable to a majority of Americans?  His theories concerning the inner workings of the conspiracy are worth examining, regardless of how his seemingly racist views on the importance and rank of the Zionists in the plot have been portrayed.

Joe’s version of the conspiracy known as the “war on terror” –

“The Jewish State is a true parasite, wholly dependent on massive American funding in order to survive. Remove that funding either intentionally or accidentally, and the Jewish State would be overrun and destroyed in a matter of months…

So what is a poor parasite to do, when its host appears to be running out of the fiscal nourishment that it depends on for its very survival? Most normal parasites would seek out a new host, but this is an impossible task for the Jewish State. There is simply no other country on earth capable of generating sufficient revenue to cope with the greed and corruption in Tel Aviv.”

In Joe’s view, the coming collapse of the American economy would take Israel down with us.  It was therefore imperative for both Israel and America that the United States seize the Middle Eastern oil fields and pending pipeline routes, in order to base the American/Israeli economies on this new source of unlimited wealth.  Israel was to become the “new Rotterdam,” the hub of oil world, even as Rotterdam was the axis of the world’s diamond market.  Despite Vialls’ anti-Israeli views, even though the war on terrorism was exactly what America and Israel desired, he maintained that:

“9/11 was a calculated high-tech surgical strike against the Zionist banking heart of New York City,” [carried-out by the French, Russian and German intelligence services]

It is obvious that Joe Vialls was correct about American and Israeli goals, to seize the oil fields of the Middle East and the Caspian Sea region, in order to pipe this strategic resource away from Russia and China, into American tankers and the strategic reserves that we maintain for Israel.  His contentions about the power of “New York (Jewish) money” are also correct.      The fascist ethnic-cleansing policies of the Israeli military did provide the bloody template that was to be used throughout the war on terrorism, in order to subjugate and rob the Muslim people.  It seems that most of his reporting was usually dead-on, except when he relied on intelligence leaks from inside the Israeli establishment, which then proved to be misinformation.

As far as his most startling claims in “Fortress America,” about the secret army of 250,000 Israeli war veterans being sent to the US, to eliminate the targeted enemies of Israel and the patriot militias, only time will tell, whether he was right or wrong.  But we must keep in mind, that America’s radicals and extremists are being targeted to be rounded-up and eliminated by some right-wing force.  This hardcore group of right-wing killers may as well be Israelis.

Whether the conspiracy against American freedom, known as the New World Order, is the culmination of an ancient Jewish conspiracy to elevate a group of men who claim to be “God’s chosen people,” therefore God’s representatives upon this earth, or merely an extensive intelligence operation that has co-opted this ancient conspiracy, making it the centerpiece of its plans, is still uncertain.  One thing that is certain, is that the writer of these words, and all of you who read these words have been marked for “disappearance,” or termination.  In the end, it will matter very little about the nationality of the man who shoves the gun in our faces, for whoever he proves to be, he will surely be an immoral monster.