Afghanistan and Pakistan: Anatomy of a Proxy War

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Anatomy of a Proxy War

Bob Churcher

Ret. British Army Officer

Obama’s Afghan surge and new strategy attempt sophistication and nuance, but fail to grasp the terrible complexities of the Afghan war. In his speech the President noted two key issues: Afghanistan’s rampant corruption and the problematic role of Pakistan. But these problems are more vexing than he admits.

I know the depth of these problems from study and from years of — sometimes bitter and disappointing — experience working in Afghanistan. From 2001 until very recently I was intimately involved with Afghan security and intelligence agencies; helped to create the Afghan National Security Council; did reconstruction work; trained NATO forces for deployment; and traveled across much of the country by road, in the process coming to know many of its local and regional leaders.

First, the issue of a “credible” Afghan partner. Obama wants Karzai to fight corruption and he wants to sidestep Karzai to effectively deliver aid. Good luck with that.

But what about the heart of the strategy, the Afghan National Army? This force is supposed to “stand up as we stand down.” Sadly this is a phantom Army. Made up from the recombined remnants of Northern Alliance militias, held together by British and American money and training, it has nowhere near the numbers needed nor claimed. Drug addiction and demoralization are rampant among its soldiers.

Most importantly, the ANA is a largely Tajik army. Tajiks are the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and are based in the north of the country. The Pashtun are the largest group and dominate the south. The Taliban draws its support from the Pashtun. Tajik and Pashtuns are bitter rivals.

In the eyes of Tajik leaders, Karzai (a Pashtun) isn’t “their” president, and this isn’t “their” war, nor are Tajiks too keen on getting killed in it, as many US soldiers have noticed.

Even if Tajik forces were willing to fight and replace NATO soldiers, sending the Tajik dominated ANA into the south to control the Pashtun would not amount to a “national army” fighting “its own” war. The Pashtun would and do see these Tajiks as invaders.

In short, this is not the force that will beat the Taliban.

What about our other ally, Pakistan? Regardless of what they tell you, the Pakistani military is not on America’s side. They pretend to be because they enjoy receiving billions and billions of dollars in aid every year, but in the end the Pakistani Army is obsessed with India. Their fear of India means they want a weak Islamic Afghanistan behind them.

The Pakistani officer class sees the current Afghan government as allied to India and thus hostile to Islamabad — which it is. India supported the communist government of Afghanistan and then the northern Alliance and now the Karzai government. It is heavily involved in Afghanistan. But Pakistan is determined that it will dominate Afghanistan once we, the foreigners, leave.

Despite its weakness, Afghanistan’s political leaders have always coveted large areas of Pakistan: the Pashtun inhabited North West Frontier Province, (the NWFP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (the FATA). Afghanistan lost these regions to what was British India in 1893 when it accepted the so-called “Durand line” which is now the border with Pakistan.

In the 1950s and early 60s, Afghanistan did its best to destabilise Pakistani control in these regions, and actually sent armed tribal groups to invade them. This did much to encourage Islamabad’s later enthusiastic support of the US-back Mujahadeen in the late 1970s and 1980s.

In the Pakistani military’s view, the international community will leave Afghanistan, as they did after the Soviets left, and indeed as Obama has promised to do. When that happens Pakistan feels that it must be in position to install a friendly regime in Kabul, one that will expel the Indian advisors, spies, diplomats, contactors, etc and provide a potentially friendly area to the rear of Pakistan in the event of another major war with India. This is the Pakistani idea of “strategic depth.”

Who would be that friendly government: most likely, the Taliban.

And if they cannot get a friendly government in Kabul, an ungoverned Afghanistan is better than the present Indian dominated one.

This pro-Taliban stance remains the Pakistani position, despite the blow back from their encouragement of extremist Islamic groups. Pakistan uses radical jihadist groups as proxies in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Sometime it looks different, because the Pakistanis do just enough by way of arresting Arabs and other Islamic extremists to keep the US happy. Bluntly speaking, the Pakistanis desperately need the US money (billions every year, year on year) to equip themselves in the build up against India.

And the Pakistan military is being forced to push back the various newly formed Pakistani Taliban groups. So it can look like the Pakistani’s really are US allies. But that is an illusion.

Whilst the Pakistani Taliban maintain strong connections with the Afghan Taliban and other Islamic rebels and extremists, the Pakistani military regards the two forces as entirely separate. In their eyes, the Pakistani Taliban are dangerous rebels, whereas the Afghan Taliban are the next government of Afghanistan; and must be kept on good terms and assisted at every juncture.

It has taken US intelligence, military and diplomats years to see this and they still don’t quite know what to do about it.

The Afghan Taliban created themselves almost spontaneously in 1994, with the intention of improving justice and security, and removing illegal checkpoints and local warlords. But the Pakistani intelligence, the ISI, soon began supporting them. And soon this vigilante force became a religious army of Pashtun nationalists, believing that they have a god-given right to rule.

This Pakistani encouragement of radical Islam in Afghanistan and in Kashmir has seriously “blown back.” Much of the Pashtun areas of Pakistan are now in rebellion and the Pakistani Taliban does not answer to the ISI. From here it may seem like one single movement and threat however, it is essential to understand that Pakistani military and intelligence officers regard the two Taleban organizations (or clusters of organizations) as separate.

