Khalid Khawaja, the Connection Between Daniel Pearl and Omar Sheikh

“Before coming to Karachi, Pearl was reportedly in E-mail contact  with  one Khalid Khwaja, a retired officer of the Pakistani Air Force who had served in the ISI in the late 1980s.” The contact who connected Pearl to Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Mansoor Ijaz…a prominent Pakistani-American who came recommended by Indian spooks to get to Muslim militants…”shoe-bomber,” Richard C. Reid, and a virulently anti-Semitic Muslim militant, Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani,…Ijaz made introductions to three sources: Shaheen Sehbai, editor of The News, Pakistan’s largest English language daily; a jihadi activist he declines to name; and — most fatefully — Khalid Khawaja, a Muslim militant and a onetime agent with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) who counts among his very best friends Osama bin Laden…was in the capital, Islamabad, 700 miles to the north, for a several-hour session with Khalid Khawaja…when it came to Muslim militancy, he was the real deal, having acquired his credentials during the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, where, as an air force squadron leader, Khawaja was serving with the ISI, which was distributing C.I.A.purchased munitions to mujahideen. The more radically Islamist the fighter, the more weapons he got, including Osama bin Laden, who formed an instant bond with Khawaja. It deepened when Khawaja was forced out of the ISI in 1988 after criticizing military strongman Zia ul-Haq for not doing enough to Islamize Pakistan…

Khawaja was sufficiently broad-minded in his allegiances that he got the Taliban to agree to receive Ijaz and ex-C.I.A. director Woolsey.

Khawaja, in short, was a source to kill for, and Danny charmed him. Describing the reporter to Ijaz as “competent, straightforward,” and not given to asking “inappropriate questions,” Khawaja agreed to steer Danny to leading jihadis and to be a sounding board during his time in country.

Blackwater ‘hired’ Pak’s intelligence, army officers: Khwaja

M Zulqernain

Lahore, Dec 29 (PTI) Controversial US private security firm Blackwater, accused of carrying out secret operations in Pakistan, has hired services of army officers and former employees of intelligence agencies of this country for “handsome” salaries, a retired ISI official has claimed.

Khalid Khwaja, who has been at the forefront in raising the issue of “missing persons” or people detained without charges by Pakistani security agencies, said that ex- intelligence personnel hired by Blackwater had been asked to “pick up people with alleged connections to Taliban or al-Qaeda.”

The Supreme Court “has directed the Pakistan government to produce some 1,000 or so missing persons. The Pakistani (intelligence) agencies have expressed inability to comply with the order (on the ground that they do) not have knowledge about the missing persons,” he told PTI.


Israel to issue gas masks to population

Israel to issue gas masks to population

by Tina Redlup on December 28, 2009


Israel will begin distributing its entire population with gas masks in two months, though no reason has officially been given by the Israeli government.

No indication or threat has been made against Israel from any country that an attack is planned. No country in the Middle East is believed to be likely to engage in chemical or biological warfare with Israel, either.

The gas mask distribution has, however, raised questions as to Israel’s potential plans to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Such an attack could cause an unconventional response from Iran. Iran’s chemical and biological weapons capabilities are currently not known.

Rumors in the Middle East abound that Israel is preparing to rein in Hezbollah through another war on Lebanon. Hezbollah, however, is also not believed to hold any chemical or biological weapons.

The only country in Israel’s region currently believed to have access to a major chemical or biological weapons program is Israel itself, though the country unlikely to utilize them in an attack.

Despite the lack of a viable threat, Israel will begin issuing the gas masks to each of its residents in February. The Israel Defense Forces will manage the distribution. The IDF have engaged the Israel Postal Company to aid in the distribution, a departure from the use of Home Front Command for previous distributions.

In addition to the gas masks, children eight years and younger will receive, for the first time, the Mamtek gas mask.

“We are the only country in the world that produces gas masks for children, and the children’s gas mask we produce is the only one in the world that supplies prime defense for this age group,” Col. Yosi Sagiv,head of the Gas Mask Administration of the Home Front Command, told “All that is left is to hope that it will not be necessary to experience first hand how well these gas masks work,” he said.

Grinding a Greater Axis of Evil

Grinding a Greater Axis of Evil

Daniel Martin Varisco

SOURCE: (12-28-09)

[Daniel Martin Varisco is Chair, Anthropology Department at Hofstra University.]

