More Motorcycles and Murder In Karachi

[Just the latest incident of multiple murders, probably using automatic weapons, associated with missing or stolen bikes.  All the assassinations of generals taking place lately have been on motorcycles, just like the recent “hit” in Karachi, where ISI i.d.s were recovered from the assailants.]

Bullet-riddled bodies found


The bullet-riddled bodies of Ghulam Nabi, 35, and Aurangzeb, 32, were found lying opposite the Coast Guards’ Headquarter, in Korangi 2ž from the Zaman Town police limits.

The police also recovered a pistol and a motorcycle from the spot.

During investigations, it transpired that the motorcycle was snatched from Korangi Industrial Area (KIA) on December 22 by the slain, Ghulam Nabi, from an employee of a towel factory.

The police said that Nabi was wanted by police stations of Korangi, Zaman Town, Awami Colony and KIA in robbery cases.

The other deceased, Aurangzeb, belonged to Larkana and was employed in a towel factory in KIA. A case was registered and investigation is under way.