The present action against the Pakistani Taliban is just that. The Pakistan has, definitively, not moved against the Afghan Taliban. In fact, the Afghan Taliban leadership remains secure in Pakistan. Indeed they are widely thought to have moved the Quetta Shura (Mullah Omar’s command structure) to Karachi, to protect it from possible air strikes.

Powerful elements in Pakistan will continue to support the Pashtun insurgency in Afghanistan no matter what Islamabad’s government says or does. This is only one of many problems affecting Afghanistan, but it is the core problem.

Unless the international community can address the proxy fight between Pakistan and India at a political level — through a settlement on the line of control through Kashmir and a guarantee of security for Pakistan — it is unlikely that Pakistan’s support of the Afghan Taliban can be stopped. And without that stabilizing Afghanistan is very unlikely.

Bob Churcher is a former British Army Officer with a degree in history. He served in Northern Ireland and Africa and has spent the last 20 years in conflict or post-conflict environments, including, the Balkans, East Timor and Afghanistan.


Terror probe leads FBI to India, Pakistan

Terror probe leads FBI to India, Pakistan

On tips from a U.S. man, agents make an urgent trip after learning of possible Mumbai-style attacks. Also, U.S. charges implicate the involvement of ex-Pakistan military officers.

David Coleman Headley arraignmentA courtroom drawing of David Coleman Headley, left, who pleaded not guilty in Chicago to working with a Pakistan militant group to plan the Mumbai attacks. (Verna Saddock / European Pressphoto Agency / December 9, 2009)
By Josh Meyer
Reporting from Washington – FBI agents made an urgent trip to India and Pakistan last week after they learned of plotting for Mumbai-style terrorism attacks while investigating a Chicago man’s case, according to current and former U.S., Indian and European counter-terrorism officials.

The man, David Coleman Headley, was recently charged with being a longtime clandestine operative for Lashkar-e-Taiba and another Pakistan-based militant group affiliated with Al Qaeda.

The alleged plots, believed to be in the works for months, were aimed mostly at locations frequented by Americans, Israelis and other Westerners, such as hotels or synagogues, according to the officials. India’s National Defense College and other government sites were scouted as possible targets as well, according to the officials and FBI affidavits recently unsealed in Chicago.

The investigators say that Headley, who is now cooperating with the FBI, spent much of the last few years scouting targets not only for last year’s Mumbai siege in which 166 people died, including six Americans, but also for future attacks in India and one in Denmark.

Authorities allege that he did so at the direction of two senior operatives of Pakistani militant groups who had also been members of Pakistan’s military.

The Justice Department last week filed criminal terrorism charges against a third former Pakistani army officer, still in Pakistan, in the Denmark plot.

On Dec. 9, Headley pleaded not guilty to the charge that he worked with Lashkar-e-Taiba to plan the Mumbai attacks.

The accusations implicating former Pakistani military officers are almost certain to exacerbate tensions in the region. Washington and India contend that Pakistan’s military maintains close ties to Lashkar and other militant groups and has used them for attacks on India. Pakistan has long denied those accusations and demanded proof.

Nadeem Kiani, a spokesman for the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, downplayed the significance of any role by former military officers in Lashkar terrorism strikes or plots, saying, “A former army officer doesn’t represent the army.”

He added that the Islamabad government had been actively cooperating with the United States and India in the various investigations. Any evidence showing that former Pakistani officers were involved with terrorists “should be shared with Pakistan, and we will look into it,” Kiani said.

U.S. officials believe that the FBI investigation now has documented such ties, citing phone intercepts, travel records, credit card purchases and other information in the Headley investigation.

In the recently unsealed court documents, authorities say Headley traveled widely through India with a video camera posing as an American Jew. After each surveillance mission, they allege, he took a circuitous route to Pakistan to brief his Lashkar handlers and turn over the tapes before heading back home to Chicago.

Various sources of information appear to have corroborated the FBI’s findings.

“There have been a number of intelligence reports indicating [Lashkar] activities that might suggest further attacks” in India, one South Asia-based Western official confirmed.

In response, the Israeli National Security Council’s counter-terrorism bureau recently issued two “highly concrete” travel warnings about possible Lashkar terrorist attacks in India with Israelis and Westerners as targets. One mentioned synagogues, Chabad Houses and popular Israeli tourist spots in the coastal state of Goa.

Indian authorities have been on high alert since getting briefed by U.S. officials. Last month, the current threat level was a prime topic of discussion during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’smeeting with President Obama in Washington, U.S. officials said.

The initial leg of the FBI trip to Mumbai and then New Delhi was based, in part, on orders from the White House that agents share as much information from the investigation as possible with India about when and where such an attack may occur.

Information was also shared about the role Headley and his alleged co-conspirators in the United States, Pakistan and Europe may have played in the Mumbai attacks of Nov. 26, 2008, when 10 heavily armed gunmen rampaged throughout India’s financial capital, targeting luxury hotels, transportation centers, a hospital and a Jewish community center.

