Karachi Held Hostage To British Handpuppet

Brutal mass killings in Karachi

From: “awakenings”
12 May 2007
Chief Justice Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar in Karachi. 24 killed by terrorists

NEWS ALERT: -Thousand of activists of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Muslim League Nawaz (ML-N), Awami Tahreek (AT), Jamaait Islami, Sindhiani Tahreek, Awami National Party (ANP), Tahreek Insaf, Jamiat Ulmai Islam (JUI), Jamiat Ulmai Pakistan, Sunni Tahreek, PSF, SST, Members and Office bearers of Malir Bar Association and Karachi Bar Association have been attacked here in Karachi today by the terrorists of MQM (Mutahida Qomi Movement. (Aaj TV, Sindh TV, GEO, KTN & ARY).

– Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chodhri arrives in Karachi and refuses to travel to High Court in Government Helicopter. I will go with Lawyers by Road (Justice Chodhri) 12Noon. ARY, GEO, KTN

-Police, Rangers and Civilian Terrorists have tried to kidnap Chief Justice from Airport. (Aitzaz Hasan Adv, Ali Ahmed Kurd Adv, Munir Malik Adv).

-Sindh High Court takes suo-moto notice of manhandling of lawyers and road blocks. Home Secretary undertakes to provide safe-passage to Chief Justice. Sindh TV & KTN

-A procession of Peoples Party (PPP) led by Sayed Qaim Ali Shah, Nisar Khoro, Raza Rabbani, Dr. Fahmeeda Mirza, Sheeri Rehman heading towards Airport has been attacked near Natha Goth, straight firing by MQM terrorists, 11 injured. ARY, KTN

-A procession of Awami National Party led by Shahi Sayed under attack at Shah-e-Rahe Faisal, 2 Pakhtoon workers killed by terrorists of MQM. Aaj TV 12-35 pm.

-MQM has broken all its past records of brutality. Under the directions of Musharaf they are working for Emergency and Martial Law. (Abrar ul Hasan Adv, Noornaz Agha Adv, Rashhed Rizvi Adv)

– Firing in Maleer, Abbasi Shaheed, Gujjar Nala & Gulbahar areas led to the killing of two Pakhtoons and one Punjabi speaking worker of opposition. Continuing violence on Shah-e-Rahe Faisal. 62 persons injured. Police & Rangers disappear. Aaj TV, Sindh TV 11-42 pm.

-Clothes of Sindhiani Tahreek workers have been torn apart by MQM workers near Nursery. ( Sindhiani Tahreek leader Saiqa MAngnhar) KTN 1-37 pm

-A procession of JUP attacked by MQM near I.I Chudrigar Road. (JUP)

-Hospitals have not been spared by armed terrorists. MQM gunmen firing at the hospital for about one hour from the roofs of adjoining buildings injuring few patients & several visitors. A hospital staff member said, “We were lying on the ground to avoid getting injured.”

-We have just been given lathees and terrorists are fully armed. This is a deliberate high level conspiracy. (DIG Mushtaq Shah and Pashtoon, Sindhi and Punjabi Police Constables) KTN 1-47 pm.

-Tahreek Insaf rally under attack by MQM, two workers carrying portraits of Chief Justice and Imran Khan injured near II Chudrigar Road. (JUP) Aaj TV -12 40 pm.

– MQM leaders say that the anti-Mohajir policy of Aaj, ARY, GEO, KTN and Sindh TV would be fully resisted. ARY

-Five dead bodies of lawyers and oppositions workers just discovered by GEO Tv. 1-21 pm

-Awami Tahreek workers attacked on Shah-e-Raah Faisal. Aaj Tv 1-14 pm

-Two workers of Jamaait Islami killed by terrorists. Sindh TV. 12-55 am.

-Awami Tahreek rally led by Rasool Bux Palijo reaches to High Court Bar. This entire brutal episode has been planned by Mr. Musharaf. (Awami Tahreek Chief Rasool Bux Palijo)

– 11 persons lost lives during ghastly manslaughter in different areas by MQM. According to TV, the entire Malir Halt and Shaherai Faisal Township had passed into the hands of a group of klashnikov-weilding young terrorist.

