We are the shadow government running the United States

“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

– Senator Daniel during the Iran-Contra hearings.

We are the shadow government running the United States

Iran-Contra whistleblower Gene Wheaton (a former intelligence agent who worked at JM WAVE, his company, National Air, became the main CIA operating apparatus in the Iran-Contra affair) named a group of people, including Ted Shackley, General Vernon Walters, William Harvey, Oliver North, and other CIA agents as being part of a “private assassination program”, resposnible in part for the assassination of JFK. Based on the connections we’ve seen, this is probably true and this team is directly related to Gladio. To quote Gene Wheaton in full:


“At that black tie party at the Palm Restaurant on the 4th of December in 1985, I was specifically invited by Neil Livingston and to come in and meet Ollie North, and it was a party to promote Neil Livingston’s book, called “Fighting Back”, and the subtitle was “The War on Terrorism”. He and a State Department/CIA spook by the name of Terry Arnold wrote that book together and this was the coming-out party for the book, and all the covert operations community, the real snake eaters, were going to be there with black ties. Ollie North was there and Bud McFarland and I don’t know, 75 or 100 people in black ties, having drinks and dinner and hobnobbing and they felt like … the atmosphere at that party was one of ‘We are the shadow government running the United States.’…

The covert operations subculture and the pyramid system of it is difficult for the average citizen to understand. And I understand it because I saw it, but it’s awfully hard to describe. This stuff goes back to the scandals of the 70s … of Watergate and Richard Helms, the CIA director, being convicted by Congress of lying to Congress, of Ted Shackley and Tom Clines and Dick Secord and a group of them being forced into retirement as a result of the scandal over Edmond P. Wilson’s training of Libyan terrorists in conjunction with these guys, and moving C-4 explosives to Libya. They decided way back when, ‘75-’76, during the Pike and Church Committee hearings, that the Congress was their enemy. They felt that the government had betrayed them and that they were the real heroes in this country and that the government became their enemy. In the late 70s, in fact, after Gerry Ford lost the election in ’76 to Jimmy Carter, and then these guys became exposed by Stansfield Turner and crowd for whatever reason … there were different factions involved in all this stuff, and power plays … Ted Shackley and Vernon Walters and Frank Carlucci and Ving West and a group of these guys used to have park-bench meetings in the late 70s in McClean, Virginia so nobody could overhear they conversations. They basically said, “With our expertise at placing dictators in power,” I’m almost quoting verbatim one of their comments, “why don’t we treat the United States like the world’s biggest banana republic and take it over?” And the first thing they had to do was to get their man in the White House, and that was George Bush.

Reagan never really was the president. He was the front man. They selected a guy that had charisma, who was popular, and just a good old boy, but they got George Bush in there to actually run the White House. They’d let Ronald Reagan and Nancy out of the closet and let them make a speech and run them up the flagpole and salute them and put them back in the closet while these spooks ran the White House. They made sure that George Bush was the chairman of each of the critical committees involving these covert operations things.

This crowd really believes that the unwashed masses are ignorant, that we are people who are not capable of governing ourselves, that we need this elitist group to control the country, and the world — these guys have expanded. They look at the United States not as a country, not in any kind of patriotic mode now, but they look on it as a state within a world that they control. And that’s this attitude that they have. They’re not unlike any other megalomaniac in the world. They’re nutty as fruitcake, but they’ve got distinguished gray hair, three-piece dark suits and they carry briefcases, and they’ll stand up and make speeches just as articulate as anybody in the world, but they don’t socialize and function outside their own little clique. My experience with them is that they could be certified as criminally insane and put away in a rubber room and have the key thrown away. That’s how dangerous they are. But they’re powerful, and they’re educated. And that makes them twice as dangerous. And that’s basically what’s running the world right now.

