Dr. Khurrum Shaukat Yusafzai.

NWFP and Balauchistan has been abandoned by Pakistan establishment and they don’t care about our plight and we are left at Mercy of Terrorists to create horrific news items with Swelling Casualties which have reached 10,000 from last three years and almost 700 Terrorists incidents occurring last three years here . 200 have so far occurred in 2009 uptil now. One Terrorism incident every 40 hours in NWFP.

Slaughter of Women and Children in Blast

In Chock Yadgar Area of Peshawar , a Bomb Blast occurred yesterday on 28th October 2009 .  Majority of Dead were just women and children, innocents and neglected Peshawar Citizens as it was shopping center not some combat unit .  About 80-100 People died  and 200 Got Injured according to , www. dawnnews.tv , mostly Women and children and Six Shopping Plazas Collapsed too as construction Material was made of Wood and was hundred of years old . The Clothes shops were on Fire and many People were burned .  clearly the hate and terrorism are working together .

According to www.khybernews.tv a Peshawar based Cable TV, the Car used for bombing carried 150 Kg of Explosive in a Green Toyota corolla  which was parked nearby and occupant probably walked away . According to rumors were women but not confirmed.

The Army which comes, to rescue of rest of Pakistan, when Floods occurs and when elections are held it goes to Polling stations, and when Census is held it counts the people. But it will not protect the people of NWFP and Peshawar .

May I ask is that amount of death and destruction which is more then Afghanistan , Kashmir put together occurring for last 3 years in NWFP.  Is that not emergency? , Government of Pakistan does not think so. When so much death and destruction has occurred and Army is ding nothing to prevent it .

Media Bias to NWFP

Even The media is biased when something occurs in Punjab , they show interviews of victims and their kith and Kins and even their Victims Neighbors are not even spared, they are interviewed too.  The whole show goes for one to two weeks .

When something occurs in NWFP they event does not even last 24 hours coverage.  This shows the biases and apathy. Even a Bombing happening in Peshawar just a few hours away was not shown at all by cameras.   DI-Khan areas and Kohat areas of NWFP are completely blacked out from media.

The Intelligence agencies also turns a blind eye to NWFP and no Prior, warnings of attacks are deliberatively, not given why. While the Prior reports of Punjab Incidences to occur are showed on Media.

If it is Intelligence failure then why not profess it honestly. Nevertheless, why the Bias and Neglect to NWFP?

When a Bomb Blast occurred in a wedding, in Outskirts of Peshawar in late hours just 12 hours before it was not, given space on Pakistani Cable TV two dozen TV Channels and Pakistani failed to grieve on  it as the cameras looked the other way and useless discussion on Nawaz Shareef PML-N and  Zardari meeting was discussed and highlighted.

Lack of Concrete measures to stop Terrorism?

Why this is war on Pashtuns only, why the southern Punjab where more then 2000 Madrassahs associated with Banned terrorist organization occur , and Terrorists are bred and Trained there as alleged by Article in news line at Southern Punjab Training grounds  , http://www.newsline.com.pk/NewsSep2009/coverstorysep.htm

There are no bomb Blast and incidence not even a single one at southern Punjab even at Dera Ghazi  khan  just a stone throw away from Waziristan , where Baitullah and Hakim Ullahs and Wali Ullah of Waziristan are .

They have been trained at Banned Religious Outfits Madrassahs southern Punjab of Bhakkar , Bahawalpur , Multan and Faislabad of LET ( Lashkar Toiba ) and LJ ( Lashkar Jhangavi ) and JM ( Jaish Mohammad )

Why the Theater is NWFP?  Where every 40 hours , a Terrorism Incident occurs. With Such scary statistics there are no visible actions by Government of Pakistan to curb it  and want to keep Madrasshas and Terrorist intact in Southern Punjab .

The  Punjabi Establishment , USA and China wants the land of  Pashtun in NWFP and Afghanistan where the Great Games Wars are being Played to grab it rich Oil Resources , as described in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_game

Fata is Safer:

It may be noted while only 70 Incidents occurred in FATA as compared to 200 in NWFP . FATA incidents which includes the Frequent drone attacks and military actions included as well , is safer then NWFP . FATA interestingly is safer to live as compared to NWFP . In FATA 80 % of these Terrorism incidents occurring is because of Military action not some terrorists doing it .  While in NWFP all the Collateral damage and killing are occurring because of Genuine Terrorists incidents.

War on Pashtuns:

Is this war on NWFP and Educated pashtuns while protecting FATA and Southern Punjab the home base of Terrorists? , The collateral Damage in NWFP is all right to them as long as Punjabi the home of Power base of Pakistan is safe . Clearly Partisan ship is demonstrated while NWFP and Balauchistan are spared of any concrete measures.