The trip by agents of the FBI’s Chicago field office was also designed to help India fill in the still-significant gaps in what it knows about the Mumbai massacre and the growing global threat posed by Lashkar, also known as LET, the officials said.

The agents’ purpose on the last leg of the trip was more politically delicate: to present Pakistan with new hard evidence that Lashkar is plotting attacks from its soil despite the Islamabad government’s promises to crack down on the group — and that Lashkar is doing so with the help of some former and possibly current high-ranking military officers.

The FBI alleges that Headley was trained by Lashkar operatives in 2002 and told to change his name from Daood Gilani in 2006 so he could travel without attracting suspicion. Lashkar-e-Taiba, which means Army of the Pure, has been designated a terrorist group by the U.S. government.

Headley, 49, was arrested Oct. 3 before boarding a plane in Chicago, intending to travel to Pakistan. He was initially charged with plotting terrorist attacks in Denmark. His friend, Tahawwur Hussain Rana, 48, who ran an immigration consulting business that employed Headley, was later charged with terrorism conspiracy in the alleged plot against the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, which previously published controversial cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Authorities are now scrambling to determine whether Headley and Rana had other co-conspirators in the United States and overseas.

“There’s something missing, which is what he was trying to do here,” one senior U.S. counter-terrorism official said of Headley, the son of a Pakistani diplomat and an American-born mother. Headley converted to Islam later in life. “He travels under the radar, he looks white, and he’s older,” unlike most would-be jihadists, who are usually half his age.

“Clearly, now we know in hindsight that he’s in contact with known LET contacts,” said the official.

Headley also was working at the direction of Ilyas Kashmiri, a leader of another militant group who sits on Al Qaeda’s shura, or leadership council, said the official.

(U.S. authorities do not believe Headley was connected to five students from Virginia who were arrested last week in Pakistan and accused of trying to join a Pakistani militant group. According to Pakistani police officials, the students also tried to link up with Lashkar, but the security-conscious group rebuffed them because they didn’t have the proper sponsors.)

Headley spent as much as a year total in India, including stays at five-star hotels and membership at an ultra-luxury gym frequented by Bollywood movie stars, according to interviews and the U.S. court documents.

“Where did he get the money for all of this?” asked Bahukutumbi Raman, the former head of counter-terrorism for India’s foreign intelligence agency. “He got it from LET, of course, but the FBI should be asking questions about the role of the ISI,” or Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence military spy agency.

The FBI affidavits filed in support of the Headley and Rana prosecutions mark the first time U.S. authorities have accused former Pakistani military officials by name of being involved in terrorism.

Based on wiretaps and Headley’s cooperation, prosecutors have charged retired Pakistani army Maj. Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed with being a key facilitator of Headley’s alleged terrorism plot in Denmark.

The FBI documents allege, in great detail, how Rehman acted as a conduit between Headley and the leaders of Lashkar and to Kashmiri. Kashmiri is a former Pakistani special forces commando, U.S. officials believe.

In court documents and interviews, they identify another retired Pakistani army officer, Maj. Haroon Ashiq, as having kidnapped affluent people to raise money for Kashmiri’s group and having killed a rival army major general who had threatened to expose links between the army and militant groups.

And potentially of most concern, authorities alleged that Headley’s Lashkar handler in the plotting for Mumbai was another former Pakistani army senior officer. He is not identified by name in the court documents, but U.S. and Pakistani officials said that he is Sajid Mir, a top Lashkar operative who they believe orchestrated Headley’s role in all of the India plots, including last year’s attack in Mumbai.

Such disclosures may prove embarrassing for Pakistan, but probably not enough to force the Pakistan military to sever its ties with Lashkar and other militant groups, some current and former officials said.

“LET is an extremely dangerous group and well-connected to the Pakistan government,” said one Justice Department counter-terrorism official. “There is a civil war going on, and it’s not clear if our side is going to win.”

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US army installs Gaza monitoring system

[Not content with standing by while Israelis maintain their medieval siege of Gaza, the US Army has to actively lend a hand in starving and depriving of medicine, shelter and water to an entire punished population.  The God of Christ will not forgive Americans for what they are doing in the name of the “god” of Israel.  Do any of you Christian-Zionists really believe that this is “what Jesus would do”?]

US army installs Gaza monitoring system


Ma’an News

Al-Arish – Ma’an – Egypt’s plan to build an underground wall along its border with Gaza, first exposed by the Israeli daily Haaretz, is the second of two initiatives backed by the US military, informed sources said.

In recent months, US army engineers have moved forward on a two-phase, multimillion-dollar project to stop the flow of weapons and money into the besieged coastal strip.

The first stage of the initiative includes the installation of below-ground, state-of-the-art sensors capable of detecting sound or movement nearby, Ma’an has learned. US experts began the process about one year ago, and it is nearing completion.

The sensors are about the size of a human fist, planted below Rafah with cables running inside pipes 15 meters deep along the borderline. Each sensor is linked to an electronic panel and a computer screen, which documents below-ground activity. Whenever movement or sound is detected nearby, the sensors send details about the location and dimensions of its source to a special security system.

Four US military engineers are responsible for monitoring these sensors and analyzing activity to differentiate between new digging or everyday goods smuggling. In all cases, US forces have kept the Israeli side informed about any detected movement, despite that the entire operation is conducted on Egyptian soil.