Terrorism takes a toll far beyond the lives lost everyday, even when a plot is thwarted. On Christmas day a 23-year-old Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab attempted to set himself off as a human bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. On the surface he hardly fit the profile of a crazed militant fresh out of a training camp in the hills of Pakistan. His father was a recently retired chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and he is an engineering student at University College London. But it now seems that his father was so concerned about his son’s politics that he warned the U.S. embassy about him just a month ago. Initial reports indicate that the explosives were said by Mutallab to be provided by al-Qaeda in Yemen. Based on this claim certain U.S. politicians, most notably Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, have called for Yemen to be added to the growing terrorist axis of evil. “So I leave you with this thought that somebody in our government said to me in the Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. Iraq was yesterday’s war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war. That’s the danger we face.” Lieberman told Fox News.

Lieberman is actually calling for Yemen to become today’s war, but the key to his thinking is best summed in another line from the same interview: “We’ve got to constantly be thinking like the terrorists here.” Well, Joe, this is the problem. You are thinking like the terrorists when you suggest going into a country you know nothing about and dropping bombs. Unfortunately, it appears we have already started doing that. The Yemeni government’s attacks last week on a suspected al-Qaeda hideout in Abyan are reported to have left as many as 82 civilians killed and more than 213 injured, according to local estimates. The government claimed that it had eliminated at least 34 al-Qaeda fighters. President Obama even sent a message of congratulation to President Salih for his success in fighting terrorism. So as far as the media is concerned, whether the go-get-’em mantra of Fox News or we-must-be-the-mainstream New York Times, a preemptive propaganda strike has already been made. “With fears also growing of a resurgent Islamist extremism in nearby Somalia and East Africa, administration officials and American lawmakers said Yemen could become Al Qaeda’s next operational and training hub, rivaling the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan where the organization’s top leaders operate,” reports the latter.

“Locals covering the bodies of civilians whose death was war causality in the government’s raid on Al-Qaeda camp in Al-Mhfad district in Abyan governorate south of Yemen.” Photo from UAE Al-Bayan newspaper by Mohammed Al-Ghubari

So is Yemen the new terrorist haven, the latest forwarding address for the international conspiracy branded al-Qaeda? Let’s take a reality check. While Americans have been fed a steady diet, much with distorted fatuous reporting and fearmongering, about Iraq and Afghanistan, most people do not have a clue about Yemen, nor even where it is located on a map. It is a lot easier to paint and tarnish a clean slate the way you want it to look, since there are no annoying ground facts to check the tendency to draw enemies lurking behind every bush. The internal strife in Yemen has little to do with the international terror network we are supposedly ridding the world of in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless we make the Yemenis believe that should be the issue. The problem is a struggling economy of an over-populated country precariously united a little less than two decades ago. This misunderstanding is demonstrated in the caption provided to the New York Times article noted above. The implication is a bunch of angry terrorism sympathizers no doubt shouting “Death to America.” In reality, these protests are part of a much wider expression of frustration in the former South Yemen over the hegemonic intrusion of the north. Their anger is at their own government, one which the United States is encouraging to further deny rights to its citizens. If you want to understand why there are protests, which have been ongoing, look at the corruption, high-handed violations of human rights and outright poverty in a part of Yemen that had once seemed prosperous under a socialist regime.

Another point is lost in the frenzy of blame. As noted in the same New York Times article, the surge of al-Qaeda in Yemen is not just a home-grown phenomenon but due to individuals who have fled from Saudi Arabia. While Yemen is not the wild no-man’s land of northern Pakistan, it is easier to find a hiding place or blend in than it would be in Saudi territory. The Yemeni government, under a President now in power over three decades, has never controlled the entire country, but it has managed to keep a relative peace with local tribes. This de facto semi federation political context has recently come unglued with the rebellion in the north around a firebrand named al-Houthi. But this began as a local battle against government policy and not a training camp for anti-American or pro-Iranian sympathizers. The pressure by our government on the Yemenis to get the bad guys allows the government to crack down on its political opponents. In the process it is likely that sympathy for al-Qaeda will take root. Sentiments such as those expressed by Senator Lieberman do more for recruiting terrorists than any online firebrand sermons. Instead of grinding out raw meat for an ever expanding axis of evil, the best way to mitigate terrorism is, contrary to the advice of Lieberman, to stop acting like terrorists. At this point anyone who has any kind of grievance can jump on the al-Qaeda bandwagon because we have made a loose knit ideal into an icon. The people of Yemen are not the enemy, but we can certainly make them want to be our enemies.

