US Arms Fuelling the Fire That Threatens the World

U.S. Sells Arms to South Asian Rivals

Washington Increases Weapons Transfers to India and Pakistan to Maintain Neutrality, Aid Industry


The Obama administration is sharply expanding American weapons transfers to both India and Pakistan, longtime rivals about to sit down for peace talks Thursday.

The U.S. has sought to remain neutral in the thorny relationship between the nuclear-armed neighbors. But Washington hasn’t been shy about pursuing weapons deals in the region, which officials say will lead to closer ties with each country while creating new opportunities for American defense firms.


The U.S. has made billions of dollars in weapons deals with India, which is in the midst of a five-year, $50 billion push to modernize its military.

At the same time, American military aid to Pakistan stands to nearly double next year, allowing Islamabad to acquire more U.S.-made helicopters, night-vision goggles and other military equipment. The aid has made it easier for Pakistan to ramp up its fight against militants on the Afghan border, as the U.S. tries to convince Islamabad that its biggest security threat is within the country, not in India.

During a late January trip to Islamabad, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the U.S. would for the first time give Pakistan a dozen surveillance drones, a longstanding Pakistani request.

But India and Pakistan have each been irked when the U.S. made big-ticket weapons sales or transfers to the other. India lobbied against recent U.S. legislation giving Pakistan billions of dollars in new nonmilitary aid; the measure passed. A top Pakistani diplomat warned last week that a two-year-old civilian nuclear deal between the U.S. and India could threaten Pakistan’s national security by making it easier for India to covertly build more nuclear weapons.

Washington’s relationships with the two nations are very different. India, which is wealthier and larger than its neighbor, pays for weapons purchases with its own funds. Pakistan, by contrast, uses American grants to fund most of its arms purchases. A new U.S. counterinsurgency assistance fund for Pakistan is slated to increase from $700 million in fiscal year 2010 to $1.2 billion in fiscal year 2011.

“We do straight commercial deals with India, while Pakistan effectively uses the money we give them to buy our equipment,” said a U.S. official who works with the two countries. “But we think that’s ultimately in our national interest because it makes the Pakistanis more capable of dealing with their homegrown terrorists.”

India is one of the largest buyers of foreign-made munitions, with a long shopping list which includes warships, fighter jets, tanks and other weapons. Its defense budget is $30 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, a 70% increase from five years ago. The country is preparing its military to deal with multiple potential threats, including conflict with Pakistan. Tensions have recently flared between India and China over territorial claims along their border. China defeated India in a short war in 1962.

“For 2010 and 2011, India could well be the most important market in the world for defense contractors looking to make foreign military sales,” said Tom Captain, the vice chairman of Deloitte LLP’s aerospace and defense practice.

Russia has been India’s main source of military hardware for decades, supplying about 70% of equipment now in use. Moscow is working to keep that position, with talks ongoing to sell India 29 MiG-29K carrier-borne jet fighters, according to an Indian Defense Ministry spokesman.

The Obama administration is trying to persuade New Delhi to buy American jet fighters instead, a shift White House officials say would lead to closer military and political relations between India and the U.S. It would also be a bonanza for U.S. defense contractors, and has dispatched senior officials such as Mr. Gates to New Delhi to deliver the message that Washington hopes India will choose American defense firms for major purchases in the years ahead.

Shortly after a late January visit by Mr. Gates—on the same tour that took him to Islamabad—In late January, the administration signed off on India’s request to purchase 145 U.S.-made howitzers, a $647 million deal.Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Mr. Gates’s visit didn’t affect the substance or timing of the howitzer purchase.

That came days after India formally expressed its intent to purchase 10 cargo transport aircraft from Boeing Co. in a deal analysts say could be worth more than $2 billion. Last year, India spent $2.1 billion on eight Boeing long-range Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft for the Indian navy.

Still in the pipeline is India’s planned $10 billion purchase of 126 multirole combat aircraft for its air force. U.S. firms Boeing and Lockheed Martin Corp. are vying with Russia and European companies for that deal, which would be a near-record foreign sale for the firms. An agreement last summer allowing the U.S. to monitor the end-use of arms it sells to India is expected to facilitate such deals.

“That’s the biggest deal in the world right now,” said Mr. Captain. “If it goes to an American firm, that would be the final nail in the coffin in terms of India shifting its allegiance from Russia to the U.S.”

Successive U.S. administrations have worked hard to build closer military, economic and commercial ties with India. In its final days in office, the Bush administration signed a civilian nuclear pact with India which has cleared the way for American firms to build two nuclear plants in India in deals worth billions of dollars.

The Obama administration, which sees India as a valuable counterweight to China, is negotiating new export control and communications security agreements with New Delhi that would make it easier for American firms to sell more arms and high-technology equipment to India.

There have also been symbolic U.S. efforts to build warmer ties with India. When President Barack Obama threw his first state dinner recently, it was held in honor of visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Arvind Kadyan, a researcher at India’s nonprofit Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, said India was likely to continue to do big deals with Russia.

“That situation can’t change overnight, because we have such a long association with them,” Mr. Kadyan said.

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The Reality of It All

The Reality of It All

renrivers1 (AOL)

We as a nation have lost sight of the realities. What was, what was suppose to be, and what is, are not the same. We are fighting wars in places we have no place being, and giving billions of dollars in aid to countries that are becoming rich, while our country becomes poor.

We have lost sight of what America was supposed to be. We can’t heal the world, while our own country lays dying in sickness and poverty, nor should we be expected to. At the same time, we shouldn’t be trying to influence the whole world with our political and religious beliefs.

I quit the church because they kept wanting money for the “missions, and building fund,” while they were letting people in our own community who were disabled and down on their luck suffer. My grandmother always said, “Clean up your own backyard, before you start trying to clean up others,” and I am a firm believer in that.

As an American citizen, and a Vietnam veteran I am ashamed at what our country has become over the last century. All of this talk about a world economy, and the New World Order is going to be our down fall. We have allowed the left wing-liberals, and the right-wing fascist, to take over our government. Americans puts more money in other countries through government aid, and “Sunday School donations,” than can be imagined, while the suffering in our own cities and villages never ends. We have allowed foreign powers, and illegal immigrants to come into our country and steal our very soul, and break our own economy. All of this as part of our desire to dominate the world through politics and religion, Sure I sympathize with the plight of people in other countries, but I believe that we have an obligation and a responsibility to take care of our own citizen first and foremost.