Israel and Egypt have maintained a debilitating blockade on Gaza since Hamas took over in 2007, preventing all but a trickle of imports and exports, and banning the coastal enclave’s 1.5 million residents from traveling. Palestinians have resorted to building a vast network of underground smuggling tunnels, providing Gazans with a variety of banned commercial goods.

American assistance has been instrumental in Egypt’s management of the siege. Egyptian security sources say authorities are aware of nearly 1,300 underground tunnels, of which 450 were taken over this year.

Phase two

But Cairo is hesitant about the second stage of the project, the installation of a steel wall underneath the borderline that Haaretz revealed earlier this week. This phase, which gained traction six months ago, is unpopular among Egyptian officials who feel pressured to go along with what they consider a purely American-Israeli initiative.

US officials have confirmed some involvement in the first stage, but deny that a second phase even exists.

The steel wall and sensors were being installed along 10-11 kilometers of the 13-km border; three km were excluded because the soil is so soft along this stretch that it naturally prevents the maintenance of stable tunnels. The exclusion zones are referred to by officials in Rafah as International Marker No. 1 and No. 3, both of which are near the beach.

All these plates and sensors were manufactured in the United States. Six months ago, freighters delivered the plates to a port on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, where they were loaded onto military trucks and transported to Rafah under a shroud of secrecy.

The panels, which sources say were transferred through Sheikh Zweid city, measure 18 meters by 50 centimeters and are about five centimeters thick. They were designed to snap into place parallel to one another, arranged side by side to increase the underground border wall’s horizontal length and effectiveness against the smugglers, who occasionally use explosives when digging.

Egyptian authorities have installed a network of these plates on two sites along the border; one is located about four km north of the port, and another about 500 meters south of the Rafah terminal. Security forces have lowered them into the ground under the guise of performing routine maintenance work. They have also employed ordinary equipment, such as machinery for digging water wells, as not to arouse suspicions. As of press time, however, portions of the steel panels remained exposed above ground.

Egypt has officially denied any involvement, but Ma’an learned that the state confiscated or purchased private land along the border to implement the plan. Most of this land was owned by farmers, who separately accepted above-market compensation from buyers actually representing Cairo. Hundreds of trees have been uprooted over the past few months as authorities construct the underground system.

Answering Obama’s Afghanistan deceptions

Answering Obama’s Afghanistan deceptions

By Eric Ruder, Socialist Worker

Barack Obama’s December 1 nationally televised address to announce a further escalation of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan cemented his role as a war president who bears responsibility for the U.S. war on that country. It also marked Obama’s assumption of the task of providing the justifications, alibis and obfuscations needed to cloak U.S. military aims in an aura of legitimacy.

Eric Ruder goes through Obama’s speech and counters seven of Barack Obama’s worst half-truths and lies about Afghanistan.


DECEPTION NO. 1: “We did not ask for this fight…[T]he United Nations Security Council endorsed the use of all necessary steps to respond to the 9/11 attacks…and only after the Taliban refused to turn over Osama bin Laden, we sent our troops into Afghanistan.”

HERE, BARACK Obama is repeating a lie that has been told and retold so often that it goes completely unexamined in the mainstream press. Countless Western newspapers reported on the Taliban’s offers to hand over Osama bin Laden, so long as the Bush administration provided Afghan government officials with evidence of bin Laden’s involvement in the September 11 attacks–something that any sovereign nation, like the U.S., would require before agreeing to an extradition.

As the Washington Post reported on October 3, 2001: “In Afghanistan, leaders of the ruling Taliban militia, which has been harboring bin Laden, urged the United States to share its evidence with them, saying they hoped for a negotiated settlement instead of a military conflict. The Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, Abdul Salam Zaeef, said his government would be willing to talk to the United States about bin Laden, but ‘we don’t want to surrender without any proof, any evidence.'”

The Bush administration refused to provide any evidence, insisting there would be “no negotiations.”

But the narrative of Taliban intransigence was so thoroughly unquestioned from the start that it was possible for Reuters to headline an October 4, 2001, story: “Taliban won’t give up bin Laden even if proof–paper”–even though the article itself acknowledged that Zaeef agreed to have bin Laden stand trial in an Islamic sharia court if the Afghan government was allowed to “thoroughly check” U.S. documents linking bin Laden to 9/11. (See the Institute for Public Accuracy’s news release “Are Obama and Clinton Being Honest About How Afghan War Began?”)

On October 17, 2001, 10 days after the U.S. bombardment of Afghanistan began, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported that the Taliban dropped even this one condition: “For the first time, the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden for trial in a country other than the U.S. without asking to see evidence first, in return for a halt to the bombing, a source close to Pakistan’s military leadership said.”

Taking up Obama’s other claim, as Paul Street points out, the UN Security Council didn’t authorize a U.S. war on Afghanistan:

As the prominent U.S. legal scholar Marjorie Cohn noted in July of 2008, “The invasion of Afghanistan was as illegal as the invasion of Iraq.” The UN Charter requires member states to settle international disputes by peaceful means. Nations are permitted to use military force only in self-defense or when authorized by the Security Council. After 9/11, the Council passed two resolutions, neither of which authorized the use of military force in Afghanistan.