I speak not simply as a talking head, but from personal experience. In 1978 I arrived in Yemen for ethnographic research, spending over a year in a rural valley where all the men were armed. This was tribal Yemen, where few people trusted the weak central government, but who pulled together as a community to build local roads, schools and even health clinics. Not once did I ever feel threatened because a code of honor was still in force and I was a guest, not a threat to anyone there. At that time the United States was admired as a God-fearing country, unlike the communists on the other side of the warming Cold War. During the 1980s I returned numerous times to Yemen as a development consultant and saw Yemeni professionals, many newly returned from advanced degrees in the United States, eager to improve living conditions in their poor country. In 2005 I sat in a diwan with several men I had known on a day-to-day basis over 25 years earlier. They were shocked at the U.S. invasion of Iraq and asked me what I thought of it. I noted that I personally did not think the war was right and thought it would only bring more problems. At one point a friend turned to me and said, “When you first came here we liked America because it stood for something we did not have, now we know your country is as corrupt as our own.”

New Russian crude could be game-changer in Asia

New Russian crude could be game-changer in Asia

By James Topham and Judy Hua
TOKYO/SINGAPORE: Russia’s Espo Blend crude is just starting to hit the market, but as output ramps up it is expected to change the rules of the oil game in Asia at the expense of Middle East rivals.

Exports of the diesel-rich, medium-heavy sweet grade could rise to 600,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the next few years from 250,000 bpd in the first quarter, targeting refineries in China, Japan and South Korea, traders and analysts say.

The crude will move by pipeline to the Russian Far East coast, placing it close to Asian markets for shipment by tanker, fitting into Asia’s aim to diversify oil imports and limit dependence on the Middle East.

Provided refiners are content with the grade’s quality, the new supply may force Gulf producers to review their export strategies, crude pricing and even consider offering a competing grade blended from different crudes to match the Espo quality.

“It could change the demographics of the region’s crude buying. I mean how can Venezuelan crudes compete with an Espo that is directly pumped in when they have to be shipped halfway across the world?” said Al Troner, President of Asia Pacific Energy Consulting.

“It could force Gulf producers to lower their prices to Asia to stay competitive and not lose market share.” Asia is struggling with declining domestic output of lower-sulphur crude while supplies of sour grades from Opec producers have been curbed since end-2008.

This has helped Russia to boost its oil exports, led by cheaper Urals crude, as the country seeks to secure markets in the energy-hungry region and rely less on the West amid often frosty relations with the European Union.

The East Siberian-Pacific Ocean (Espo) pipeline offers the perfect vehicle for Russia to further increase oil exports to the growing economies in Asia, especially when the link to China comes online within two years.

“China particularly values crude that does not require waterborne transit as this has certain logistical advantages as well as better supply security attributes,” said John Vautrain, Senior Vice President of Purvin & Gertz Inc.

Competitive, but rough edges remain

Espo Blend, named after the pipeline, flows from East Siberian oilfields to a new terminal in the sea port of Kozmino, near Vladivostok, where it can be exported tax-free to Asia.

Russia, the world’s top oil producer as Saudi Arabia keeps to Opec-led supply curbs, plans to export 3.1 million tonnes (250,000 bpd) of Espo Blend via Kozmino in the first quarter of 2010.

Espo’s initial API gravity is around 34 degrees, with sulphur content of up to 0.6 percent, lighter than Urals and similar to Middle East benchmark Oman crude, traders say.

Its quality is still evolving as more Russian producers pump oil via the pipeline, making the grade unstable for some time, which could initially limit its popularity among Asian refiners.

“Nobody knows the final quality. The only known factor is that it will not be stable for a while,” said a Western trader.

Analysts say Espo Blend will eventually be ideal for Asian refiners because of their ability to handle higher amounts of sulphur and for the grade’s exceptional yield of middle distillates, based on initial assessments.

Medium-heavy sweet crude is not available in large volumes on the spot market. So, any new market share carved out by Espo Blend could force Gulf producers to blend their existing crudes to match the grade so as not to lose out, analysts said.

“These qualities, combined with the pipeline to China and the fact that Asian buyers are looking to diversify their crudes, mean Espo could be a game-changer for the region,” Troner said.