-Sindh and Federal Governments are responsible for this massacre of innocent people, Sindh High Court and Hon Supreme Court should take notice of this savage brutality. (Naeem Qureshi General Secretary Karachi Bar, Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate of FRJP, Imdad Aiwan of PBC and Yousif Legahri of Pakistan Bar Council)

-Two Sindhi and Punjabi speaking lady lawyers kidnapped by MQM teoosrists near Maleer. Aaj

-Reporters and cameramen of KTN, Aaj TV and Sindh TV attacked in MQM areas. Aaj TV.

-MQM is involved in massacre in Karachi, why Govt is not taking any action? ( Sheree Rehman, Qaim Ali Shah, Zafar Iqbal Jhagra, Sardar Raheem, Liaqat Baloch, Syed Alam Shah and Asfandyar Wali) GEO, Sindh TV 1-25 pm

-We are peaceful. PPP, Jamait Islami, JUP, Suni Tahreek, Punjabi Pakhtoon Itehad, ANP and Nawaz League and Sindhi and Baloch Nationalists are attacking our workers. MQM Rally is heading towards Mazaar-e-Quaid & Tibert Centre. (MQM leaders Nasreen Jaleel, Babar Ghori, Dr. Faruq Sattar)

-Men, women and children carrying the flags of PPP, ML-N, ANP, Awami Tahreek, MMA are heading towards Airport. ARY 1-47 pm.

-24 Workers of Opposition have been killed. (Zafar Jhagra of ML N)KTN 2-08 pm.

-Properties of Balochs, Punjabis, Sindhis and Pakhtoons have been attacked by Muhajirs. (Punjabi Pakhtoon Itehad) GEO

-Firing on rallies of PPP and Jamaait Islami. Baloch workers coming out from Liari and Ibrahim Haidri attacked by MQM near Civil Hospital and Korangi Road. Aaj TV. 1-53 pm

-Pakistan Bar Council calls upon all lawyers of Pakistan to hold rallies and sit-ins for release of Chief Justice from Airport Lounge. (PBC & SBC)

-Chief Justice will have to go back to Islamabad. (MQM Minister Wasim Akhter) ARY TV. 1-55

-Entire Shah-e-Rahe Faisal is under attack by terrorists. Buses and cars are burning. (Aziz Jan of Sindh Tv and Manzoor Shaikh of KTN) 1-50 pm.

-PPP, ML N and MMA leaders say that the people of Sindh, Punjab, NWFP, Balochistan and Seraiki support the integrity & courage of the Chief Justice.

-Women Rally of Muslim League Nawaz, PPP and Sindhiani Tahreek attacked by terrorists. KTN 2-11 pm

– Dead bodies of lawyers and Opposition workers are lying in different areas. 3 dead bodies found in TNT colony, 2 near security printing press and 2 near kala board. (Arbab Chandio of KTN) KTN, ARY and Sindh Tv.

-2 workers of Nawaz League killed by MQM. (Zafar Iqbal) 2-13 pm.

-6 workers of MQM have been killed by ARD and MMA workers, new reference be filed against Chief Justice. (Wasim Akhter of MQM)

-Trains and Buses coming from interior Sindh attacked by MQM workers. Aaj Tv

-Jinnah Airport is under siege (Dodo Chandio of KTN) 2-18 pm

-Sunni Tahreek leader Sohail Qadri killed by ruling party Mutahida (MQM) terrorists. Aaj & TV-1 2-30 pm

-KTN reporter Hadi Sangi attacked. KTN 2-12 pm

-Edhee Centre driver killed by terrorists. ARY, GEO TV 2-10 pm

-Bomb blast near Maleer. KTN 2-22 pm

-Karachi is ours. PPP, ML-N, ARD, MMA, PONM, Awami Tahreek, Jamaait Islami, JUI, JUP, Sunni Tahreek, Tahreek Insaf and ANP are united they will not bow before terrorists. ARY & Aaj Tv 2-33 pm