We have become a country that is on the one hand afraid of our own shadow; i.e the “war on terror,” and on the other, a fascist regime set on an attempt at world domination. In the process we are becoming a third world country, and a welfare state.

We have allowed what were once American driven companies to become world power conglomerations, who have take good jobs, that were once America’s life’s force, and allowed them to be sent overseas with no penalty, and at the expense of the American citizenry. We have allowed them in their greed to form monopolies and conglomerations that that make a few men and women wealthy beyond reason in the name of capitalism, and in the process we have become no better off than our forefathers who were ruled by feudalism, where a few rich elite held sway over the masses. We have allowed our leaders to send our children and grandchildren into foreign lands to fight, and for some to die while others become hopelessly maimed, not for prevailing threats against our life, liberty, or happiness, but for the enrichment of greedy millionaires, billionaires, and the multinational conglomerations they own. We have invaded sovereign nations, influenced elections, and overthrown freely elected governments at the expense of millions of lives, all perpetrated by lies and deceit, for the benefit of nothing but greedy capitalist who desire to control the world and make peasants of all of us, while they become rich and maintain powers no man deserves.

Are there solutions to these problems? Yes, there are, but it’s going to take a whole new revolution and mindset to ever do it. Why is it so unreasonable to believe that there should not be limits on the amount of wealth that any one individual or family should be allowed to accumulate? Why is it unreasonable to believe that companies and corporations should be limited on the amount of holding they can have? I am not advocating that the government should own and control everything as in communism, instead I believe that there should be equal and fair limitations set to insure that there is a fair and equal distribution of wealth in this country. I mean how many homes and cars can and do one family use and deserve? Why should one family be allowed to own ten homes across the world, while another American can’t even afford to own one?

I am afraid that our forefathers and we have been sold a “pig-in-the-poke.” Even our constitution was set-up and written by wealthy men, who were not willing to part with the wealth that they had accumulated at the expense of slaves, poor tradesman, and theft from the Native Americans. Many may be surprised to know that at the end of the Revolutionary War, George Washington was the richest man in America, and that men like John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were all millionaires by todays standards. When they wrote all about freedom and liberty, it was about their freedom and liberty. Freedom and justice for all was a blatant lie. They never freed the slaves, they never gave the poor who didn’t own property, and had fought alongside them in the war the right to vote, they never gave women equal rights, and they never made the Native Americans equal partners in the new venture we now call the United States of America. Only George Washington in later years was willing to free his slaves. They didn’t, because they knew if they did, that they would have to relinquish part of the power and wealth that they had accumulated by their crooked dealings and at the expense of everyone they had trampled on, stole from and held in slavery.

My friends and fellow Americans you have been sold a cheap facsimile, of what could have been a great nation, and received no more than a “pig-in-the-poke” in return. Everyone owes it to their children, and their coming generations to educate themselves to what really is, and what really has been in this country, and what lies have been told, and realize what fools we have been made out to be. We as Americans owe it to ourselves and our generations to stand, and fight by whatever means are necessary to insure that what has happened is no longer allowed to continue. We must put it all on the line, and realize that in order for our country to be ever be truly great, all men and women must be able to live in a country, devoid of petty prejudice’s, with respect and dignity and a true possibility to live in prosperity and freedom unabated with the shackles that now bind us. Then and only then can we rest assured that our children and their generations will have a future that is filled with hope and justice for all.