If I had not been part of this, and hadn’t seen it first hand, I would not believe a word I’m saying. ”  (full article HERE)


Pak. Special Forces Join Saudi Fight In Yemen Against Iran’s Shia Proxies

[What kind of blackmail or extortion could the Saudis or the US have used to convince Pakistan to endanger the vital deal for a gas pipeline from Iran, which has yet to be finalized?  (SEE: Accord on Pak-Iran gas pipeline in few weeks)  This is further proof that Pakistan has very little say in its own affairs, always answering to the American Raj.  With the near collapse of the American drive to take Central Asian oil and gas, the Empire’s focus has returned to the southern end of the “ARC OF CRISIS.”  This can be seen in the Israeli-elevated tensions in Lebanon, the Hamas assassination in Dubai, new tensions in Northern Africa and extensive bombing in Iraq.  It is the covert war that will be escalated in all areas to compensate for the failure of the real war in Afghanistan.]

Pakistan Joins War Against Shia Houthis in Yemen

Posted on 28 January 2010.

Pakistan has reportedly sent an army combat unit to Yemen to join the war against the Shia fighters in the country’s north.

An informed source with the Pakistani daily Jang has said that a 300-strong unit of Special Forceshas been deployed in Yemen.

US media reports say the US military and intelligence agencies are involved in joint operations with Yemeni troops.  [These troops are allegedly fighting “ai Qaida” in the south, but the Sana govt. denies US participation]

Yemen launched a military offensive against the Houthi fighters in the northern Sa’ada Province last August. Saudi Arabia joined forces with the Yemeni government in November.

The conflict in northern Yemen started in 2004 between Sana’a and Houthi fighters and intensified in 2009 when the Yemeni army launched Operation “Scorched Earth” in an attempt to crush the Shia fighters in the northern province of Sa’ada.

Sana’a accuses the Shia fighters of violating terms of a ceasefire in 2009 by taking foreign visitors hostage.

The Houthis accuse the Yemeni government of violating their civil rights and marginalizing them politically, economically, and religiously.

The Shia fighters say the offensives launched against the northern regions mostly target residential areas and result in civilian casualties.

The Yemeni government claims that the Houthi fighters seek to restore the Shia Zaidi imamate system, which was overthrown in a 1962 coup–a claim rejected by the Houthis, who in turn accuse the Yemenigovernment of violation of their civil rights, political, economic and religious marginalization as well as large-scale corruption

Islamabad’s controversial decision is expected to cause public outrage in a country, which is similarly targeted by indiscriminate missile attacks, claims an Iranian news agency report.

(Sources: ABNA.ir & RTT News)

Insurgents Threaten ‘Big War’ Over N. Waziristan Operation

WASHINGTON – ISLAMIST insurgents in restive North Waziristan threatened the Pakistani government with a ‘big war’ if it continued to violate a peace accord, US monitors of extremist websites said on Monday.

The North Waziristan faction of the Shura Ittihad-ul-Mujahideen also called on residents to form a council of elders and seek haven from Afghan President Hamid Karzai should war break out, the SITE monitoring group said.

The threat came in the form of a pamphlet that an Internet user on he English-language division of the Ansar al-Mujahideen jihadist forum said had been distributed among the population of North Waziristan.

‘If the army started another operation here the Mujahideen will start a big war in the area so the local people are directed to form a committee of the elders to meet Hamid Karzai and ask him for a safe place for the local people to migrate,’ the pamphlet said, according to SITE.

‘He himself is kaffir (infidel) but he is better to look after the peace deal than the Pakistanis,’ it added. ‘Brothers are requested to spread this news so that it reach the ears of Pakistani population.’