China has loaned $25 billion to Russia in return for supplies of Siberian oil for the next two decades.

The first stage of the pipeline has the capacity to move 30 million tonnes a year (600,000 bpd) from the town of Taishet to Skovorodino, from which a spur will run to the Chinese border, where half of the oil is projected to go by 2012.

The other half will be sent to Kozmino, where the second phase is due for completion in 2014. Till then, the oil will be moved by rail to the Pacific coast before being put on tankers for Northeast Asian ports.

Russia’s top oil producer Rosneft last month sold the first cargo of Espo Blend for late-December loading to Finnish trader IPP Oy at a premium of 50 cents a barrel to regional benchmark Dubai crude. New crudes often trade at discounts to entice buyers to test them, and some traders said the Espo premium was good compared with rivals such as Oman. But for now, Espo’s unstable quality may not yet attract refiners as the first cargo might had been resold at a discount to Trafigura, traders said.

The European trader also bought a January cargo from TNK-BP after taking another from Gunvor, bringing its total to 300,000 tonnes, stirring talk that Trafigura is building up a big stockpile of the new crude. But the brunt of the eventual impact could be felt by Oman – a medium-heavy grade like Espo – and Abu Dhabi’s Murban crude, as well as arbitrage barrels of African and Mediterranean crudes that are increasingly shipped to Asia.

China is a big buyer of Oman, which is among the most actively traded on the spot market in Northeast Asia, where an average 389,000 bpd of the crude has been shipped this year.

Lower demand for Oman would send sellers such as equity holder Shell scrambling for new markets. Big traders such as Vitol, Total, Sinopec and Chinaoil who are active buyers and sellers of Oman would also be affected.

Perhaps to meet this competition, which will affect its Arab Light crude markets, Saudi Arabia will put “millions of barrels” in commercial storage in Japan, in a deal that will place its oil near its major customers in Northeast Asia.

Exports from Kozmino are set to leap to 900,000 tonnes in January, a loading schedule showed this month, primed to make the Pacific port Russia’s No.3 seaborne oil outlet.

“Long term, when in full flow, it will displace the most expensive arbitraged barrels of Urals, then Oman, and possibly lighter barrels depending on quality,” said the Western trader.—Reuters

Lebanese army fires on Israeli fighter planes: military

Lebanese army fires on Israeli fighter planes: military

HASBAYA: Lebanese anti-aircraft guns opened fire on four Israeli fighter planes that were violating its air space on Tuesday, the military said.

“The army’s anti-aircraft guns fired in the direction of four Phantom-type enemy Israeli planes that had been overflying the (southeastern) Hasbaya region at low altitude since this (Tuesday) morning,” an army spokesman said.   [If the IDF was trying to obtain intel on Hezbollah movements within Lebanon it would use drones or more capable aircraft.  The fact that it is flying these ancient dinosaurs over Lebanon is indication that they are there to hopefully be shot down.]

By mid-morning the planes were still conducting their exercises in the region, he added. The army publishes almost daily reports of Israeli violations of Lebanese air space. But it rarely opens fire unless the Israeli planes fly within range of its guns.

Israeli infringements of Lebanese airspace are a breach of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which ended the devastating 2006 war between Israel and Shiite militant group Hezbollah.

Israel argues that the overflights are necessary to monitor what it says is massive arms smuggling by Hezbollah in breach of the same resolution.

Detroit jet terrorist attack was staged

The recent failed attack on a US passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit was a set-up provocation controlled by US intelligence, author and journalist Webster Tarpley stated to RT.“[The terrorist’s] father, a rich Nigerian banker, went to the US embassy in Nigeria on November 19 and said ‘my son is in Yemen in a terrorist camp, do something about this.’ Nevertheless, the son is allowed to buy a ticket in Ghana, paying cash, $2,800, for a one-way ticket,” Tarpley said.After that, a mentally deficient young man who doubtfully could make it from one gate to another managed to illegally enter Nigeria and get on a plane to Amsterdam.“There was a well-dressed Indian man who brought him to the gate and said, ‘my friend does not have a passport, get him on, he is Sudanese, we do this all the time – that is impossible!”