171 Reasons Why the Army Is In Balochistan


Police is basically a risky job and police officer has to handle brutal and mindless violence. We are proud that Balochistan Police has always kept dictum of duty before self. The entire nation and the Police department is proud of departed brave and gallant Shaheeds. Martyrs gallery is a humble attempt to pay a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to make our world safe and peaceful.
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. IP Manzoor Hussain 06-07-1985
2. HC/1248 Muhammad Younas 06-07-1985
3. C1293 Fateh Sher 06-07-1985
4. C/873 Yar Muhmmad 06-07-1985
5. C/598 Abdul Karim 25-05-1987
6. SI Najeeb Ullah 21-09-1987
7. HC/1157 Maqbool Hussain 23-01-1989
8. C/290 Khair Muhammad 30-01-1989
9. HC/875Muhammad pervaiz 21-09-1989
10. C/725 Shah Muhammad 07-12-1993
11. C/1802 Karamatullah 08-04-1994
12. C/1200 Shabir Husaain 13-08-1994
13. C/86 Ali Akbar 22-11-1994
14. C/704 Fazal ur Reham 15-09-1995
15. HC/84 Abdul Rashid
16. C/573 Muhammad Anwar 22-11-1995
17. C/2052 Band Ali 1995
18. C/124 Nida Muhammad 17-09-1996
19. C/1717 Nemat Ullah 17-09-1996
20. C/1713 Kheyal Khan 27-09-1996
21. C/2125 Muhammad Iqbal 27-09-1996
22. HC/616 Karamat Husssain 12-01-1997
23. IP Abdul Qadir 04-04-1997
24. C/1667 Muhammad Hashim 04-04-1997
25. C/1831 Abdul Majeed 17-10-1998
26. C/2088 Doctor Khan 06-11-1999
27. C/877 Allah Noor 10-11-1999
28. C/909 Khalil Ahmed 07-01-2000
29. SI Noor Muhammad 03-09-2000
30. HC/2394 Jamil Ahmed 01-11-2002
31. C/2683 Abdul Rahim 01-11-2002
32. C/1687 Mluhammad Akbar 22-11-2000
33. C/578 Faiz Muhammad
34. C/2152 Inayat-ur-Rehman
35. HC/286 Bashir Ahmed 02-01-2003
36. ASI Ch: Ishtiaq Hussain 19-05-2003
37. HC/885 Muhammad Azam 19-05-2003
38. C/2551 Abid Hussain 08-06-2003
39. HC/1418 Muhammad Anwar 06-11-1999
40. RC/1058 Muhmmad Ali 08-06-2003
41. RC/2729 Abdul Hussain 08-06-2003
42. RC/1301 Sajjad Hussain 08-06-2003
43. RC/989 Abbas Ali 08-06-2003
44. RC/1218 Pervaiz Ali 08-06-2003
45. RC/801 Ghulam Abbas 08-06-2003
46. RC/83 Muhammad Baqir 08-06-2003
47. RC/2660 Muhammad Nabi 08-06-2003
48. RC/2542 Muhammad Jawad 08-06-2003
49. RC/1005 Ghulam Hussain 08-06-2003
50. ASI Zawar Hussain 04-07-2003
51. C/1825 Muhammad Hussain 04-07-2003
52. C/1905 Nisar Hussain Shah 02-03-2004
53. HC/2638 Muhammad Younas 24-09-2004
54. HC/533 Mazhar Hussain 25-09-2004
55. C/1359 Saeed Ahmed 06-09-2005
56. C/3314 Muhammad Safdar 08-11-2005
57. C/2458 Zafar Iqbal 10-01-2006
58. ASI Fateh Khan 20-04-2006
59. C/3316 Haq Nawaz 27-08-2006
60. DSP Muhammad Khalid Gramkani 07-09-2006
61. C/224 Shabbir Abbasi 02-11-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
62. C/2159 Muhammad Yousaf 02-11-2006
63. HC/975 Nazar Hayat 02-11-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. C/247 Muhammad Riaz 06-07-1985
2. C/739 Muhammad Aslam 06-07-1985
3. C/890 Ghulam Ghous 06-07-1985
4. HC/441 Muhammad Riaz 06-07-1985
5. C/1056 Wali Muhmmad 12-03-1986
6. C/1536 Khuda Bakhsh 12-03-1986
7. C/1190 Walayat Ali 03-04-1986
8. C/661 Muhammad Jalal 12-05-1986
9. HC/126 Muhammad Sahulat 03-03-1988
10. C/999 Muhammad Bashir 28-05-1988
11. C/1517 Muhammad Ashraf 28-02-1991
12. HC/19 Muhammad Jaffar 06-01-1994
13. HC/92 Khan Badshsh 04-02-2001
14. HC/885 Muhammad Azam 19-05-2003
15. C/381 Muhammad Afzal 19-05-2003
16. C/56 Allah Nawaz 20-04-2006
17. C/894 Jamal-ud-Din 18-05-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
2. SI Allah Bakhsh 09-07-1980
3. C/72 Dillawar Khan 08-12-1981
4. C/89 Ghulam Sarwar 08-12-1981
5. C/183 Abdul Rahim 08-12-1981
6. HC/267 Rehmatullah 08-12-1981
7. C/474 Hakim Ali 09-03-1982
8. SI Abdul Manan 17-09-1982
9. C/732 Ashiq Hussain Shah 03-07-1986
10. C396 Munir Ahmed 18-12-1987
11. SI Gul Namali 28-12-1989
12. HC/1984 Muhammad Ashraf 19-05-1990
13. HC/948 Muhammad Rashid 20-09-1991
14. C/313 Manzoor Hussain 15-05-1992
15. HC/849 M.Nawaz 22-03-1993
16. IP Malik Muhammad Ali 23-04-1999
17. C/1136 Hazor khan 29-12-1999
18. SI Muhammad Aslam 29-09-2000
19. C/924 Hamid Ali 09-12-2001
20. C/516 IkramUllah 09-12-2001
21. C/160 Nawab Khan 09-06-2003
22. C/398 Muhammal Suleman 09-06-2003
23. HC/965 Abdul Sattar 19-08-2003
24. HC/573 Haro Khan 19-10-2003
25. C/937 Rahim Bakhsh 19-10-2003
26. C/407 Naurang Khan 24-10-2003
27. C/1251 Samandar Khan 24-10-2003
28. SI Ghazi Khan 04-04-2003
29. C/1074 Liaquat Ali 11-05-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. ASI Sardar Muhammad 23-04-1999
2. C/492 Ghulam Muhammad 31-08-1999
3. DIGP Abdul Aziz Bullo 09-06-2003
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. C/245 Dost Ali 25-04-2001
2. Hc/398 Muhammad Sulaman 09-06-2003
3. C/794 Rahim Dad 11-03-2006
4. HC/742 Feroz Khan 07-05-2006
5. C/285 Naseebullah 11-05-2006
6. C/402 Bagan Khan 11-05-2006
7. C/35 Ali Sher 11-05-2006
8. SI Liaquat Ali 15-05-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. c/226 Saifullah 21-06-2001
2. C/12 Surat Khan 09-05-2004
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. C/379 Jan Muhammad 17-04-1998
2. C/384 Ghulam Hassan 17-05-2005
3. IP/SHO Muhammad Hayat 03-06-2006
4. ASI Dad Khuda 14-02-2007
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. Si Muhammad Shabir 17-05-2001
2. C/1542 Farooq Ahmed 17-05-2001
3. ASI Zaka Ullah 06-11-2001
4. HC/2357 Muhammad Javed 06-11-2004
5. C/2357 Musa Jan 02-08-2004
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. C/424 Jamil Ahmed 24-08-2004
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. SI Manzoor Ahmed 14-07-2004
2. HC/1 Gul Muhammad 14-07-2004
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. HC/202 Nazar Muhammad 11-05-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. C/72 Eid Muhammad 23-05-1999
2. C/64 Basand Khan 23-05-1999
3. C/393 Ghulam Hussain 11-05-2000
4. C/370 Muhammad Iqbal 01-11-2006
5. C/381 Abdul Wahid 01-11-2006
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. IP Abdul Rehman 05-09-1974
2. SI Muhammad 05-09-1974
3. ASI Din Muhammad 05-09-1974
4. ASI Sharif Muhammad 05-09-1974
5. HC/1627 Abdullah 05-09-1974
6. NK 1386 Muhammad Bakhsh 05-09-1974
7. NK 1693 Muhammad Azeem 05-09-1974
8. NK 1673 Saleh Muhammad 05-09-1974
9. C/688 Abdul Ghafoor 05-09-1974
10. C/365 Rehmatullah 05-09-1974
11. C/812 Mohim Khan 05-09-1974
12. C/1149 Lal Muhammad 05-09-1974
13. C/400 Abdul Khaliq 05-09-1974
14. C/381 Abdul Rehman 05-09-1974
15. C/406 Abdul Khaliq 05-09-1974
16. NK/1727 Muhammad Yousaf 05-09-1974
17. C/1837 Ghulam Jan 05-09-1974
18. C/595 Nazir Ahmed 10-07-1985
19. C/1609 Ghulam Rasool 10-07-1992
20. C/696 Nazar Muhammad 19-02-1993
21. C/2499 Javed Akaram 23-02-1993
22. C/1921 Obidullah 24-05-1995
23. C/2968 Aurganzaib 06-10-1995
24. C/2832 Ahmed Khan 05-12-1995
25. C/292 Sher Muhammad 24-11-1996
26. C/2617 Ali Hassan 28-11-1996
27. C/2802 Mukhtar Hussain 03-07-1997
28. C/3338 Ghulam Rasool 09-03-1999
29. C/5721 Mehrullah 14-12-2005
No. Name & Rank of Martyred Date of Martyred
1. RC/147 Zakir Hussain 08-06-2003