North Waziristan is a bastion of Al-Qaeda-linked militants and believed to be home to Afghan Taleban leader Sirajuddin Haqqani. The pamphlet accused the Pakistani government of breaking a peace deal by establishing check points and a network of spies to help the US conduct deadly strikes with unmanned drones. — AFP

Zaid Hamid–Hatemongering


Tuesday, February 02, 2010
There are a lot of tongues wagging these days about Zaid Hamid. With his western dress, red cap and a modern singer and dress-designer on stage to try and convey that he’s not an extremist, I am afraid every word he utters reeks of extremism. He is addressing the youth of this country, and considering what the nation is going through already, he is preaching hatred and violence. He talks of the Muslims of Pakistan being the ‘chosen’ race. That the survival of Islam is in their hands, and that they must prepare to conquer Delhi and Israel. He preaches arrogance and contempt for all other religions and races. He ridicules democracy and there are blatant pro-army undertones. He distorts Muslim history and speaks of Gen Zia with reverence. He twists Iqbal’s poetry and the Quaid’s ideology to give credibility to his anti-state propaganda. He mentions the coming of a leader and whether this saviour comes through the use of force by the army or through a religious uprising, ‘we’ (they) would welcome ‘him’.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know who is pulling Zaid’s strings. If he is a true patriot and had an ounce of compassion for this country he would be preaching peace, tolerance, respect for the rule of law and the constitution. In fact, he preaches the total opposite. He reminds me of the FM broadcasts by Fazlullah in Swat who used religion to win over the illiterate masses. And what did the state do while this was going on? Nothing at all; and the rest is history. Let us not make this ridiculous mistake again. I urge every patriotic Pakistani, in particular the youth, to only use their commonsense. I request everyone to read the last speech our Holy Prophet (PBUH) made after the conquest of Mecca. And I urge everyone to study the ideology of Mr Jinnah. As a concerned citizen I want to know why such anti-state elements are not tried for treason, and also why such rubbish is being promoted by the media. And before anyone mentions ‘freedom of expression’, let me clarify that even in countries with a good track of fundamental rights, such rhetoric would not be protected. Those who protect and patronise such elements need to be questioned as well.

Ghazala Minallah


Gen. Kayani Speaks–Pakistan’s War In FATA Must Have Popular Support

War on terror Five basics turned the tide: COAS

Says public opinion, media support, Army’s capability and resolve, ‘our war’ was not ‘US war’ and a comprehensive strategy must be followed in future
RAWALPINDI: Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani says Pakistan has suffered the maximum in terms of human and economic losses due to terrorism and violent extremism. However, it has not dented the resolve of the nation and its armed forces to fight and finish terrorism in accordance with our own national interests.

He was talking to a group of foreign correspondents on his return from Brussels, where he had gone to attend the conference of Nato commanders on a special invitation, says an ISPR press release.

The COAS said he has conveyed the concerns, challenges, contributions and constraints of Pakistan in its fight against the terrorists. He said that he had highlighted the key issues of the conflict that needed to be fully understood and addressed. He drew the attention of the forum towards the huge sacrifices made by the people of Pakistan and its armed forces, due to the effect of “blowback”.

While referring to Afghanistan, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said that our objective is to have peaceful, stable and friendly Afghanistan. “We cannot wish for Afghanistan anything that we don’t wish for Pakistan”.

He reaffirmed that geography, culture and history can neither be separated nor wished away. He emphasized that our operations in 2009 have helped improve situation in Afghanistan in terms of squeezing of spaces, better control of areas and continuous logistic flow.

The COAS identified five fundamentals that helped in turning the tide and must not be lost sight for future operations. These are: public opinion, media support, Army’s capability and resolve, ‘our war’ was not ‘US war’ and a comprehensive strategy based on four different phases namely clear, hold, build and transfer. For the way forward, he said that the fundamentals should remain strong and intact, short and long-term interests be reconciled, strategic direction should be maintained and coordination be effect-based.

He informed the Nato commanders that our strategic paradigm needs to be fully realised. He said we are the second largest Muslim nation in the world located in a strategic region defined by competing interests and civilisational crossroads, with a prolonged history of conflict. We have three million Afghan refugees. At present, our operations are in a transitory phase (from hold to build), we must consolidate our gains and fully stabilise the areas secured, lest it fall back to terrorists. Constraints of capability to absorb and operate, limited cutting edge counter intelligence/counter-terrorism capability and limited budgetary space should be factored in.