-PPP workers Fahad Khan and Aslam and Jamaait worker Shujait and Sindhi labour Rahmatullah Buriro murdered by MQM terrosits. Aaj TV and KTN 2-40 pm

-Awami Tahreek Central Leader and President of Jacobabad Nawaz Kandrani murdered by MQM terrorists near Karachi Airport. Firing on Awami Tahreek Rally. Rasool Bux Palijo, Wishnoo Mal, Sayed Alam Shah, Mohammad Khan Bhurgri, Qadir Ranto and Sindhiani Tahreek leaders give strike call for tomorow. Aaj, KTN & Sindh TV 3-04 pm

MQM apologists

MQM apologists

By Kazim Aizaz Alam

A blog that I regularly read had some obnoxious comment by the blog writer recently. She said she supported the MQM because it was against the Taliban. As she lived in Karachi, she said, she was threatened that if the Taliban took over, they would put her ‘liberty’ in danger.

So the moral of the story is that if you want your ‘liberty’ intact in Karachi you will have to support the MQM. OK, but may I ask her who burnt half a dozen lawyers alive after locking them up in Tahir Chambers on main M A Jinnah Road on April 11, 2008? And who held the whole swathes of Karachi hostage on May 12, 2007, and killed at least 52 people in broad daylight? And what to talk of ‘liberty’ when just a couple of months ago, the MQM instigated a pogrom in certain Pakhtun-dominated areas of Karachi and blatantly killed innocent people?

As late as 1995-96, our ‘liberals’ were downplaying the threat of the Taliban in Karachi (and I have a strong reason to say this). In Karachi University when someone I know referred to the fate of Najibullah (who was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan) and went on to predict that Talibanisation was a real threat to Pakistani society, these ‘liberals’ rubbished it. Now well after a decade they have come to realise the omnipresent ghost of the Taliban – but only to prop up another Frankenstein’s monster in shape of the fascist MQM to counter the Taliban. What kind of political sagacity is this?

Don’t Pakhtun women living in Karachi have a right to enjoy these ‘civil liberties’ without being persecuted by MQM goons? The MQM has been the worst thing that ever happened to Karachi’s body politic. Its fascist outlook can’t be undone by mere sloganeering against the Taliban. I hate to be personal and attack people’s views directly on the internet but I feel simply disgusted when people think that the MQM (which is more of a killing squad than a political party) can fight the Taliban. They say this as if the MQM could stop the Taliban by the magnitude of its ‘massive’ following (which I doubt goes beyond even two lakh, that too in a few selected localities, who turn up every time there’s a rent-a-rally call by the pir of London).

Their argument, if extended, will probably lead to the conclusion that the US invasion of Afghanistan was alright because it freed the Afghan nation from the clutches of the Taliban. Underlining this argument is a mute admission that the Afghans weren’t able to bring about a political change themselves, and that as a consequence warranted a US military intervention.

So much for a good, foreign education!

4 Comments on “MQM apologists”

  1. Khaled Says:

    March 6, 2009 at 10:49 am@ writer
    It seems that you have habit of lieing, guess following the footsteps of Hitlers Information Minister who was the famouse lair of all time.

    Kindly tell only 2 names of lawyers burnt by MQM.

    This is my open challenge to you, and if you can’t name them you should apologies for your lies.

  2. kazimalam Says:

    Six lawyers burnt alive in Karachi

    Two women among those killed in building housing lawyers’ chambers; five others die in city violence; rival lawyers clash

    The News

    April 10, 2008

    By Salis bin Perwaiz

    KARACHI: Eleven people were killed, at least six of them feared to be lawyers, and several others injured when violence broke out in various parts of the city following a clash between two groups of lawyers outside the City Courts on Wednesday afternoon.

    The most horrifying incident took place at Tahir Plaza, where six charred bodies including those of two women were recovered. The police said that the six bodies were of lawyers. The rioters also torched around 50 vehicles in different parts of the metropolis.