361 Reasons Why There Must Be An Anti-Mullah “Jundullah”

[8 of them were named Rigi.]

The Conscious civilized world must stop the Iranian Regime from extra judicial hanging of innocent oppressed Baloch People in Iranian Occupied
Balochistan. Thousand Baloch youths have been hanged in Public by Iranian Mullah.

List of Young Baloch Men  hanged/killed  by Iranian Regime in 2004-2009

ليست بزبان فارسي , اينجا را بزنيد

اسامي تعدادي از اعدام و کشته شدگان بلوچ توسط نيروهاي انتظامي رژيم جمهوري اسلامي ايران.

Amnesty International: Human Rights Abuses against the Baluchi Minority in Iran…click here

Place Hanged/Killed Name Date
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Masoud Ghamshadzahi 20090725
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ayub Rigi 20090725
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Manucher Shahbakhsh 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Hasan Shahuzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolrazaq Rashidi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yaqub Ghamshadzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolbaset Shaihaki 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Edris Noutizahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdoqeyas Didan Naroui 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdosaboor Rakhshan 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Asadullah Wafaee 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolhahaleq Mirbalouchzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Tareq Abadiyan 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yahya Rigi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khalil Ahmad Rigi 20090714
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20090707
Karaj Hanged Khodabakhsh Rigi 20090704
Karaj Hanged Najibullah Gorgij 20090704
Karaj Hanged Jamshid Haleqdadi 20090704
Qum Hanged Mohamad- Kh 20090701
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Dastgoshadeh  Naroi 20090620
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Esmail Qaderi 20090620
Khash Killed Haji Hozoor Bakhsh Shahnawazi 20090608
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Rigi 20090606
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Reza Qalandarzahi 20090606
Zahedan Killed Abdolbasir Mosazahi 20090605
Zahedan-Bam Killed 4 , unknown 20090605
Kerman Hanged 1-5 persons 20090603
Zahedan Killed Saeed Hashomzahi 20090603
Zahedan Killed 10 , unknown 20090531-20090606
Zahedan Hanged Haji Noutizahi 20090508
Zahedan Hanged Qolamrasool Shahuzai 20090508
Zahedan Hanged Zabiullah Naroei 20090508
Khash Killed One , unknown 20090525
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Abdol Qafour – K 20090522
Zabol Killed One , unknown 20090522
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20090515
Hajiabad/Zahedan Killed Allah Nezar Shahbakhsh 20090513
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Reza Qoli – S 20090508
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohammad Mehdi -Kh 20090508
Balochistan Killed 3 , unknown 20090505
Taybad Hanged 8 , unknown 20090502
Khash Hanged Abdolbari Norzahi 20090429
Balochistan/Kerman Killed 4 , unknown 20090420
Zamuran/Balochistan/Pakistan Killed Bibi Moluk 20090414
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Normohamad Ismailzahi 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mojib Rahman Kord 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Babak Kord 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Joma Khan Hossseini 20090310
On the border/Balochistan Killed 6 , unknown 20090308
Iranshahr Killed Behzad – Sh 20090305
Prison of Zahedan Hanged 1 , unknown 20090303
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Khalil Bahramzahi 20090303
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Salahudin Zardkohi 20090303
Mirjaweh Killed 4 , unknown 20090302
Esfahan Hanged Omid 20090221
Taybad Killed 9 , unknown 20090203
Taybad Killed 10 , unknown 20090131
Taybad Killed 6 , unknown 20090121
Taybad Killed 2 , unknown 200901-?
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Bohadoor Naroi 20090103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jalal Akbar Joma Aloshi(Jalal Shirani) 20090103
Nikshahr Hanged Abdolrahman Balochzahi 20081228
Khash Killed Jalal Rigi 20081225
Zabol Hanged Faiz Ahmad Naroi 20081223
Balochistan Killed One , unkonwn 20081220
Prison of Sarakhs Hanged Mohamad Amin Berahui 20081213
Taybad Killed 4 , unknown 20081210
Prison of Zahedan Hanged P – D 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Hanged M – M 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A – R 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Tortured to death Mohamad  Berahui 20081202
Mirjaweh Killed One , unknown 20081202
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A – N 20081129
Prison of Zahedan Hanged H – F 20081129
Taybad Killed 15 , unknown 20081126
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Nohtani 20081124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdullah Dahmardeh 20081124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad  Berahui 20081124
Mirjaweh Killed 4 , unknown 20081118
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Nazir Ahmad Nasiri 20081110
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jamali Bolizadeh 20081110
Balochistan Killed 10 , unkbown 20081108
Balochistan Killed 5 , unknown 20081103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged E – M 20081027
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Kh – N 20081027
Jask Killed Shahmorad 200810-?
Iranshahr Killed 2 , unknown 20081026
Rodbar/Kerman Hanged One , unknown 20081022
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Watan – Y 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Salim 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Zahor – Sh 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Anwar – D 20081021
Zabol Killed Akbar Sancholi 20081016
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Ahmad Wafaee 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Nader Rigi 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Nser Shahbakhsh 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Allah Nezar Kebdani 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shahram Aywani 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ramazan Rafiee 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Sasan Dogushkani 20081013
Kottgan/Zamuran/Pakistan Killed Mulla Salim Sorkizahi 20081010
Balochistan Killed About 38 ,unknown Last 2 months
Zahedan/Sapid sang Killed Abdullah Shahbakhsh 2008.10.06
Zahedan/Sapid sang Killed Hamid Shahbakhsh 2008.10.06
Nikshahr Killed One , unknown 2008.09.26
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 2008.09.18