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An International Crime Called Gaza

An International Crime Called Gaza

By Dr. Elias Akleh

December 28, 2009

A fully pre-meditated international crime of genocide has been taking place during the last 62 years in the heart of the Arab World. The victims are the Palestinian people especially those in the Gaza Strip. The assassin is the worst ever terrorist group deceptively called the Israeli Defense Forces under the leadership of the theocratically most racist “god’s chosen” deceitfully self-proclaimed “democratic Jewish-only” Israel. Israel had been created, financed, armed, and politically protected by, mainly, British and American rapture-vision-obsessed Talmudist power elites consisting of profit-seeking financiers and military-industrial complex.

In December 2008 this Israeli Terrorist Forces added another war crime to its long list of war crimes against the Palestinians since 1948. One more time the international political community had become an accomplice to one more Israeli war crime either by being a passive silent witness or by becoming an active participant and protector of Israeli war criminals. One more international war crime had been perpetrated against the Palestinians. It is an international crime since multi political regimes; Israeli, American, European and even Arab governments, had joined in this crime that is STILL GOING ON up to this very minute.

For almost the last three years Israel had subjected Gaza to an illegal economic siege, which in itself constitutes a crime against humanity. Israel had, and still is, preventing the entry into Gaza of vital life sustaining products such as food stuff, fuel, medicine and needed medical equipment, water purification equipment and many building materials. This is a genocidal crime using hunger and thirst as weapons.

Starting late December of 2008 and for continuous 22 days Israeli terrorist army had perpetrated a genocidal war crime against Gaza Palestinians. The Israeli army, known to be the fourth powerful army in the world, attacked unarmed civilian Palestinians of Gaza comprising mostly of children, women, and old people. There was no regular army in Gaza to face the well equipped, well trained to murder Israeli army. Only few male civilians, who took it on themselves to carry the light arms they could obtain to resist the Israeli war criminals in order to protect their own families.

The Israeli military radio station announced that half of the Israeli air force had conducted 2500 air sorties dropping a total of 1,000,000 KG of explosives on the civilian families of Gaza. This is not counting the shells fired by the artillery and tanks. They had used high precision GPS-guided bombs to destroy vital locations such as the UN food warehouse and schools, government buildings, hospitals and medical clinics, religious buildings and civilian institutions.

From his observation of the video taped explosions in Gaza, the British weapons expert Dy Williams concluded that the Israeli army had used DIME bombs to guarantee murder of victims, Phosphorous bombs producing 900 centigrade degrees of heat, and DU bombs producing 5,000 centigrade degrees of heat, that is equal to the heat of the sun surface.

The Israeli soldiers, themselves, had admitted and boasted to “Breaking The Silence” organization of committing war crimes in Gaza. These included, among many, the deliberate murder of civilians including women and children, using civilians as human shields, shelling homes after hording groups of civilians inside, destroying and vandalizing properties and civilian homes, and writing hate and racial graffiti on walls.

Israeli criminal leaders were not satisfied with mere destruction of Gaza infrastructures, contaminating agricultural land and water, and murdering some 1500 Palestinians. They had carefully chosen the most lethal weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that will cause the death of Palestinians, who survived the attack, and the death of their future born generations. Besides their devastating environmental contamination effects the Israeli bombs were found to have long lasting reproductive toxic, carcinogenic, genotoxic, fetotoxic and pathogenic effects on humans.

A study titled “Craters Gaza 2006/09 and respectively WP Bomb Gaza 2009”published on was done by Prof. Mario Barbieri CNR, Rome, Prof. Maurizio Barbieri, University of Rome, and Prof. Paola Manduca, University of Genova. They analyzed dirt samples from four bomb craters in Gaza, and residual components of spent Israeli bombs. Their analyses found unusual concentrations of Molybdenum (male sperm toxicant), copper, nickel, cadmium and Mercury (carcinogenics), Tungsten (genotoxic and fetotoxic), Zinc and Manganese (carcinogenic and fetotoxic) Aluminium (fetotoxic and pathogen affecting nervous system and kidneys), and Cobalt (DNA repair inhibitor and mutagenic).

Even now, after a year of the Israeli barbaric war crimes against Gaza, the Israeli air force bombards life vital centers, while the Israeli army use bulldozers to raze fertile farm lands, destroy crops, and shoot farmers. The Israeli attack boats have become worse than the Somali pirates. They attack and sink Palestinian fishing boats. They fire at, kidnap, and confiscate international humanitarian aid materials loaded on boats of “Free Gaza” organizations.