In his concluding remarks, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said that Pakistan has contributed to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan. We have the will and resolve to overcome the menace of terrorism in our country and we have the public support. We have also offered to train Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP), as we have the capacity and wherewithal to do so. He reiterated that Pakistan should be trusted and enabled.

The briefing was followed by an interactive question-answer session. Reuters adds: Pakistan offered on Monday to train Afghanistan’s security forces with the dual aim of helping to secure a friendly neighbour over its western border while also watching old rival India over its eastern border.

The United States and Afghanistan’s other Western allies want Afghan forces to take over security responsibilities as a vital step toward the eventual withdrawal of foreign soldiers now battling an intensifying Taliban insurgency.

Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani said Pakistan was offering to help train Afghanistan’s security forces but he warned it would take years before they would be in a position to take over from foreign forces.

“If we get more involved with the ANA there’s more interaction and better understanding,” Kayani told reporters at his headquarters in Rawalpindi. “We have opened all doors … It’s a win-win for Afghanistan, the United States, ISAF and Pakistan,” he said, referring to Nato’s International Security Assistance Force.

He said he believed it would take at least four years to achieve a target of a 140,000-strong Afghan force able to take over security responsibilities. While Afghanistan is wary of Pakistan, Islamabad is deeply suspicious of the close ties India has built with the US-backed government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Pakistan sees the Afghan government as dominated by traditionally pro-Indian and anti-Pakistani ethnic Tajiks. Pakistan says India is supporting separatist rebels in its gas-rich Balochistan province from Afghanistan.

For years, Pakistan saw Afghanistan in terms of “strategic depth”, meaning, in the event of Indian forces rolling over its eastern border, Pakistani forces could withdraw over the western border into a friendly Afghanistan and fight back from there. But Kayani said Pakistan just wanted a friendly Afghanistan.

“‘Strategic depth’ does not imply controlling Afghanistan,” he said. “If Afghanistan is peaceful, stable and friendly we have our strategic depth because our western border is secure … You’re not looking both ways.”

Kayani did not comment on the possibility of Pakistan using its links with the Afghan Taliban to push them towards peace talks. Pakistan has shown support for an invitation that Karzai issued last week for the Taliban to take part in a peace council.

But Kayani stressed the importance of public backing of anti-insurgent operations in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Referring to a US-backed Afghan plan to lure lower-level Taliban out of the insurgency, Kayani said a vital factor was the public perception of who was going to prevail. “They sit on the crossroads, waiting to see who is winning and losing,” he said.

Terrorizing Children Is a Crime Against Humanity

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more about “Guantanamo Bay interrogation of 16 ye…“, posted with vodpod

[SEE: Guantánamo’s forgotten child: the sad story of Mohammed El-Gharani,” ]

Children Prisoners of the U.S. War of Terror

By Kenneth J. Theisen

February 1, 2010

Many people in this country are aware of the atrocious conditions and treatment of adult prisoners in the U.S. war of terror. These prisoners have been held at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Bagram, and other hellholes run by the U.S. But few are aware that thousands of children have also been taken by the U.S. and its allies in this war of terror.

A few of these children have been held at Guantanamo and have received some publicity, but most have been held in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan and have received very little notice from U.S. media. What has and is happening to these children victims of the U.S. war?

As late as May 2008 U.S. authorities reported to the U.N. that they were holding at least 513 Iraqi children in U.S.-run prisons as “imperative threats to security.” The U.S. did not report how many children had been previously transferred by U.S. authorities to prisons run by Iraqi puppet forces. Most of the children were held in the same hellhole prisons that held adult prisoners.

In April 2008 the U.S. government reported “approximately 10 juveniles being held at Bagram Theater Internment Facility as unlawful enemy combatants. Bagram has been compared to Gitmo in the crimes committed there by U.S. authorities.