Iranshahr Killed Mohamad Hossein Borr 2008.08.24
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Habibullah Pirwali 20080826
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Ali Shahraki 20080826
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mojtaba Mozafari 20080826
Sarbaz/Iranshahr Killed Sharif Sarkoeri 20080824
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Bahram  N 20080820
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hassan Sadeqpoor 20080813
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Golmohamad Salehzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Rahim baranzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Lalmohamad Zainadini 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Asadullah Eshaghzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yaghub Mehrnehad 20080804
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolnaser Tahri Sadr 20080804
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080804
Zahedan Hanged Hadi Amri son of Hamid 20080729
Tehran-Evin Hanged Abdolreza Shahbakhsh 20080727
Tehran-Evin Hanged Sohrab Kamalzahi 20080727
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080724
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080724
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080721
Iranshahr Killed Three , unknown 20080720
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080719
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080708
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Mohamad Zareh 20080706
Balochistan Killed Three,Unknown 20080628
Zahedan Killed Abdosamad Shahbax 20080620
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Alireza Berahui 20080616
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Yunes Rahmandost 20080615
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Mohamad Hussein Noorzai 20080615
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080611
Khash-Paskoh Killed Khodad Shohlibor 20080607
Balochistan Killed 7 unknown 20080601
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mousa Narouei 20080531
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Kabali Cheraghi 20080531
Balochistan Killed 9 unknown 20080527
Balochistan Killed 2 unknown 20080519
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080518
Balochistan Killed Farhad Shanbehzai 20080515
Balochistan Killed 4 unknown 20080515
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080426
Balochistan Killed 4 , unknown 20080422
Prison of ESfehan Tortured to death Morad Borokzahi 20080417
Daman Killed Shirbakhsh Sohrabzahi 20080412
Zahedan Disapeared and killed Two girls from Hasshomzahi tribe 20080411
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Abdolqodus Mollazahi 20080409
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Mohamad Yousuf Sohrabi 20080409
Balochistan/Kerman Killed One , unknown 20080406
Sarbaz Killed One , unknown 20080401
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Three,Unknown 20080330
Pishin Killed Three , unknown 20080328
Zahedan Tortured to death Three women from Rigi tribe 20080323
Khash(Gohar Kouh) Killed Alam Khan Shahbax 20080218
Khash(Gohar Kouh) Killed One , known 20080218
Zahedan/Kerman Killed Ahmad Shahbax 20080216
Kerman/Zahedan Killed One , known 20080212
Sarawan Hanged Mohamad Aslam Mobarakzahi 20080131
Balochistan Killed 14 , unknown 200801
Balochistan Killed Son of Molawi Abdolrahman Chabhari 20080112
Giroft Killed 5 , unknown 20080105
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolghayum Shahgi 20080102
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Babudin Karbalaei 20080102
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Two , unknown 20080102
Zahedan Hanged Mehdi Rigi Jawan 20071231
Zahedan Hanged Naser Hadieh Sasoli 20071231
Balochistan Killed Three , unknown 20071226
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ezat Sarani 20071226
Prison of Zahedan Hanged 16 , unknown 20071226
Zahedan Killed One unknown 20071224
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Yaqoub Setodeh 20071218
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khodadad Shahbax 20071217
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamadreza Saleh 20071217
Iranshahr Killed 12, unknown 20071213
Balochistan/Bam Killed Khodadad Naroei 20071204
Qum Hanged Ataullah Polzahi 20071202
Prison of Zahedan Hanged One, unkonwn 20071202
Iranshahr Killed Bakhshok Shohlibor 20071125
Balochistan Killed Three,unknown 20071124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shamsodin Darvakh Gorgij 20071124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mahmudshah Pashtoon 20071124
Saravan Killed Two ,unkonwn 20071113
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Rostam sepahi 20071115
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Nader Klabali 20071111
Balochistan Killed ??-unknown 20071107
Iranshahr Hanged Abdolmajid  A 20071031
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Ismail Barani Piranwand 20071030
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Joma Gamshadzai 20071030
Jakigwar_Sarbaz Killed One , unknown 20071030
Mahan Hanged Two ,unknown 20071028
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Khashi 3/3/86
Yazd Hanged Three unknown 20071027
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A.M 20071025
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Z.Gh. 20071025
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A.M 20071025
Birjand Hanged Five , unknown 20071022
Birjand Killed Two , unkonwn 20071019
Zahedan Hanged A. 20071016
Iranshahr Hanged Two, “Ostadi” in aftername 20071009
Balochistan Killed Six , unknown 20071002
Dashtyari-Chabhar Killed One , unkonwn 20070929
Mahan Hanged Mohamad Bamari 20070912
Mahan Hanged Omar Bamari 20070912
Zahedan Killed Abdolshakor sh. known as Shakori 20070909
Sarbaz Killed One , unkonwn 20070910
Shiraz Hanged Gazawo Mahmudzahi 20070905
Shiraz Hanged Alireza Berahuei 20070905
Khash-Zahedan Killed Two , unknown 20070904
Mirjaweh_Rek Malek” Killed Morad Gamshadzahi 20070828
Iranshahr Hanged Two , unknown 20070824
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shkrollah Kordi Tamandani 20070821
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Chobi Ali 20070821
Koh Sepit-Sarawan Killed Two man from Gamshadzahi tribe 20070821
Jakigwar_Chabhar Killed Rezaei Nohani 20070817
Sarbaz Killed Mola Shahbax Derakhshan 20070817
Zahedan Killed Two unknown, 20070809
Zahedan Killed Abdoghani Shahbax 20070809
Zahedan Killed Nasrollah Shahbax 20070809
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Sanaullah Mirbalochzahi 20070808