In a blatant violating of all international laws and a disdain to all humanitarian appeals the terrorist Israeli state had severely tightened its military siege against the Gaza Strip after the end of its last onslaught in January 2009. Palestinians in Gaza are living without clean drinking water, bare minimum food, without electricity, and without the necessary medical supplies. This is a real holocaust. A holocaust is the premeditated plan to exterminate masses of people (such as the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza), whether through gassing, incendiary phosphorous, DU and WMD bombs, hunger and thirst, or any other means leading to mass death.

Instead of coming to the aid of Palestinians the UN reverted to its old tactic of blaming the Palestinian victims and Ban KI-moon requesting a permanent cease fire. In its meeting the UN had totally ignored the Palestinian elected Hamas government; a major part of this conflict. Rather it listened to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who humiliatingly begged the UN for help, promising to do “everything” to secure peace. In an indirect way he blamed Hamas government and did not even criticize Israel’s aggression.

The UNSC issued Resolution 1860 that ignored realities of Israeli genocide of Palestinians, exonerated the Israeli terrorists, blamed the Palestinian victims (as usual) and equated them with the Israeli terrorist army. It stressed the urgency of and called for an immediate durable ceasefire leading to full withdrawal of Israeli forces. It called for efforts to prevent alleged illicit trafficking of arms into Gaza (but not the sale of arms to Israel). Thus denying the Palestinians any means of defending their lives against terrorist Israel. It misrepresented the conflict as a humanitarian crisis by calling the international community to provide humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of Gazans. This is not a humanitarian crisis; an Israeli occupation. It is a political conflict with grave humanitarian consequences. This is a genocidal holocaust of 1.5 Palestinians through thirst, starvation and use of WMD. THIS IS BLATANT NAKED WAR CRIMES.

Ban Ki-moon was sent to visit Gaza after the Israeli onslaught. He cared only to check the bombed UN warehouse and schools but not the civilian sufferings. He cared more about buildings than humans. He later expressed his “pleasure”that Israeli leaders had agreed to meet with UN representatives to discuss precautions that further “accidental bombing” of UN facilities could be avoided. Thus meeting with Israeli war criminals has become a UN pleasure. He stated, further, that he would close any investigation into Israel’s war crimes.

Whatever Israel bombs and destroys Western donors volunteer to pay for. These donor countries pledged $4.5 Billion for Gaza reconstruction on the condition that such money is paid to Abbas’ Palestinian Authority and not Hamas. After a whole year of the onslaught, Gaza Palestinians had never received one cent of that money, and no reconstruction had even started. Most of the money had gone into the private pockets of Abbas’ gang and to his security forces.

After the failure of Israeli siege of Gaza and its onslaught on the Strip to destroy the democratically elected Hamas government The Western countries stepped in to produce harsher measures. In February 2009 experts from nine Western countries (US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Norway) met in Copenhagen to discuss ways of combating alleged weapons smuggling into Gaza. Their main concentration was to use Egypt as a land front to further tighten the siege against Gaza, specifically to target the underground tunnels Gazans use to smuggle in food stuff, goods, and fuel. They also decided to send NATO warships into the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf to intercept alleged weapon smuggling from Iran to Gaza.

At the end of January 2009 French President Nicolas Sarkozy sent a frigate with helicopters to the waters off Gaza to combat arms smuggling into Palestinian territories. He ordered his Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to coordinate closely with the US and EU to come up with more effective ways to fight arms smuggling on land and sea. Sarkozy said: “We have pledged to help Israel and Egypt with all the technical, military, naval and diplomatic ways to help end the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.”

British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, issued an order to deploy the British Navy to the region to help fight weapons smuggling. “We’ll send Royal Navy to help fight weapon smuggling” He stated courageously. Latest British scandal came this month when its Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis said that UK is urgently looking into reforming its laws to protect Israeli war criminals, such as Tzibi Levni, from being arrested.

Germany sent end of January border police exports and equipment to detect and destroy tunnels in Gaza Strip. German Deputy Interior Minister, August Hanning, claimed that Egypt had requested the detection equipment and the technical skills.

The newly elected American President at the time Barak Obama had also sent American vessels into the region to board all suspected vessels of smuggling weapons. He also had asked the Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia, to help combat arms smuggling. The US had sent surveillance cameras and underground sound sensors to Egypt to be installed on the border with Gaza. Recently the US Army Corps of Engineers had constructed treated steel plates and is helping Egypt install them as an underground wall on the Gaza border to prevent tunnel digging.