    The clash between the lawyers at the City Court left eight members of the MQM Legal Aid Committee injured, who were taken to the Civil Hospital. They were identified as Javed Hashmi, Aurangzeb, Shagufta Ijaz and others. Soon after, violence gripped the city, with masked armed men roaming around firing in the air and torching vehicles.

    There was unprecedented violence in the vicinity of the City Courts, where unidentified miscreants locked the main gate of the Tahir Plaza, situated opposite the courts. There are more than 200 offices of lawyers in the building. The miscreants opened indiscriminate fire at the building and later set it ablaze.

    The five people who were burnt beyond recognition were trapped for four hours inside Tahir Plaza, a building near the City Courts housing lawyers’ offices. “We had to break the lock to enter the room and during search we found the charred bodies.”

    Fives bodies were recovered from the sixth floor, where Aftab Abbasi, an advocate, had an office.


  3. chchu-mukkar Says:

    March 8, 2009 at 5:47 amI am baffled that educated people of Karachi can only take an X-cabbie as a leader?
    Kaloo is a parasite and a traitor; for starting the ethnically supercharged political environment in our lovely city Karachi.
    Last thing I want to hear is ignorant people talking about greatest scarify made by people of Karachi in 1947. It was Punjabis coming across the border who got slaughtered; educated Indian Muslims, that now Kaloo seems to tell every one he belongs to, came on the boat. You ignorant, parasitical morons go read your history; you cell phone snatchers!
    Kaloo is in state of paranoia and is an incidental learner; he does not seem to get it right the first time:
    He starts a party MQM calls it Muhajir movement (I dare to disagree with this term – what about others who migrated and did not speak Urdu? Are they not Muhajir; who gave Kalo the authority to reduce sons and daughters of finest Muslims of India who moved from India to be called Muhair for rest of their life; even after their sons and daughters have born in Pakistan? ).
    Then kaloo learns it’s not flying well with everyone nationally or internationally, kalo tries to fit in and changes with is decree to Mutahida. I truly believe it Mustaqill Quomi Musibet!
    From the 83’s onwards a truly peaceful city and its people have been stuck with the fool! I want to know who killed Azeem Tariq; Hakeem Saeed and other nobilities. Who threatens living nobilities like Edhi? Who reduces a well trained and groomed (Musharaf) brave national hero an army general to an Urdu speaking only general, an ethnic hero?
    I firmly believe that when people can not see beyond their feet they can not get much far, and this is the story of MQM. They are as much to blame of current Pakistani mess as are the Taliban and any other kind of mafia. What was the judgment of the Canadian court?
    We will take Karachi (Pakistan Juggler v) back from kalo and his thugs. Remember, when you have small dreams you become a small person/nation. To achieve big things you have to dream big and that includes thinking beyond ethnicity.
    Long live Pakistan; Log live Karachi!
    Kaloo murdaba

Is This MQM At Work In Balochistan?

[Nearly all of the terror attacks in Karachi, or anywhere else they are staged in Sindh, involve young men riding motorcycles.  Many assassins in Punjab have been on motorcycles as well.  It is a reasonable assumption that the same thing is happening around Quetta.  Karachi, Balochistan and Occupied Kashmir have been special areas of interest for the MQM militants, and all have suffered from motorcycle riding terrorists—NOT Taliban, but anti-Taliban.  SEE:  Witnesses term Tahir Plaza attack ‘pre-planned arson’] 

2 FC men among dozen injured in Quetta blast

QUETTA: A powerful blast occurred at Jinnah Road in Quetta, injuring at least dozen people, including two Frontier Corps personnel.
According to police, the bomb planted on a motorbike exploded outside a local hotel located at the Jinnah Road. Two FC personnel were also among the injured, hospital sources confirmed.
The police and law enforcement agencies cordoned off the area immediately after the blast and started investigation.
While the injured were rushed to Civil and CMH hospitals. Out of 12, two injured are said to be in critical state.
The bomb disposal squad claimed that the bomb was planted on a motorcycle, which was blown up through a time device.

No Direction Home: Pakistan and the Imperial Principle

No Direction Home: Pakistan and the Imperial Principle

Chris Floyd

February 5, 2010

Here’s the way the game works. First you get the outright lie, then later, in dribs and drabs, you get a few, grudging crumbs of the truth.