Assaulting that country was not legitimate self-defense under article 51 of the Charter since the jetliner assaults were criminal attacks, not “armed attacks” by another country. Afghanistan did not attack the U.S., and 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, there was no “imminent threat of an armed attack on the United States after September 11 or Bush would not have waited three weeks before initiating his October 2001 bombing campaign.” As Cohn added, international law requires, “The necessity for self-defense must be ‘instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation.’ This classic principle of self-defense in international law has been affirmed by the Nuremberg Tribunal and the U.N. General Assembly.”

DECEPTION NO. 2: “In Afghanistan, we and our allies prevented the Taliban from stopping a presidential election, and–although it was marred by fraud–that election produced a government that is consistent with Afghanistan’s laws and constitution.

THIS IS absurd on its face. How can an election “marred by fraud” simultaneously be “consistent with Afghanistan’s laws”? Obama’s statement is an assertion of wishful thinking in U.S. foreign policy circles that the Afghan government of U.S. puppet Hamid Karzai can be seen as legitimate.

In reality, the scale of Karzai’s electoral fraud was staggering in scale. In Karzai’s home province of Kandahar, for example, more than 350,000 votes were counted, but international election observers think only 25,000 people cast ballots. In all, observers estimate that some 1 million votes cast for Karzai were illegitimate.

Furthermore, Karzai’s electoral strategy was based on cutting deals with some of the country’s most ruthless warlords so they would help deliver votes for him on Election Day. This was clear even before the election as Afghanistan expert Gareth Porter pointed out on August 19: “By all accounts, he has forged political alliances with leading Afghan warlords who control informal militias and tribal networks in the provinces to carry out a vote fraud scheme accounting for a very large proportion of the votes.”

DECEPTION NO. 3: “Our overarching goal remains the same: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to prevent its capacity to threaten America and our allies in the future. To meet that goal, we will pursue the following objectives within Afghanistan. We must deny al-Qaeda a safe haven. We must reverse the Taliban’s momentum and deny it the ability to overthrow the government.”

THE “OVERARCHING goal” in Afghanistan for G


When you listen to religious Parties, they say that the current insurgency in the form of Taliban fight with Security Forces is because of our Strategic Partnership with America. They are right, as we are actually strategic partners of USA.

1. Pakistan Axis of Evil and Partner of Neo Great Game:

At the same time they and Pakistani people, blame them as Pakistani Axis of Evil countries, like America, India, and Israel and NATO countries. (Britain, France, Spain, Italy and Germany)

While the Great Game is on since 1800 and changed to Neo – Great game in 1998.

The Neo- Great Game has two Opponents one, is America and its Allies as explained above and us as Pakistan a strategic partner.

The Other Opponents are the SCO countries like Russia, China, Iran, and Some Central Asian  countries .

America has recently acquired a New partner in this region in the form of India as new one in this New Great Game after Nuclear Partnership Deals were signed with it by America last year.

Therefore, the Question is Pakistan being Partner with USA, India, Britain, and Israel and NATO countries in this NEO Great game blames them as the Axis of Evil too.

Although the objective of this great game is Grabbing the Oil resources in this neo great game and Building Oil and gas Pipe line s like the TAPI , The Turkistan Afghanistan Pakistan and India Oil Pipe line and obstructing the Iranian Gas IPI , Iran Pakistan and India pipeline.

It has secondary objectives of Fighting the Israel and American enemies like Targeting  Iran and China through Gueralla Warfare.

2. Pakistan Confused Foreign Policy as Strategic Morons:

Why the media is Portraying our strategic Partners as Pakistani Axis of Evil. Is Media Miss- representing the Facts and confusing the people of Pakistan. Why we are strong partners with same Pakistani Axis of Evil for last 65 years , who are our closest strategic Partners as well in this Neo Great Game.

In this Situation Pakistan is being coaxed into friendship with India, which is our strategic Partner too by now by the American pressure. Although India, is refusing to accept America as a mediator with its Talks, with Pakistan after the Bombay Blasts.

But the only thing Preventing friendship of India and Pakistani is the Jihadis and their Terrorist Attacks on India by Ajmal Kasab Types and by refusal of Indian Government and its rigidity to enter into Talks with us as India recently said that Pakistan is pointing a Gun to its Head .

Furthermore, our Media is portraying India being involved in all the Terrorist related events

In Pakistan although the Terrorists are all Local Jihadis which America and we made Together and trained to fight the Russia and then we used them in Kashmir Campaigns and Afghan Taliban campaigns that Killed more Muslim Afghans then the Two Great World wars put together for what making a caliphate.

Majority of those Killed are all Pashtun and Afghans.

Terrorist Group creation of Corporate America, as evidence Points to this Alqaeda and Osama Bin Laden worked for America right upto 9/11 including the formation of Jandolla and ETIM and IMU who fought proxy wars towards Iran nd China.

This kind of Munafiq Policy will lead us nowhere.

We both remain Partner of USA and its allies accepting India or Israel as our Partners. While we blame them at the same time.