The U.S. came under intense international criticism for its treatment of children when these numbers were released. As a result the U.S. government recently released a report claiming that as of December 2009 only five children were held by the U.S. in U.S. military detention in Iraq and Afghanistan. The report did not say what happened to the other children. It is unknown whether these numbers are true or not, but even if they are, the report leaves unanswered the question of whether these children have access to the protections guaranteed to them under international law. It also fails to address the rights of children transferred by the U.S. to Iraqi and Afghan authorities.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) expressed concerns on January 28th about the U.S. government report. It is likely that most of the reduction may be attributed to the transfer of prisoners to Iraqi authorities. It is well known that the Iraqi puppet forces run hellhole prisons sometimes even worse that those of the U.S. The ACLU asked for data on the fates of the detainees and sought assurance that all current or former child soldiers and juvenile prisoners are being given their rights afforded under international law.

Jamil Dakwar, Director of the ACLU Human Rights Program stated, “…the public is entitled to know how these cases are being handled. We hope that the U.S. can confirm how many of these detainees were released and how many were transferred to Iraqi or Afghan authorities for prosecution. The U.S. has a responsibility to ensure that any juvenile detainees transferred to other authorities are still granted their basic human rights, including consideration of their status as juveniles and safe opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration into society.”

The U.S. report did not include information about the treatment and care for those who were under 18 at the time of their capture and who are still in U.S. custody. Also current U.S. military policy allows the U.S. to take up to two weeks to provide the International Red Cross with names and access to all detainees, which is too long for the needs of children in custody. The first weeks of detention are critical to juvenile prisoners, and they should be accounted for and attended to as soon as possible. Much of the abuse that prisoners experience often takes place shortly after capture.

“The humane treatment of juveniles in U.S. military custody is critical to restoring the rule of law and humanity to U.S. detention operations overseas,” said Jennifer Turner, human rights researcher with the ACLU Human Rights Program. “…the government still lacks a comprehensive policy regarding the treatment of juveniles still in detention and their access to education, legal services and physical and psychological services that are critical to their rehabilitation.”

In November 2009, the ACLU sought updated data from the Department of Defense on juveniles in U.S. military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan and information on efforts to bring U.S. policy regarding the treatment, detention and trial of juveniles into compliance with international law. As of today no response has been received from the Pentagon.

Why is the Obama administration not releasing this information to the ACLU and the public? What is being hidden? It is not enough to reduce the number of juveniles held in the U.S. war of terror just by transferring them to Iraqi or Afghan puppet forces. What are the conditions of incarceration? Are these children still being deprived of their legal and human rights? What crimes are being committed in our names? These are all questions that deserve an answer. Those responsible for the abuse of these children must be held accountable. This includes not only those responsible during the years of the Bush regime, but also those within the Obama administration who have failed to end the abuse of these children. Transferring them to other abusers in U.S. puppet governments does not excuse the U.S. role or end the abuse.

These children victims of the U.S. war of terror have been silenced through their incarceration and treatment. We, and that means you too, must speak out for them and demand justice now!

:: Article nr. 62838 sent on 02-feb-2010 06:41 ECT

Link: www.worldcantwait.net/index.php/home-mainmenu-289/6119-children-prisoners-of-the

What’s quaking, what’s shaking?

What’s quaking, what’s shaking?

By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Feb 2, 2010, 00:25

An article by Holly Deyo on rense.com raises the question Did An 8.6 Quake Hit China? Her lede reads, “Something occurred in China yesterday [January 27, 2010], something that may have been a magnitude 8.6 quake.’

She went to say, “We don’t know what happened yesterday but two seismic monitoring stations some 1,300 miles apart both reported an 8.6 earthquake in China. Maybe it was a weapons test.” Whose weapons, theirs or ours? “Dirty boys with dirty toys,” as someone commented who sent me this report.

“However,” she added, “a large magnitude temblor struck in nearly this same location (36.500N, 105.700E) on December 12, 1920.” What a coincidence. But “the Haiyuan quake killed 200,000 people, caused landslides and collapsed thousands of homes.”