Pirson of Iranshahr Hanged Abdosamad Kachkosh 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolaziz Esmailzahi 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdoljamal Shahbax 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Aliakbar Shahbax 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Halim Shahbax 20070801
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Noormohamad Esmailzahi 20070801
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolmalek Shahbax 20070726
Ewin-Tehran Hanged Sarwar Sarani 20070722
Ewin-Tehran Hanged Hamiullah Totazahi 20070722
Pir Soran-Zahedan Killed Four , unknown 20070720
Zabol Hanged Naeim Molaei 20070720
Zahedan Hanged Golmohamad Kanbarzahi 20070709
Mirjaweh Zahedan Killed-The police fired on their cars 18 , unknown 20070708
Zahedan Killed by unknown people One from Rigi tribe 20070707
Nikshahr Killed Three , unknown 20070703
Balochistan Killed Two ,unkonwn 20070703
Karaj Hanged Two killed 20070613
Zahedan Tortured to death Wahid Mirbalochzahi 23 20070613
Balochistan Killed Two,unkonwn 20070609
Zahedan Killed One , unkonwn 20070607
Zahedan Killed Two,unkonwn 20070604
Birjand Hanged Four,unkonwn 20070528
Zahedan Hanged Saeed Kanbarzahi  17 20070527
Bam-Zahedan Killed One , unkonwn 20070526
Balochistan Killed One , unkonwn 20070526
Iranshahr Hanged A. Kh. 20070521
Sarawan Hanged ‌ Abdolhaqh Askani 20070520
Balochistan Killed Six, unkonwn 20070519
Bandar Abbas Hanged Parviz Jedi 20070516
Bandar Abbas Hanged Abdolrahman 20070516
Zahedan Killed Roya Sarani 12 20070516
Bandar Abbas Hanged One , unkonwn 1386.01.24
Mashad Hanged Fifteen, unkonwn 20070514
Balochistan Killed Two , unkonwn 1386.01.24
Sarbaz Killed Five , unkonwn 2007.05.05
Zahedan Hanged Zaman Bamari 2007.05.01
Balochistan Killed Four,unkonwn 1386.1.6
Nikshahr Killed Three , unkonwn 2007.04.19
Totan Killed by “Mersad” Aziz Dorzadeh 18،04،2007
Totan Killed by “Mersad” Sirus Shirani 21 18,04,2007
Balochistan Killed by “Mersad” Six , unkonwn 17،04،2007
Zahedan Hanged Two , unkonwn 15،03،2007
Zabol Killed Two , unkonwn 14،03،2007
Zahedan Hanged Nazir Shanbehzahi 14،03،2007
Zahedan Hanged Nasroollah Shanbehzahi 19،02،2007
Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Sarir 20070315
Zahedan Hanged Toraj Seyahkamari 22-10-1385
Sarawan Killed Bashir H 20070130
Zahedan Hanged Ali B. 10-01-2007
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Sh. 10-01-2007
Iranshahr Killed Abdolwahed Royan 2006.07
Iranshahr Hanged Khodamorad Lashkarzadeh 2006.06
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Ali baloch 2006.09
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shahmohamad Barakzahi 2006.09
Zabol Hanged Gholam Kokan 2006.09
Zahedan Hanged Nader Rigi 2006.09
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Shibok 2006.09
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Karimi 2006.09(۸۵/۰۷/۰۶)
Sarawan Hanged Amanullah 30-01-2006
Rafsenjan Hanged Shahmir  A 20061230
Rafsenjan Hanged Gholam   A 20061230
Rafsenjan Hanged Noorahmad  G 20061230
Zahedan Hanged Pordel D. 25.12.2006
Zahedan Hanged Yusof H. 25,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Shahbax 24,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Changiz Narooei 24,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Ali Baqheri 24,12,2006
Balochistan Killed Two , unkonwn 24,12,2006
Iranshahr Killed Noormohamad Ahorani 20061106
Zahedan Hanged Abdolmamalek Faqirdadi 20060815
Zahedan Hanged Shidel Shaihakirad 20060815
Zabol Hanged Hamid Reza Saber 20060815
Darzin Hanged Najib Karzahi 200608
Zabol Hanged Mehdi Zahri 20060713
Zabol Hanged Hoshang Keyani 20060713
Zabol Hanged Jalaludin Jamali 20060713
Zabol Hanged Abdol Rahman Safarzahi 20060713
Zahedan Hanged Majid Rigi 20060713
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Poor Shahbax 2004
Dalgan Killed Two , unkonwn 1385.12.7
Sarawan Killed Three,unknown 29,07,1385
Khuramabad Hanged Karimbakhsh Narooei 29,05,1385
Zahedan Hanged Masoud Narooei 01،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdolwaheed 01،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Narooei 09،03،1385
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Arbabi 18،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdollah Shahbax 20،03،1385
Pir Souran Killed Eshagh Rigi 24.03.1385
Zahedan Hanged Two , unkonwn 05،08،1385
Zahedan Hanged Saeed 07،08،1385
Iranshahr Killed One , unkonwn 06,1386
Sarawan Killed Gholamreza Rigi 06,1386
Zahedan Hanged Naser 07،04،1385
Dalgan The police exploded their house The members of one family 17،04،1385
Iranshahr Hanged Lalbax Sabki 17،04،1385
Balochistan Killed Qader 30،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Two , unknown 25,03,1385
Iranshahr Hanged Farshid Bamari , known as Mirzok 2006.07.
Balochistan The police exploded their house Satar Dorazahi 2006
Balochistan The police exploded their house Adam Dorazahi 2006
Balochistan The police exploded their house Dorazahi 2006
Zahedan Hanged Abdoha,id Espandaki 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Dahmardeh 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Behzad Narooei 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Kahrazahi 2006
Iranshahr Hanged Mohamad Qayomi 05،11،2006
Iranshahr Hanged Najibollah Qayomi 05،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Behzad 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Amin 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Abdollah 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohsen 06،11،2005
Zahedan Hanged Majeed 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Nader 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Hadi Daryakash Narooei 2006
Khash Killed Cherag Gamshahzahi 2006
Zahedan Hanged Azizullah Najariyan 2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohebali Gholamian 2006
Iranshahr Killed Medi Sabaki 22،11،2006
Iranshahr Killed Eisa Sabaki 22،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Morad Gholi 02،12،2006
Zahedan Hanged Jamshid Shaikhi 02،12،2006
Iranshahr Killed Lalmohamad 20060718
Zahedan Killed Abdollah Notizahi  15 2006.02.01
Zahedan Killed Rohullah Notizahi  16 2006.02.01
Zahedan Killed Masoud Shahbax  18 2006.02.01
Iranshahr Hanged Bamari 20060105
Iranshahr Hanged Hoshang Bamari 2005.08
Iranshahr Killed Yusuf Bayegan
Balochistan Killed Molabax Derakhshan
Iranshahr Hanged Shokat Borhanzahi
Iranshahr Hanged Shahnezar narooei
Iranshahr Hanged Lalbax Borhanzahi
Iranshahr Hanged Shirali Khodayari
Iranshahr Hanged Emambax Damoni
Iranshahr Hanged Hamid Mirbalochzahi
Daman Hanged Nader Azargon
Iranshahr The police exploded their house Reza Qaderi
Lashar Killed Kamran Narooei
Iranshahr Killed Mohamadyosef Roin
Iranshahr Killed Nader Sholibor
Zahedan Hanged Yusof Shahbax 1383
Iranshahr Poisoned Saeed Pahlawani 1383
Iranshahr Killed Mosusa Poranoosh 1383
Iranshahr Poisoned Osman Rahmani Zardkohi 1383