For example, first you get: “No, there are no Blackwater operatives in Pakistan. None. That’s just a conspiracy theory, terrorist propaganda. These kinds of lies just make it harder for us to do good in the region.” Then later: “Well, yes, we do have Blackwater operatives in Pakistan. But, uh, we don’t actually cut their checks directly in the Pentagon.”

Or what about this more recent example? First: “The United States has no troops in Pakistan. None. We are not going to send troops to Pakistan. That’s just wild talk, a conspiracy theory. And it makes it harder for us to do good in the region.”

Then later: “Well, yes, we do have a few troops in Pakistan. All right, a couple hundred. But that’s it. We promise. And they’re just training their counterparts in Pakistan’s military. Oh yeah, and also working alongside paramilitary militias in the frontier regions. And maybe, you know, following up on some of our drone strikes. That is, our alleged drone strikes, because we are not, as you know, officially admitting that we are carrying out an ever-accelerating campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan, although if we were, these strikes would be very surgical, and the hundreds of people who might have been killed in just the past few months by these strikes, if they happened, would have all been vicious savage murdering 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! terrorists. But other than these 200 troops we have in Pakistan now, we have no troops in Pakistan. Never have. Except, of course, for the 12 American troops who have been killed in, well, battle, in, er, Pakistan since 2001. But that’s it. Look me in the eye; would I lie to you?”

Yes, yet another aspect of what must be the most unsecret secret war in history has been rumbled. American troops are on the ground in Pakistan – and getting killed there. As the world now knows, three American soldiers were killed in a roadside bombing (which also killed six Pakistanis, as if anyone cares) in a remote frontier province in Pakistan this week. The bombing took place in an area that had supposedly been cleared in the savage, swoopstake “counterinsurgency” operations launched by Pakistan at America’s insistence. (Operations which, we were told at the time, had no American involvement whatsoever.)

Yet as the Pakistani paper The News points out, this massive “clearing” operation – which cleared more than a million people from their homes as they fled the fighting – could not stop the insurgents from placing a huge 70kg bomb “in an area that had reportedly been ‘cleared’ and moreover plant it on such a high-profile target that should have been guarded as closely as possible given that ‘foreign visitors’ were on their way. Nobody noticed a 70kg bomb being buried in the road?”

All this might suggest to a cynic that our much-ballyhooed “counterinsurgency doctrines” (and they are indeed treated as holy writ, handed down by St. David Petraeus) are not, perhaps, as entirely effective as they might be – especially considering the vast cost in innocent life they exact, and the hatred and extremism they engender.

Noel Shachtman at Wired has a couple of useful roundups (here and here) on the latest revelations of our sure-enough war in Pakistan. But equally revealing are some of the remarks he passes along from readers, and his own response: exchanges which demonstrate that, sadly, it is not only our elites who are marinated in “a sense of imperial entitlement and dominance” (as we noted here the other day).

Shachtman notes how the new revelations give the glaring lie to the solemn promises made by Obama’s “special envoy” to the region, Richard Holbrooke. Speaking in Brussels last May, Holbrooke declared:

“The heart of the problem for the West is in western Pakistan. But there are not going to be US or NATO troops on the ground in Pakistan. There is a red line for the government of Pakistan and one which we must respect,” he said.

(Parenthetically, isn’t it rather strange that the “heart of the problem” for our militarist mandarins always seems to lie outside the borders of the country they are ravaging? So the “real problem” in Afghanistan lies in Pakistan. And, as we were told repeatedly for years, the “real problem” in Iraq was actually Iran, whose nuke-mad mullahs kept stirring up our lazy, docile darkies in Iraq. Tony Blair stuck to this line, well, religiously in his recent canard-o-rama at the Iraq inquiry in London. It was Iran who caused all our problems in Iraq, he said over and over; in fact, he mentioned Iran 58 times in the course of his testimony, much of which was aimed at fomenting new war fever against Tehran.)