That’s not all. “Various magnitudes were reported for this temblor ranging from 7.8 to 8.5. Aftershocks shook the country for three years following.” Go to the link and scroll to three screen snapshots from reporting stations that still show an earthquake occurred. Correctly stated (though not on rense), the reporting organization INSF is from Romania; the Red Puma report is from Switzerland; and the csem emsc report is from the Euro Mediterranean.

So, what do we have here? Far East aggression or Western retaliation for something? We have to wait and see what’s shaking after the quaking.

On other fronts, rense brings us F. William Engdahl’s The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti, with earth-quaking news that that geophysicists believe that the hapless Haiti in Caribbean country may be “one of the world’s richest zones for hydrocarbons — oil and gas — outside the Middle East, possibly orders of magnitude greater than that of nearby Venezuela.”

It seems that Haiti and its mother island, Hispaniola, has the geological good or bad luck to stand in one of the world’s most active geological zones. Deepwater plates of three huge structures endlessly rub against each other, the intersection of North American, South American and Caribbean tectonic plates. Below the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean waters, these plates are made of an oceanic crust three to six miles thick and they top an adjacent mantel.Haiti rests at the edge of the dark place known as the Bermuda Triangle, an aquatic void that spews out and sucks in unexplained disturbances.

The huge mass of underwater plates are constantly moving, rubbing against each other like Caribbean lovers, along lines like cracks in a broken plate that has been re-glued. The earth’s plates move at a rate of 50 to 100 mm each year from one another. They are the origin of earthquakes and volcanoes. Where the plates converge, great volumes of oil and gas can be thrust upward from the Earth’s mantle, shades of Sir Thomas Gold’s book, The Deep Hot Biosphere.

As Engdahl writes, “The geophysics surrounding the convergence of the three plates that run more or less directly beneath Part-au-Prince make the region prone to earthquakes such as the one that struck Haiti with devastating ferocity on January 12.”

How true concerning the quake on the 12th, but how then on Monday, January 11, the very day before the quake, did DISA’s Jean Demay, technical manager for the agency’s Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, just happen “to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system [italics mine]. On Wednesday [the day after the earthquake] DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts.” How amazing!

“The information sharing project developed with backing from both SOUTHCOM and the Defense Department’s European Command, has been in development for three years. It is designed to facilitate multilateral collaboration between federal and nongovernmental agencies . . .” As I wrote in HAARP, Haiti, Brzezinski and the NWO, “You’ll pardon my paranoia, but this is identical to drills being set up the day before 9/11/1 and NORAD.” Unless Jean has the ability to see into the future, perhaps in the pre-planning scenario there was a little HAARP lever pulled.

In fact, it’s interesting as well to hear from The Power Hour that HAARP . . . deleted its records from 2010-1-through-11. Daniel Solis wrote, “A very unusual deletion can be observed in the archived data of HAARP instrument readings from the day before the Haiti earthquake. Perhaps it is a matter of time until it will get fixed with a simple copy-paste operation, but I have made screen shots of it.

”Set the date in ‘Chart Archives’ below the today’s graph to 2001/Jan/11 in the window below the graph and see for your selves. It is the only instance of such an occurrence I have discovered by looking through other historical dates. Perhaps some other deletions have already been fixed, I can think of date like May 12th 2008 or December 26th 2004.”

Now, who and why would someone want to delete HAARP’s records from Jan. 1 through 11? Could it be to cover up strange activities shown in its records from the various centers? Might it embarrass HAARP and the US government in relation to Haiti’s quaking and shaking? And might it have something to do also with what happened in China that’s not happened in that exact same area in 90 years?

Returning to the Engdahl article, in discussing the oil finds these days in the Caribbean, the Persian Gulf and the region from the Red Sea into the Gulf of Aden, there is a convergence area of huge tectonic plates, like the rich zones of Indonesia and the coastal waters of California. “In terms of the physics of the earth,” Engdahl writes, “precisely such intersections of tectonic masses as run directly beneath Haiti have a remarkable tendency to be the sites of vast treasures of minerals, as well as oil and gas, throughout the world.”

This would also account for the gold and iridium deposits recently found in Northern Haiti.