Alternatively, If we Break from them and become strategic partner of SCO countries which also include China our most reliable partner. In addition, Iran too a Muslim friend and Neighbor who can be our Natural Muslim ally.

As all the Global Hydro – Carbon wealth Lies here and we can benefit from the Iranian gas pipe line which can make our Industries run cheaply as we need this gas for electricity and Plastic industries and Textile sector too which use this gas to run it boilers . Textile Industries as it employs maximum number of Workers in Punjab and Sindh. It is our Backbone too and gets rid of Poverty.

I fail to Understand that why are we buying oil from across the sea when we have Iran just across with Global 2nd biggest reserves of Gas and Oil. We can buy Oil 40% Cheaper and without using Dollars as we can use local currencies too as Iran has its own Oil Market called bourse on Island of Kish.

This way we can save on Transportation of Oil Charges, truck takes just 6 hours to Transport oil here from Iran , and we can make a refinery on Border with Iran in Baluchsitan too.

Why should we not tell Truth to the Our People, that we are strategic Partner of America, India, NATO, and Israel too? Why don’t we admit that truthfully?

This confused Strategy and Foreign Policy has ruined us and will continue to ruin us.

3. Who is behind all this the Axis of Evil or some one else? :

After all the Islami Parties are not lying isn’t it that they are damned right and they are Taliban Mujahideen Political front too. Taliban are emerging as Major Force, which cannot be defeated by All the US and its Allies and this should be accepted as Fact by Pakistan too. Even after America is successful in training Afghan Army, it will be under attack by Taliban.

As by not accepting this fact, we are paying by Attacks with Bomb on Mosques in recent death of our Generals and by attacks on ISI offices almost every week.

If we are partners of Israel and India then why are they involved in Terrorism in Pakistan, which is vital to Great Game as all the riches and Petrol Pipe Lines like TAPI are after all are to be transported through Pakistan territory?

All these companies of India or America or Israel have work on our territory.

Then why would they cause so much Hatred and Anti-Americanism by doing Bomb Blasts and Terrorism.

India has recently spent 1.2 Billion US Dollars worth on Infrastructure in Afghanistan and it has trained the Officer cadre of Afghanistan as well provided scholarships to Afghanis to study in India too.

While we cannot match this kind of Generosity we are surely paying through our nose for our stupidly. Why India would spoil this by settling scores with Pakistan for revenge of Kashmir affair, which is peaceful now.

As Kashmir is as Peaceful, since Mushraff ordered the Kashmir Jihad to finish when he asked the Taliban to come down to FATA from Kashmir.

I do not understand this and there Lies and concealments going on by our Establishment. It is high time that we come out clean as we are loosing confidence of our Strategic Partners as well People of Pakistan.

We will be doomed as collateral damages are increasing and we are faced with Insurgencies in all the three Provinces of Pakistan apart from Punjab only .

America is looking at us with suspicion and we are looking at America with suspicion too. It Targets with Criticism on Nuclear issue and ISI being involved with Taliban. All Pointing to suspicion and lack of Trust.

4. Pakistan Pivotal Role in Tug of War of Super Powers:

We say that it is America Incompetence and lack of fighting ability to stay in Afghanistan and lack of America to sacrifice its soldiers as they are loosing support of American People to fight this war rapidly.

As America has lied to its People too as they were fed with Lies that it is war on Terrorism and Muslim Fundamentalist.

while the real objective was to get the Oil Companies and Big Corporation interests secured when America secures Afghanistan and CIS countries.

Just as it secured Iraq after they Toppled Saddam Hussian, when he was selling Oil in Euro, rather then in Dollars which is used a only currency used to buy Oil.

The New Iraqi regime is open to US Oil companies now, they deal in Dollars now, and it is made dollar a bit secure now. A successful mission for US.

But in Afghanistan it is failing to achieve this objective , as it is Pakistan that is Walking a tight rope as it is friend of China too and china is helping Pakistan in Nuclear technology as well providing Military Hardware too which US is not doing so .

But it is Fact ,that without Pakistan it cannot do anything as described in McKinzy Theory of Pivot of World . That anybody who controls this area will control the world .

5. America Failure in Af-pak Policy :

We are practically Independent Militarily from USA, apart from US assistance in form of Dollars to Military and Civilians in form of Kerry Lugar Bill.

While the USA whole campaign is based upon Pakistan and nothing is possible without Pakistan.

America is nothing but a distant superpower that depends heavily on Pakistan. The logistic supply of US and NATO war machine is done through Pakistan. If we stop this America has no alternative but to bow to our Pressure.

As its Georgian, campaign of America and installing its stooge Georgian President and Orange revolution there has enabled it to open an Alternate supply routes from Georgia and over Caspian sea and then on long route towards Afghanistan.

However, the facts is this Pakistan also Provides Logistic Supply through FATA transporters to provide a Continuous chain of supply of Food and Military weapons to Afghanistan. Without these People America will have to depend on troops which are under constant attack by Taliban in Af-pak region .

Even if Alternate route is used, the Troops will be attacked in SCO countries of Tajikistan and other SCO countries as Taliban has opened fronts and strongholds there too. This will not provide any respite to current situation either rather it will be exacerbated.