Shachtman also notes the fact that the Americans killed in Pakistan this week were not, by the Pentagon’s own admission, super-duper secret agents, but part of a straightforward “counterinsurgency” program: “a widening war,” as he says, rightly.

Then comes a pushback from various warbloggers. First, the pseudonymous Islamophobe armchair warrior “Rusty Shackleford” (I guess cowardice in the service of virtue is no vice, eh, Rusty?) weighs in:

“Admitting that we have troops on the ground engaged in combat roles would — literally — lead to a civil war in Pakistan. .. It is a catch-22, ironic, and duplicitous: but calling this a war is the same thing as losing it. Me, I’m willing to be called two-faced for sake of winning a war. Those that prefer consistency over victory are misguided.”

This is wilful ignorance with a vengeance. Obviously, Pseudo-Warrior believes that Pakistanis are too stupid to notice foreign troops fighting on their own soil. So as long as we don’t admit “that we have troops on the ground engaged in combat roles,” then those dumb Pakis will never know! Man, that’s some crafty, subtile strategy there.

Shachtman then gives us the views of “Uncle Jimbo” at Blackfive:

It is fair to point out that the ops in Pakistan are more tightly tied to a shooting war than many others, but does that mean we should take them and shine a bunch of bright lights on them? … There is plenty of oversight operating where it belongs in classified briefings… The political environment in Pakistan is delicate as Hell so we properly tread lightly. A bunch of breathless stories about the mere possibility that we are cooperating more w/ Pakistan or that heaven forbid the evil Blackwater mercenaries are helping load drones doesn’t make doing any good there easier… It is smart and a proper use of Special Forces. Now let’s stop making their jobs harder by acting like something nefarious is going on.

Shachtman replies, reasonably, that, as noted, the Pakistanis already know what’s going on in their own country, and that “secrecy is only fueling the paranoia and conspiracy theories — not to mention depriving Americans of their right to know how their blood and treasure is being spent.” Shachtman also, perhaps out of courtesy, refrains from commenting on Jimbo’s touching naiveté that our always wise and competent leaders will provide all the necessary “oversight” in their secret briefings.

But despite this display of common sense, Shachtman feels compelled to establish his own “tough realist” credentials. In response to Jimbo’s claim that telling the truth about the U.S. war in Pakistan “doesn’t make doing any good there easier,” Shachtman hastens to reply:

I hear that. And if this were some other, relatively small-scale SF operation (cough Yemen cough), I’d agree 100%.

And there you have it: the quintessential, unconscious response of the fully marinated modern American. Shachtman is not at all opposed to imperial agents carrying out deadly attacks in foreign lands at peace with the United States. Theprinciple of unlimited violence — the right of America to kill people anytime, anywhere in the world — is never questioned. The only argument that “serious” people can have concerns the application of this principle; i.e., is it in our best interest to killthese people now, or wait until later, or maybe kill some other people instead, or build a few more schools while we’re killing people or — and this is as radical as our “serious” discourse allows — should we even maybe hold off on killing people for just a little while, to let the lesser breeds cool down a bit, and rebuild our busted finances?

As we noted here the other day:

Our elites and their courtiers [and their commentators] literally cannot imagine life without a permanent war for global dominance, fueled by a gargantuan war machine spread across hundreds and hundreds of bases implanted in more than 100 countries.

And so these debates between chest-beating militarists and more thoughtful “moderates” over the proper application of imperial violence in foreign lands will go on. Because until the empire is dismantled — until we bring America home — there will be no end to these wars and op and “interventions,” secret, open, two-faced or otherwise. And no end to the blowback of violence and retrogression they produce.

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Link: www.chris-floyd.com/component/content/article/1-latest-news/1920-no-direction-ho

World Economic Collapse About To Overtake European Union

The European Commission Uses New Lisbon Treaty Powers to Crack Down on Greek Spending

Greece, Spain and Portugal are in big trouble and the credibility of the euro is in trouble as a result. Greek leaders were given one month, February 2010, to slash out-of-control public spending and come up with a convincing austerity plan. Panicked by the spectre of economic collapse, the European commission stepped in to demand urgent action to save the Greek economy and protect the euro.