While denying Palestinians acquire any arms for self defense the US and EU member states are major arms exporters to Israel. According to figures from Brussels the European Union member states authorized the export of €200 million in arms exports to Israel in 2007, with France far and away the Israel’s biggest European weapons supplier. According to the EU’s 2008 report on arms export licenses, published in December for the 2007 calendar year and consolidating the accounts that member states must annually submit, 18 member states authorized a total of 1,018 such licenses to Israel worth €199,409,348.

The US is the largest arms exporter to Israel. Successive American Administration had sold Israel the latest and most technologically and most devastating weapons. According to Amnesty International the US had provided Israel with $8.3 Billion worth or weapons between 2004 and 2007. In 2002 the US granted Israel $21 Billion worth in military aid. Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanon and its 2008/09 war against Gaza were carried using American weapons. Still Obama’s administration had delivered late last January 14,000 tons of weapons to Israel delivered by the German cargo ship, Wehr Elbe, to Israeli port of Ashdod. Recently, peace prize winner, President Obama has signed off $2.775 Billion in further defense aid for Israel, a part of the $30 Billion over 10 years. Last Monday 12/21 Obama has approved a defense spending bill that includes $2.2 Million in funds for Israel’s missile defense program, more than double what was approved last year. All this while American economy is collapsing, housing crisis is exacerbating, and unemployment rate is rising. It seems for Obama administration the Israeli citizen is more important than the American tax payer. Also refer to my article“Arming Terrorist Israel”.

EU and US don’t mind breaking their own laws for the sake of arming terrorist Israel. Under Criterion 2 of the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports, Member States are supposed to “deny an export license if there is a clear risk that the proposed export might be used for internal repression, or be used in the commission of serious violations of international humanitarian laws”. Israel is proved to commit both offenses.

The US breaks three of its own arms export laws; US Arms Export Control Act (P.L. 80-829), Foreign Assistance Act (P.L. 97-195), and the Leahy Law (Foreign Ops Appropriation Act).

With such extraordinary consorted international efforts and the use of such amassed technical and military powers one would imagine that Israel, EU and US are fighting a war against a great global enemy not impoverished and starved civilians trying to survive on a small and narrow war-scorched strip of land. The reality is that this international power is fighting the resisting spirit of these people against colonial occupation. They are afraid that such spirit may spread over and impede their own occupation in the region. To destroy this spirit these Western governments are willing to unconditionally support terrorist Israel financially, militarily and politically, on the expense of their citizens tax payers despite their own economic crises and joblessness.

The worst accomplices in this international crime are the Arab governmental regimes, who are supposed to protect their Palestinian brothers from such a holocaust. Rather than united in one nation, one government, one military, and one economy Arab leaders had, instead, asserted the division of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Thus they keep themselves weak and vulnerable to foreign occupation, interference and control that can be overtly and covertly seen in almost every Arab state. The Arab League is just a tool to keep the leaders in a chaotic disagreement unable to make any national decision. For the last 61 years they have watched Palestinian land gradually gobbled by the Zionist occupation and had not taken any significant action to free Palestine. Rather they spend their Billion oil money in buying obsolete weapons to rust in the desert. Finally they stopped financing Palestine freedom fighters and surrendered the penniless Palestinian Authority to the merciless manipulation of the pro-Israeli Western donor countries. While some had completely withdrawn from the Arab/Israeli conflict, others like Jordanian and Egyptian regimes had actively contributed to the suppression of all forms of Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation.

During the Israeli 22 days onslaught on Gaza Arab leaders kept coming up with unreasonable excuses for not convening an urgent summit meeting. When they finally did meet, they, as usual, agreed to disagree on how to deal with the Israeli aggression. They finally begged the UN to interfere. Such delay gave Israelis longer time to murder more Palestinians and destroy more homes.

The Arab League, later on, issued a resolution calling for breaking Israel’s siege of Gaza, yet they donated money to Abbas’ security forces, controlled by American general Dayton, to oppose the democratically elected Hamas government. Instead of feeding the starving Palestinians in Gaza the League is spending $50 Million to protect the lives of endangered marine turtles on 8000 square meters coast land off Al-Arish in Egypt. What a humanitarian gesture!