We are suffering too because of the same reason, as we are perceived as partners of USA and Israel and India. All Enemies of Islam. The absence of Clear policy is leading us to self destruction and Collateral damage that has crept to our cities and busy shopping centers and killing the Innocents.

Destroying the Businesses and denying any Opportunity to thrive for what some economic interests of some corporate companies belonging to rich Jews and Zionists.

6. The future Conflicts if we are with American Group:

In future if we continue with Status quo and as it is Policy, then Jandolla Group Operations from Pakistani soil , then Iran will be our official enemy in a year to come.

It has already blamed our Intelligence agencies for Suicide attacks in Iran which killed some of the generals of Elite Revoloutionary  Guard which protects the inner core of Power .

This situation if exacerbated will make Pakistan a Hotbed of Shia and Sunni sectarianism that can dismember the country even and economically collapse the country.

Secondly, the ETIM, East Turkistan Islamic Movement which had links with  IMU, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Fighting in sphere of influence of China , which is based in FATA too, is fighting a Proxy war with China in Xianjiang province and it can make our relationship with China worse.

Already Unrest has occurred there in Uyghur Muslim,s  unrest in 2008 that is work of CIA and its Special Activity Division working to Destabilize China .

China has already pulled out of Gawader port Project and is not interested in the Thar coal project and this is making our friendship at stake with china.

The CIA and SAD , has been working Lately with Private  Contractors like Black  Water too , to train People in Baluchistan and in FATA , for the same Clandestine activities .

American is a unreliable friend and has proven so many times like abandoning us after 1965 war and in the 1971 war and slapping us with, Pressler amendments too.

So What can make it different now, when the Distrust is at the highest Level and American does not have guts to endure casualties and Public opinion is at Highest in America against war.

In addition, Most important of all we cannot Betray China and Iran too for our sake.

If we stick with this strategy, then we are going to be enemy of Iran, China, and Russia at the same time.

This is most important aspect of this strategy, which is being ignored by us now and this will utterly and totally Isolate us to just US alone .

US has abondoned us before like in Presslers Amendments and its Betrayal in 1965 War which was fought with Blessing of US , whihc wanted to Grab the Opportunity to Attack a weakened India After Indo -China  War , US had interest in Punishing India for its Non – Aligned Status so that it can Join US in it  Alliance just as Pakistan had .

The Role of Al- Furqan Company who was , Ahmadi Officers of Army and ISI pioneered the attack which led to full Fledged war Fledged war of 1965 .

Then War was actually led by Ahmadi Lt .General Iftikhar Junjua , later to be replaced By Lt.Gen Yahha Khan.

USA has been a Un- reliable Friend of all and US is going to abandon us very soon, as there as there is no way it will win in Afghanistan from Local Resistance Fighters and Taliban, and neither it can it stay, there for next 10 or so.

While we will remain Target of Chinese , Iranian , Russian and other power that are our enemies and of America and India as well as we can never trust it

6. The future if we go to SCO Block:

If we go to SCO block then, we can are safe from America as by getting out of Partnership with Americans we can stop the Logistic supply and with No Logistic Supply to Afghanistan. The NATO and ISAF will have no choice but to get out of Afghanistan on immediate basis.

The America can slap Sanction on us, but this will no effect on Pakistan as it can be vetoed by China and Russians and this can save us. Still USA, can do little espionage activities like, it does in Iran.

However, we can survive the sanction as Global Supply of Oil can still be needed by all the countries and even by America , other wise the prices will rise very high and for this Pakistan is needed, too otherwise the global economy will collapse.

Our Agriculture produce can save us too as our bread and butter is locally produced and the only thing we have to do is control our population Growth.

As Population growth is the only Factor that bogs us down as we have to cater for Growing number of People who are born , feed them and provide Jobs and homes for them.

Furthermore, we can save wrath of superpowers to fall on us like China, Russia and even India too. As without America India will be forced to abandon the Partnership with America if it pulls out from there.

The Old Silk route which used to feed the Generation from Asia to Europe and to Middle east can be activated.

As it after colonization By British that we had abandoned the old silk route that made us as Powers in the past with India and Afghanistan at it Centre .

Now have we have we ever wondered why we are getting Oil from Over seas by buying from Western and American companies and other such stuff through sea routes when we can get it from Land routes and Global Factory China is so near to us.

AS China will be Global first in Next 50 Years and India 3rd and Russian 5th then why not join it rather then Fight it and destroy ourselves . This way we can make a Strong Muslim Block with superpowers like CIS countries and us as Global stronghold of Modern Muslims .

Source :

Dr. Khurrum Shaukat Yusafzai.

Pharma Deal Shuts Down Senate Health Care Debate

Pharma Deal Shuts Down Senate Health Care Debate

The White House, aided by Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), is working hard to crush an amendment being pushed by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) to allow for the reimportation of pharmaceutical drugs from Canada, Senate sources tell the Huffington Post.

As a result, the Senate health care debate has come to a standstill: Carper has placed a “hold” on Dorgan’s amendment and in response, Dorgan tells HuffPost, he’ll object to any other amendments being considered before he gets a vote on his.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) is a lead co-sponsor of Dorgan’s amendment. She said she’s confident that, as of now, they have the votes they need. “I think that’s why we’re not having this vote,” she said, smiling. The amendment has the support of a number of other Republicans, including Sens. John McCain (Ariz.), Charles Grassley (Iowa), John Thune (S.D.) and David Vitter (La.).