EU economics commissioner, Joaquin Almunia said:

“The huge imbalances [in] the Greek economy are not sustainable in the long run. The fact of the matter is that markets are putting on pressure. This pressure cannot be ignored.”

EU demanding urgent economic improvement from Greece, Spain and Portugal

EU concern bordering on hysteria spread to Spain and Portugal, two other eurozone countries where public spending is out of control. Both countries have become steadily less competitive since joining the euro.

George Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister, is raising fuel tax and freezing public sector wages to prevent economic collapse. But Brussels, Germany and the European Central Bank say the measures are not enough to save the Greek economy. The EU is worried that other ‘Club Med’ nations in the eurozone will continue to spend profligately if Greece is not whipped into line as an example.

First use of new powers made legal by the Lisbon Treaty

Consequently, EU officials are using new powers under the Lisbon Treaty to restructure pensions, health provision, job markets and commerce and the Greek government will be made to report progress monthly to the European masters in Brussels and accept any measures they may impose.

Almunia admits, or boasts perhaps:

“This is the first time we have established such an intense and quasi-permanent system of monitoring.”

“The EU has made Greece into an ‘economic protectorate’ “

Some Greek voices on the left say Brussels has in effect taken Greece over as an economic protectorate. However, the EU may ultimately find it has no choice but to call in the IMF to aid and restructure the Greek economy.

Greece’s labour unions responded to the EU’s action by calling a general strike on February 24 and it looks as though there is battle ahead. Greeks are unwilling to take the living standard cuts demanded by fat cats in Brussels, who are these days exceedingly fat and not subject to control themselves. The EU’s own accounts have not been approved for years and the eurocrats are shameless despite constant talk in Europe about abuse of the vast sums of taxpayers’ money they handle and abuse of expenses.

The German government – which has the economic clout to save the Greeks – is doggedly refusing to help, seeing no reason why it should suffer becauseGreece has overspent. And the German people are unwilling to bail out another nation even if it is a southern neighbour.

Spain meanwhile has a budget deficit running at 11.4pc and one of its largest banks, BBVA, announced a 94% drop in profits for 2009. Spain’s mortgage association has said the country’s real estate sector is ‘bankrupt’ and four million Spaniards are unemployed. It may not be long before the EU deploys its new powers and its Greek austerity policy in Spain.

As Brussels imposes austerity on Greece to save the euro, will Spain and Portugal be next?

So as Eurozone cracks are widening between the richer nations and their poorer neighbours, the Eurocrats in Brussels are cracking the whip. One banker has likened the situation in Greece to the days before the failure of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers in 2008. Except that in this case a country is involved, not a couple of banks. It’s too early to say whether Greece, Spain and Portugal will take the lashing or not, but the future of the euro depends on the outcome of this clash between these European ‘regions’ and the bureacratic centre.

US to launch Fallujah-style attack in Afghanistan

US to launch Fallujah-style attack in Afghanistan

Bill Van Auken

WSWS, February 6, 2010

As US and British troops prepare to attack the town of Marjah in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, military commanders and the media are openly comparing the operation to the November 2004 siege of Fallujah, one of the bloodiest war crimes of the Iraq war.

The operation in central Helmand province, long an area of intense resistance to the US-led occupation, will constitute the largest military offensive since Washington invaded the country in October 2001. At least 15,000 troops are expected to lay siege to the Helmand river valley town, which has 80,000 inhabitants and is said by the US military to be a stronghold of the Taliban.

A total of 125,000 people live in the district around Marjah, which is an agricultural center 350 miles west of Kabul. The population has been swelled by Afghans fleeing villages occupied by US Marines last summer, following President Barack Obama’s order shortly after he took office to send 21,000 more troops into Afghanistan.

US Marines, frustrated and enraged over casualties suffered at the hands of an unseen enemy who is able to attack and then blend back into the local population, will be unleashed against the town in a violent military assault, with predictable results.