Read Engdahl’s article for finds in oil and gas in Port-au-Prince, Cuba, Spain’s Repsol, which left “the Peak Oil theorists with egg on their face. “It seems that more than 50 years ago the Russian and Ukrainian geophysicists worked in secrecy, confirming that hydrocarbons originated deep in the earth’s mantle under conditions similar to a giant burning cauldron at extreme temperature and pressure. They demonstrated that, contrary to US and accepted Western ‘mainstream’ geology, hydrocarbons were not the result of dead dinosaur detritus concentrated and compressed and somehow transformed into oil and gas millions of years ago, nor of algae or other biological material.”

They “proved that the oil or gas produced in the earth’s mantle was pushed upwards along faults or cracks in the earth as close to the surface as pressures permitted. The process was analogous to the production of molten lava in volcanoes. It means that that the ability to find oil is limited, relatively speaking, only by the ability to identify deep fissures and complex geological activity conducive to bringing the oil out from deep in the earth,” reminding me of the Deep hot biosphere of Sir Thomas Gold.

Also, it seems that “the waters of the Caribbean, especially those off Cuba and its neighbor Haiti, are just such a region of concentrated hydrocarbons (oil and gas) that have found their way upwards close to the surface, perhaps in a magnitude comparable to a new Saudi Arabia.”

And thus Cuba is shaking hands with Russia and China for further exploration and development. Beware, oh bearded one, of a bit of quaking after the shaking. And beware, too, that there are 20,000 US troops in Haiti. Black gold has been found at the cost of black blood and woe unto those poor people lucky (or unlucky) enough to have struck pay dirt and those others slavering for it.

Perhaps Britain’s Royal Navy flotilla would have been able to help Haiti as it quaked and shook. Unfortunately, the flotilla was withdrawn to cut costs weeks before the Haiti disaster. “Naval sources told The Times that the unpublicised cut marked the first time that the Royal Navy has had a significant gap in cover in the Caribbean since the 17th century.”

“The force, which usually includes a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel and a frigate, is deployed in Caribbean waters to provide support to British overseas territories, particularly during the May-December hurricane season, and to support Britain’s counter-narcotics role in the region.”

And so go the vagaries of quaking and shaking. One more was reported by IsraelNationalNews.com that Israel Makes Waves by Simulating an Earthquake.

Everybody wants to get in the earthquake business. “The Seismological Division of the Ministry of National infrastructure’s Geophysical Institute will attempt to simulate an earthquake in the southern Negev on Thursday. The experiment, financed by the US Defense Department [italics mine], is a joint project with the University of Hawaii and is part of a scientific project to improve seismological and acoustic readings in Israel and its environs (Palestine), up to 1,000 km/621 mile radius.”

Israel wants to understand sound waves in the atmosphere better. Scientists can then fine-tune Israel’s seismological equipment to give advance warning of earthquakes. Are they worried about somebody? Measurements will also be taken in other countries, like Cyprus, Greece, France, and Germany. How’s this for fun: “Israel will create a controlled explosion (is that like a controlled demolition) of 80 tons of explosive material, the intensity of a tremor after an earthquake of Magnitude 3. Natural earthquakes of a similar intensity occur in the Middle East region about once a week, without the public feeling them.” So what’s the big deal?

“In the last few years, the Geophysical Institute has created several earthquake simulations in order to calibrate its equipment.” Today calibrations, tomorrow earthquakes. “In June 2004, the institute detonated 32 tons in the Beit Alfa quarries in the Jezreel Valley south of the Galilee. The success of the experiments has significantly contributed to improving the accuracy of identifying earthquakes in Israel.” So why not simulate a quake to shake down the wall betweenPalestine and Israel. Ending on a high note that would be a miracle, not a disaster.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer and life-long resident of New York City. Reach him at gvmaz@verizon.net. His new book, State Of Shock: Poems from 9/11 on” is available at www.jerrymazza.com, Amazon or Barnesandnoble.com.

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