Opponents of the amendment worry that many more Republicans may join the amendment not because they agree with it, but because they want to put the health care bill in jeopardy.

So the White House and the drug makers are trying to persuade as many Democrats as they can to oppose the amendment despite their previous support for it.

“I don’t think that’s going to get my vote,” Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) said when HuffPost asked about the reimportation amendment. He said that even though he is a supporter of reimportation, he is concerned that if it passes it could blow everything up.

“I’m not messing around with anything without 60 votes. Nothing,” he said. “And I’m a co-sponsor of the amendment.”

The dispute within the Democratic caucus is becoming personal. “Of course, with Dorgan, it’s all about Dorgan,” a senior Democratic aide told HuffPost, complaining that Dorgan was willing to blow up health care reform for his own glory.

Within a decade, reimportation would save consumers roughly $80 billion and the federal government $19 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. But that would mean $100 billion more in lost revenue than the powerful Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) lobby agreed to bear– in exchange for being supportive of the overall health reform effort.

Earlier this year, the administration struck a deal with PhRMA and the Senate Finance Committee limiting the industry’s hit to $80 billion over ten years. The deal has never been officially confirmed, but the Huffington Post reported at the time that the White House agreed to oppose re-importation. The Senate Finance Committee bill, as well as the merged bill sent to the floor by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), stuck to that deal.

Along with its pledge of support, PhRMA offered to spend $150 million on ads backing reform. Most of that money stands ready to be used to kill reform, should it come to that. A Democratic aide said that the threat of PhRMA ads is being used by opponents of Dorgan’s amendment as a reason to sink it.

Similarly, if Republicans end up providing the winning margin for the importation amendment, a source involved in the negotiations said the drug makers will come after the GOP “with a vengeance — and not just on health care.”

Grassley, a longtime supporter of reimportation, said that the amendment is running into trouble “[b]ecause of the PhRMA agreement with the White House. This thing can pass and they don’t want egg on their face with PhRMA. And I understand there’s going to be a side-by-side [alternative amendment] and it’s probably one of these issues where it will obfuscate the issue, but that not one single pill will get into this country if that side-by-side is adopted.”

Thune, another co-sponsor of the amendment, said he was unsure how many fellow Republicans would come along. “It remains to be seen. Everybody’s close to the vest on this and I think that’s why the Dems don’t want it voted on. They don’t know how many votes their side has to deliver to defeat it. They’ve got a lot of people on their side that would normally vote for it,” said Thune.

Did he think some Republicans would vote for it just to cause mischief, HuffPost asked.

“It’s possible,” he said.

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) agreed it was a possibility, adding, “And some members of the Democratic leadership might vote against it even though they love the idea, because they’ve been so cozy with their new-found friends in PhRMA.”

Wicker said he has yet to decide how he’ll vote. “I’ve frankly been all over the map on that issue, so I’m being courted heavily,” he said.

There’s no certainty that PhRMA would walk away from the entire bill if the amendment passed, because it contains a basket of other goodies the industry won from the White House – not to mention about 30 million newly-insured consumers. “Who knows what people are going to do? It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen,” Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Finance Committee, said Friday.

Asked about the state of the amendment, he said: “Limbo.”

The lobby is fighting the amendment as hard as it can, along with Carper, the senator from Delaware, which is home to a range of pharmaceutical interests.

Dorgan said that Carper’s hold is unusual. “When somebody comes in and says, ‘Let’s have a vote,’ it’s generally, by consent, let’s schedule a vote for 2:15,” he said.

The hold causes problems for Dorgan and buys time for the amendment’s opponents. “You can only beat a hold though after you file a cloture petition and wait two days and the cloture petition ripens and you get your vote,” said Dorgan. “As a result of that [hold], I have also objected to them doing other business until I get my vote.”

Ken Johnson, PhRMA’s vice president, tells HuffPost the industry opposes the amendment for three principal reasons. First, he said, the Food and Drug Administration can’t guarantee the safety of reimported drugs. Second, he says, it would cut into drug makers’ profits – money it needs for research. And third, he says, the uncertainty around the origin of reimported drugs could tarnish the pharmaceutical brand, as people wonder about the authenticity of the drugs in their medicine cabinet.

Carper asked the FDA for its opinion on Dorgan’s amendment and the administration wrote back on December 9 that it opposed it.

Publicly, President Obama continues to support reimportation, as he did during the campaign.

“The President supports reimportation of safe and effective drugs. He made that clear in his FY 2010 budget, which included $5 million to enable the FDA to begin developing policy options,” reads a statement from the White House. “The Food and Drug Administration has raised safety concerns about the current proposal and will continue exploring policy options to create a pathway to importing safe and effective drugs.”

UPDATE: “We’re not whipping against the Dorgan amendment. Those rumors just aren’t true,” says a White House aide in an e-mail. The aide says that the White House has taken no position on the amendment.

Ryan Grim is the author of This Is Your Country On Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America