Distinction between Southern Punjab and Pashtun Jihadis

According to Ayesha Siddiqua a News analyst, in her article in News line at , the Two Faces of jihad  at News line a reputable magazine  says that In Article the two Faces of Jihadis.  At  http://www.newsline.com.pk/NewsSep2009/coverstory2sep.htm

It is Southern Punjab Jihadis who Provide Suicide Bombers attackers manpower and the Car Bomber attackers are provided from Southern Punjab too as they are more educated then FATA Jihadis as elaborated by Ayesha Siddiqua  and easy to perform these Tasks .

While the head chopping incidents of NWFP Citizens is Hall Mark of Uzbeks and Tajiks, Clearly Tajiks who were slave of Pashtuns Kings were  released and freed in 1930 by Last king of Afghanistan Amir Abdur Rehman Khan have basic hatred against Pashtuns of NWFP and Afghanistan too  for best Subjugation.

A clear Forensic distinction ,  as it is understandable as Punjab as Pashtun Jihadis .  Hatred in Heart of Punjabis is clear who were ruled by Pashtun too form last 2000 Years historically , till reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab in 1801. The hero of Punjabis .

The rule was given rule to him by King Nadir Shah a Pashtun King of Af-pak region , after he left the rule of Punjab to his governor Ranjeet Singh in 1801. As wanted to leave for Afghanistan to Quash Insurgency led by Uzbeks and Tajiks in the Northern,   Afghanistan .

Ranjeet Singh Quickly Rebelled and took over rule of Punjab forgetting Gratitude of Pashtuns.  He even attacked kabul too and Failed and Brutally ruled Peshawar for few years with his general Hari Singh who killed many Peshawarites.

Is some form Punjabi , Tajik and Uzbek and Pashtun jealousy at work?

Same kind of jealousy and hate is present even Today and is Part of This war of Terrorism. Southern Punjabis they don’t care about secular views of NWFP or its Citizen as Brother or Muslims. This kind of propagated by Intelligence agencies and their reporters in newspapers too.

That Explains the Attacks on Left winger ANP Awami National Party , a secular party representing Pashtun Nationalism is attacked and 101 of its workers have died since Feb 2008 elections in NWFP. . While Parties of Punjab the PML-N ( Nawaz Shareef )  PML-Q ( Chaudhry Shujhat party and Gen Mushraff political Wing  )  and JUI ( Jammat Ullema the Muslim Priests ) and JI ( Jammat Islami ) , have never been attacked and form right Wing parties .

They are able to Hold political rallies in NWFP and even DI Khan and Bannu region right next to Waziristan area without any incident and Law and Order situation. Where they spew hate against America and cash on it and cause Potential Terrorist to be Motivated  against the Secular parties and Killing of innocent citizen who support them .  Their support is strongest in Punjab and has waned in NWFP only remaining in FATA.

Clearly, there is Political Angle to all this terrorism and Pakistan Punjabi Establishment is Involved in it and Involvement of Punjabi Establishment is found . Same is case in Balauchistan where Writ over province is in Shreds and it kept by these Rightist parties Influence through fake Ballots handy work of ISI.

Army’s Apathy to Lives of NWFP Citizens

It is beyond logic why there are no check Post of the Army on the roads of Peshawar leading from FATA to Peshawar why there are no patrolling on streets of Peshawar .  Maybe they are scared to do that.

Even the Tiny Regimental Units of Army, has scanners in Peshawar and while the Poor NWFP Policemen on streets and roads do not have one. How criminal of Government of Pakistan. They are taking us for granted and Army men are sitting protected and Hiding. Tell me how many attacked have occurred in Army Installations in last one decade, none.

Now why is Army not helping the Citizens of Peshawar, why cant chivalric Army men save us here ,  maybe they are busy Helping American masters in their Quest for Dollars and Kerry Lugar Bills and providing their service to Fight the terrorists.

Central Government lack of Providing helping hand rather Helping Anarchy

Even after a complete decade passed after 9/11, Rehman Malik just announced to raise Frontier constabulary force of 50 Platoons, which will take a year to come on Duty.  How shameful. They can spend 35 Billion on Lahore By –Pass but not spend a billion on Police and FC in NWFP. Clearly, Money is not Trickling down here.

May I ask the Interior Minister what about 50 Platoon of Frontier Constabulary, already borrowed and performing duty in Punjab and Islamabad ? Send them back to NWFP ASAP .

Isn’t NWFP important for you, that we are insulted and neglected. The life of Punjabis is more important then an NWFP citizen is not it.

The Army should declare emergency in NWFP immediately to combat this, and come to Action, otherwise we have lost faith in it and I don’t accept Army can win the Waziristan war at all. It has Lost Already in our hearts.