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CIA Eliminates Hakeemullah’s Mentor, Lashkar e-Jhangvi Chief

Officials: Taliban leader killed by missile strike

Photo: Qari Zafar


The Associated Press
Thursday, February 25, 2010; 1:39 PM

ISLAMABAD — A Taliban commander wanted in the deadly 2006 bombing of the U.S. consulate in Karachi was killed in a suspected CIA missile strike in northwest Pakistan, officials said Thursday – the latest blow in a crackdown on militants in the region.

Mohammed Qari Zafar was among at least 13 people killed Wednesday when three missiles slammed into a compound and a vehicle in the Dargah Mandi area of the North Waziristan tribal region on the border withAfghanistan, two Pakistani intelligence officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

It was the latest strike in an intensified U.S. campaign to take out Taliban and al-Qaida leaders believed to be sheltering in the lawless border region with missiles fired from unmanned drone aircraft. At the same time, Pakistani intelligence forces have cracked down on Afghan Taliban in the country, arresting more than a dozen top leaders in the past few weeks.

The increased pressure on the Taliban in Pakistan comes as U.S.-led forces are fighting their biggest offensive of the eight-year-old war in neighboring Afghanistan in what Western official are hoping will be a turning point in the conflict.

Zafar, a senior member of the banned al-Qaida-linked militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, is one of Pakistan’s and Washington’s most wanted men.

The U.S. government alleges Zafar was a key figure the March 2006 suicide car bombing of the U.S. consulate in the commercial metropolis of Karachi that killed U.S. diplomat David Foy and three Pakistanis, and has posted a $5 million dollar reward for information leading to his capture. He is also suspected in Pakistan of being involved in the September 2008 truck bomb blast at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad that killed 54 people.

Senior Karachi police official Mazhar Mishwani said Qari Zafar was among his force’s most wanted terrorists for his role in the consulate attack.

"If the man killed is the same Qari Zafar, it is a very big success," Mishwani said.

Nazirullah Khan, a local government official in Parachinar, near North Waziristan, confirmed Wednesday’s suspected missile strike and said it killed 13 people, including three Taliban commanders. Khan said he did not the identities of those killed.

Earlier Thursday, Pakistani officials said that nearly 15 senior and midlevel Taliban figures have been arrested in the country in recent weeks. The top prize has been Afghan Taliban No. 2 Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and information he has provided to interrogators has led to the detention of some other leaders, the officials said.

Baradar’s arrest has been hailed by U.S. officials and analysts as a major blow to the Taliban in Afghanistan, though they caution that the group has rebounded from the death or detention of previous leaders.

Opinion is divided, however, on whether the crackdown on Afghan Taliban in Pakistan signals that the country’s government and powerful intelligence forces are adopting a harder line against the militants, who have long enjoyed relative sanctuary in Pakistan. Some experts say the arrests may be linked to Pakistani attempts to influence possible conciliation talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

Regi’s arrest: A tug of war

[A very credible assessment of the new Pakistani/Afghan paradigm.  The Taliban arrest and subsequent denial of extradition by Lahore High Court is just another act in ongoing drama called “war on terror.”  Rigi’s arrest is quid pro quo for Predator killing of Mohammed Haqqani–the US kills one of Pakistan’s assets and Pakistan eliminates an American asset inside Iran.]

Regi’s arrest: A tug of war

Written by Miran Gichki // Saturday, 27 February 2010 08:53

The Iranian Interior Ministry announced on Feb 23, 2010, that Abdolmalek Regi, the rebel leader of the Peoples Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI), operating from the province of Sistan-va-Balochistan, was arrested while onboard a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan. On the same day, New York Times, while quoting an Aljazeera report, said Regi was arrested a week back from Pakistan and then handed over to Iran. NY Times identified the rebel group as “fighting on behalf of Sunni Muslims from the Baluchi Ethnic group in Iran and Pakistan”.

The arrest comes as a major blow to the Iranian Peoples Resistance Movement, formerly known as the Jundullah, a group which has been alleged by Iran to have the support of the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and having links to Al Qaeda. The American investigative journalist, Seymore Hersh, while writing for the New Yorker, has said that as far back as 2006 the CIA has been running its covert operations inside Iran. Whatever the truth of these claims, it seems that the Baloch resistance movement has received a major setback in the Iranian occupied Balochistan.

Let us assume, for arguments sake, that the Baloch resistance movement in Iran was being supported by the US and Pakistan and try to connect a few dots together to make sense of it all. It would be imprudent, however, to see this development in isolation to the gamut of regional issues in South Asia, and specifically Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A major development in the region was reported by the New York Times about the willingness of the Pakistani Army to play a major role in negotiations with the Afghan Taliban.