Brigadier General Larry Nicholson, commander of the US Marines in southern Afghanistan, spelled out the character of the upcoming offensive. Those found in Marjah would have three options. “One is to stay and fight and probably die,” he said. “The second one is to make peace with his government and reintegrate.” The third would be to attempt to escape, “In which case we’ll probably have some people out there waiting on them as well.”

“We’re going to go in big,” said Nicholson, commander of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade. “I’m not looking for a fair fight,” he added.

In a highly unusual move, the US command has publicly announced plans for the offensive. “It’s a little unconventional to do it this way, but it gives everybody a chance to think through what they’re going to do before suddenly in the dark of night they’re hit with an offensive,” said General Stanley McChrystal, the senior US commander in Afghanistan.

The stated intention of revealing the target of the upcoming offensive is to allow civilians to flee before the Marines move in. It also provides a preemptive alibi for the US offensive by painting those who fail to heed the warning as die-hard Taliban who deserve to be killed.

Stratfor, a military-intelligence web site with close ties to the US state apparatus, reported Thursday that “the assault is likely to include the cordoning off of the area, so many of the fighters dedicated to its defense will probably be forced to fight to the death or surrender.”

The article continued: “With assaults on Fallujah and Ramadi in Iraq under their belts, the Marines are experienced with this sort of urban assault.”

What is the record of urban assaults of “this sort”?

The Marine assault on Fallujah in November 2004 reduced most of the city of 300,000 people to rubble, as warplanes dropped thousands of tons of explosives and helicopter gunships and battle tanks fired missiles into buildings and strafed the area with cannon fire.

The US military command claimed to have killed 2,000 “insurgents,” but the real death toll remains unknown. Civilians who remained in the town were subjected to the same bombardment. Some were shot to death during the door-to-door raids that followed, and others were killed while fleeing. Wounded fighters were summarily executed, and medical facilities were targeted for military attack. All those in the city were denied food, water and electricity for more than 10 days.

The operation was a vicious exercise in collective punishment against the population of Fallujah for the killing there of four Blackwater mercenaries and the city’s protracted resistance to foreign occupation. It embodied the criminality of the entire war and was characterized by multiple and gross violations of the laws of war.

If American military commanders are to be believed, a similar operation is being prepared in Afghanistan, and for similar reasons. The town of Marjah is to be turned into a killing field.

As in Fallujah, vengeance plays a role. US military forces have seen a steady escalation in casualties over the past year, while the CIA suffered a humiliating attack at the end of December that left seven of its operatives dead on the Afghan border.

In Afghanistan, as in Iraq, the US military command sees value in making an example of a population center known as a center of resistance to occupation, sending a message to the entire country that such resistance is futile and will be met with slaughter and destruction.

This bloodletting is officially justified in the name of a never-ending struggle against terrorism. Behind the propaganda, the driving force of the war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, is the attempt by America’s ruling elite to counter the crisis of US capitalism through the use of force and the seizure of strategic positions in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, both centers of vast energy reserves.

A year ago, when Barack Obama entered the White House, there existed hope among broad layers of the American people that his inauguration would turn such words as Fallujah, Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, Blackwater, torture and rendition into the lexicon of a dark and shameful, but closed, chapter in US history.

The preparation of the Marjah offensive only underscores that, far from being ended, the crimes of the Bush administration are continuing and escalating under the Democratic president.

Today there are more US troops deployed abroad in colonial-style wars and occupations than under Bush, and the killing has spread from Iraq and Afghanistan to Pakistan and Yemen. The Obama administration is seeking $322 billion for the two ongoing wars and occupations, a figure that will doubtless be swelled by further demands for “supplemental” funding.

The supposed candidate of “hope” and “change” has emerged ever more clearly as the hand-picked agent of sections of the political establishment and military-intelligence complex that wanted to effect certain tactical changes in policy, while continuing to employ militarism abroad and wage a relentless assault on the working class at home.

American working people cannot accept a new round of war crimes carried out in their name. The demand for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all US and other foreign troops from Afghanistan must be joined with a political offensive against the Obama administration and the financial oligarchy that it defends.

Bill Van Auken

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