Like all colonial puppet local regimes, the present Palestinian Authority, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas and his thugs, had hijacked the Palestinian leadership and offered Palestine and its people on the Israeli alter to glorify a genocidal god and his chosen people. My previous articles ( here and here) discuss the betrayal of the present Palestinian Authority. This betrayal was recently exposed by Israeli audio and video recording of these so-called Palestinian leaders urging the Israelis to attack Gaza to finish off the elected Hamas government regardless of any Palestinian casualties. Abbas and his PA had also tried to muffle Goldstone’s Report about Israel’s crime.

Besides crushing dissidents and any form of pro-Palestinian solidarity, Jordan has become a training campground for Abbas’ security forces under the supervision of the American General Keith Dayton. Dayton had established a twin sister of the American School of Assassins to suppress Palestinian resistance. It was reported that about four thousands trainees of this School were ready to enter and control Gaza after the anticipated destruction of Hamas government.

Besides suppressing and robbing its own citizens for the last 28 years, Hosni Mubarak’s Egyptian regime has played the most active role, second to Israel, in opposing elected Palestinian government and in the destruction of Gaza and starving its people. To ease Mubarak’s conscious for participating in such genocide of his Arab brothers his regime is paid a handsome $2 Billion in the form of American Aid.

Mubarak’s regime has committed crimes against humanity by fully participating in the Israeli siege against Gaza. Rather than helping the next door homeless and hungry Arab brothers of Gaza Strip the Mubarak’s regime preferred to send, last May, an airplane full with humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka on the opposite side of the globe. This regime was a stubborn obstacle in the face of every international solidarity movement and organizations, who tried to break the siege against Gaza. The regime blocked the entry of thousands of tons of badly needed food aid to Gaza; letting them rot in the desert heat, and finally burn them as spoiled food. Under the deceptive banner of “fighting arms smuggling into Gaza” it erected the most sophisticated surveillance equipment to detect and prevent life-sustaining materials delivered to Gaza through tunnels.

This month, December 2009, Egyptian Mubarak’s regime, with the help of American Army Corps Engineers, is building an underground steel wall to block tunnel digging, and is running underground pipes to flood the existing tunnels with sea waters.

Egyptian regime has opposed the elected Hamas Palestinian leadership and sided with the Western puppet Abbas, whose presidency has expired. It has sabotaged all reconciliation attempts between the two Palestinian factions by imposing harsh conditions against Hamas government and altering the text of agreements before signature.

The Egyptian policy towards their Palestinian brothers in Gaza, many of whom carry Egyptian citizenship, was reflected in the confession of its Foreign Minister, Ahmad Aboul-Gheti, in 11th of November 2008 when he stated that Egypt was closing Rafah Crossing with Gaza to punish a Palestinian faction (Hamas). Opening the Crossing, in his opinion, constitutes recognition of Hamas’ legitimacy.

Unlike the silence over the Holocaust during WWII conscientious citizens of these same international criminal governments are actively mobilized to act against terrorist Israel and the genocidal policies of their governments. Through Breaking Gaza Siege Campaigns many of them, such as Viva Palestina and The Hope convoys, are delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. They have also organized boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns to boycott companies that sustain Israeli occupation on Palestine such as Motorola and Caterpillar, as well as academic and cultural boycott of all Israeli academic and cultural institutions, all of them are supported by the Israeli government. The effects of these campaigns had penetrated the blindly pro-Zionist American congress, where on December 18th Representatives Jim McDermott and Keith Ellison are seeking signature on a “Dear Colleague” letter to President Obama criticizing Israel’s siege of Gaza. Representatives Jim Moran and Bob Inglis are also seeking signatures on another “Dear Colleague” letter to Secretary of State Clinton urging her to pressure Israeli government to end the ban on student travel from Gaza to the West Bank.

This week protests are organized in major countries around the world in US, UK, France, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Poland, Denmark, Greece, Jordan, and occupied Palestine (Israel), commemorating the first anniversary of the Israeli onslaught against Gaza.

Under the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction we are witnessing Western courts issuing arrest warrants against Israeli leaders (Tzibi Livni) and army generals (former military chief Moshe Yaalon and General Doron Almog) for committing war crimes. International lawyers are filing for more arrest warrants against more Israeli war criminals. Soon Israeli leaders will be chased across the globe as war criminals the same way Israel had chased German Nazis as war criminals.