It was the first time that Pakistan has publicly declared its keen intent to act as an arbiter in negotiations with the Taliban, though it has been a long term/strategic goal for Islamabad. If the White House pursues this policy, Pakistan will be the sole winner in the nine-year war in Afghanistan. It has long been reported that the aim of Pakistan was to maintain ties with the Afghan Taliban while pretending to help the United States against them and getting billions of dollars in aid. The paper also reported the influence the Pakistani Army and its intelligence agencies have on the Haqqani network which is believed to be operating from inside Pakistan and has been responsible for deadly attacks against the US and Nato troops across the border in Afghanistan.

On February 15, NY Times reported that a joint CIA-ISI raid in Pakistan’s bustling city of Karachi led to the capture of one of the top Afghan Taliban leaders, Mullah Abdul Ghani Barader. The news made one wonder if Pakistan had finally turned against the Afghan-Taliban, which it has long been accused of covertly supporting. The NY Times piece quoted former CIA official Bruce Riedel, who currently is a senior fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East at Brookings Institution, as saying that the development is a possible sea change in Pakistani behaviour.

The same newspaper a few days later reported that Barader’s arrest came as a lucky incident and not necessarily a new resolve by the Pakistani military to go after the Afghan Taliban. According to new details on the report, the Pakistani intelligence agencies did not know who they were going after. It was after a CIA tip-off that the Pakistani intelligence got hold of Barader, not knowing who they had captured. The paper also reported the marred relations the CIA and the ISI have been tugged in with reports about ISI’s support to the Afghan Taliban. It further quoted Riedel as saying that the limiting of the CIA officials to interrogate the prisoner shows the fear the Pakistani Intelligence services have if Barader discloses the ISI-Taliban nexus.

On February 16, the NY Times reported that the Pakistani military was frenzied by US attempts with negotiations or direct talks with Mullah Barader sidelining Pakistan. It quoted a Pakistani intelligence officer saying that they held strongly that the US was in touch with Barader or his close allies. A paragraph from the news report read: “On the one hand, the Americans don’t want us to negotiate directly with the Taliban, but then we hear that they are doing it themselves without telling us,” the official said in an interview. “You don’t treat your partners like this.”

Reading between the lines, one might speculate that the arrest came as strained relations between the CIA and ISI on the issue of reconciliation with the Taliban elements and Pakistani attempts to forestall those talks if they had been taking place. Pakistani intelligence wing was apparently unhappy with the US because they had rode roughshod over them, ruling out a key role for Pakistan to play in the reconciliation process with the Taliban.

It was reported on Aljazeera that Baradar’s arrest came as a US-Pakistan joint intelligence mission. In an interview with the former ISI chief and Taliban sympathizer, General (retd) Hamid Gul, the uneasiness of the some major circles about such a joint operation was evident, who termed it unusual and unprecedented. The words of the former ISI chief raise concern about the intent of Pakistan in the war on terror. If the Pakistanis are truly aligned with the US in this war, why should a joint CIA-ISI operation be seen on those lines?
Later, Aljazeera reported that the high-profile Taliban arrest by Pakistan might have come as a manoeuvre to assert its position in negotiation and reconciliation efforts planned by Washington.

Shockingly enough, another news which might have surprised political pundits was about the death of Mohammad Haqqani, the brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani, by a US drone strike inside the Pakistani tribal regions. The ‘Haqqani network’ has been responsible for suicide bombings and attacks on US and Nato forces plus the recent attack on the CIA base in Khost which left 6 CIA officials dead. It was also reported that the Pakistanis were reluctant to go after the Haqqani group as they viewed them as assets. This may be seen as a blow to the Pakistani efforts for reconciliation in the near future with the influence they have on the Haqqani network.
Connecting these dots together, one does not have to think too hard, and infer that there is a tit for tat between the CIA and ISI over the reconciliation process in the wake of Operation Moshtarak.

The author’s analysis on the recent developments in Afghanistan-Pakistan seems to be a possible tug of war the CIA and ISI are getting involved in. A chronological view of the events seems to support the assumption that the Pakistanis arrested Mullah Abdul Ghani Barader to mar US efforts in direct talks with Barader or his cohorts. As noted earlier, the Pakistani military has not been happy with the development and the move seems to show the US who is in control on ground. The killing of Mohammad Haqqani on the other hand, by a US drone strike seems to be a response to the Pakistani act of defiance and foiling its effort to use the Haqqani group as a tool for its influence in Afghanistan.

Coming back to where I started, if the claims by Iran about US support to the group are true, then surely there is more than the effectiveness of Vezarat-e Ettela’at va Amniat-e Keshvar (VEVAK) in the arrest of Regi. Aljazeera reported that Regi was arrested in Persian Gulf waters while he was travelling in a plane via Pakistan to an Arab country (name not disclosed). It said his plane was ordered to land in Iran while flying over the country. If these reports are true, then Iran had more than credible information about the presence of Regi on the plane, which caused Iran to break international aviation norms and force the plane to land in Iran.

If this development is part of the result of the tensions between CIA and ISI, Regi’s arrest might as well be a response to the killing of ISI’s trusted allies, the Haqqani Taliban. This is yet to be ascertained.

8.8-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile

8.8-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile

Posted: 27 February 2010 1457 hrs

A quake reading on a seismograph.

WASHINGTON: A powerful 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific Ocean off the coast of central Chile early Saturday and US authorities warned it could generate a tsunami.

The epicenter of the tremor, which hit at 3:34 am local time (0634 GMT), was 100 kilometers (60 miles) north northwest of the Chilean town of Chillan, the US Geological Survey said.

It was 105 kilometers (65 miles) west southwest of Chile’s city of Talca and 115 kilometers (70 miles) north northeast of Concepcion, it said.

The Chilean capital of Santiago is 325 kilometers (200 miles) southwest of the epicenter.

The quake was at a depth of 35 kilometers (21.7 miles), the survey said in its latest bulletin.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

The survey had initially put the magnitude of the tremor at 8.5 but later adjusted it to 8.8. The location of the epicenter was also slightly corrected.

The US Pacific Tsunami warning center issued a tsunami warning for Chile and Peru, and a tsunami watch for Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, Panama and Costa Rica.

It said it was not yet known if a tsunami had been caused but “an earthquake of this size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike coastlines within hours.”

The center warned authorities to take “appropriate action”.

The quake magnitude reading is based on the open-ended Moment Magnitude scale which is used by US seismologists and measures the area of the fault that ruptured and the total energy released.